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  1. You have 8 posts on this page alone, seems you are taking it rather seriously.
  2. Well, then, if you really don't care, then perhaps you shouldn't have asked this question: The FFA would be so much better if we could all post images, don't you agree?
  3. Wall Street JournalVerified account‏@WSJ 1h1 hour ago White House press secretary Sean Spicer excludes some media outlets from briefing https://twitter.com/WSJ/status/835243459732783104 (WSJ statement at link)
  4. If anyone thinks trolling is bad now, you should have seen it in the Hillary thread during the brief period images were allowed. Sometimes a half dozen posts in a row of large photo shopped pictures which were designed to hijack the thread and quite often took up most of the page.
  5. David FrumVerified account‏@davidfrum 57m57 minutes ago If you’re a news outlet allowed into a Trump White House gaggle, you need to ask yourself: what am I doing wrong?
  6. Jake Tapper on CNN and other media being barred from press gaggle today: http://www.mediaite.com/online/the-word-is-un-american-jake-tapper-goes-off-on-white-house-for-blocking-cnn-from-gaggle/ ‘The Word is Un-American’: Jake Tapper Goes Off On White House For Blocking CNN From Gaggle This afternoon, following the White House blocking CNN and other outlets from a press gaggle, CNN anchor Jake Tapper weighed in on the issue. And he did not hold back. Stating that the current White House has problems functioning competently and that the nation is led by a president who cannot take any criticism, Tapper added that “they are taking the next step in attempting to avoid checks and balances and accountability.” “It’s not acceptable,” Tapper said. “In fact, it’s petulant and indicative of a lack of basic understanding of how an adult White House functions.” After playing a clip from President Donald Trump’s CPAC speech today where he ran down the mainstream media, Tapper finished his commentary by pointing out what these latest actions represent. “This White House does not seem to respect the idea of accountability,” Tapper explained. “This White House does not seem to value an independent press.” He continued, “There is a word for that line of thinking. The word is un-American.”
  7. Matt OswaltVerified account‏@MattOswaltVA Feb 23 CPAC: "Milo, you dishonor our cause." CPAC: "Mr. Spencer, racism is not welcome here." CPAC: "Mr. Bannon, here's your drink ticket."
  8. J.C. Penney will close 140 stores - 6,000 employees will be affected. Think Trump will take credit for that? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/penney-close-140-stores-nationwide-article-1.2981205?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  9. Not a shred of proof about that, as you full well know.
  10. Who knows? Maybe it was because they didn't cover the 3 million illegal undocumented voters here in California.
  11. Correct: White House blackballs news outlets that are breaking stories on Trump's ties to Russia
  12. Bradd JaffyVerified account‏@BraddJaffy 4m4 minutes ago NYT Exec. Editor Dean Baquet on media exclusion: “Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House is our long history” via @NYTeileen Bradd JaffyVerified account‏@BraddJaffy 21m21 minutes ago Trump 10:32 a.m.: “I love the First Amendment.” Trump White House 2 p.m.: Bans NYT, CNN, LATimes, Politico, BuzzFeed from informal briefing https://twitter.com/BraddJaffy/status/835209068964900864 (video of Trump at CPAC at link)
  13. Good and: Spencer AckermanVerified account‏@attackerman 29m29 minutes ago Shame on reporters who didn't walk out of the White House briefing denied to their CNN, NYT etc colleagues.
  14. That is irrelevant and doesn't change the fact that the confirmation process was in an election year when Reagan was a lame duck, just like Obama.