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  1. The flu shot thread got my wheels turning, does the pneumonia vaccine offer any benefits in the event of a covid infection? Quick Google search reveals run on pneumonia vaccines due to covid.
  2. Flu is supposed to be down this year, I wasn't planning on getting one. My daughter wanted one so I got one at the same time along with my son. My wife got hers at work. I also got my tetanus shot. I normally get a flu shot if I'm offered a free one. I do miss getting them some years.
  3. What science would that be? A rushed vaccine that isn't truly a vaccine according to
  4. Pecan Chocolate cream Cherry Pumpkin Apple
  5. My bad 39% positivity
  6. I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not. My county was 37% positive the last two weeks. The local hospital has all it's ventilators in use and is at 96% capacity. Covid patients are being given IVs at home because there's not room for them. My tolerance for front line workers (or anyone) acting ignorantly is extremely low right now.
  7. They've had time to adjust, but have they adjusted enough or just done a few token adjustments?
  8. I'm in dezbelief the nurses would attend such an event, shame on them!
  9. It's legit. I wouldn't keep engaging the complainers, present your side and let them argue among themselves.
  10. My mom said her district has about a tenth of the subs as last year. My daughter's school had to increase class sizes a few weeks in so regular teachers could sub for call ins.
  11. Much less so in the South than the North. Is there a timeframe on the non-compete? More than a couple of years is too much IMO.
  12. The German side of my family started coming over in the late 1800s. I have postcards of buildings that were later destroyed in the world wars. I have a ring with Nazi insignia that was worn to help escape from Germany. They got permission to leave Germany on a vacation and never came back. I lost some Catholic family members during the Holocaust. My great grandfather on that side lied about his age to get into both world wars. He was too young for the first and too old for the second. He was a cook in the Navy both times. After the first war he went to France and graduated from their famous cooking school. He worked in Chicago between the wars. He was kept stateside in the second world war to cook for the naval bigwigs. The English side fought in the American revolution and both sides of the civil war. 1838 is earliest records of them being in Texas.
  13. I love the receptions, especially the ones that are on different days than the ceremony.
  14. I've done the hard shell without incident.