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  1. And it didn't work for Trump either, despite your accolades.
  2. Yes, dude, screaming is screaming irrespective of the gender.
  3. Can we give warning points to moderators? For the above certainly deserves it.
  4. Tim you have criticized Hillary constantly for screaming in her speeches and not speaking in a normal voice, yet Trump was screaming during his entire harangue last night, yet you praised him on his delivery. (?).
  5. He didn't clarify the tweet and has posted nothing in the 50 minutes since.
  6. Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 24m24 minutes ago Don't think people are really grasping how plausible it is that Trump could become president. It's a close election right now.
  7. Mr. Mex? Who the hell is Mr. Mex?
  8. Haha. Not as long as Saints is still posting here. It will always be about emails.
  9. And what is so sad, Tim, is that up until the VP pick Shamrock was one of Hillary's strongest supporters on this forum. Sad.
  10. Yeah, right...it changes everything.
  11. My bad. Did a quick google search before I posted, but overlooked that (too quick obviously) Wiki had not been updated. Had missed the news about Russert among the RNC Convention coverage (sorry Willie). C'est la vie
  12. Yeah, you have to wonder since Luke Russert is still with NBC News: "Luke Russert is an American correspondent for NBC News. His reporting can be seen on NBC Nightly News, TODAY, NBCNews.com, and MSNBC. He is also a guest anchor on various MSNBC programs, including Andrea Mitchell Reports and Way Too Early." Wikipedia
  13. Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 3m3 minutes ago Clinton now a 72% favorite in Virginia per our polls-plus forecast, which makes an adjustment for her VP pick.
  14. Yes, it is amazing that on a fantasy football site there could be two Democrats who also play dynasty football. What are the odds? It is so amusing. First we were the same person because we were never on the board at the same time, now it is because we are on the board at the same time. Go figure. And we certainly don't have an identical viewpoint about dynasty leagues, if you look of any of the threads where we had contentious exchanges. Although maybe that was a clever ruse to try and fool the rubes that we actually are two different people (if so, I guess it didn't work very well ) My favorite part of this was that, supposedly, three moderators in The Test Forum (whatever that is) all verified we were the same person (not one or two mods, mind you, three). Being curious as to who these mystery mods were and why they were saying these untrue things, I asked for a link to The Test Forum so I could see for myself who was coming up with this crazy stuff. I was told a link was not available as The Test Forum is restricted access and password protected. Apparently, what happens in The Test Forum stays in The Test Forum.