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  1. Long Juniper Pharmaceuticals (JNP). I just bought 100 shares, so this one is going in the tank. S&P 2965.13
  2. I have certainly broken my share of shafts, but always much closer to the head.
  3. Why would they? We used to be housed in a clinic. That clinic is closed today. All those people are off, and I should be as well, dammit!
  4. It's the Snowpocalypse in Austin today. We could get up to an inch. Everything is closed. However, people who work from home don't get the day off.
  5. Picked Destroyer, though I could have voted for a dozen others with a clear conscience.
  6. If the right had their way, it would happen 11 million more times.
  7. So obviously you invited @cosjobs and not me.
  8. The boyfriend got her out of here before she did something that demanded a response. Probably best for all of us.
  9. The owner is buying shots for the regulars. Drunk Girl is hanging on me and her boyfriend is getting pissed. I'm sure this will all end well.
  10. Just another Saturday night at the bar
  11. No doubt, since it's unregulated.
  12. Don't know, this one has video slots I will never play.
  13. Belichick challenging a call up 28 with four minutes left is good shtick.
  14. Bar is really hopping tonight, I am very drinks
  15. You know, there is a lawyer thread, whose purpose is to avoid the ruination of other threads. A word, to the wise, is sufficient.