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  1. I think it is less prevelent but the minority that is remaining feels more emboldened than they have in probably 60 years.
  2. A very macho cuck though. Just ask @HellToupee. Not my thing but hey you be you HT.
  3. Sorry didn’t mean you specifically, more in terms of the general consensus that Democrats should be “nicer” while continued vile behavior occurs on the other “side”.
  4. How is it not working very well when quite frankly what few elections there have been have been skewed to Democrats winning? I suppose we will know more after November to know if it went well or not, but this smacks of an opponent saying we need to fight fair as he is slowly pulling the brass knuckles out of his pocket. This is especially true as his polling numbers continue to be depressed and is really only supported by his base that are quite frankly beyond hope or reason. Your assertion that it is not working well quite frankly has no merit or facts behind it.
  5. So if France wins the World Cup and our b team beat them, we should at least get an AP World Cup title out of this.
  6. Click your mouse lose your house?
  7. Why have any laws at all since no law 100% stops whatever crime it is trying to prevent?
  8. At this point let them overturn Roe v Wade and let all of the educated people and good jobs flee those backwater states for states that are civil and cultured. Then when all of the people left there start crying about how they are all unemployed they can stew in the filth they created for themselves.
  9. The best way to stop a bad girl with a uterus is baby Jesus.
  10. And afterwards I would fight a featherweight and then 10 little people to complete the FBG triathlon.
  11. I make all 10 kicking the ball completely straight.
  12. I am going to enjoy the irony when Kavanaugh does not protect Trump like he think he will.
  13. Just different skill. It’s not like all of these remaining countries have a bunch of ripped athletes that are out strengthening the US. I am pretty sure the England team is just the varsity Hufflepuff Quidditch squad from Hogwarts.