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  1. Thoughts on Saints DST? They face the Bears, almost certainly without Allen Robinson, and high winds will probably keep passing and scoring down. Currently have the Rams, but they've been just so-so and Tua actually concerns me a little.
  2. When possible I try to keep my 3 IR spots stuffed with potential. I usually have to drop my kicker or DST to get the roster spot so I can run the conveyor belt into the IR spot. Currently I have Tevin Coleman, Jalen Reagor and Raheem Mostert in there. Sony Michel was there for a while but I dropped him to pick up Reagor. Even if Coleman and Reagor are activated this week I can let them sit there this weekend. Then on Monday can reevaluate - maybe one of my regulars got hurt and can swap them into the IR spot. Or if I don't need to make roster moves I can let them ride in the IR spot. Or I can cut them, and hopefully force a feeding frenzy on the FAAB market. IR spots give you more options - don't let them go to waste. So far I've never hit the lottery on any of these moves, but one of these days a ticket has to come in.
  3. Picked up the Yellow W's for next week - Giants generally juicy and now their Left Guard is on the Covid list, and normally that means a two week absence Being a short bench I can't really afford to carry two DSTs, but playing the top team in the league next week, Rams are on Bye, and at 3-4 I need a win so have to focus on weekly stuff for now.
  4. Kind of interesting that two weeks in a row, the team playing against Tom Brady has their entire O-line sent home with Covid. Just a coincidence, I'm sure. 🤧
  5. Ravens aren't available in my league, but if they were I would be all over them. They just added Ngakoue to soup up their pass rush.
  6. I clinched the win a long time ago - need 6 points to set a record for weekly scoring in my league. Started Adams, Lockett and Herbert so that helped.
  7. 20 attempts by Foles tonight, 2 targets to Robinson. Must be some kind of coaching genius going on.
  8. Tre White and Milano both active today - hopefully they can both play a full game. Huge sigh of relief for me - this game has trap written all over it.
  9. It is. This early in the year nobody is "used to it" yet, so will be interesting to see how the players react.
  10. If it does rain it should be light rain. The field is grass - I don't know if it's been raining all week there, but if yes that would make it sloppy. Light winds (6 mph) and 45 degrees. Weather really shouldn't be a factor at all, but a muddy field could be.
  11. Finally! I have no idea why they wait so long - some day they're going to have a problem with their fax machine or something and not get it in time. Once you've made the decision to put a player on IR, just do it. I don't see any point to the shenanigans.
  12. Here's more info The Bills were informed this morning that TE Dawson Knox has tested positive for COVID-19. Knox was placed on the Reserve/COVID-19 list. Per NFL contact tracing protocols, three other players – TE Lee Smith, TE Tommy Sweeney (currently on PUP list), and practice squad TE Nate Becker – have been defined to have been in close contact with Knox and were also placed on the Reserve/COVID-19 list and will miss Sunday's game. The Bills have elevated the following players from the practice squad for Sunday's game with the Jets: WR Duke Williams, OL Jordan Devey (pronounced like heavy), LB Andre Smith and CB Dane Jackson.
  13. I think I would go all of the RB's over all the WR's. Montgomery first, Gibson/Bernard is a coin flip. Thanks for answering mine