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  1. This article describes me, as someone who thought he should be out day one. Yes, but if he were compromised from day 1, they should have been. If he’s told “Russia may reach out to you” and then they do and you gladly meet with them, they recommend against hiring Michael Flynn because of his past but you do anyway. Past presidents have used money and weapons and aid to coerce foreign entities, but not to investigate their political opponent. There isn’t anyone else Trump wanted investigated, let’s be honest here. A visit to the White House and then needed military aid were held over zelensky’s head in exchange for a public statement that they were looking into Burisma and the 2016 election interference. Someone spoke up, because that is alarming. It lends credit to the idea that Russia wasn’t behind the attacks. Meanwhile Russia has created a large scale cyber warfare unit and is ready to do whatever it is they have planned while we sit on our hands. While McConnell has millions invested in his district by Russians. I’ll be interested to see what Trumps hand picked team finds with regards to the beginning of the mueller investigation. Hopefully we get a full report and not just a summary by ag Barr.
  2. If you think this was all just a big frame job, you accept an awful lot of coincidence in how it has all happened, especially to just dismiss it entirely. I suppose I’m someone who has viewed trump as a buffoon that comes from money and declares bankruptcy or simply doesn’t pay contractors, pushes conspiricy theories, and has a questionable reputation with women, so it isn’t a stretch for me to think he’s shady. Then you look at the fact that Jr has claimed “we have Russian money all over Link,” the president claims to not have any property in Russia (but fails to adress how much Russian money has flowed to him) Link while trying to hide his tax returns. Several administration officials have ties to questionable Russians, Russia helped him win and admitted it. They met with a Russian lawyer who said they had dirt on Clinton, then said she wanted to talk about adoptions (magnistky act ties Russian adoptions to illegal money investment), and that’s it; later said information is released through another party with communication to/from Trump. I’ll point out the fact that she was indicted for obstruction in another case involving Prevezon, who had a $250million lawsuit against them for using stolen money settled ($6 million) shortly after Trump took office (and fired preet barhara and replaced him.) This all ties in to the magnisky act, which I will point to again as being the end all barometer of being Putin’s puppet- if the administration tries to dismantle it there will be no doubt in my mind. This is all corroborated by statements from Trump/jr/etc, except for the Wikileaks communications with stone and from stone to trump admin (the third party I referenced) Maybe I’m just too simple to understand international politics, but ignoring what anyone else might try to tell me and looking at what’s gone on, this all looks pretty damning, and that doesn’t even start to scratch the surface of the current scandal. Maybe, and I know I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe they’re all just a bunch of crooks.
  3. I also finished up a few bucks. 200+ pts on my cash lineups:/. Afternoon only could have really been decent but losing cooper held me back. On a side note I’m alive in my survivor pool, and it’s beginning to get down to the last 5-6 (out of ~25) with Dallas knocking a couple more out this week.
  4. Nowadays you can just say “I didn’t have relations, but even if I did that’s not a crime, so who cares if I did? No one cares, the voters don’t care, and why aren’t we looking at Bob Dole?”
  5. I disagree with this characterization. Trump tried very hard to conceal just what a dirtbag he is- paying off women, hiding his tax returns, calling criticism “fake news.” Impeachment isn’t a coup. Removing Trump from power, if it were even to occur, should still leave mike pence in charge. If pence is implicated somehow and gets impeached, then Pelosi is in charge. That, which is an extreme long shot, still isn’t a coup. It’s democracy, backed up by the constitution. Simply having a different political party in charge doesn’t somehow make it a coup, following the succession set up by the constitution is what should occur, and I don’t know what to say other than don’t elect dirty people.
  6. I find myself playing crowder and devante Parker this week, as well as Miami defense. Washington just changed coaches, doesn’t know who the qb will be, and wants to give Peterson 30 carries. It’s the dolphins best chance to win this year, and if that happens Parker will have a decent game. The targets are there. Crowder seems overlooked, but his game with darnold he had 13 rec. I think it’s reasonable to expect him to rack up a good handful of rec in this game.
  7. Color me skeptical. I hope he’s truly making progress. I question the timing, when the administration badly needs a win, that the deal being made could be from a position of weakness in an attempt to change the news cycle. I don’t doubt that this administration would sell out to simply buy a week of time. I also won’t rejoice until something actually happens. Its like the new nafta agreement he touts as an accomplishment- it hasn’t actually been signed into law as far as I know. He also likes to dangle stuff- “big announcement in a couple days” or “I can’t talk about it now but you’ll know soon” kind of stuff. So until the farmers I know aren’t complaining about soybeans costing more to plant than they can sell it for I’ll take this with a grain of salt.
  8. I’m not sure what this is all about. I don’t understand why Schiff wouldn’t just have his personal lawyer handle this stuff. Skip the forms altogether.
  9. Wtf are you talking about? The released the call, which corroborated the whistleblowers account. There isn’t any spying, just stupid people doing shady stuff and being really bad at covering it up. There is no secret impeachment, I mean, we all have heard about it. We are hearing a lot of the details. Are you hung up on the fact that they haven’t voted and sent it to the senate? I’m sure trump supporters would love seeing this buried by McConnell before more and more evidence comes out.
  10. Got anything good he’s done? Bump the “good things trump did” thread or whatever it’s called. Trump supporters can make threads too, can participate and bump relevant threads. Instead they simply attack other posters most of the time and whine about the mods. Or start threads to complain about the other threads. Seriously, he’s so great tell us about it because most of us think hes a terrible person who is unfit for office. Honest question, you get a call from the White House offering you a job today, in whatever your passion or expertise, are you taking it?
  11. I thought about this- they take some guards from the prison, an uprising occurs, and the remaining guards mow the prisoners down. Seems like isis would have numbers though, and would eventually overtake them.
  12. My liking of him is somewhere between Betsy Devos and Stephen Miller. Slot him in that tier.
  13. I live in Michigan, and I’m seeing these commercials lately paid for by the NRCC smearing, in particular, Elissa Slotkin, who was in the news recently for her comments on favoring impeachment during a town hall. Slotkin smear What strikes me about this “ad” is it doesn’t mention any candidate or idea, just says slotkin hasn’t done what she campaigned on, shows her picture in between “the squad,” mentions her support of “endless investigations.” I guess it really just confused me, spending money on an ad simply to talk #### about the congresswoman who in my opinion has done a good job, especially without mentioning a candidate. Are they running similar ads around the country? Are they out of ideas and just have money and “don’t vote for the other guy?” They aren’t even saying who to vote for, just not her.