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  1. Don't let MSNBC radicalized hate blind you. Everyone is winning. It's a beautiful thing start basking in its glory. Translation: I can't name one thing Trump has done which has lowered black unemployment, nor do I have any information or statistics as to how the recent numbers compare to black unemployment under the Obama administration. Just take my word for it, everyone is winning (even though I can't explain how or why).
  2. How is that attributable to anything Trump has done since he took office? And what were the employment numbers and where were they trending in the last two years while Obama was President?
  3. I have no idea nor does anyone really. However, we know there was a Republican mandate to oppose him the minute he was sworn in during his first term. It's doubtful that mandate excluded racism entirely. McConnell is on record as saying he intended to make Obama a one term President. And of course there was the birther nonsense before that. Hard to believe that race was not a part of the equation.
  4. Nate Silver‏ @NateSilver538 10m10 minutes ago Neil Gorsuch has been Scalia 2.0 so far. He's voted with Thomas 100% of the time and Alito 93% of the time. Gorsuch is almost certainly the biggest "win" so far for Trump and for Republicans. An unmitigated success for them. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/neil-gorsuch-is-paying-off-for-trump-so-far/
  5. How long have you been involved in intelligence briefings? You know nothing, sorry. He has probably been doing it as long as you have been using this alias account after your previous one was banned.
  6. Richard W. Painter‏ @RWPUSA 18h18 hours ago How's that Senate bill doing? It would be a lot more honest if it covered funeral expenses.
  7. Joy Reid‏ @JoyAnnReid 1h1 hour ago Listening to @NPR and they're discussing the fact that college students home for summer break, refugees could now be stopped by travel ban. Could hugely impact summer tourism, colleges and businesses like tech and hospitals that rely on international travelers/visa holders.
  8. McCarthyism was alive and well long after 1954. The Hollywood blacklist continued into the early 60s and some were never able to find work again.
  9. That is of little consolation. McCarthy era and its aftermath lasted for almost a decade.
  10. Joy Reid‏ @JoyAnnReid 11m11 minutes ago We are going backwards, swiftly.
  11. LHUCKS did (seemingly disappeared forever after being banned, without returning under an alias). I have no idea about cstu, but if he is using an alias account to avoid answering to those he owes gambling debts, then that account should be banned.
  12. These can't be long dormant accounts created in 2003 that suddenly become active after 14 years. That is not credible. And as Sherlock Holmes said, when you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth. So, it is either someone on the inside or a hacked account - can't be anything else.
  13. Not kidding a little but this is worse than the Pizzagate conspiracies. You think FBG staff is selling accounts or FBG is being hacked? Wow. See the above bolded. It is one of only two likely explanations and I dismissed it as being highly unlikely.
  14. I don't know the real story, but these can't be long time lurking posters who have been virtually silent since 2003.. These are long dormant, unused accounts that suddenly start posting in the FFA with the poster obviously being a recently banned account. No one creates an account in 2003 then lurks for 14 years after making only 30+ posts and then suddenly starts acting like one of the Trump trolls in 2017. Two explanations: 1) Someone on the inside is selling these accounts with the password (which wouldn't seem to be terribly lucrative, but maybe at $2 a pop via PayPal perhaps it is worthwhile). I dismiss this as a highly unlikely possibility, as I don't think any of the mods are corrupt or can be bought that cheaply, but who knows... 2) More likely, someone is hacking these old accounts, which weren't set up with elaborate password protection by the original account owner. Whatever the real explanation is, these old, obviously fake alias accounts should also be banned.