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  1. For what reason, may I ask?
  2. Amazing how often I hear that from someone like you who averages less than 4 posts a month over a 10+ year period and is always this lurker that just suddenly gets the irresistible urge to start posting regularly in 2016. Funny how that works... Yeah, it is possible that you are extremely judicious and selective in what you post and mete them out like gold. But one has to be skeptical when you immediately start talking about my so called "notebook" that the regulars just can't resist always talking about (and that was the dead giveaway, dude, be more careful in the future with your other accounts, you tipped your hand too early here).
  3. Translation: I don't deny this is one of my many alias accounts.
  4. Says a little used account that is probably an alias. Only 483 posts since June 2005, I should feel honored you singled me out for one of them.
  5. Correlation is there. If you are clueless about one subject you claim to be an expert on, it stands to reason you are also clueless about another in which you claim expertise.
  6. Was she talking about men's underwear? If so, it might belong in the thread you started about that.
  7. I can feel comfortable saying that if both play all season uninjured (which in itself is doubtful with Forte) you will be embarrassed by the prediction of Forte outproducing Miller (which pretty much all the experts, hands down, disagree with). I can only hope in my redraft league, that the top two running backs left on the board are Forte and Miller and someone following your rankings is picking right before me.
  8. Lamar is an unquestioned #1 starting RB irrespective of format, meanwhile, per an 8-4 Rotoworld entry.: http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/4685/matt-forte Matt Forte (hamstring) returned to Jets practice on Tuesday. Forte ended up being sidelined four days. Now 30, Forte missed three games with knee issues last season. Part of a committee for Gang Green, Forte is a borderline RB2 currently being drafted as a borderline RB1.
  9. Um...well...gee... How bout Forte is on the wrong side of 30 and Lamar Miller is 25 years old. And Miller was able to pick and choose where he could go as a free agent to the highest bidder before he signed with Houston, where he has no real competition for being a three down back - as opposed to Forte who has Bilal Powell and Khiry Robinson in the mix for touches.
  10. And you should have. This is the same keen analysis that is seen from Em in the FFA in which he has predicted there is no way that Trump will lose Florida.
  11. It is a tough crowd there. You got something I can use on men's underwear? Checked you last response on your official men's undies thread but you were just talking something about "swamp crotch" - don't know how well that will play before a live audience.
  12. Once again dude, if @Cybergeek and myself are the same person, report us to the mods for a violation of the TOS or posted FAQ.
  13. It is mostly comprised of old farts, including you and Max.
  14. Please stop this character assassination or report me to the mods. A very simple choice.
  15. If I am using an alias report me to the mods, they will take care of it. If not, shut the hell up.