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  1. I can see Jarwin finishing top 10 for the year and having very few top 10 weeks.
  2. Eh probably not, one of those I'll scoop him off waivers but not trade for him plays.
  3. Lost my lab of 12 years two and a half years ago. He would greet everyone with a big smile by baring all his teeth while wagging his tail, doing a play bow and snorting. You could tell the people who weren't used to dogs because they would think he was about to bite them. Still cracks me up thinking about some of the reactions he got from it.
  4. I nuke mine as well, I still consider it a baked potato.
  5. I can eat a leftover potato right out of the fridge with nothing on it, skin and all.
  6. 40s Spend most of my work day in the car. I listen to the radio 99% and albums 1% start to finish. I use the car speakers 100% of the time. I listen to music most of the day at work I rarely listen to any at home.
  7. Yep, I already did 3 Fleaflicker rookie/FA drafts.
  8. Wait what? MFL comes of Fantasy Sharks, does fleaflicker also use that as a basis? Defensive Edge, combining OLBs and 4-3 Defensive Ends. I don't agree with making 3-4 Defensive Ends into DTs.
  9. MFL will catch up, eventually.
  10. Elementary and Jr High, 10 ton. When I would hit or tackle the other kids they said it felt like 10 tons. In high school and college my friends called me catfish because of my unruly mustache. I got tired of the mustache after college. My nicknames now are job related. I just remembered one I got called for a few weeks in jr high. It was a couple of letters changed in my last name that made it sound like a cussword and something monkeys do. I quit getting called by it after I put a kid in a trashcan at school when he wouldn't stop saying it in the hallway.
  11. Homeless shelters around here don't allow alcohol, why would a longer term homeless shelter be any different?