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  1. I am use to people mischaracterizing what I say in this forum and arguing against that, but this is the first time a Straw Man argument has been used against me before I actually said anything. According to the OP, I am being held accountable for what he thinks is my opinion in some parallel universe, where apparently I agree that what Kaep did "is good stuff" and where I am also accusing people of racism who disagree with me. Sorry, but I am not going to respond to your fantasy world scenario.
  2. Mina Kimes ‏@minakimes 12h12 hours ago "rich man complains about america" is literally your party's platform
  3. A 49ers fan with a southern accent. Is he from south San Francisco? I was waiting for the Confederate Flag to make an appearance, but maybe that will be featured in the second video.
  4. He and Hillary are personal friends. He was giving her his take on things, doesn't mean giving his opinion was doing work for her and that he was a hired hand. Please.
  5. No, he wasn't out in Africa giving meds to people with AIDS, but not every one working for a charity is working in a chartable capacity, whatever that means. My take from what was has been said about his position publicly, is that is was in a PR type position. If people are going to donate to the Clinton Foundation, the better pubic image of Bill and the works of the Foundation, the more people are likely to contribute (in theory anyway). Helping the Foundation raise money indirectly as a PR person is important in any charity - maybe not as important as the doctors and people on the ground, but still I think it is unfair to dismiss it as not being hands on in the charitable work itself.
  6. I haven't gone ballistic over any of his tweets and I doubt that I have expressed any outrage, either. Mostly I just laugh or am incredulous (sometimes both). I have retweeted about a half dozen or so of Trumps, I guess, but usually just let them speak for themselves or make a short remark of a few words.
  7. On one level I understand where he is coming from. However, the way he went about it was wrong. For example, I refuse to say the pledge of allegiance (for philosophic reasons I don't want to go into). However, when I am in a public venue where the pledge is recited, I do stand, with my hands clasped in front of me, and silently stare at the ground until it is finished. I don't wish to call attention to myself and at the same time be perceived as being disrespectful for those participating in this ritual. Kaepernick could have done a variation of that and stood while the anthem was being played while looking at the ground or staring off in space without singing and if it had been noticed it probably wouldn't have been made into that big a deal (I have seen players not singing all the time and haven't thought much about it). If asked he could have said that while he respects the flag, this nation and those who have given their lives in service, he can't bring himself to actually sing the anthem, for whatever reasons he wished to give. It probably still wouldn't sit that well with a lot of people, but the perception wouldn't be that he was making it all about him, rather the issue he was trying to raise people's awareness of. When you are in the public eye, you need to pick your battles carefully and this was terrible miscalculation on his part for the point he was trying to make.
  8. Well, so much for the pivot on immigration... James Hohmann ‏@jameshohmann 2h2 hours ago Trump says he would start the process to round up and deport undocumented immigrants "within one hour" of being inaugurated. #iowa
  9. Yes, we should stop talking about at all the offensive, bigoted, and outrageous things he tweets. And why do we keep focusing on what he says when there are more important things to discuss, like Tony Romo's back injury or Colin Kaepernick not standing for the National Anthem. I mean, really, why all this concern on our part - it is not like he could be the next president or anything.
  10. Blumenthal spoke on this in 2015, although he gave no specifics: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/blumenthal-i-had-a-real-job-at-the-clinton-foundation/article/2591138 "I had a real job at the Clinton Foundation working on educational projects, that was a separate matter." Politico went into a little more detail, but was also rather vague: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/05/clinton-foundation-sidney-blumenthal-salary-libya-118359 Blumenthal’s foundation job focused on highlighting the legacy of Clinton’s presidency
  11. In 2012 you said the same thing about Nate Silver and 538, that they cooked the books, their aggregate polls were off and that Romney would win. You said that while Nate had gotten it right in 2008, that was a fluke, he was a just a one hit wonder. You even predicted on the morning of the election that Romney would still win, noting that polls done in the last 48 hours before elections were completely unreliable. In retrospect, Silver and 538 called it right, In that year, his mathematical model correctly called 49 out of 50 states, while you showed that you had no idea about what you were talking about. I would bet on history repeating itself, that 538 will call it right and again you will have egg on your face.
  12. Better question how often has he been to an AA neighborhood in the last decade? This is the same guy that has a vacation home and mentioned some pages back that when he goes there he has to shop at Walmart and that is the only time he associates with the "rabble".
  13. And you usually see them wrong - see Mitt Romney 2012.
  14. Exactly. In most leagues you can have one or two dead roster spots for a few weeks and still be able to work the waiver wire. Outside of really deep leagues, you lose that option when you draft 3-4 players in that category and you are betting essentially you can win enough games to remain competitive until those players can be starters. With this strategy if you manage a 2-2 start, you will be still be in the hunt for the players. However if you are 0-4 or 1-3 you may not recover from that no matter how good your team looks in Week 5.
  15. Responses from African Americans has not been favorable: Goldie Taylor ‏@goldietaylor 2h2 hours ago No condolences for Wade's family, no call for healing or peace. Just an attempt to capitalize politically. @realDonaldTrump