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  1. Sounds like a personal problem, maybe try a new country? I didn't like Obama but I put up with his crap like a man. Be a man.
  2. You're a numbskull, Prosise has been started for one game and you ignore his best asset, his receiving. He caught 7 passes for 87 yards, don't you know. Not going to waste anymore time arguing with you. You don't like Prosise, gotcha. I'll watch him continue to rack up points on my team. You cherry picking those stats is scary. It's like you're blindly choosing to ignore Prosise's upside.
  3. There's so much wrong here. Maybe the Seahawks burning a 2nd Rounder on Prosise suggests they're not happy with Rawls? That's kind of my point, the guy who was taken early and fits the offense better is producing. Why would I even worry about Rawls at this point? Plus, I'm pretty good at fantasy, chief. Started Prosise in multiple leagues...
  4. Are there seriously people in here worried about Rawls? Go out and get Prosise and forget about Rawls. What round was Rawls drafted in?
  5. Don't you dare talk about Hag like that. Get this guy out of here!!!
  6. What's the progress on knocking this guy's mailbox over?
  7. We're getting into the range of cyberbullying as far as Squisition goes...
  8. What kind of dummy takes odds on something HIGHER than sportsbooks anyways? What upside could there possibly be? He could either win $300 or lose $2,100. Stupid.