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  1. Snorkelson

    William Barr AG confirmation hearing

    Yeah but he’s a democrat liar that likes Hillary and Obama, so there...
  2. Snorkelson

    USA Shootings

    Sure, but things like free speech has spilled over to tv/internet/etc. Their communications were handwritten- I don’t think the typewriter was available yet (just guessing.) You make a good point here- firearms were the same as the military then, not the same now. So do we let people own bigger and more advanced weapons to rise up if needed to keep pace with other countries or our own?
  3. Colin Powell wasn’t available? Seems like a prestigious opportunity to take on, something worthy of someone who worked in the White House. Isn’t this the 2nd member of the trump administration to be honored with this invitation? Can anyone name someone from any other administration that has done something like this? Seems most people in politics would not want to subject themselves to this sort of embarrassment.
  4. Snorkelson

    USA Shootings

    1. No, not everyone would, in fact I would be happy if it were starting now going forward, if you by/sell a gun it would be registered to you, and if you sell that gun there is some paperwork to fill out. No big deal imo. Like a title transfer. It would at least be something. Some people register their guns now, they just aren’t required to. As far as prosecution would go, it really depends on a case by case basis- if you have a gun unsecured, like sitting in a drawer, and someone with access takes it and commits a crime, yes, I think that’s reasonable. If someone breaks into your house, takes your gun safe or lock box, breaks into it, and uses your gun to commit a crime, you’ve taken proper precaution. I’m sure there is a lot of grey area here and we’d have to rely on the justice system to sort those out. To use your favorite dui example, if I’m a bartender and overserve someone and something happens to them or they hurt someone else I’d be liable, as well as the business. Im not talking if they get in an accident and blow .10, it would have to be an extreme case. If I gave him water and food and called him a cab but he refuses it, I’ve done what I could reasonably be expected to do to avoid an accident. I understand there is a black market for everything. It’s unavoidable. Even with a wall. Where does your gun reform start? It doesn’t. You want to keep the status quo. We point to the fact that firearms were very different when the forefathers wrote this law. What defines a gun that’s legal to own? If someone designs a gun that is more lethal than today? Say it disrupts the molecules and just makes stuff disappear into the ether like a thanos snap? If I make a firearm that shoots explosive rounds, basically a shotgun that explodes like a bazooka? Or a rifle with a computer system that can calculate air pressure, wind, temperature, that makes any marksman able to hit a target from 2 miles away with ease? I know it’s all hypothetical, but the guns we have now may pale in comparison to what we may have 50 years from now.
  5. Snorkelson

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Love me some steamed hams.
  6. Snorkelson

    USA Shootings

    Most people don’t want to take away guns, and I think most gun owners are ok with more regulations to help make things safer. I think one big motivator would be the threat of prosecution if your gun is used in a violent crime- even attempted (like a robbery.) If you don’t secure your guns you would be liable. This wouldn’t solve all the problems, but there are way too many cases of accidental shootings, or cases like the guy who took the Closs girl, who used a gun he took from a relative. I think we would need them to be registered though. I also think having a tiered background check would help- background checks for shotgun/handgun, and as lethality steps up or if you want to stockpile weapons you need a different class of background check. I’m getting sidetracked here, I wanted to ask you what the government might use a registry for that you’re worried about? I don’t really trust them either, but a registry just seems like a logical step if we want to keep guns out of the hands of people with documented mental issues or past violence. I know this adds another layers of questions to answer, like who makes that call, or if it would keep people from seeking help mentally, and I suppose we figure that out as we go. I am sympathetic to gun owners but think they can go through some hoops to own them. I’m afraid there isn’t a good solution to this and people will keep getting shot.
  7. Snorkelson

    Do walls work?

    Grateful Dead’s wall of sound was pretty sweet, but I’m not sure it always worked...seems like a nightmare to dial that sound in...
  8. Snorkelson

    FanDuel Divisional Weekend

    Team in the edit above scored 199.42.
  9. Snorkelson

    FanDuel Divisional Weekend

    Well I withdrew some dk money (no dk thread:( ). Had $35 dollars left so did 20 $1 entries and 15 $1 entries. Best lineup I had placed 79/178k, good for $30, but man it was close to a real nice payout. Got $37 out on $35, so I’ll be trying again this week with max entries.
  10. Just more people who do work for trump that don’t get paid. He’s been doing this his whole life. Nothing to see here.
  11. Why would anyone from this “America first” administration even be considered to help out these “####hole countries.”
  12. I guess if we want a straight answer we should ask Putin. I’m not joking. “Did you want president trump to win and did you direct any of your operatives...” “yes....” pretty cut ant dry there from their first meeting, so maybe we should go back to the well.
  13. Of course, republicans trying to cover each other’s asses.
  14. I’m with you here- I’m to the point where I think the whole party is compromised. It does add up though. If you’re paying attention Russia has been actively working to get sanctions, specifically magnitsky, rescinded. As other countries have adopted similar legislation, the Russian mob state suddenly finds the millions or billions they’ve invested at risk of being seized. They planted a spy in the NRA, then funneled something like $50 mil to the Republican Party. They changed the republican platform concerning Ukraine. Russia sent an agent to talk to the presidents inner circle about magnisky- which is also about adoptions- and the republicans lied about it, and refuse to believe that it had anything to do with dnc emails. They’ve spread misinformation (nunes memo). They Constantly attack the fbi and the investigation into all of this. Now they all seem on board with making a deal with Deripaska to divest some of his stake in the company to lift sanctions. I’m not surprised, I won’t be surprised when they start talking about overturning magnisky either, or when he does it in a lame duck session.