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  1. Actually, actually true. Promptly fell out of bed and touched its 52-week low before lifting a little. Down 3.58% for the afternoon.
  2. You blouses and your CYDY. Placed a limit order for TVIX at $39.99. With 20% of my IRA.
  3. I just find it increasingly difficult to back fossil fuel companies over any time frame. If yield you seek, perhaps have a look at MLPX, though midstream plays are seemingly as sensitive as the exploration companies to the vicissitudes of oil prices these days.
  4. Hang in there, GB strykerpks. I had my meeting with the two Bobs from Office Space on Monday. Can't wait to see how that winds up biting me in the ###.
  5. I got a spam email for boner pills. It included the following line: She want to forget her name while you busy moaning her.
  6. They announced a secondary offering last week, which would have been the time to go long.
  7. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to be the Best Drunk in a Western film pretty soon.
  8. I don't normally go to the bar on consecutive nights, but when I do, I prefer to really tie one on.
  9. As much as I love Gene Wilder, Lee Marvin runs away with this one.