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  1. This is quite a storm we're having. I'm at the convenience store because I don't have Coke Zero and don't judge me, I don't have covered parking. There might be Titleist-sized hail on the way.
  2. AAPL AMZN GOOGL EMR CSCO T EXC LMT PG JPM INTC MSFT GLPI BA (we were buying aggresively at 115, 105 and 100) BMY TGT VZ PEO BLMN (trading this) TXRH (Traded this) CCL DAL - Have not bought this yet FDX DFS PFE PPL
  3. 1) Create nutty conspiracy theory involving leronlimab 2) Get it in front of Giuliani 3) Yacht time
  4. Good idea. When I went 45 straight days, my legs started barking at me. Had to take 2+ weeks off. We all need to mix a rest day in there, if for no other reason than to charge up our GAF batteries.
  5. I had the race on, but I wasn't paying a ton of attention. I turned around to watch the two-lap shootout at the end, and as they pile into the first turn, there's a flash of lighting, and I'm sitting in a dark room. Only for about a minute, but by the time my cable box rebooted, the race was long over.
  6. I'm sure cross-country skiing is 8000% harder than the elliptical, but the skiing down here in the summertime is sub-optimal.
  7. Death, taxes, and Austin flooding on Memorial Day. Of these things I am reasonably certain.
  8. I laid down for a bit, and that was really good for my legs, but I didn't fall asleep. So I got up and pounded a ridiculous coffee drink. Gonna practice a little video poker on my computer, play my guitar, probably cure the 'rona by dawn. Oh, and toke it up.
  9. I had decided to return to my previous practice of Sundays off, for recovery. I'm flipping through the TV channels and there's...Raiders of the Lost F'n Ark. AND OFF I GO
  10. I enjoy the sense of satisfaction one gets when completing a workout. Those last 500 yards, I am Secretariat, thundering down the stretch at the Belmont. I know I've won, but I want to demonstrate to an astonished world just what kind of immortal bad-### I am. The Indiana Jones theme is playing in my head. I am moving like an incredible machine. @bostonfred you need 19-minute miles, I got all you can eat.
  11. Sorry, Binky. Happened to me in '02 or something. It still doesn't feel exactly the same on my left side, though neither I nor anyone else can see a difference.