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  1. Heck yeah, I have to see if they still make those.
  2. Oh man who remembers the things....I can’t remember the cereal, it was like a graham cracker, maybe came out around the time of Cinnamon Toast Crunch but not as sugary but same company.... the dessert bars with the chocolate and the marshmallows like a s’more..
  3. yep read that and breezed right by it. Well nice cash in on hoop
  4. Whatever the recipe, the keys to baking- measure precisely, and sift properly preheat oven remember that it keeps cooking- ie cookies on a sheet need to come out before they look done, and finish with the residual heat. Use parchement paper on your sheets for cookies, it can go in the oven just fine and makes it easy to get them off the pan without them sticking
  5. I have to agree with B.B. here, it’s a slippery slope to travel down. It would be nice if the parties representing these candidates vetted them more than “I think he can win” especially when the candidate really doesn’t tow the party values. It seems there were plenty of reasons not to hand trump the republican nomination, or even let him run on the R ticket, but I think they saw a chance to win.
  6. If this guy puts together teams like that maybe we should all run out and get hooper.....
  7. Using history what do we know about backs that log an absurd amount of touches? He played and risked it last year, and showed he was worth the money. It makes plenty of sense. Once again, he could make $14mil this year. He could get a contract for let’s say $30mil guaranteed if he hits free agency healthy. That’s an extra $16 million and I’m lowballing. If he suffers an injury he might not get the same money. The math is simple. The risk is real. He touches the ball 400 times a year. It’s like some guys roofing and one guy has to do the whole side of the roof by himself and gets paid less.
  8. All the more reason not to play on a 1 year deal and get 400 touches. The guy has money, maybe he doesn’t care if he loses money this year.
  9. I thought sponge only had one song...maybe two....
  10. I hear you rock, and I agree that it’s more complicated than “who’s the better qb.” Let’s face it though, it obviously doesn’t matter to some people if he can play. I mean we have to listen to mike Vick on fox every Sunday. The only place more forgiving than the nfl is the Catholic Church, unless you smoke weed.
  11. I think it comes down to the locker room and more specifically what people there think of Winston. If the players are behind him starting then they may make that move. But if he’s a jerk and the players are ticked that he put himself in this stupid position to get suspended in the first place then i see fitz running with it until it runs out of magic. If he comes in and they’re undefeated and they say “fitz is starting for now” how will he take that? Will he be a team player or will we see him throwing tantrums on the sideline when fitz misses on a 3rd down or throws an int?
  12. Yeah, but that’s on the jets and buffalo. This is easily the best offense fitz has played in, best weapons he’s ever had. It’s not like Winston has shown that he’s that tremendous. He’s not someone you’re hitching your gm job to for a few years but a decent qb. I hope they stick with him- I think he deserves it if he’s winning games he shouldn’t.
  13. Well yeah but no collusion, which isn’t even a crime even if they did, but the democrats are the ones who colluded, which is a crime and should be investigated. There wasn’t a meeting, I mean nothing useful came out of the meeting, anyone would have taken the meeting that’s politics.