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  1. Very few that were running for Congress.
  2. And you wouldn't think anyone would come out and say explicitly that they're cool with a congressional candidate body slamming a reporter - but there are dozens of examples of that on social media since the incident was reported.
  3. Follow up to incident I shared here a few days ago: Joy Reid‏Verified account @JoyAnnReid 18m18 minutes ago Walmart to ban woman who told customer to 'go back to Mexico,' called another the N-word http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/24/us/walmart-racial-outburst/index.html
  4. That was not a specific act of violence such as what Tim was referring to. It was a boast of what he thought he was able to do or get away with. And his supporters didn't voice approval of it either - certainly none of them here, it was just dismissed as locker room talk or some sort of male bravado.
  5. 2016 Presidential Election. Really? What politician in 2016 engaged in violence that the public on his side approved of?
  6. 1856? Timely example of how the public generally approves of violence if it is from there side. Got something a little more contemporary to back your claim?
  7. That doesn't surprise me. Dozens of tweets praising his attack on the reporter.
  8. Exactly, Riverside CA terrorist Rizwan Farook was born in that city and the Pulse nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen was born in Brooklyn NY. Travel ban would not have done anything to stop those two, unless he is suggesting that any Muslim who is natural born citizen not be allowed to return to this country after traveling to certain nations overseas.
  9. That is not an assumption any LEO should make, not only for humanitarian reasons but also from a legal standpoint of potential litigation if someone has internal injuries or a concussion that would not be visible to the naked eye (which is quite possible after being hit by a car).
  10. From the article: "You illegal? Are you a legal citizen or no? Speak English? You got ID? Passport, visa, or what? a Monroe County sheriff asked Huete insistently, according to the video. Still on the ground, Huete answers with monosyllables before using a cell phone to call his sister, who arrived at the scene soon after. Hours after the accident Huete left hospital on crutches and was sent to the Krome Detention Center near Miami, where he has spent almost a month in detention pending possible deportation.
  11. The police officer had no idea and obviously didn't care, which was the point.
  12. Must have been obvious the guy was ok. He had no idea of the extent of his injuries and inquired about the victim's immigration status before offering medical assistance.
  13. They don't really have to. The 2018 election will be a referendum on Trump.
  14. Tea Pain‏ @TeaPainUSA 7h7 hours ago When @SeanHannity exploits a young man's death to ruin opponents, he calls it "freedom". When advertisers flee, he calls it "fascism".
  15. Univision News‏Verified account @UnivisionNews May 24 "Are you illegal?" A policeman's question to an #undocumented Honduran who had just been run over by a car http://uni.vi/20RX30c0PpP