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  1. bagger

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Where do you see this happening? I feel like you’re discussing a problem that doesn’t exist but missing the obvious other problem right in front of you. There’s a clear issue of trolling and purposely ignoring facts and spreading lies that needs to be fixed in this forum and you’re worried about cliques of which I don’t even know exist here?
  2. In 20 years you won’t find anyone who will admit to voting for trump.
  3. bagger

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Calling people out for supporting a racist and xenophobic policies is not elitist.
  4. bagger

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Trolling 101: insult and rile up people and play the victim when they react.
  5. I think this is a completely different topic than people coming back as aliases. The best way to have people assume it’s not an alias account is to ban all of the aliases and not let people keep coming back over and over.
  6. bagger

    Giving credit where due

    I agree, this is one thing he is doing I can get behind.
  7. bagger

    Saudi Arabia: What is going on?

    Interrogations often go wrong when you bring a bone saw.
  8. as a dodger fan I was thinking really? the guy is pitching a 2 hit shutout, one guy gets on first and he is yanked? it was an absurd and terrible decision. but thanks.
  9. bagger

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    It comes down to the unwillingness of the mods on this site to permanently ban the trolls. Instead this subforum is just a #### show.
  10. bagger

    Stock Market vs Sports Gambling

    I still stand by my statement. Nobody has shown any gambler beating a return of the S&P over 10 years. I don’t know what wordsmithing the author uses to know what they mean. But even if they earned $100MM...what did he invest? $10MM? $100MM? $1B? Over how long? What did he lose in other years? This is the entire point.
  11. bagger

    Stock Market vs Sports Gambling

    Oh i know. I am talking about for the last 10 years has there been any calculation of a gambler’s true rate of return and how it compares to the market. an anecdote saying a gambler won $50MM one year without knowing if that was net of what they bet, how many other bets they made and lost is meaningless. Youre right there are some very good DFS players but that has been a very short time and again you always hear of their great run for a month but then never hear about how much they lose the next three.
  12. bagger

    Stock Market vs Sports Gambling

    Would love to see what gamblers have achieved this feat. Any link you have would be a fascinating read.
  13. bagger

    Stock Market vs Sports Gambling

    None of that speaks to a return on investment. So yes I read the article. I would propose you first understand the concept of IRR and how it differs from gross returns to assist you with intelligently having this discussion, if that indeed is your goal here. However I suspect like most topics you start with your conclusion and work your way backwards fitting in whatever convenient anecdotes to “prove” your hypothesis. So good luck.
  14. bagger

    Stock Market vs Sports Gambling

    What’s their return over a 10 year period?