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  1. It was sarcasm. He had “too much” production. 4 years or 1k+ yards. Those rbs in particular are 3-5 rd dynasty picks or ww pickups and could easily be flipped in the right situation for much more of it plays out right. I don’t really buy the “too much mileage” arguement against rbs.
  2. I drafted kittle in all my leagues in rds 4-7. I moved him in one league for 2.05 (Gallup) and one league at the deadline last year for Tyler Lockett. I still have some kittle stock but had to take the roi in case the jimmy g hype is unwarranted. I think the fact the garrappolo came from NE and gronk is in NE that it somehow translates and is helping his value. We’ll see if I win on any of those trades or regret it. I knew last year with the te class being so deep that there was talent later in the draft, and kittle checks a lot of boxes except wasn’t called on much to be a receiver at Iowa. He went to a place with an opportunity. This year the te class isn’t so deep, but rb is, and there are a couple guys in this same vein that I could see having a similar roi this year. Wilkins in Indy- if Mack falters, he could be next up. Hines will have a role but isn’t built for major workload. justin Jackson, LAC- the knock on him is he got a lot of yards vs big 10 defenses and carried his team. I know there are some eckeler fans out there but Jackson could end up the backup with eckeler as COP. Bo Scarborough, Dallas- I’m not sure who the backup is right now, which means Bo could have a shot. Zeke gets a lot of use, not out of the question he gets knicked up and misses time. Sorry got a little off topic...
  3. He has a real lack of long runs but consistently grinds out yards. His 20+ yds is really low if I remember correctly. So if you aren’t getting those chunk yds to pad your line it will affect the ypc. That may raise a flag in itself, but I still think he can be a good rb at the nfl level. I think part of the reason they liked KJ is he is versatile. The lions have been pretty predictable with their rb usage, telegraphing the play depending on which back is out there when. KJ fits many roles. Riddick has earned a role in the offense, and Blount will do some work this year in the short game, but for dynasty I really like KJ. Just temper the expectations for year 1.
  4. In all fairness @Dr. Dan he did bust you for posting a couple times without having the correct info. It wasn’t so much panty bunching as a reminder to strive for accuracy. Don’t take it so personal.
  5. My lion avatar winces.
  6. There was a time when having a lions wr was how you lose, then along came mike furrey.....
  7. I like the idea of not stooping to that level, but when you watch the other team cheat for years and find every loophole in the rules they can exploit to win I’ve gotten to the point where I’m fed up. I should be appalled at people being harassed in restaurants but instead shrug my shoulders and say “meh”. Im tired of the shallow excuses given from both sides when they treat people like idiots. McConnell stonewalls Obama Supreme Court pick because “it’s an election year” but now says we need to get trumps pick in because it is an election year. Anyone believe there was anything other than partisan politics at work there? I’m tired of someone pointing to some texts and interpret that the person had this grand plan to stop trump at any cost, but when the president says or posts fabrications or says something inflammatory we are supposed to look into the deeper, hilarious joke meaning that he really meant. So as far as the op is concerned, I should agree 100% that you have to be the bigger man and not stoop but I could bring myself to be more than “on the fence.”
  8. Oooo, I wonder if he will ask putin if he meddled in the election. We will finally get a definitive answer, right from the horses mouth.
  9. Technically correct once again mr President.
  10. I love that song, shake it off, shake it off! Traitors gonna trait trait trait....
  11. Two spots, can’t be too hard, offer a move up later in the draft or a 2019 3rd with a 2019 4th coming back
  12. Move it on up, don’t wait
  13. Fair enough, value varies person to person and league to league for sure. Get it while you can- although perhaps an injury makes a team willing to pay a little more later on, it’s certainly no guarantee and Williams could get his shot this year.
  14. Jeffery should have been enough. In rebuild mode, I keep those picks or try to move 3.01 for a 2019 2nd. I think he should have been the one throwing in a pick.