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  1. Why would you expect an African American president to change the culture of our law enforcement? The answer starts with weeding out more of the bad cops.
  2. Johnny Manziel Biggest D-Bag to ever win the Heisman
  3. Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush... ... in college
  4. Rather than wiping down all the groceries, we leave the perishable stuff in the far corner of the garage for 2-3 days before using them. There seems to be some common sense in this approach but I'm sure there are thousands of articles to dispute it.
  5. We're way ahead of you: "In Summit County, leaders not only prohibited dine-in service at restaurants, but ordered all lodging, including Airbnb rentals, and retail businesses to close — except for banks, grocery stores, liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, pharmacies and gas stations."
  6. I was wondering this same thing as I'll need an appraisal done for my re-fi. One thought I had was my wife works for a real estate company and she can do a 3-D visualization tour of the interior of our house. Also have a friend who does real estate photos using a drone and we could use him to get exterior photos of the house. Biggest issue may be file size(s), but that kind of information should be good enough for an appraiser to feel comfortable with, correct?
  7. I don't, assuming long-term rates trend up as I suspect.
  8. Already in the high 2% range, could stay there for a while. 15-year rates could remain low for a while, like I said above, I see a lot of demand (and higher prices) for long-term loans/re-fi.
  9. After all ski areas in Colorado closed, and Governor says to avoid the Rocky Mountains all together... Just yesterday my wife said she drove by at least 300 people at the two local tubing hills here in Winter Park, hanging in the lift shack, riding up tow ropes, sharing helmets/tubes. Makes me wonder if spending so much time hunkering down with my family and trying hard to not spread the disease is futile.
  10. Locked in today at 3.625% on a 30-yr re-fi. Thought that was OK, until I saw the orig fee and discounts. Went up $3,000 from when I called yesterday, which is no surprise with the unknowns and volatility. I could see rates on short-term loans (15 year) staying competitive for a while, but I see rates on long-term term loans (30-year) going up until there's some economic steadiness, and even if we get the virus out of the way I still think it's going to take some time for these rates to drop. As people's 401k and wallets are lighter they'll be looking to lower monthly payments rather than their loan balance and this will keep rates on long-term loans higher (I predict). I was offered 3.125% today with no orig fee/discounts for a 15-year loan, (which is a bargain compared to what I paid for a 30-yr) and it was 2.875% yesterday, but I couldn't pull the trigger with it being almost a $1,000 increase in monthly payment (I will continue to pay that extra $1,000 each month to try to pay it off in 15 years but I couldn't walk away from that security blanket, especially now). I just hope loan processing doesn't completely fall apart in the next few weeks and I can get to closing.
  11. I know this is the FBG, so definitely a dumb question, but Uber not an option? Prices like that for a one-way go up much more, lots of people might be looking to switch their day jobs.
  12. My understanding is it was one of the chair lifts with the seats that fold up, and he somehow got trapped in it. Not sure why they couldn't rescue him...
  13. This winter in CO has been so YUUGE! But the last 10 days has been the highlight, so great timing on your part. And we're just now getting into the wet part of the winter... I grew up skiing Big Bear, intimidated by The Wall as a young kid... Lines were long back in the 80s, can only imagine what it's like now.
  14. Good idea, start trippin' balls... You wont feel the pain when guys that have bigger guns and more ammo than you decide they like your little plantation.