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  1. Easily!
  2. If Vick can get a job with fox doing pregame football, I’m sure Johnny can get a job doing college analysis. I don’t believe he will get another chance in the nfl.
  3. Yes, the unforgettable josh fauria.
  4. Derp. In my head I’ve always read it “freeba-jel”, not “free bagel”, and of course that’s a picture of a bagel.....never put it together or paid much attention...derp indeed.
  5. I’m also not really in the market for a wr, but I have some late 1sts that is pull the trigger on if he’s there. Maybe as early as 6 but let’s see where everyone lands before we try that valuation.
  6. Let’s not forget mahomes running ability- he could easily tack on 500 yds rushing this year, even if he misses the optimistic floor we’re discussing passing.
  7. Rank these rbs (guys you could get with a lateish 1st) ppr dynasty mckinnon henry lewis (why not both) ajayi drake mccoy crowell hyde (fits the bill but no one trading for him atm)
  8. Marshall was very quick in and out of cuts and start/stop and used his body to shield defenders. I think Sutton does the same thing but isn’t as agile- but he works back to the ball well and has an attitude. He wants that ball, and he’s going to get it. I think he’s like Marshall in that way, and also in the sense that he moves the chains, and maybe doesn’t make his living downfield. Treadwell had some warts to his game but it was somewhat overlooked because he was so young (and the book isn’t written on him), and he had a better qb throwing to him. Muhammad had a few nice years with (off the top of my head) 90ish rec and 10 tds. Maybe Marques colston is another comparison. Another thing I like that you can’t really quantify is how he bails his qb out. Watching his film there are some times where he’s adjusting to a poorly thrown ball or where it’s just up for grabs and he gets it. I know these arguements are kind of like saying “he plays with some zazz!” which doesn’t mean a lot, but that’s kept him at the top of my wr list. I think at worst you get a Jordan Mathews guy. As with so many rookies this year, landing spot will move my list around.
  9. Baltimore has the worst te situation. That whole offense, yeesh. Maybe Kenny Dixon can come out of nowhere to help.
  10. Musin Muhammad is the comp I like. Less explosive Brandon Marshall. Treadwell is a lazy comp imo, recent big guy that hasn’t put it together. He won’t be julio jones, but maybe Keyshawn Johnson.
  11. I drafted kittle in 3/3 leagues. Sold last season for Tyler Lockett in one, just traded for 2.05 in another. We’ll see what I do in the 3rd- it may make sense to keep him in that one. But he is carrying more value as a mid 2nd than most of those other guys. Everett, Ebron, brate, you’re lucky to get a 2nd for imo.
  12. Ahhh, I had blount but couldn’t get Morris.
  13. Don’t sleep on Luke Wilson. He’s not exciting but if he wins the starting job in det he could something, at least worth listing. He grew up a Detroit fan so maybe I’m just a little rah rah for him right now. Can’t imagine with Detroit’s protection issues that they leave a te off the field much. Perhaps worth looking at as a backup with some volume upside.
  14. He has to keep 3 rbs, too.