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  1. Pig dogs you say?
  2. I think you meant to say “Thoughts and Prayers”. Maybe we can have a discussion about mental illness in the algorithms of self driving cars while making them drive faster and more erratically.
  3. Sort of a Venn diagram of the south.
  4. Yeah i don’t know the Access Hollywood tape came out and was pretty repugnant but the religious right pulled the lever for trump anyway. I think you are underestimating the hypocrisy of this segment of people.
  5. When you have to use Bing, the terrorists have won.
  6. Yeah I don’t know about that. You underestimate the deviousness of Pence who I am convinced took the job solely due to his belief that he could backdoor into the Presidency. Pence has a likely more dangerous ideological platform in a much slicker package. Yes he is not as dumb as Trump and there may be less chaos, so perhaps Pence would be better for the nation as a whole, but certainly not for certain segments of the population.
  7. Yeah I have zero faith the republicans do anything other than to best position themselves for the 2018 election.
  8. Usc as the one seed in the NIT needed double overtime to win their first round game so I guess the joke is on you.
  9. I actually see a lot of quants in these shops now (these are all of my clients who I finance at my bank). I am sure it’s not as prevalent as equities but there has been a global push for the search of yield where lots of institutional shops are not only originating nonbank lending but also purchasing now for very low yields (like under 6) which goes hand in hand with your thesis of risk not being aligned with price. The distressed debt buyers are paying 92 cents on the dollar for the same paper that was being sold for 70 cents on the dollar 3 years ago. Most of my distressed debt clients are on the sideline as they can’t make it pencil or specialize in such complicated paper that it is not easily replicated by newer entrants. I do agree something is lurking beneath the surface in terms of asset bubbles, definitely equities (although have been saying that for a year and a half now) as well as pockets of housing which will only become exacerbated with interest rates moving up which people buying homes have not yet priced in (in addition to the new tax plan). When equities really correct and people realize the same house should go for 15% lower due to the cost of financing it, I believe we will have some serious corrections throughout a variety of markets. Great postings. Mark Twain said it best, “History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes”. This next downturn won’t be due to mortgage fraud but that does not mean we are insulated from a major correction across multiple asset classes.
  10. At Disneyland now, love their new max pass system (have to pay an additional $10 per ticket per day) but can run all fast passes through the app so you don’t have to bounce all over the park to get them and you can run all photos through it as well (and view them). Overall a nice enhancement to the app and worth the money at least to us with 3 small ones where being mobile all over the park is a chore. Sort of bummed no parades now, there’s some work being done on Main Street so they just had Fantasmic which was good.
  11. Kudlow is a complete hack.