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  1. Winston being a bonehead off the field and a chucker on the field worries me about Evans. Fournette s feet not being broken worry me on the other side. I guess I’ll take Evans.
  2. With a deep draft at rb, not much has been made of the fa rb class this year. Crowell seems to fit what we need between the tackles and I think will test the market (especially if Barkley is mocked there everywhere). Doubt Hyde leaves sf but I don’t like him much. Some underwhelming options would be Hill, west, Lacy, darkwa. Or with quinn and patrica it could be Lewis, Blount, burkhead.
  3. Sign Crowell and Andre Ellington cheap?
  4. Updated 1/17
  5. That’s pretty light for obj. Now you got brown obj green to start and three young guys to wait and see on (or that have enough value that you could move them). ETA: After reading this again, “pretty light” means robbery. Seems he could have gotten the picks and one of those WRs on top.
  6. Lots of ways to be successful in fantasy. Some people get a high pick and move back over and over to get more assets, some people trade picks for established vets. Some people are good at it, some people aren’t. It’s hard to quantify if one method is “faster” or “better” because there is a lot of variance.
  7. Ebrons expectations have never been realistic. He’s progressed every year and cut out a lot of the mental errors. He still drops one here and there but Stafford seemed to find him in big spots this year. It seems like the red zone looks would be there but the lions frustratingly have tried to run inside the 5 when they just plain can’t. Perhaps he never becomes a focal point but I think a floor of 55/550/4 is reasonable and it wouldn’t be hard for him to better that. McCarron on the other hand, if he becomes an unrestricted free agent, will be entering what should be a pretty solid qb market, with a deep qb rookie class, and isn’t a guaranteed starter imo. Unless Hugh Jackson wants him I don’t see teams lining up for McCarron based on what he’s shown over cousins, Taylor, Bradford/keenum/bridgewater, I guess I feel McCarron should be cheaper even in 2 qb leagues (2 te mitigates value difference) and I’ll take the guy that will see the field rather than hope or sit on aj for a year taking up a roster spot.
  8. Maybe if McCarron gets out of cincy and lands a starting gig. Ebron has had a positive career arc and is in his 4th year which is commonly when tes blossom. I don’t think mccarron is going to turn into a great fantasy qb either way, so I’m solidly on the Ebron side. All he really needs to be a top 5 te is some tds.
  9. From my team, no one made more plays than Marvin jones. The first one on this reel is ridiculous. Better on mute, Jones catch vs NO
  10. Williams vs diggs poty
  11. You left out the 1.10- he could get more
  12. My wife even says that’s pass interference
  13. Trump should have hit his attack response button on his golf bag, thus shooting all his clubs into the sky. That would show Kim Jong Smails. Kidding aside, I think a strategic island state that would likely be the first target having a false alarm should be met with some sort of statement. I’m sure he will get around to it, and probably say something egregious when doing so. It also seems kind of weird that the message that gets sent is from a guy opening a file on a computer and clicking “ballistic missle” or “tsunami” or however it works. Seems centcom or norad or perhaps one of the military installations we have in te pacific would be the ones sending the message- how is some stooge sitting at the computer going to know, and how much time is wasted gathering that info before the warning sounds?
  14. What is it with the soil in Pennsylvania? Steelers have a terrible field too.
  15. Eagles might win if ajayi can dominate. Eagles fans have to take a crap every time Foles drops back though