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  1. We live up in the mountains west of Denver (>1 hour drive) and some parents up here are talking about not sending their kids to school, which seems like overkill to me. I'm more worried about the kids in Denver. It was eye-opening to hear the police mention that law enforcement is aware of (and tracks) 'numerous people' that are infatuated with the Columbine shootings. F them all.
  2. No and yes. But it would be no and no if they still allowed patrons to smoke in bars.
  3. I keep trying to figure out why they didn't get water planes on this quicker, here's a theory: He also mentions remodeling efforts as the most dangerous time for old cathedrals, churches, etc.
  4. The way they've treated Shazier since his injury is enough evidence that they're not cheap or racist.
  5. This guy's an embarrassment to OAK now, so can we please remove "PIT" from the title of this thread?
  6. What if it had to be a normal overhand serve?
  7. 🤣 "And let's introduce one our favorite contestants Joe Johnson from Nashville, back for his third shot. After spending five years in the clink he's divorced and his kids hate him, but if he can make one of these ten shots..."
  8. I would give it a shot. I play lots of basketball though, and would definitely do it on a standard-sized HS court. I've emulated these "10 shots for $1B from halfcourt or you die" with friends in the gym and have always made at least 1 of 10 and I don't really think the real-life pressure would impact me (I mean 2.5 years in prison isn't as bad as dying, right?). Now if I had to throw a football through a moving target, hell no. Or not double fault on a tennis serve, or make one 10-foot putt, no way. I can't think of another sport I play that I'd take this gamble on.
  9. I agree. Colbert makes a habit of filling holes with FAs before the draft so he doesn't have to feel forced to fill a particular position during the draft, which allows him to draft BPA. See my response above. I highly doubt Colbert trades those three picks for either of those LBs. I think they're good, but we have too many other holes to fill to give up two more draft picks. If those LBs go that early and another QB sneaks into the Top 20 I'm hoping that means one of the Iowa TEs are still there for us at 20.
  10. Do I get a prize? I guessed the Jets, almost nailed the 3-year contract total, but was under on the guaranteed money. Where's the pat-yourself-on-the-back emoji?
  11. I've shared this before, but whenever I watched a football game with my grandfather and someone would get knocked out after a player led with his head he would point at the TV and rant: "This would never happen if they used leather helmets like we used to!"
  12. Do you really think rugby will grow that much in the US? Is it really that much safer than football? Didn't seem like it when I watched it a lot. Guys got hurt all the time, but unlike ####ifyed-spoiled NFL players they seem to have a completely different level of pain tolerance.
  13. I agree with Flop, just like soccer, it will take the USA a few generations of commitment until we can compete on the world stage of rugby. I lived in NZ about 25 years ago and totally fell in love with rugby. I used to argue about putting Barry Sanders, Deion, and Urlacher out there and how we could destroy the All-Blacks. That argument didn't go over well with the Kiwis, but it was always a fun conversation, and a great way to get them really riled up after a few beers. They take their rugby down their VERY seriously, nothing like American fans of any sport, only thing comparable from a fandom standpoint that I can think of would be European or South American futbol fans. When comparing it to the NFL, I agree with other posters points about the endurance it takes to play rugby, as I kind of compare it to a mix of wresting and soccer. But the biggest difference I saw was how friggin' tough rugby players are. They might not have the physical skills of superior American athletes, but they would easily make up for it by out-grinding us with their physical and mental toughness. Much like you can't really appreciate the size and speed of the NFL until you go to training camp or can get close in an NFL game, you really don't get a sense of how tough a rugby game is until you watch a pro game up close and realize how little time they take off from going full speed, and that one of the biggest objectives in the game is to wear your opponent out, physically, but also mentally. What blows me away is how these guys that have been playing rugby their whole lives don't have more issues with CTE. Maybe they do and it's not as publicized as the NFL. I know they tend to tackle differently and avoid leading with their head, but damn those guys in the scrum don't hold back from banging their bare heads together all the time.
  14. In a perfect world we'd concentrate on building up our defense so we don't have to be as reliant on our passing game (and AB). I'd argue we still have a Top 5 offense even without AB. Our O-Line is Top 3, Conner and Samuels are versatile and arguable a Top 10 backfield. Ben played like a Top 5 QB last year. If Vance McD and Ben can stay healthy and we find a sleeper WR in Rnd 3/4 of the draft (like we usually do) I think our passing game will surprise some teams. With our lack of recent success drafting DBs and LBs I really hope Colbert tries to find some known commodities via FA to help with the DEF. I would love to see them get Bush (ILB-Mich) with the first pick and possibly Hicks (FA from Philly). Those two guys alone could have a huge impact at ILB, which could quickly turn our biggest weakness on defense to one of our strongest positions. It will also help our DL and OLB concentrate on their jobs when they don't have to worry about covering for weak ILBs.
  15. Welcome back Jimmy the Greek, I missed you...