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  1. You should be a volunteer sign twirler. Show up in your speedo, oil yourself well and twirl your banana.
  2. I shook hands with Jerry Jones. I've spoken with Aikman and Deion. I shook hands with Larry Mcmurtry, author of Lonesome Dove and The Last Picture Show. George W Bush walked past me surrounded by secret service while he was govenor of Texas.
  3. I hate pulling the pizza cutter out of the drawer and there's a little bit of old cheese hidden between the handle and the blade. It takes seconds to rinse, spin the blade a little and rinse again before putting it in the dishwasher.
  4. For real. It's: 1. Peanut butter on one slice 2. Get rid of excess PB on the other slice 3. Jelly on other slice Yeah? I put the jelly on first because it's easier to clean jelly off the spoon than PB. I use a spoon because getting jelly out of the jar with a knife bites.
  5. Dallas/Fort Worth, 300+ golfing days a year!
  6. Yaaaas. Just cooked enough that it kinda starts to fold in your hand and it’s a melted mix of chip and dough. also hot is the way to go. I use to love going to Quiznos and having them put the M&m cookie though the oven. That's where it's at. A proper chocolate chip cookie is loaded with chocolate chips, fresh out of the oven and has a bite of vanilla ice cream on top.
  7. Next time check the cameras before heading home.
  8. Too many moving pieces right now, wait until after FA and the draft to throughly evaluate.
  9. Anyone waiting in a 5 hour line in 2020 gets no sympathy from me.
  10. I got my real ID in Texas by renewing through the mail in 2018.
  11. love how California insists on getting its own symbol I was half expecting theirs to be a pot leaf.
  12. USA #3 Japan #21
  13. Anybody else troubled by the fact McCarthy had more unsuccessful HC interviews than the Cowboys? McCarthy has been passed over by the Jets, Giants, Browns and Panthers. Did I miss anybody? This feels like the Linehan hire for OC to me. I hope I'm wrong.