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  1. So much anger for someone who is most likely wrong. Indeed, you would think the settlement money is coming out of his pocket the way he is acting.
  2. I am sure they didn't. This was after some preliminary negotiations back and forth - but United wanted to make this go away as soon as possible, was not playing from a position of strength and may have thought it was worth a paying premium to settle this now and move on. It was probably less than the above figure but the exact amount remains speculative until the settlement details are revealed (which seems unlikely).
  3. Amount undisclosed so he may have settled for 10M+, we will probably never know. Thomas Demetrio is a very experienced lawyer in litigation of this type, so it is unlikely he took an early low ball offer.
  4. Twitter reacts (attached photos at top link):
  5. NBC Nightly News‏Verified account @NBCNightlyNews 43m43 minutes ago BREAKING: Dragged United passenger Dr. David Dao has settled with the airline for an undisclosed amount, his attorneys say.
  6. Agreed and I don't think I will sell for the 1.07 prior to seeing landing spots in draft. As a MB owner, can't see trading him to roll the dice on Ross or JuJu.
  7. Yes, if you could get anyone to show up. See the difference now? The number of people who are willing to show up to hear someone speak does not qualify or entitle them to an auditorium and security at any university venue.
  8. Student groups decried the Antifa violence after Milo's speaking engagement cancellation. And the students are hardily equipped to stop these thugs when they are carrying sticks, bottles, clubs, knives and other weapons. That should be handled by the Berkeley PD, who already stated they did not have the manpower to provide adequate security at a venue big enough to hold the crowd Coulter was to speak to. And, if you watched the aftermath following Milo's speech being cancelled, most of the violence was directed away from the campus as the Antifa group then marched into downtown Berkeley, vandalizing businesses there. Yes, they could be blocked from entering a certain area where the speech is held, but they will just go elsewhere in the vicinity to cause havoc.
  9. Very few of the Antifa thugs are UC students, which is why you haven't heard of expulsions, since that is not an option for the University with non-students.
  10. In most instances, yes, but this was different. Antifa was going to be out in full force again, probably facing off against a contingent of Trump supporters with the students caught in the middle. The violence has gotten progressively worse at every recent event. When Milo spoke there was over $100,000 in damages done to the UC campus and Berkeley businesses. A couple weeks back at the Trump rally, 21 people were arrested and several had to be hospitalized, including one Trump supporter who was stabbed. No one has been killed yet, but that was not out of the realm of possibility if the event went ahead as scheduled and the police could not guarantee people's safety.
  11. William LeGate‏Verified account @williamlegate 9m9 minutes ago Replying to @AnnCoulter It's sickening when a radical thuggish "author" attempts to instigate violence then complains when she fails BIGLY. Emily Willingham ?‏Verified account @ejwillingham 34m34 minutes ago Replying to @AnnCoulter Eh. You say they're sickening, others say you are. At any rate, aren't you the one who just canceled?
  12. :Honda:
  13. In all fairness, I don't think that the money was really the issue, given what a publicity, um, hog, she is. The police did not have enough officers to provide security for any venue large enough to hold the expected crowd, so her backers had to cancel the speech. Ann's comments following cancellation: