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  1. Sirius/XM was supposed to cut me off 11/1, but they didn't. I assume I'll get to listen.
  2. My alma mater beat a 1 seed, a 3 seed, and a 4 seed, but didn't make the field. Of course, they also lost to Radford, so....
  3. Wedding survived. Only had to listen to Wagon Wheel twice. Trying to drink it away at the bar now.
  4. I'm going to get my niece married off in a few hours. When I finally disentangle myself from my family, I'll probably wind up at the bar. They may not recognize me in nice clothes, though.
  5. They are bringing in Nelson Peltz as a "strategic consultant." Paying him with options on 20 million shares, which would make him the second-largest shareholder if he exercised them. Probably good news for shareholders either way, as the dude has been crapping money for half a century.
  6. I have a carve-out. I live alone, and I see no problem with having a drink in the evening. That's a nightcap. There is no plural for nightcap. If you make another, you're just drinking now. I do that very rarely, when some Longhorn team or another drives me around the bend.
  7. Woke up shivering and miserable, though the thermostat indicated 73 degrees. Then I puked and puked and puked. Now, I have something in the drawer of my end table that is known worldwide for its efficacy in treating nausea. But it was 6 AM on a Monday, which gives one pause. I said "pause," not "stop." Then I went to the gym, and now I'm (mostly) working. Come at me, bro
  8. Harrah's on the Strip used to have a very good dueling pianos show with smoking hot twins. Don't know what happened to it.
  9. I just hope we're done with Hall & Oates for the night. Oh dear. We've hit the Duran Duran section. I'm in trouble here.
  10. In another major upset, I'm at the bar again. Tonight's band is called Freeze Frame, which should tell you all you need to know. Gonna be a tough slog tonight.
  11. I want to apologize to @krista4 for not getting involved in her Beatles thread. It looks interesting, but it kinda got away from me. Perhaps I'll read it straight through this weekend* after getting good and baked.* *Probably won't **Already baked
  12. The turnover in this bar is nuts. The new bartender would rank highly on the Bentley Trashy Blonde scale.
  13. The band at the bar tonight could definitely give floppinho and friends a run for their money. Also, they have open mic every Thursday.