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  1. I'm up 21% on the dark side and holding for the weekend.
  2. I know nothing about rowers, and precious little about wives, but I think bfred should buy a new seat and wear out his birthday present from his wife. If it is a crappy machine, in six months he'll be able to say "Honey, this thing is going to injure me" and it will be mostly true.
  3. Most folks can afford a regular room at Planet Hollywood. Howard Hughes can rent one of their boffo suites, with views of the Bellagio fountain, for the draft.
  4. Holding my UVXY position, though up 20% is normally where I start to sidle toward the exit. I feel like a 3% down day is not the worst thing that is going to happen to us in the next week or so. If I sound crazy, remember I called the bottom on TVIX at $40, and it went to $1000. Also recall I sold at $56.
  5. I hope the sun I was trying to avoid last week shows up by lunch to make my walk tolerable
  6. I will be strongly tempted to sell my most expensive lot at a 10%+ gain this morning, but since my pattern is to buy and sell too early, I will fight it.
  7. Yeah, otherwise everyone would have lost interest around season 237 or so.
  8. I could get out of UVXY with a small profit, but I didn't get into UVXY for a small profit. (This will probably go on my headstone)
  9. Why do we try to change people's minds in here? We don't do this in the Stock Thread. Seems odd. Apologies for singling you out, this has been on my mind for some time.
  10. The weather turned nasty midday, but I made myself get out there this evening because tomorrow promises to be worse and I don't want to skip two days. The third and fourth fingers of my left hand, and that side of my hand, are still ice-cold ten minutes later. Peripheral circulation is hot garbage.
  11. Circa Million Week 6 picks: 2-3, 17-13 overall. When you need the Cardinals just to make it a bad week...we move on. Week 7 picks: CAR +7.5 NE -1.5 DEN +9.5 TB -3.5 LAC -7.5
  12. I still have a back issue, but if I warm up verry slowly it eventually loosens up. The scale did not move this week. I had an unauthorized lunch on Wednesday, it's a fair cop.
  13. Pouring one out for anyone holding BVXV today
  14. Guys my age are still jealous, but tbh it has thinned considerably in front. I can tease it to the sky and it makes a passable Mel Kiper Jr. No product required. Wet, it's more like Eric Trump