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  1. I suppose this depends on what you want to count. I suspect that we find some long term issues that end up associated with covid, which likely won’t be counted as covid deaths but perhaps take years or quality off of someones life, but that speculation on my part. Seeing some of the before/after pictures of healthy people who made it through but were intubated for weeks tells me it isn’t something I want to get. We also keep comparing flu deaths to covid- we need to stop doing that until we get a years worth of covid deaths to accurately compare the numbers. If we end up with 150,000 deaths after a year, is that good? If we hit 200k+ deaths, would anyone have a different outlook? What is the threshold When a vaccine is developed, what might that number go down to?
  2. Link to me calling trump a racist because of travel ban? If you won’t even bother reading what I have to say I’ll just leave it here. We watched this virus wreaking havoc in Europe and we were business as usual. Italy, Germany, China, and others all shut down. We watched it through February, and states shut down on their own. Now he wants to withhold federal money to states who don’t do what he wants. He wants to hold rallies as this virus continues to spread- it’s not like this is over with. He didn’t want to tell states what to do when it came to closing but now he’s putting pressure on them to open back up. Good day to you as well.
  3. We can’t simply say “back to normal.” Every state is in some phase of reopening. Perhaps we would be further along if we had acted earlier. We wasted weeks while we heard our president downplay it because it was inconvenient for him politically. I blame him for that- the economy would have suffered regardless of who was in charge. We need to reopen, but we also need people to observe the same safe practices instead of looking at wearing/not wearing a mask as a political statement. The president has more influence over his voters and most in my recollection, and these are people that aren’t taking it seriously as demonstrated at several protests, and are egged on by the president. He doesn’t want to be shown wearing a mask because he thinks the media would make a big deal out of it- and they would, because of his comments the last couple months that it’s under control and people are only making it a big deal so he doesn’t get re-elected are counter to him wearing a mask now, basically an admission that he was wrong.
  4. I agree, let the guy golf occasionally. If he hadn’t tweeted about Obama playing golf, talked during the campaign how he wouldn’t golf because he’d be too busy, and doing an interview criticizing Obama for playing golf it maybe isn’t a “story.”
  5. I feel the same way about our military budget. How about we take some of that money and spend it here in the US to do the stuff we can’t pay for, whether it’s healthcare or a wall or dam repair or whatever. We really don’t need to raise taxes, although I think we should.
  6. That’s a great show. This time of year when the weather warms up I love listening to this era of the dead. I was going to list “Europe ‘72”, the set list on that album is perfect springtime listening, as well as “reckoning”. “One from the vault” is also a solid listen. I prefer the Brent Mydland era though, but the shows around that time can be hit or miss. “Without a net” being the easiest to come up with off the top of my head. The different eras of that band are so different, and you can actually hear the changes to technology if you pay attention- once the 80s hit jerry is using midi effects (bird song on without a net he plays a flute solo on the guitar, and is actually mimicking flute phrasings) and mydland is using all that synth, vs the 70s when they were playing piano/organ and bluegrass guitar.
  7. That’s great, and covid easily passed that in a few months even with an “overreaction” I’m shutting everything down, in its first year of existence. Vs a year of counting the flu, which has been counted for what, 100+ years? But you believe what you want, I’m not changing your mind. We need to get things up and running, but we need to do it correctly and safely. We can take a little time to do that. It might cost us some cruise missles or company like Amazon might have to forego a sweetheart tax break. There is plenty of wealth to draw from to help businesses and people in this country, there always has been, we just spend it poorly.
  8. There is still a very significant number of people just from that age group that work.
  9. Sorry, a minuscule amount or whatever he put it at, the fact is millions of at risk old people still work, and many people under that age are also at risk, so I don’t know where he’s coming up with the idea that it isn’t a significant number other than pulling it out of his memory’s ###.
  10. Americans over 65 and still working “As of February 2019, over 20 percent of Americans aged 65 or older are working or looking for work. This level represents a 57-year high and a doubling from its lowest recorded value of 10 percent in 1985. The BLS expects this upward trend to continue in the near term, estimating that 13 million Americans aged 65 or older will be in the labor force by 2024.“ The idea that “most of the at risk people don’t work” is false @Football Jones. I’m not sure your memory is a good resource to cite.
  11. I’m not here to defend any particular outlet, just saying what I thought the clip showed. I try to parse through the bs on both sides but more and more it’s both sides of the media putting out increasingly one sided bs. You trust any media 100%?
  12. To me, this looks pretty clearly to be technical difficulties, as his face is frozen in that same look starting before the question is even asked. Just my opinion after watching it.
  13. The story was removed it looks like. Looking around I found some info about the guy and as @Max Power pointed out he did turn Farrow away with his story. The fact that Epstein has so many ties in politics, the media, and across the world, on really all sides of the spectrum, makes me believe that if there is a deep state, it just doesn’t work for one party or the other. It’s all about the money and power, and using your dirty political capital to manipulate outcomes.
  14. Everyone has had some fun with the “super duper missle” statement. Does it worry anyone else that he brought this up during a space force press conference? I really hope we aren’t making some sort of rail gun.