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  1. pricklypete

    100k miles from a $5k car

    Having kids, this is something I've researched a lot. Good suggestions with the Toyota's and Honda's. I found Hyundai to be perfect for this scenario. Not as quite as high resale value as the aforementioned makes, but just as solid. Little Korean tanks.
  2. Went out with the wife. Nice place, just did a smoked fish and cheese plate. Had a few double Jack on the rocks. Had a good buzz going. My wife could tell and asked if the bartender was making my drinks strong
  3. pricklypete

    The Clay Mathews “Roughing” Call...

    Even Cousins said it was a generous call...
  4. Very poorly officiated both ways.
  5. Yep, Charlie's late night sneaky uncle with tiny hands. The other guy was the waiter from always sunny as well.
  6. 'Better Call Saul' Writers: Walter White May Still be Alive During Gene's Omaha Cinnabon Sequences
  7. Stupid thread got me to go to the bell today. Haven't been in a long time. $7.04 for 2 beef meximelts and medium soda. Wtf?
  8. pricklypete

    PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Begins

    If you have satellite or cable you can sign in and watch. Coverage has been horrible thus far.
  9. You practice how you play.
  10. Out of curiosity, price?
  11. As we wait, how about an update on the other side story.
  12. This is hilarious.  Billy Hurley vs. Jordan Spieth campaign video.
  13. Check out Holy Hill. Sounds like it would be right up her alley. There is also a Holy Hill segment of the Ice Age trail that is an easy hike which gives different views of the church buildings.