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  1. I picture Fantasy Curse, Ditka Butkus and Max standing at attention and saluting the flag during every Sunday game shown on TV and the more power to them!
  2. Link? From one time this was said by anyone in the history of this forum.
  3. Sorry, I wear boxers, not tighty whightys.
  4. I want Matt Damon to play me.
  5. Stop. Stop. Stop. Please. You keep saying that, but that is the worst Straw Man ever because no one has ever said that or anything even close to that. Geez.
  6. For exercising his right under The Constitution of freedom of speech and be willing to face the consequences?
  7. Who has been rallying around him here and what have they said in his defense?
  8. I keep hearing that I don't see it playing out that way. He might say he was cut for exercising his freedom of expression, which would be true but disingenuous in that his own actions are making him a team distraction. However I can't see him playing the racism card when he couldn't outplay Gabbert, particulary since that would comprise his chances of being a backup in the future unless the current QB was also African American.
  9. It is a variation of the argument that there is no racism against black people in this country because Obama was elected twice by a majority of voters.
  10. Kaepernick has never said that he, himself, is oppressed. He said that he is going "to stand with the people that are being oppressed" http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/08/28/colin-kaepernick-national-anthem/
  11. How do you figure that? Your erased OP was anti-Kaepernick, the current OP says "Colin Kaepernick sucks"and "He's an #######" has received 54.25% of the votes - which shows that a majority agree with your opinion.
  12. Hillary supposedly carries hot sauce with her at all times.
  13. Agreed, this poll has methodology problems for the reasons you mentioned, but also his bias is shown in the OP (Colin Kaepernick sucks) and in the poll questions, suggesting the desired answer by leading off with "He's an #######". He edited the original OP which was even more revealing of his attitude:
  14. Not really, as the Deadspin article points out: Trump’s entire campaign is based around the idea that America is stumbling, or broken, or fundamentally subpar in some way—“Make America great again” and all that. His response to someone else who believes America needs to fix things is to tell him to look for another country. Incredible. I’m reminded that “if you don’t like it, get out” was a common rejoinder to political protests of the Bush era—as if America were perfect, and supporting it means never acknowledging its faults, and if you want to call attention to its shortcomings and work to make it better, you must not truly love it. That refrain seemed to have thankfully disappeared from top-level political discourse. God bless Donald Trump for never failing to disappoint with the takes.