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  1. Snorkelson

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Stupid argument. You know who you are.
  2. Snorkelson

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Really, are they screaming and shouting at people? Did anyone call anyone else a horrible person? ARE THEY MESSAGING IN ALL CAPS!!?! Mueller, who has a long long career at the fbi, “worked for Obama” so he can’t be trusted? Are they threatening people, like that they might go to jail or be investigated if they don’t cooperate?
  3. Snorkelson

    Obrady/Rudd race across antarctica

    Obrady designed his own health bar for the trip, each one has something like 1500 calories. It’s really insane. Rudd’s mentor tried it and got an infection he later died from.
  4. Snorkelson

    FanDuel Week 11

    He had 13 targets last week and jones didn’t practice yesterday. I’ve been talking you into golladay probably so I’ll just point out those facts.
  5. Ny times story This one has links to the adventurers pages and you can track progress via gps Rudd (49) is a former British armed forces, Obrady (33) a professional adventurer. Both have trained and prepared. Rudd announced in April he was trying. Obrady announced last month (but seems he has been preparing and fundraising.) Over 1000 miles on foot, no aid from motors, animals, wind. No resupply drops, only use what you take in. Can’t even get a cup of tea from the research camps they will encounter. No idea if either can do it. Hopefully they both make it back, finish or not.
  6. No, taking the cheap shot in the first place does. Wtf is wrong with people. I wonder how much of this (especially in @Insein video posted above) is spurred by the coaches. “On kickoffs, go get #14, knock the crap out of him!”
  7. Trump: you need id when you get groceries... Staff: he meant alchohol, you need Id to buy alchohol. Trump a few weeks later: when you buy cereal you need voter id. Explain that one guys.
  8. Probably costs more tho, somewhere around $20 a brick. Want to keep it realistic.
  9. Did you look at them? It’s legos rebranded as magas or some bs. I wonder if you also get the somberero wearing, morraca carrying Mexican LEGO man too, so he can sit on one side of the wall while LEGO trump calls him dirt. I’d be one pissed off kid at Christmas. Instead of a LEGO millennium falcon you got me this bs wall?
  10. Double post, but while I’m here, who the hell makes racist building blocks? I hope they get sued.
  11. Reading the list of merchandise, surprised to find “bibles” listed.
  12. Your source isn’t trustworthy. (shown police report) Well that’s just the preliminary report. Until I see some real evidence I’ll believe Tucker’s version of events. I mean, c’mon man! Rudimentary report. You’d think he’d take a picture and it would be plastered all over Fox. Instead there is evidence to the contrary, but you don’t aknowledge that.
  13. Phhh journalist. He’s more like fox’s version of jimmy hart, the mouth of the south. Spouting your slanted opinion and talking points isn’t journalism, it’s a show, like South Park, “did you hear what he said” kind of embellishment. Garbage sensationalism, not journalism in the slightest. He’s famous because he wears a bow tie and says jerkier stuff than the other jerks.
  14. See, they are taught this one phrase, they get in trouble and they say one thing: I don’t recall. When you lie constantly and have to put something on the record it’s not going to go well.