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  1. Page 2 save A building is being imploded downtown at 8 AM tomorrow. Every available form of media has been utilized to warn people about this, but after the last three weeks, we are guaranteed to have some people freaking the #### out anyway. You would not want to be a 911 operator in Austin tomorrow morning.
  2. This is where cargo shorts (or pants) come in handy. Theoretically.
  3. Straight outta Compton, errr, Free Republic
  4. If you're going to insist on making sense in here, I'll have to ask you to step outside.
  5. Yes, between SLS and the Strat. Around the corner on Sahara is ReLeaf. One could, theoretically, take the monorail to SLS and walk to either one in five minutes. ETA: On the corner of the Strip and Sahara is a Walgreens. Buy a can of Ozium, smell problem solved.
  6. 1) Pizza Rock, one block off Fremont next to Downtown Grand. Possibly the best in the universe. Le Thai, on Fremont East. Eat and Carson Kitchen, on one block off Fremont East on Carson (duh). Most of the casinos have a very nice restaurant inside, Golden Nugget has several. 2) Since the hippie lettuce is still illegal on the federal level, the casinos won't risk their golden geese.
  7. 1) What do you like? 2) No dispensary is a really convenient walk from the Strip, except for the two between SLS and Stratosphere. And even those might be a little dodgy at night. Downtown is the same.
  8. Some pork producers will go under. You better get used to the taste of the "facon" I saw at the store tonight. Made from adzuki beans. Yum!
  9. I hit it too high to hit it very far. With a full wedge, they burn up on re-entry.
  10. Like them very much. Defensive plays not very popular in this thread, particularly in a bull market, but it's hard to get hurt owning well-run companies like this.
  11. Toss-up between Rohrbacher and Nunes.
  12. Baking cookies in a magic tree without a license?
  13. Described an a "family military heirloom" on the local news.
  14. Tonight's device was a "family military heirloom". Went off by accident.