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  1. Good idea, start trippin' balls... You wont feel the pain when guys that have bigger guns and more ammo than you decide they like your little plantation.
  2. 'Don't Stand' for me... First song I remember going out of my way to sit by the radio for what felt like hours, blank tape in cassette player with my finger on the record button. Those were the days...
  3. So when you're at the upper level of a NFL stadium, you don't clap and yell because "they'll never hear me?"
  4. + the added benefit of replacing methane-producing cows with oxygen-producing crops + the sustainability of agriculture fields vs. cow pastures
  5. Not open when we were there, but they intended to open it up this week. Pretty surreal looking up there after seeing all the photos from the avalanche last year.
  6. Went to Taos, NM with my family after New Years. Haven't skied there in 20 years and it's still as steep and challenging as I remember. It doesn't get the accolades that a lot of the bigger mountains get (and the locals seem fine with that). But I've skied Mammoth, Squaw, Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird, Big Sky, Vail (which isn't really that steep), etc. and to me Taos has more in bounds long/steep/technical black and double black diamond runs than any place I've skied. If you consider yourself an expert skier this place has to be on your bucket list.
  7. 4. You'll have to drive through a herd of sheep (especially on the more remote parts of the South Island).
  8. Maybe. Ben might improve their pass protection, but not sure he has a big impact at the LOS on their run blocking. There was an obvious uptick in the O-Line play shortly after MM got here, which did not involve a change at QB, they just played better. Now the first year MM's gone they've taken an obvious step back. Too many changes in the O-Line play that directly relate to MM's presence here to lay the blame on Ben. Hopefully we can find out how much they improve under Ben next year...
  9. Agreed. I'm willing to eat crow on this one, as I was adamant that Tomlin needed to go. But maybe you can admit now that Mason was in way over-his-head and that Duck gives us a better chance to win.
  10. Agreed. And besides losing Ben early this year, the guy we miss most is MM. Our O-Line personnel has not changed much from last year but the results sure have.
  11. I agree, I was going to jump all over Doyle, until I read this... When he's gotten playing time this year MAC has generally been used as a blocker (8 total targets all year). Doyle seems to be a much more natural pass-catcher. Are you picking MAC up over Doyle if they're both available?
  12. I never thought I'd say this about another Steeler's safety.. but his instincts and ball-hawking skills remind me of TP43. And as much as I've lost faith in Tomlin, particularly in making the right in-game adjustments and play calls, I'm very impressed with the quick turnaround this team's defense has made since Shazier went down. They went from a team that looked completely lost on that side of the ball to arguably the best DEF in the NFL, and Tomlin definitely deserves credit for that. And while the playoffs are now realistic, as a fan it's hard to get really excited as I don't see Rudolph getting us a playoff win in NE, or in the SB if we somehow get there. No idea if Duck can be better but he seems to have the 'it' factor that Mason completely lacks.
  13. I like your analogy, and you're close, but it's more like going into a first date not expecting much (because she has a duck-face and doesn't appear to have a lot of the qualities you would normally look for) but you end of having a great date and time flies by. And now you can't wait for the second date because you know you're going to flock. QUACK! QUACK!