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  1. He was convicted of 7 felonies, what do you think someone convicted of 7 felonies should serve? It’s not like he was convicted of 7 crimes but then cooperated with investigators. He was convicted of the crimes, there’s no doubt he is guilty anymore. The guy that posted a picture of the judge in crosshairs during his trial, now wants to claim bias. And there is a certain segment of the population that agrees with him because he’s friends with the president.
  2. This is very well stated as a matter of law, but couldn’t you sexy it up with a “you can’t handle the truth!” or a sexy surprise expert on positraction?
  3. When weed is legal this seems like a good idea at the time...
  4. The most dangerous fish... Can we get a bucket of these for the moat?
  5. I’ve seen less outrage for the guy driving through the tent than for how it was covered in the media, which by the way was thorough. I mean, it was explained pretty well above, and this isn’t a story that garnishes the top headline for days. I’m sure someone drives into a table in front of walmart more often than we know (although not for political reasons.)
  6. “Burma, if you’re listening, we’d all be interested in the size of Bloomberg’s wang.”
  7. Yeah probably similar. I only saw a short clip on that post so I don’t know what all happened but probably similar. eta I think the guy was just trying to park where some people he disagreed with were protesting, probably to mess with them but not an incident.
  8. This surely happened, it came through my Apple news feed on my phone, so I don’t know why people are acting like this wasn’t covered. The insinuation that the media didnt cover this is false. The argument that it would have been covered differently if it was a trump supporter is a hypothetical situation. I think it would have been covered the same way in a similar incident.
  9. In his dramatic and surprise guilty plea in U.S. District Court on Dec. 1, 2017, early in Mueller's investigation, Flynn acknowledged that his false statements and omissions in FBI interviews a few days after Trump was sworn in "impeded and otherwise had a material impact on the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the existence of any links or coordination between individuals associated with the campaign and Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election," which the statement of offense he agreed to said. He specifically admitted to lying about asking the Russian ambassador to refrain from responding to Obama administration sanctions against Russia for its election interference and further requested Russia help block a United Nations vote on Israeli settlements which the incoming administration didn't agree with. Flynn also agreed that he lied about his lobbying activities in federal filings related to work on behalf of the Republic of Turkey throughout the 2016 campaign.
  10. I wonder what he will do during his lame duck period if he loses the election. I feel like he will find a way to take it out on everyone...if he even accepts the loss.
  11. I am appalled that anyone would believe that there was any talk of heads on pikes.
  12. I try to look at where the info originated and what narrative they are pushing, try to find actual facts and ignore that narrative, and formulate an opinion. If someone doesn’t agree with me, I just type in all caps.