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  1. All I'm hoping for from this game is no injuries and find a way to keep Adam Gase as coach of the Jests
  2. No, but if Vikings win tonight, GB can still clinch by beating Detroit next week. So the odds are against the Vikes even if they do win tonight.
  3. I get that a little (seemed like the Bills did that against the Patriots* this weekend) but you're playing a division rival. Just out of pure spite you should want to stomp on their face.
  4. none of the three has a PFF grade, so I kind of think they are not starters
  5. Gotta hang this one on the defense. No excuse giving up 24 points to this Pats offense, especially with no giveaways by the Bills offense.
  6. It makes more sense in the first quarter when you expect them to punt or kick a FG. Makes much less sense when it's four-down territory and they have to go for it on fourth down.
  7. If they benched Singletary to teach him a lesson, that was truly dumb. He was holding the ball the way he should - Watt just made a great play to knock it out.
  8. That run didn't make anybody's fantasy day but it was very impressive.
  9. I'll chine in and say I also appreciate the Rotoworld blurbs. It's one post in a thread - yes, it appears in a lot of different threads. But it doesn't dominate any discussion, it's not false information. Even if I hated it I'm sure I could find better things to complain about.
  10. Not only was Allen untouched, but so was his lead blocker Singletary. Amazing
  11. The only thing I cared about in this game - no TD to Slayton. *&@)*&_@)(+#_*!!_~
  12. Well, the coach is being aggressive. The offensive players not so much
  13. Tough call. Either Michel or White will have a big game I'm sure - just don't know which one. I could see NE trying to pound the ball to keep Mahomes off the field, and the Pats running game has improved since their tackle came off IR. I think I would lean Laird then Michel.