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  1. I can't figure this out for the life of me. They eliminated the ability to pick the day waivers are processed. All waivers process at 3AM ET. If a player isn't picked up then they are free agents. Are they saying that the process is going to be like normal waivers every Wednesday AM? and free agents the rest of the week. I sure hope not. The reason we liked FAAB was because if you worked for a living, you could still get good players. Some of us can't be on the computer all day every day, sniping players. I set up a dummy league that auto-drafted on July 1st. Right now it is showing waivers on Friday with all players locked. I have it set for a one day waiver period so that make sense. The question will be when will waivers process next week.... I'll keep you posted. What they really need to fix is how they handle keepers. They just draft them all first. They should let use set the round each keeper is drafted in.