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  1. PPR League. I currently have Chris Thompson and he's been OK. Washington is at Miami, and with a new coach they want to run more. For the whole season I'd still prefer Thompson I think, as I don't see the Redskins leading many games, but I do expect them to lead this one. So who is better this week - Adrian Peterson or Chris Thompson? Leave a link and thanks!
  2. At the moment, no way I would drop Malcolm Brown or Chase Edmonds, at least until you find out if Gurley and/or Johnson is out. You can also try shopping those two to the Gurley or Johnson owner. Even with Gurley out I'm not high on Brown for this week against the 49ers, but Edmonds could have a big game if Johnson is out.
  3. I picked up Edmonds. How valuable will he be this week do you think? Both if David Johnson is out or if DJ is in - seems like they are using them both some times and putting Johnson in the slot.
  4. I currently have Mike Evans - I've been offered a straight trade of Beckham for Evans. Full PPR. I think Evans has an easier schedule. So far Winston (for all his many faults) has been better than Mayfield. I think I prefer the Buccaneers coaching staff over the Browns staff. Evans does have significant competition for targets with Godwin, while Beckham should lead the team in targets. Evans schedule - 6 Panthers, 7 BYE, 8 at Titans, 9 at Seahawks, 10 Cardinals, 11 Saints, 12 at Falcons, 13 at Jaguars, 14 Colts, 15 at Lions, 16 Texans Beckham schedule - 6 Seahawks, 7 BYE, 8 at Patriots, 9 at Broncos, 10 Bills, 11 Steelers, 12 Dolphins, 13 at Steelers, 14 Bengals, 15 at Cardinals, 16 Ravens I'm leaning toward standing pat and keeping Evans. If things continue to slide in Cleveland there's no telling where Beckham's head will be at. Only other thing is that the guy I am trading with is my opponent in Week 11 - and I think I would rather have Beckham versus the Steelers than have Evans versus the Saints (who just pitched a shutout against Evans).
  5. I'm a little less worried after listening to some of my podcasts. Apparently they shadowed Evans with Lattimore, PLUS gave him safety help. That's a healthy amount of respect to show a WR.
  6. I didn't see the game. Only 3 targets? Very worrisome. But Winston only threw 27 passes in a game they were trailing throughout. Seems like a very odd total. Did the Saints just dominate Time of Possession? Luckily the goose egg didn't cost me today, so it's easier to take the long view.
  7. For Diggs I'd definitely give a first plus Zay. I'm expecting us to be 8-8 at worst, with or without Diggs, so it's not a top 10 pick. Diggs is a proven quality receiver, he's on a good contract (with the Vikings eating the signing bonus), and he's young, I know this is a good draft for WR, but the hit rate on first round WR's is less than 50% so it's not likely the guy we draft will be as good as Diggs, never mind better.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Can't flex the TE either. I'm going Kittle at the moment.
  9. Hopefully they're on the hook for every penny of it. That way it hurts their cap. (BTW, I do hate the Patriots*) It also puts more money in AB's pocket that can be awarded to the victim (assuming she wins at trial, which is an open question at this point). Or if she loses, then AB keeps it as his just reward for being falsely accused and having his character besmirched by the Patriots*.
  10. I did drop Curtis Samuel to pick up Darren Waller. We have a short bench so it's not something I wanted to do. I already have Kittle and TE is not a flex option. My thought was to package him up for the Hunter Henry owner, or possibly use him in week 4 to cover Kittle's BYE (Waller plays the Colts that week). Jared Cook had a career year in the same spot last year, and Waller looks legit, so I don't want to leave him on the WW. And now the OJ Howard owner is another possible trade target. Hopefully with Cam looking bad, Samuel will linger for a while and I can grab him later.
  11. Here's the moves I did make this week Drop Darrell Henderson, pick up Malcolm Brown Drop Jameis Winston, pick up Chris Thompson Drop Eagles DST, pick up Texans DST