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  1. ThanosX

    Le'Veon Bell

    I agree, I think Bell has more name value currently than actual value. Thanks for the feedback Deamon.
  2. ThanosX

    Le'Veon Bell

    Correct, I'm the desperate team. Bell doesn't do me any good next week and I have to win. I also don't think Conner is going anywhere after his performance today. If Michel was low, what do you think Bell could have fetched in a trade? Do you think Conner's performance sinks Bell's value, or does it largely stay untouched?
  3. ThanosX

    Le'Veon Bell

    I just traded Bell straight for Michel. What do we feel Bell's fantasy market value is currently? Is Michel an accurate reflection of his value? Caveat is I'm 1-4 and the other team is 5-0, clearly rolling the dice for a championship. Forgive me if this is the wrong thread for such questions, relatively new to posting.
  4. ThanosX

    Seattle at Dallas

    Later Garrett
  5. ThanosX

    Seattle at Dallas

    Bad challenge Garrett
  6. ThanosX

    Seattle at Dallas

  7. ThanosX

    NY Giants at Arizona

    I think he's being covered by Patrick Peterson Not sure though
  8. ThanosX

    LA Chargers at NY Jets

    Did Keenan Allen really get an INT?
  9. Haven't heard definitively either way, but I do know he's in my lineup. He's been criminally underrated by the experts last week and this week. !@#$ them.
  10. ThanosX

    Week 15 Injury Thread

    James Conner down. Fitzgerald Toussaint in. Anybody know where Bell is?
  11. ThanosX

    Week 15 Injury Thread

    Helped to the locker room
  12. ThanosX

    Week 15 Injury Thread

    Antonio Brown carried off the field, leg injury. Looks serious
  13. ThanosX

    Week 15 Injury Thread

    Reuben Foster to the injury tent with a hand/wrist issue
  14. ThanosX

    Week 15 Injury Thread

    He's a notorious faker
  15. ThanosX

    Week 15 Injury Thread

    Shady back in