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  1. You don’t pick seats on southwest. very common on American or other large carriers where some seats you pay extra to get.
  2. I am just trying to figure out 1. How you got to the current seat selection, and 2. Why you want to change it now. you are being a bit coy here as to all of the facts.
  3. What happened with you picking seats? The aircraft changed and they moved you all around? You picked wanting all window seats and now that’s no longer a good idea? You didn’t want to pay extra for an aisle seat? Just curious. There is a lot of indignation here for what seems to be a self-uncured mistake. If that’s not the case then i apologize.
  4. Let me guess, you didn’t want to pay the extra $25 for the “premium” aisle seat so you go cheap hoping to play the “my poor family” card. with that said if it is a single parent with one kid and they are separated I would switch seats even to a middle every time.
  5. Do you pick seats using bingo ping pong balls? At least you won airline tic tac toe. its weird, we booked an international trip with my family of five and I determined how to get the optimal seat selections by clicking seat boxes on the website when I booked my tickets.
  6. We don’t even let our 10 year old have a phone. He has a gizmo gadget which can call us or others. I think 12 is the earliest we would even consider it, and even then social media sites are a hard no.
  7. I will say looking at the air quality in China it is no surprise that people there have a harder time fighting it off regardless of access to medicine.
  8. Not at all. I didn’t necessarily see a strong correlation but then again I don’t really pay attention to who has what political affiliation and how they responded. I was genuinely curious. I think it is a good topic of discussion honestly.
  9. It would be strong, but likely a bit less than it is currently given I don’t think she would have poured gas on the fire with pressuring more rate cuts and doing the Jobs Act tax cut. What that really means is we will have a harder fall down now than we would have under Hillary. I think it would have been more stable where this is more volatile, which I personally think is worse.