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  1. That makes sense, hard to believe they were going into the season with two RBs. So, likely a RBBC if LF goes down. I think I'll hold off on WW claim for now. Good info - Thanks!
  2. He's now officially Fournette's backup with A Blue on IR, and the only other RB on the JAX roster, so the coaching staff must have some faith in him. I'm thinking of putting in BB waiver of $15 for him this week, as I'm sure the LF owner is aware of this situation. But I know zero about this guy, only that his situation looks promising.
  3. Wait, AB just told someone else to "Shut up already?"
  4. Totally agree, from a fantasy perspective his DIVA attitude is the biggest concern. It's top of list, right above the big drop-offs from Big Ben to Carr and from Steelers O to the Raiders. Below those is his inevitable slow physical decline. And regarding keeping AB happy by feeding him targets, that only works if it results in big stats. He will not be happy if he's targeted 17 times a game but ends up with a 8-89-0 stat line.
  5. Figured someone would point to that, even though we all know how TDs can fluctuate year-to-year. His YPC also dropped by almost 3 yards last year, anything we can take from that? I'm basing my comments on the nuances I saw during the actual games from last year, which was the first time I found myself questioning AB. Including a few times last year where he failed to keep his feet in bounds on sideline catches, not running routes full speed (when he likely wasn't the primary WR) and Ben throwing in front of him, a general lack of second-effort in run blocking, and times where he had the right angle on a CB but didn't have as much success getting by them. I'm not trying to say he fell off a cliff, but I will stand by my statement that last year was the first time I noticed a general decline in his play, as slight as it may be.
  6. Regarding the first bolded, I'm not sure if it was a physical decline, or a lack or effort, but AB absolutely took a step back last year. As for the second bolded, I'd be careful in underestimating the impact of these issues, and the many other ones that are piling up. AB has a lot working against him to continue to be anything close to the #1 WR in football. Mid to end of 2nd round seems about right.
  7. While I'm sure most of the current players are glad to see the two Divas gone, I'm guessing Ben is the one who feels the biggest weight lifted off his shoulders. Can't wait to see what he can do this year with more freedom to throw to the open guy and not spoon-feed babies. If the O-Line (and Vance) can stay reasonably healthy this year, I think Ben and this offense are going to surprise a lot of the fantasy naysayers. And with more personnel improvements to the DEF, we have a chance to field a much better team this year. Which is going to be necessary to compete in the AFC North (arguably the most competitive division in the league this year). It will be exciting to see if they can put it all together.
  8. Almost forgot, please make sure your SO knows that I dry myself off with hundred dollar bills. :Smells like money:
  9. Fixed below. I feel like you might need some help understanding what makes a women want to "go for" a man.
  10. I'm not sure if this is a new trend, or if it never really stopped. Maybe it's because I grew up in SoCal in the 80s, but the "Valley girl talk" was hip way back then and that's how they talked.. "I was like... and she was like.. and he's like so hot...". It's when acting and talking stupid became cool. I knew a lot of real-life Specolis too, couldn't start a sentence without "Dude." Pretty innocent when you think about it, but also hard not to cringe sometimes.
  11. Another factor is Ben likes to throw to his TE and passes a lot to his RBs, and I don't see that changing this year even without Bell (Samuels/Conner combo had as many catches and yards last year as Bell did in 2017).
  12. Sorry, but have to disagree with your assessment. Conner was a better RB than Samuels last year, definitely showed more power and ability to finish. He also proved more than capable as a receiver out of the backfield (55 rec., 497 yards, 9 ypc), so Samuels was not way better in that department. Now, if Samuels makes the same sophomore jump that Conner's did, he will absolutely be a big part of their offense, but I don't see him taking Conners starting position unless he gets hurt. What I've heard out of camp is the possibility of both of them being on the field at the same time, which doesn't help for FF purposes, but will likely be a nightmare on NFL defensive coordinators.
  13. Was at one this weekend with my son and his friends. They played dodge-ball most of the time, which I have zero concerns with compared to other areas of the tramp park they could be in. My son and friend's are big basketball players so I asked them why they weren't in the hoops area trying to dunk and they said: "They just told us bigger kids like us (12 yrs old) can't dunk any more, since a kid just broke his neck in there..." I thought WTF, should I be watching over them like a hawk? But then I realized between organized sports such as baseball and football, snow skiing 30x per year, playing on friend's tramps, and playing tackle football with friends, he does stuff that could get him seriously hurt on almost a daily basis, so it's hard to draw a line at the tramp park.