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  1. No lie, brother. They lifted off on my 8th birthday. And although I still want that flying car, I really need the robot maid.
  2. At least I can take solace in the notion that nobody really minds if Texans move in.
  3. Sitting through this presentation on high-risk pregnancies is bad, but doing it on my birthday is just gruesome. Gonna make it up to myself by heading straight to the bar from here.
  4. I moved to Austin for college in 1979. Telecommuting now, which removed most Austinites' largest complaint. The next one would be weather...I got nothing. My folks are 40 minutes up the road, and I love Austin, obviously. But after they pass, I will look into moving to Vegas for retirement.
  5. It will likely be in the 90s till midnight or later. Reconsider any long walks.
  6. There's a 30-year reunion in the bar tonight. That would normally be horrific, but Austin cougars are the best. It's a target-rich environment.
  7. Frenchie took a ball, which bounced first, off the eyebrow. He's down. But someone stole some Magic Spray from the soccer dudes, and he's fine.
  8. Serena was clearly a little off-song compared to her semi, but I want to take absolutely nothing away from little Simona.
  9. Well, I did get laid last weekend, so I expect most of GMTAN is preparing for the apocalypse.
  10. I must have had a little shukeangel on my shoulder. Later, this gal came into the bar, never seen her before. She kept smiling at me, so I went over and introduced myself. Two hours later, we were at her place, going at each other like teenagers.
  11. I may be overstating the case here. If I was literally the last man on Earth, and it was either me or extinction, they'd probably both roll their eyes and say "All right, let's get this over with."
  12. Back at the bar for the third time in four nights. Bought a shot for the bartenders, neither of which would touch me if I was the last man on Earth.
  13. Guy at the bar, to the bartender: Courtney, I apologize, I just want you to know I'm looking at your boobs right now Courtney: Well, I didn't buy them to have them not looked at.