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  1. David Hogg‏ @davidhogg111 1h1 hour ago The only way to make a politician care about you is by voting.... or giving them money —— thanks citizens united.
  2. David Frum Retweeted Jennifer Palmieri‏Verified account @jmpalmieri 2h2 hours ago Honestly, friends, you read an indictment that said Russia stole our data for the purpose of helping Trump & your reaction is to figure out a storyline for why that doesn't matter. IT MATTERS & shouldn't happen again but will if we continue to not take this assault seriously. https://twitter.com/jmpalmieri/status/1018679154424741890
  3. You claimed those who were making allegations were trying to extort money from OSU. These are alleged victims of sexual abuse. Women who have brought suit and made allegations against Weinstein and Cosby are also allegedly victims of sexual abuse. Joe Paterno was aware of the rape of young boys by Sandusky, but looked the other way. Jordan is similarly accused of being aware of the doctor molesting all these wrestling students, but looking the other way.
  4. To repeat myself, I will say again, he is no more of a rapist than Joe Paterno.
  5. Scooter stated this better than I ever could:
  6. He was asked before and ignored the request. If he fails to do so again, I can start an OSU Scandal or Jim Jordan thread so people can find it in a search and the non-Rosenstein aspects of the discussion can continue.
  7. The point of the tweet and the nodding emoji was that I agreed with what Hillary said in the Tweet.
  8. You said they were trying to extort money from OSU not Jordan himself, which is not true.
  9. Um, this is the Hillary Clinton thread. Where else would I post her Tweets? If you think Hillary is tweeting just to troll, OK, and, if so, it might be best you avoid this thread in the future because I will continue to repost Tweets from her Twitter account.
  10. The same number as Joe Paterno.
  11. Is that who Uncle Beaker is?
  12. Wait, he made it sound like all 7 were extorting money. You mean it is just one guy?
  13. None, which was why she was never charged with anything.
  14. It is subscriber access only, so yes I missed it and can't read it now unless you want to cut and paste the article. I guess you think Bill Cosby's, Harvey Weinstein's victims are all trying to extort money too.