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  1. Struggling to rally here, for a Friday night in Vegas. Yesterday was a blast, chatted with a casino owner for about ten minutes, gambled and drank nonstop. Now I can't walk two blocks without existential pain. I'm a fraud.
  2. Well, I'm not hung over, that's positive news. But my back and legs are beat all to hell from my 23K-step marathon yesterday. I feel like I'm an electric car with very limited range. TLDR I did what Bob would consider to be a nice walk and it crippled me.
  3. Fifteen casinos in a day, each with their own loyalty program. The problem isn't gambling, it's being such a dorkwad.
  4. kevzilla

    Stock Thread

    I actually like Pacifico, but everyone knows I have no taste
  5. TPW to all the GMTANers who need them. Having said that, I'ma hop this flight to Vegas and debase myself for five days and nights. Expect schwastedposting. You know, much like every other day.
  6. If the cancer is still limited to the prostatic capsule, survival rates are quite high.
  7. I regret I have but one like to give to that post.
  8. You bet. And college football, and boxing. And Megan is trying to get me drunk on 100-proof Captain Morgan and take advantage of me.
  9. It's humid and gross down here. But it's reasonably comfortable in the bar.
  10. boom king is looking at SUVs, but yeah, you can't break a Toyota pickup. My dad put over 200K on one, and it was the quietest-running vehicle in the family on the day he sold it.
  11. What actually put Jimmy over the edge was his car not starting.
  12. Everybody knows Fly Yellow is where it's at.
  13. kevzilla

    It Mek ***Official*** Ska Thread

    MMB are playing a free show in downtown Las Vegas when I'm there in two weeks. I guess I have to stop by, right? I mean, it's free.