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  1. This was my first thought- this information starts coming out and the guy who has collected $50 million in fees for running his election is trying to commit suicide? Not a coincidence.
  2. I think it’s possible, or at least should have a comfortable target share. I think hurst gets a bump too, maybe we finally see a hooper type game out of him with a couple tds.
  3. I didn’t see any stills in that video. Just the worst episode of “around the horn.”
  4. The problem I have with this is the fact that you have officers exercising a warrant late at night with obviously bad intel. What was so urgent that this couldn’t be handled another way? Stake it out and wait for him to leave, or at least make sure the person you’re looking for is there before you knock down a door.
  5. Should be “poor lives matter.” Conservatives that point to the white people that get shot by police and say “all lives matter” are right in the sense that police are gunning down lots of people (and probably justifiably most of the time.) I’m just spitballing here, but I’d bet 95% or better of people shot by police are in the lower 1/4 of earners. Doubt the guy getting pulled over in his Lexus is getting a gun drawn on him, regardless of race.
  6. Another thread I appreciate @ren hoeks attention. While I don’t think this is simply a freedom of press issue, that part of this issue is an important cornerstone of American democracy.
  7. You didn’t listen to my Jones mostert taylor smith apparently:)
  8. I keep gravitating toward guys like Mostert, Aaron Jones, and Taylor who should all have solid outings, jonnu smith with aj brown out, and that leaves enough for a solid qb and wr if you dip down for like slayton or Scotty Miller or something. Probably should stick zeke in there but I don’t think he goes bonkers vs Atl. Majority of my “cash games” are 5x or higher multipliers rather than straight 50/50 or doublers, so I’m more comfortable with less chalk I suppose.
  9. I’m trying to find the article that explains it but can’t seem to dig it up; I’ll give the premise here but I’m having trouble recalling the mechanisms at work. An outgoing party in power could lock down future legislation important to their opposition for years. Say republicans lose presidency/senate. In the lame duck session they introduce legislation (or maybe it was executive order) like the green new deal x10. It then goes into a committee or something, and the legislative branch can’t bring the same (or similar) legislation until that passes through the process. I’ve searched for about an hour now and can’t find the article. However, in that search, I haven’t found a whole lot of good legislation that helped citizens that has come through during a lame duck session. Most of the articles seem to point to republicans limiting the power/appointments of incoming democratic governors and AGs, but this is perhaps because they have lost the most recent majorities and thus had the most recent session. I’d be curious to see how many bills passed from Nov-Jan vs other periods during the term for outgoing majorities. Much of this legislation is proposed on a Friday and voted on by Tuesday along party lines; it’s impossible to have any sort of discussion about the ramifications or make meaningful amendments. It’s just my opinion but rather than use the tools of government to help constituents it appears they are using the loopholes of legislation to usurp power.
  10. I respect jonmx and lod a bit more simply because they aren’t hiding behind aliases.
  11. The bronan owning the libs thread is about 5 pages of sho talk.