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  1. Hopefully they're on the hook for every penny of it. That way it hurts their cap. (BTW, I do hate the Patriots*) It also puts more money in AB's pocket that can be awarded to the victim (assuming she wins at trial, which is an open question at this point). Or if she loses, then AB keeps it as his just reward for being falsely accused and having his character besmirched by the Patriots*.
  2. I did drop Curtis Samuel to pick up Darren Waller. We have a short bench so it's not something I wanted to do. I already have Kittle and TE is not a flex option. My thought was to package him up for the Hunter Henry owner, or possibly use him in week 4 to cover Kittle's BYE (Waller plays the Colts that week). Jared Cook had a career year in the same spot last year, and Waller looks legit, so I don't want to leave him on the WW. And now the OJ Howard owner is another possible trade target. Hopefully with Cam looking bad, Samuel will linger for a while and I can grab him later.
  3. Here's the moves I did make this week Drop Darrell Henderson, pick up Malcolm Brown Drop Jameis Winston, pick up Chris Thompson Drop Eagles DST, pick up Texans DST
  4. 12 Team PPR League with co-workers, this is our tenth season. Won the title this year for the second year in a row! 6 titles in 10 years. 6-1 record in championship games. 10 playoff appearances in 10 years. This year I led the league in regular season scoring. I really enjoyed this one. My coworkers hate me. Here's my final roster in Week 16 Starters and their week 16 points QB - 33.6 - Patrick Mahomes (10th round pick) - first time my QB was my best player RB - 26.5 - Alvin Kamara (1st round pick) RB - 15.5 - Nick Chubb (free agent acquisition) Flex - 27.0 - Damien Williams (free agent acquisition) WR - 9.0 - Stefon Diggs (3rd round pick) WR - 22.5 - JuJu Smith-Schuster (5th round pick) TE - 14.4 - George Kittle (free agent acquisition) DST - 13.0 - Titans (free agent acquisition - had been riding the Bears, also a free agent pickup) K - 7.0 - Wil Lutz (free agent acquisition) Total - 168.5 Bench RB - 16.1 - Leonard Fournette (2nd round pick) WR - 11.8 - Kenny Golladay (acquired in trade for Aaron Jones, who was a free agent acquisition) WR - 31.0 - Robby Anderson (free agent acquisition) RB - 25.2 - C.J. Anderson (free agent acquisition) WR - 16.0 - DaeSean Hamilton (free agent acquisition) Bench Total - 100.1 Here are my drafted players that didn't make it to the final roster - no ring for them 4th round - RB Alex Collins 6th round - WR Corey Davis 7th round - RB Rex Burkhead 8th round - QB Matthew Stafford 9th round - WR Jamison Crowder 11th round - WR Kenny Stills 12th round - TE Jack Doyle 13th round - DS Saints (got me negative points in week 1) 14th round - K Mason Crosby Stefon Diggs was a solid pick - 10th in WR scoring in our PPR league. But these players were also available and I thought hard about all of them - three of them would have outscored Diggs. Tyreek Hill (1st in WR scoring) Adam Thielen (7th in WR scoring) Mike Evans (9th in WR scoring, 1 place ahead of Diggs, but 36.1 points ahead of Diggs) Larry Fitzgerald (25th in WR scoring) I really lucked into Mahomes - I was targeting the Ravens DST in the 10th round but they went 2 picks ahead of me. (The Ravnes looked like a solid DST and they had the Bills at home in Week 1). I wasn't that high on Mahomes, but as a Bills fan, I figured if the Bills traded him away he had to be decent, and since Stafford was the 14th QB taken in our league (yes, two teams had 2 QB's before I had any) I figured it would be good to have a backup plan behind Stafford just in case.
  5. I don't need anything myself, I just need Lindsay to stay below 34.9 in PPR for my opponent
  6. My gut says White.
  7. I'd go Jackson with nothing to lose for turnovers.
  8. I think Hamilton is the safest in terms of getting the most targets and catches.
  9. Gronk and Njoku. If JuJu is out then you can consider James Washington as boom/bust
  10. I'd feel good about Henry as one of the two. I own both Fournette and Damien Williams in PPR, and am planning to use Williams as my flex. Fournette should have a great matchup and be a great start, but he appears to be in the dog house, so I don't know what to expect from him - could be anywhere from 0 to 30 points today. Since Spencer Ware is doubtful I feel better about playing Williams even against a tougher matchup. Thanks for answering mine.
  11. This today from JuJu: A lot on the line this week. The whole season comes down to this. Yes, I’m talking about the fantasy football championship round. Of course I’m playing Sunday!!! Theres no way I can let down the real ones who believed in me by drafting me!! Let’s get it!! So what to make of this now?
  12. I agree that "Rams starter" has more upside than Sony Michel, but Sony has the safer floor I think. So depends what you are looking for. Cohen and Williams are solid choices regardless of any injury situation, so it comes down to Michel vs. Rams Starter. You're lucky that 3 of the 4 are late games, and you already have all the possibilities for the Rams. I would be a little concerned that even if Gurley is active he only plays 50% of snaps - if they do get out to a big lead then Gurley will be resting. Also have no idea which of the Rams guys would be the lead back, although I'd say Justin Davis is the least likely after 3 straight DNPs. Here's mine
  13. Brees at QB. Terron Armstead is expected to play. Prefer Derrick Henry to Damien Wiliiams for yardage, but Williams could get catches and possibly more total points scored by Chiefs-Seahawks, so more opportunity for TD. Slight lean to Henry. I think the Patriots Defense could be vulnerable to a running QB - their LB's are slow. Of course Bellichick knows how to play with the mind of a young QB, so that's the biggest point in the Patriots favor. I would lean to the Browns - Bengals are down Dalton, AJ Green, and Tyler Boyd. Cleveland should also get Denzel Ward back. Thanks for answering mine - but I've got a new one please:
  14. I like Watson vs the Eagles secondary - just make sure Nuk is playing (he's Questionable, as usual). Goff could be interesting - Gurley is questionable, so might throw more if he is out. Also Patrick Peterson is questionable with an illness - that would be huge if he is out. I wouldn't consider Murray. Adams could be in a time share with Smallwood and Sproles. So that leaves Williams and Baldwin. Williams is basically the only thing the Packers have at RB. Baldwin appears to be healthy, and Chiefs secondary is vulnerable. I think I would lean Williams for better floor, and Baldwin for higher upside. Thanks for answering mine, but I've got a new one please:
  15. JuJu Smith-Schuster is Questionable with a groin injury from Thursday's practice. DNP on Friday. Could be a Game Time Decision - 4:25 PM EST Start so may not know before the 1 PM games Stefon Diggs will be my WR1 - 1 PM Sunday start Possible options SATURDAY TEN - Corey Davis - Titans home vs. Redskins - expect Titans to run, run, run (on my roster) 1 PM EST Start Sunday NYJ - Robby Anderson - Jets home vs. Packers (on my roster) DET - Kenny Golladay - Lions home vs. Vikings - Questionable with Chest injury (on my roster) 4 PM EST Start Sunday PIT - JuJu SMith-Schuster - Steelers at Saints - JuJu Questionable (on my roster) Possible late WW pickups if JuJu is inactive at 3 PM on Sunday: 4 PM EST Start Sunday PIT - James Washington - Steelers at Saints PIT - Eli Rogers - Steelers at Saints PIT -Ryan Switzer - Steelers at Saints ARI - Trent Sherfield - Rams at Cardinals CHI - Taylor Gabriel - Bears at 49ers CHI - Anthony Miller - Bears at 49ers NO - Keith Kirkwood - Steelers at Saints SF - Marquise Goodwin - Bears at 49ers 8 PM EST Start Sunday KC - Chris Conley - Chiefs at Seahawks (Sammy Watkins is Out) KC - Demarcus Robinson - Chiefs at Seahawks (Sammy Watkins is Out) SEA - David Moore - Chiefs at Seahawks 8 PM EST Start Monday DEN - DaeSean Hamilton - Broncos at Raiders DEN - Tim Patrick - Broncos at Raiders OAK - Jordy Nelson - Raiders home vs. Broncos Leave a link and thanks! SATURDAY UPDATE This today from JuJu: A lot on the line this week. The whole season comes down to this. Yes, I’m talking about the fantasy football championship round. Of course I’m playing Sunday!!! Theres no way I can let down the real ones who believed in me by drafting me!! Let’s get it!! So what to make of this now?
  16. PPR, 12 team league, finished 10-3 and tied for first, top scoring team in league. My tenth playoff appearance in the ten years of the league's existence, and seventh title game appearance (title game record is 5-1). This one should be a close one. Current Lineup QB - Patrick Mahomes (drafted in 10th round, also drafted Stafford in 8th round) RB - Alvin Kamara (drafted in 1st round) RB - Nick Chubb (FA pickup) RB - Damien Williams (FA pickup) RB - Leonard Fournette (drafted in 2nd round) WR - Stefon Diggs (drafted in 3rd round) WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster (drafted in 5th round) WR - Corey Davis (drafted in 6th round) WR - Kenny Golladay (acquired in trade for Aaron Jones, who was a FA pickup) WR - Robby Anderson (FA pickup) TE - George Kittle (FA pickup) K - Wil Lutz (FA pickup) DST - Bears (FA pickup) DST - Titans (FA pickup) - normally only carry one DST but can't decide on a starter this week My Opponent - also 10-3, third in overall scoring QB - Russell Wilson RB - Christian McCaffery RB - Elijah McGuire RB - Phillip Lindsay RB - Peyton Barber RB - Gus Edwards WR - Deandre Hopkins WR - Josh Reynolds WR - Tyler Boyd WR - Curtis Samuel WR - Mike Williams TE - Eric Ebron DST - Texans K - Stephen Gostkowski
  17. So IF Gurley is inactive, who is the most likely handcuff - CJ Anderson, John Kelly or Justin Davis?
  18. I almost wonder if they just decided at half time they need a QB so bad they need to tank the season. Since Fournette is their best player, the easiest way to accomplish that is to bench him. It's easier to quit on the road than at home, and unfortunately this week Jax is on the road. I have to decide whether to start him at Flex in PPR. If there was no drama and I was convinced they wanted to win, then I would start him with full confidence, even at RB2. His range of outcomes this week is anything from zero to 30 points. Sheesh!
  19. First, it doesn't matter at all if your opponent has Brown - you just want to start the guy that puts up the most points. If you're convinced Brown is scoring 4 TD's this week then go with Big Ben. Otherwise just ignore it. JuJu might not play - left practice early with a groin injury. If he is out or hobbled then no way to Ben. But even if everyone looks good for the Steelers, I'd still roll with Mahomes. I don't expect a lot of points in the Saints-Steelers game. Here's mine:
  20. Rivers if Allen and Gordon both play, Dak otherwise Here's mine:
  21. QB - Ryan if Julio plays, Trubisky otherwise RB - McCaffrey (my opponent is starting him) and Cook WR - Hopkins (my opponent is starting him) and Robinson (maybe Ridley if Julio is out) TE - Njoku DST - Browns Here's mine:
  22. Current FBG ranks for these Titans - Dodds #1, Trenblay #1 Bears - Dodds #7, Tramblay #9 Does that change anybody's mind?