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  1. I agree, I think Bell has more name value currently than actual value. Thanks for the feedback Deamon.
  2. Correct, I'm the desperate team. Bell doesn't do me any good next week and I have to win. I also don't think Conner is going anywhere after his performance today. If Michel was low, what do you think Bell could have fetched in a trade? Do you think Conner's performance sinks Bell's value, or does it largely stay untouched?
  3. I just traded Bell straight for Michel. What do we feel Bell's fantasy market value is currently? Is Michel an accurate reflection of his value? Caveat is I'm 1-4 and the other team is 5-0, clearly rolling the dice for a championship. Forgive me if this is the wrong thread for such questions, relatively new to posting.
  4. I think he's being covered by Patrick Peterson Not sure though
  5. Haven't heard definitively either way, but I do know he's in my lineup. He's been criminally underrated by the experts last week and this week. !@#$ them.
  6. James Conner down. Fitzgerald Toussaint in. Anybody know where Bell is?
  7. Antonio Brown carried off the field, leg injury. Looks serious
  8. Reuben Foster to the injury tent with a hand/wrist issue