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  1. I like Dixon the best from the college film I watched. He also has a good chance of becoming the main guy in Baltimore.
  2. I still like Drake a little bit more and he's gone in the PPR
  3. not many votes this time of year. :-(
  4. Good analysis. This is the least excited about a draft class I have ever seen you. I'm a Shepard fan. Hoping for Nicks/Cruz production from ODB/Shepard.
  5. Been having subscription problems for two weeks no and have gotten no reply from Anybody know how to get help here? update - got if fixed - thanks!
  6. I'm not getting emails to my inbox and I have checked my spam folder. I have sent two emails to with no reponse. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE
  7. How do I see results from previous years? I'm trying to set draft order. TIA forget it, I figured it out
  8. The money I paid back in June is not showing up. I emailed Clayton Gray about it. Longtime subscriber here.
  9. Great thread. What are the odds of all those biblical prophesies being fulfilled by Jesus?
  10. I thought the Ravens were a great fit for him.
  11. Thanks for posting. That's higher than I've seen Javorius Allen. I liked what I saw of him on his highlight package.
  12. I hope Rex puts all of his resources into stopping Amaro when the teams matchup. Rex is a cartoon