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  1. baggercoin about to be released. Get in while you can.
  2. It is really hard to imagine one day you will just become a pile of bones. But you are right with respect to religion it’s not like just because you were born in the West and believe in Jesus you are in versus being born in Thailand and being a Buddhist. Would like to think there is something else beyond. Certainly hope so.
  3. There’s a bigger shortage of trades (ie unskilled labor) versus doctors in this country. Tims point above is also correct. The irony is also not lost on me that all of these uneducated people voting for trump have this really high bar for immigrants. It’s like the ugly fat girl at the bar saying there should be a requirement on looks to get in after she is in there.
  4. Congrats on awaking from your coma the last 12 years. You’re going to love Netflix.
  5. Is broccoli ever an option for trump?
  6. I use this same line on my wife when we’re having sex.
  7. Then why isn’t costco closing stores with their minimum wage of $13? Oh that’s right the issue is way more complicated than your pre conceived notion to fit your political narrative.
  8. Because regardless of taxes, those stores were a drag to the bottom line. Those stores were going to be shuttered with or without the tax cut. I am all for bashing the tax cut as I don’t think it was as good as it could have been but this is not the posterchild for saying why it is bad.