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  1. When are people going learn not to go through the Whataburger drive-thru? Whataburger has got to hold the record for the most drive-thru DWIs/DUIs, walk your drunk self inside.
  2. If he retired with time left on his contract the Pats have his rights. Rolando McClain retired under contract twice and when he unretired the teams that wanted to sign him had to trade for him. I think Dallas sent a 7th to Baltimore for the rights to sign him.
  3. Make a pickup order to the Indian restaurant around the corner at 11:30AM, remembered about it at 2PM.
  4. Murray got drafted 1.01, he played his cards perfectly.
  5. Zero #### about foreign customer service. Giving repeatedly bad customer service to your countrymen can be a capital offense. Just like shipping out designer drugs with lethal side effects is acceptable as long as you're not selling them locally.
  6. Zero today. The only recent lies I can think of is when a stranger asks about how I am.
  7. Everyone in your league is award of the rule. There is no "quandary" if you don't fixate on a technicality and use common sense. Is it in the rule book you have keepers? If not he gets to keep nobody because it's not in the rules.
  8. I was tired of Chinese products when Walmart was advertising itself as selling American made products.
  9. The bottom of the jeans tucked inside the boots too.