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  1. didn't bother reading the op, my guess is the op is not about current events let the past go, quit posting the same thing everywhere
  2. Safer than most places, as long as you're chill most people will want to strike up a conversation and get the opposing viewpoint. Lots of talkative people. There's always one fool in the crowd though. Dallas is usually close to the top of list of friendliest places for opposing fans, Jerry World loves green.
  3. The 2 game suspension is for failed drug tests.
  4. Separate accounts, married in our 30s, she pays the health insurance I pay the mortgage that's still in her maiden name. We evened out the bills she pays and the ones I pay. She spends her money on what she wants. I spend mine on what I want. Not a single money argument! When we go out I pay.
  5. I would not try to make a career out of it.
  6. For every success there will be countless failures.
  7. Whoever emerges in LAC is the only guy I'm interested in for redrafts. The other teams don't seem to consistently utilize the TE position.
  8. Alex Smith 2.0. Dak won't lose you many games but he's not going to carry the team on his shoulders to the postseason. He needs a strong supporting cast to shine.
  9. Why are all your polls public?
  10. not so golden arches I hope it wasn't a potluck.
  11. I was positive someone else started this thread. Seems like a cool concept for diehard FFers. I wouldn't like it in a dynasty but would give it a go for a year in redraft.
  12. Watt and Clowney should be banged up by then.
  13. He has something like half the 5,000 yards passing seasons. People are paying attention.
  14. 9-7 was a down year with a tough schedule. The division is strong, it's possible 3 playoff teams could emerge.