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  1. No. Not even close to the same thing. Although you have always been dismissive of it (as evidenced by your thread) the Black Lives Matter movement has resonated with a large segment of the African American community, so Kapernick is speaking to them, while Trump is seen as speaking down to them. Not saying that all blacks agree with Kaep or how he went about it, but I doubt it is viewed in the same light as Trump's recent so called outreach to black voters.
  2. If he did probably no one would have noticed. Most casual fans couldn't even identify him as Peyton's backup at the time and his presence seemed almost superfluous.
  3. I doubt that, but we will see. Michael Vick survived executing all those little doggies and he has had no problems finding teams interested in acquiring his services. And no, I am not saying Kaep is as talented as Vick, but teams are always looking for backup QBs (Jimmy Clausen is in demand as a backup for Pete's sake) so once this controversy dies down (which it will eventually) he will get at least one shot with another team, if not more than that.
  4. What thread are you reading?
  5. Haha. I was referring to your repeated use of stock phrases and identical language. Of course my reposted tweets are cut and pasted, but they are like snowflakes, no two are identical.
  6. So is Dairy Queen, which also peaked about 50 years ago.
  7. What point? It was your typical boilerplate response that we have heard so often, sometimes I think all you do is cut and paste these things: It was the same tired response, Max, that we seen what seems a hundred times. All that was missing was "Is that what your liberal masters told you" line. If anything was a distraction it was the Pravda reference, almost like something out of the HUAC hearings during the cold war or in a old newsletter from The John Birch Society.
  8. That was a different situation. The Rams players were doing a form of active protest with their hands, plus, if IIRC, it was when they ran on the field, so no one could really miss it. Kaep was passively sitting and doing nothing else and in the other preseason games no one had really noticed (or at least the press hadn't).
  9. Sorry but you do sound like my gramps railing against The Commies or The Reds and when disagreeing with someone asking, "Did you read that in Pravda?"
  10. I doubt he does either. He was talking about "black people" and "people of color," or minorities in general, not that he individually has been oppressed.
  11. And if someone were to burn that jersey, would they be guilty of burning the flag or flag desecration? I am being facetious, but that is one of the reasons that the flag burning amendment to the Constitution never caught fire (so to speak). What constitutes a flag? Pretty obvious with Old Glory, but what about clothing or other merchanside that incorporates all the elements of the flag, the colors and the stars and bars? At what point does that become a flag, if it does? I have a shirt that is a reworking of the flag, but I only wear on July 4th and even then sometimes I wonder if some zealot is going accuse me of disrespecting this country (hasn't happened yet, responses have all been positive to date).
  12. According to reports he had been doing this all preseason, this was the first time it was noticed by the press, so arguably he was still in the mix for the starting job when he began this form of protest.
  13. Actually that is a right, not a freedom. However, no one has the right to the beat the crap out of somebody because they exercised that form of speech (albeit silent and passive).
  14. I liked you better the other day when you posted under the Bayman handle, not so wordy and self righteous.
  15. Who says I'm trying to change any votes? This is a thread for Hillary supporters, dude. That tweet was posting a nonsensical argument that bigots make all the time when you point out their racism, "You're a bigot for not tolerating my bigotry!"