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  1. Nobody should be looking at this in terms of “sides”. There were very prominent people on all sides that were wrapped up in this and we should all be rooting for the full truth to come out and everyone guilty to be punished accordingly. people thinking this is a R or D thing are sadly so deep into their own tribe I don’t know if there is much to do to reach them.
  2. Yeah he was “helped” all right. No way the guy wanted to off himself. Bunch of rich people doing a champagne toast a la players from the 1972 Dolphins right now.
  3. You listed a lot of rules but there is only one rule in retail. the customer is always right.
  4. Does the new version have compatibility with the projections dominator? That’s what keeps me using classic. I want to make my own projections and integrate that in.
  5. Thanks. The classic draft dominator and projections dominator is why I subscribe every year.
  6. Everyone’s 401k still doing great? at the trumpites selling their soul to a moron who is managing this country into the ground. this is exactly why I moved 100% of my retirement into cash in September. Trump is a parasite and will continue to ruin anything he touches until he is gone.
  7. Why would the GOP want to suppress the vote that went 61% their way? Of course you don’t see it.
  8. Where do you see this happening? I feel like you’re discussing a problem that doesn’t exist but missing the obvious other problem right in front of you. There’s a clear issue of trolling and purposely ignoring facts and spreading lies that needs to be fixed in this forum and you’re worried about cliques of which I don’t even know exist here?
  9. In 20 years you won’t find anyone who will admit to voting for trump.
  10. Calling people out for supporting a racist and xenophobic policies is not elitist.
  11. Trolling 101: insult and rile up people and play the victim when they react.
  12. I think this is a completely different topic than people coming back as aliases. The best way to have people assume it’s not an alias account is to ban all of the aliases and not let people keep coming back over and over.