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  1. This some kind of relativity schtick? The older they get the bigger the possible trouble they might get in. How many of us snuck out as a group when we were teenagers on a sleepover?
  2. My daughter calls them wakeovers. My kids are 7 and 10 and have only done them with sane cousins and grandma. My kids do 2 or 3 a summer and haven't done one during the school year yet. I would try to limit the exposure to a crazy household as much as possible, maybe once a month or a season. Perhaps your niece needs a bit on sanity from your daughter.
  3. I don't need one, but I want one now.
  4. Jebediah, "Even the poorest of the poor can afford milk and honey every day of the week? Hallelujah!"
  5. She left the fob in the car, pressed the door lock on the door and the car failed to recognize the low battery fob was still inside when she shut the door.
  6. Got a cousin who ignored the low battery warning on her key fob a little too long, she needed a locksmith one day when she was out of town.
  7. My wife and I got together a little over a year after her mom posted. She said her boyfriend at the time never really let her grieve when they were together. I don't know for sure but I got the feeling this was a big part of their breakup. I held her when she told me this and she cried many tears. My Dad passed unexpectedly in a tragic manner. One of the officers on the scene warned me not to let my Father's death affect my marriage. He said one of his partners had died in a similar manner and it tore that man's daughter apart and eventually her marriage as well. When I got home my wife laid me down on the couch, put my head in her lap and let me cry all night. Be that shoulder your wife needs to cry on sometimes.
  8. Are we going to get the backstory on this poll?
  9. Josh Bynes back in purple.
  10. But nobody touches my produce like I do. Not all produce is created equal. I want the firmest melons, the juiciest papayas and peaches with a sweet aroma. Just because something is on my list doesn't mean I'm actually going to get some if it doesn't meet my standards. This year I only bought cantaloupe once and only because I caved at the end of the season. It was ok, not good not bad, just ok. I could tell all summer it just wasn't a good cantaloupe season this year.
  11. Well of course and pay taxes on it, but what they don't realize is the fuzz is going to file a civil forfeiture and keep it for themselves.
  12. I was going to say call an ambulance, but this works too.
  13. Next thing you know there's hands all over your melons, your wife has WhatsApp and GroupMe to coordinate package deliveries and you're at the Doc wondering why it burns when you pee.
  14. I'm picky about food and its temperature control, no way am I going to let someone else finger my produce.