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  1. I apologize. Mixed up posters, edited original statement. I think he has ties to Russia. I think Russia was in active operations- 1. To generally sow doubt and division in democracies around the world and 2. To create legitimate contacts within the US that could lobby to eliminate sanctions and namely limit the magnisky act to secure their money in the US. Once trump won the republican nomination these intersected, and they reached out indirectly to grease the wheels so to speak. Trump campaign helped by providing voter info so the misinformation campaign could have maximum effect. They knew when the information was being released via stone/Wikileaks. And even with all this, I still don’t think either Russia or trump expected to win.
  2. Of course he didn’t orchestrate the data mining and all that. Russia was in an active operation, it just so happened that trump unexpectedly won the nomination, and they had a guy who would actually play ball. They realized this, and what an opportunity it was to get sanctions relief, namely overturn magnisky, as a lot of the money over there is “invested” here, and is at risk of seizure, and Trump keeps saying “I don’t have any investments in Russia” as you ve pointed out exhaustively but fails to ever address whether Russia has money invested here in the US, or real estate bought or lease from trump directly, but you never seems to see the very specific words he uses about “no business on Russia.”
  3. It’s funny how the smallest shred of info brings out “this is clearly all a witch hunt” yet the indictments piling up around the president is proof of nothing.
  4. If you read the transcript, he used more than open source verification but can’t talk about it “per the order.” So can we quit acting like he saw a post on fbgs and we opened an investigation on the president?
  5. “Good faith” and “civil discourse” are relics of the past I’m afraid.
  6. See, even with a permit you shouldn’t be able to plaxico your gun around town. In a holster, on your hip/chest/ankle, not in your sweatpants or stuffed in your sock. What if you were a criminal? You could have just grabbed it out of his waistband and held the place up.
  7. The crowd against it feels that since 16 yr olds have been fed and clothed their whole life they will end up on welfare if they vote, but two years later they are all obviously self sufficient by then so it’s fine. If they are old enough to work and pay taxes one could argue they are being taxed without representation, which is unconstitutional.
  8. Perhaps it could be someone getting to the fourth poll and not taking as much time to peruse the names, just clicking Harry all the way down.
  9. I hadn’t considered that the 2 qb players may be more experienced/savvy and have different skill lists.
  10. I’ll have my mouse steak medium plus, with a side of jelly beans (of course.) Mice steak knives also work well if you’re a mohel. Moil? Moyle? Mohel.
  11. Don’t have a problem with your worldview, but how can you say “I don’t pay attention to that stuff” and then call out the people who need to wake up? Anyway, I don’t blame you for avoiding that stuff, it’s disheartening. One glaring issue here that is being completely overlooked is how rich people create/abuse charities as tax shelters or to otherwise launder money. How many politicians, or their spouses, have a charity? Paid for rent while incarcerated with charity More... Kilpatrick civic fund in a nutshell ^^^this last one is probably covers the other two Kwame Kirkpatrick not only bilked the people of Detroit with pay to play politics but also collected millions for his charity that went to administrative costs and employed relatives. This guy in the college case had a charity that people donated to. Politicians set up charities and anonymous donors can funnel money directly to them, and this still happens today. You could theoretically take dirty money, show it as collected donations in your charity, and pay it back out as salary, or for services to a shell company that the original donor set up. And while some charities do amazing work, a lot don’t. Top 50 worst charities (2013) 1.3 billion collected, 900+ million paid to those who collected, not for whom it was intended. Legally, apparently, as this is pretty common and there are no repercussions. I’m going to email Jon Oliver. This has a show written all over it.
  12. So hold an investigation, and make the findings public. Lock anyone up that broke the law. For any administration. Heck if you want to posthumously revoke Nixon’s pardon and put him on trial go for it. I, personally, am very tired of the protection that gets thrust upon dirty politicians. It’s like the pedo community leader who keeps prowling because turning them in “would be too harmful to the community” even though you wouldn’t let your kids go near him.
  13. With Ebron and Doyle there I don’t even think he gets glorified te touches. However, the depth chart in Indy is pretty light, and luck looks like he’s healthy. I suppose I wouldn’t expect a better offer to come through this offseason, and I think I’d likely take it.