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  1. FF League I run is celebrating our 20th year next year and we've decided to have the draft next year in Vegas to celebrate. So I'm looking for recommendations from FBGs for a hotel suite (or more likely an executive suite) that's big enough to hold a draft. Some considerations: 1. We have a huge economic disparity amongst the group, one guy will be flying his own plane to Vegas while some others will likely have to dip into their savings to make this trip work. 2. I started looking into AirBnB/VRBOs off the Strip and I just don't see the point. We're in Vegas, so minimal sleep, no down time, and need quick access to casinos, sports books, cabanas by the pool, etc. 3. I've stayed at one of the nicer suites at Wynn Encore, which would be perfect, but I'm really aiming for a more mid-level hotel (New York New York, Ballys, Trop, etc.) so everyone can possibly afford to stay there (see #1) but I'm not having any luck finding that. Any and all advice is appreciated!
  2. Don't forget about Claypool, looks like a beast the few times he's touched the ball.
  3. Agree - He looked slow and out-of-sync from the first play, well before the "ankle injury."
  4. My father (mid 70s) has been talking about taking the MMR vaccine, and that it can help control inflammation, which could be considered an immune system improvement.
  5. All of the bolded has me seriously considering signing up to Home School our kids for the Fall Semester (8th and 11th Grade). Anyone else looked into this recently? We live in a small community in CO Rocky Mountains and we only had 10 total confirmed cases in June. But we "opened the doors" and tourists from all over the country have been blasting through here over the last 4-6 weeks. Our numbers just spiked for the first time this week and I think this is just the beginning as the true impacts of the July tourist season will hit us hardest by end of August, right when school should be starting. Maybe the teachers will be more prepared this semester, but if they're forced into a hybrid and/or part-time schooling I see the majority of teachers struggling under these circumstances.
  6. My guns go Boom Boom and your guns go pow pow Sorry, but this made me think of a Gang Starr lyric...
  7. I've heard from others that live in Hawaii that this is definitely becoming a big concern. But I encouraged them, as you might soon have the advantage of being the only state in America that tourists feel safe travelling to/from.
  8. @Chadstroma Any chance you have a good reference in Colorado? I've been using a broker for years, as you've suggested. For the first time I got a quote that didn't feel very competitive. I know him well enough that I'm going to talk to him first and be upfront about my concerns, but if his numbers don't change I'm going shopping. And, I wanted to say thanks for all your insight and thoughts on this thread, much appreciated.
  9. a 1/2 pt? That might not be worth it, unless you know you'l be sticking with this loan for a while. I'm referring to a loan with no points. Just got a quote yesterday and difference in rate between 15-yr and 30-yr is less than 1/2%. If I compare the 15-year loan to the 30-year loan that's paid off in 15 years, for my loan of just over $400,000 my monthly P/I payment goes up about $60 (only 2%) The built-in security is I can also lower my monthly P/I payment by almost $1,100 (33%) if times get tight.
  10. I'm in same boat as you generally, and am leaning heavily towards a 30-year loan. Will be 1/4-1/2% higher rate but I can control my payments (i.e. still pay off in 15 years) and also limit your risk (i.e. go back to minimum mo. payment if times get tight). Plus the rates are SO low right now, it's hard not to try to take out as much cash as you can. Getting returns of > 2.5% shouldn't be too hard with some simple investing or just keep it in savings so you can sleep better at night.
  11. From a women's perspective, there probably are no negatives... Since you'll be the one driving the behemoth the entire trip, spending 45 minutes trying to park it, repairing the water hose leak, draining the sewer line, fixing the patio cover that blew off, and trying to figure out why the shower water's not hot enough. Meanwhile they go on a 7-mile hike in the wilderness and you could have joined them if you just pitched a tent.
  12. They also wrote this: When I check the frequencies for other access points I am getting multiple devices called "GXXX-xx" that are broadcasting over our broadcast radios pointing at you. They think this broadcasting is coming from the Google Wifi.
  13. I'm not sure about their equipment, this is all they wrote to me: I am assuming this a google mesh you have on the 5745 frequency at 80 mhz. You will need to change this into a range lower then 5600 to not interfere with the dish and access points bringing signal into the house. After doing some research I concluded it was an issue with the 5Ghz band, but maybe I'm wrong?
  14. After a few months of up and down results with our new Google WiFi we found out it's causing interference with our wireless ISP that also uses the 5GHz band. Any thoughts on a more compatible system in this situation?
  15. Could you clarify - you're getting 50 Mps through your hotspot or through your phone?