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  1. Update: I'm so drunk that I'm attractive.
  2. If your birthday falls on a Monday, you spend the Saturday night before at a dingy dive with a concrete bar because of course you do.
  3. You could set your watch by it.
  4. I think this is the spot where I express my preference for Miracle Whip and get shouted down by 98.4% of GMTAN.
  5. I wash my hair every day. It's magical.
  6. All of FANG has essentially no Chinese exposure.
  7. Not a "choke job". Fed is about to turn 37 and it is unreasonable to expect the kind of consistency he had ten years ago. He just went a little off-song after the first set, and Anderson went to a level he has never previously attained. Oh well, at least I won't have any conflicts during the World Cup final.
  8. Moderation seems to be more strict June-Sept. Don't stand on the edge and kick pebbles over the side when prospective new customers are around. That's how I got clipped, anyway.
  9. No yachts? Are you sure you're white?
  10. My folks flew into Manchester, NH on Southwest and drove.
  11. I was here the whole time and I apparently missed it, too.
  12. See, you do still have a reason to have a husband!
  13. The band at the bar is called Rusted Metal. The name is apt.
  14. Is Zagreb a center of flare manufacturing? They never seem to run out.