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  1. Been a vegetarian for 11 years. You definitely feel lighter in terms of not having meat sit in your gut. My problem can be I eat way too many carbs but I did that when I ate meat anyway. Overall you realize you don’t miss the taste of meat, so much of what you taste are the condiments and spices. Good luck!
  2. Pre COVID typically between $100-$200 just for tips, or random things but typically would not go to the ATM once per month, so used it pretty sparingly. Post COVID probably between $40-$80 because not going anywhere at all and probably haven’t gone to the ATM in at least two months. In short I think it is good to have some cash on hand to take of random things but the need for it even pre COVID has diminishing rapidly.
  3. I put 100%. As bfred said, the NFL will push this to happen. With that said I don’t think there will be fans in the stadiums (or at best very few), and they could push the season start back by month(s). but they’re playing the whole season.
  4. 11-20. Store had four packs in stock of generic paper and didn’t even stop.
  5. Best health care system in the world! ‘Murica! SMH
  6. We are holed up in Flagstaff so not sure what Phoenix is looking like currently. It really depends on the store. The main chain grocery store (Kroger’s) toilet paper and paper towels are cleaned out, but if you get there when it opens they are stocked...they just run out by mid day. Thus the lines are fairly long at like 6:30 in the morning. Overall food is much better stocked than a couple weeks ago but still not what it was, maybe this is 70% overall. Whole Foods is closer to 90% stocked, can pretty much get what you want maybe a few things here and there not in randomly.
  7. Yes let’s use obscure examples for 0.000001% of the population and use that as a reason to not do it.
  8. Been home quarantined (actually using my in laws place in flagstaff to get away from everything since they only use it in the summer). drive to Whole Foods today to get some groceries and there are 15 baby boomers at the end of the street all together drinking beer in someone’s driveway. smh