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  1. Forget the indignant even- imagine the “trickle down” effect it would have it the feds gave state or local government money to fix roads, or for much needed updates to computers and security to protect information and from being held ransom. Money they don’t have and need, or money that could go to other places of need, or perhaps save a job that’s getting cut.
  2. I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, just pointing out that we have plenty of money available to do a lot for people whether it’s a handout or not. I then just kind of started rambling at some point.
  3. “Entitlements” take up 75% of revenue taken in? Can you show your work? I also think a wordsmith like you can find better terms than entitlement. There’s lots of stuff we all use that our taxes pay for, you act like all these programs are just for people that don’t work and take advantage of the system. We’re the damn USA, we should be entitled to the best of everything because we’re the greatest country, that should be the entitlement. Problem is we have let greed and corruption mask itself as the infallible “capitalism.” We spend an enormous amount of money in the “military” and don’t bat an eye. We have no oversight whatsoever on this money, and they often can’t account for millions, have even more millions wasted by inefficiencies within that they ignore, if not billions. We desperately need military reform, and could do this without losing military effectiveness. Look at what we’re spending to “house” asylum seekers- money going to private companies that donated millions to get the president elected. This happens on both sides of the aisle and it has to stop.
  4. I’m sure you guys have the general on block or something because he’s made an excellent point and no one has bothered to mention it in 3 pages of posts.
  5. Just one type of equipment less this more “socialism.”
  6. So what, the speech didn’t happen and he didn’t retweet a racist Brit? That’s fake news? Maybe I missed the story he’s talking about
  7. ITS SPELLED do people listen to others who can’t spell. I mean holding a big O and a picket fence is one thing, but please understand it’s not spelled like that.
  8. To keep using movie themes, it will be like demolition man. “Now all the restaurants are Taco Bell” will be “now all our jobs are like working for amazon.”
  9. Just like the scientist in China that used crisper to alter dna, someone will code a self aware computer. Like Jane in in the Enders game series, it could very well reside in the cloud. The question to ponder is how do we react? Does an artificial being that can think for itself have rights? I think therefore I am? If we make self aware robots to be our butlers, maids, workers, at what point are we exploiting a race?
  10. It’s not a matter of if computers will become self aware, but when. Our relationship won’t be like terminator 2 (Skynet/judgement day robot vs human war) but more like our relationship with pests. Largely we ignore them (ants, mice, flies) unless they are in our way, in which case we will obliterate them without regard and go on with our business. I really think humans are destined to destroy themselves, or will basically become like the Borg in Star Trek, part flesh, part machine, exploring space consuming everything in our path. It will be a resource driven economy as resources become more scarce. Then the world will flood, and the remaining humans will reside on a cargo ship until Kevin Costner with gills shows up and leads them to land.
  11. I was thinking this is Friday night rock, and Saturday morning rock will wake up and say “what have I done?”
  12. no way......That’s great!!!!!! We landed on the moon!!!!!
  13. I agree with your sentiment and I don’t find a single redeeming quality in the guy. However, you’re an educated guy, and as I read through that list there is also some BS that I, and you, wouldn’t add as an accomplishment, and it takes away from your point. I agree with you’re 2nd paragraph as well but the reason is dual sided- rhetoric is strong on both sides with trump supporters finding no wrong with their party and constantly on the attack, Democrats fighting with each other over what the important platform issue are and over how to deal with the president. Republicans are unified with their message- anti abortion, pro gun, anti immigration, cut corporate taxes and deregulate (read jobs!), “the military,” cut spending on programs they don’t agree with and undo anything a Democrat did so they can’t get a win. Democrats, in my opinion, care about helping the poorest members of society, education, climate change, healthcare, and about 30 other issues that some people face that need to be addressed but only apply to a segment of the population so it’s not something to rally around.