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  1. Lurker Packers fan here. You Chicago fans WAY overreact. You have a great defense and alot of weapons on offense. It is a rivalry game. This game says nothing for the rest of season. The fans booing early in the game was more embarrassing than the product on the field. Quote this post. Unfortunately (for Packers fans), the NFC North will be very close in December .
  2. So, I'm a lurker, but had to share. Know nothing about farming. Decided to grow 5 acres of industrial hemp. Wow, what a ride and we haven't even planted yet. Just have 7500 clones under lights, letting them grow and hardening them. May be able to write a book in the end. Everyone please buy CBD products and keep the prices high. 😉
  3. Why is the live stream off air? Both the app and online.
  4. I guess I don't understand why this guy is the doosh. He paid for the seat he wanted and explained why he didn't want to switch (it is a downgrade). Otis is the entitled doosh here. His time was so valuable he couldn't take the time to choose his seats beforehand. Then doubled down on his childish ways and started sneaking pictures of the guy and talking trash about him behind his back. Grow up and quit blaming others for your lack of preparation.
  5. Having kids, this is something I've researched a lot. Good suggestions with the Toyota's and Honda's. I found Hyundai to be perfect for this scenario. Not as quite as high resale value as the aforementioned makes, but just as solid. Little Korean tanks.
  6. Went out with the wife. Nice place, just did a smoked fish and cheese plate. Had a few double Jack on the rocks. Had a good buzz going. My wife could tell and asked if the bartender was making my drinks strong
  7. Yep, Charlie's late night sneaky uncle with tiny hands. The other guy was the waiter from always sunny as well.
  8. 'Better Call Saul' Writers: Walter White May Still be Alive During Gene's Omaha Cinnabon Sequences
  9. Stupid thread got me to go to the bell today. Haven't been in a long time. $7.04 for 2 beef meximelts and medium soda. Wtf?
  10. If you have satellite or cable you can sign in and watch. Coverage has been horrible thus far.