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  1. 11-20. Store had four packs in stock of generic paper and didn’t even stop.
  2. Best health care system in the world! ‘Murica! SMH
  3. We are holed up in Flagstaff so not sure what Phoenix is looking like currently. It really depends on the store. The main chain grocery store (Kroger’s) toilet paper and paper towels are cleaned out, but if you get there when it opens they are stocked...they just run out by mid day. Thus the lines are fairly long at like 6:30 in the morning. Overall food is much better stocked than a couple weeks ago but still not what it was, maybe this is 70% overall. Whole Foods is closer to 90% stocked, can pretty much get what you want maybe a few things here and there not in randomly.
  4. Yes let’s use obscure examples for 0.000001% of the population and use that as a reason to not do it.
  5. Been home quarantined (actually using my in laws place in flagstaff to get away from everything since they only use it in the summer). drive to Whole Foods today to get some groceries and there are 15 baby boomers at the end of the street all together drinking beer in someone’s driveway. smh
  6. I was speaking with someone and said that the hysteria would be 100 fold if this starts impacting kids like it is old people.
  7. Funny you say this. I have always said that Mother Nature is a bit of a ##### and will self regulate humans over populating or treating it too poorly. Agent Smith has it right in the matrix. Humans are a bit of a virus to earth and when we start to infect it too poorly it’s own self defense mechanisms will start to kick in. with everyone lamenting about global warming (and I am one of them) I often don’t take it as much from the perspective of “poor earth” but more of the perspective of “we are going to pay for this”. Thousands of years from now earth will be fine. How much of our species is here is a whole other question.
  8. I think it is almost a certainty but honestly who knows. I would think that the virus works it’s way through by May and then everything gets back to normal by end of July? But it’s really too early to tell. I put 90% but that may just be hope. if we are not online back to normalcy by August this really is 12 monkeys type stuff.
  9. Moments like these are when tar and feathering should be allowed. Or the stocks.