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  1. Trump signs bill just so there’s no confusion.
  2. Ok after searching I can’t find a single quote from a politician saying they want to ban all guns. We can argue over whether there were only 1–2 people in this forum and if that number has grown, but that’s hard to quantify accurately really. I haven’t seen a uptick in posters calling for a ban. Im a non gun owning liberal (I have owned guns but not anymore) and I’m not for a gun ban.
  3. Ok forget the NRA. It’s you saying it now. I’m not sure what i should be seeing- no one is taking your guns now. You say there are 1-2 posters that want to take guns, I don’t think that’s changed much honestly. Just some more safeguards put in and certain weapons of war to be unavailable for purchase.
  4. A lack of compromise? Omg man. Gun owners are the epitome of “lack of compromise.” Long has the NRA held the belief that if you make any gun regulation, it’s just the beginning and someone will come to take your guns, it’s just a matter of time.
  5. Murder by weapon good arguement.
  6. While it’s an idea I can subscribe to, I don’t have some agenda I’m pushing, no one else does either. Saying we don’t care about addressing the violence and only pushing an anti gun agenda is poppycock.
  7. WhAT? You think we all just have some agenda we’re pushing? That we’re just using mass shootings to curb gun ownership? That’s the most ridiculous thing in 400 pages of you saying ridiculous bs that I’ve heard yet.
  8. Signed after the first preseason game, started game 2. Or as we like to call it, pulling a Culpepper.
  9. No one is defending antifa, but the entire group opposed to the “proud boy” march isn’t antifa. I think counter protesting hate speech is fine.
  10. White supremecist plot to shoot up jewish center foiled “The Youngstown Police Department and the FBI searched the home of Reardon's mother in New Middletown, Ohio, and confiscated two AR-15s, a rifle with a bayonet, a .40 caliber anti-tank gun, knives, a gas mask, a bulletproof vest, several magazines and 223 rounds of ammunition” Both sides?
  11. It’s not the guns, it’s the people using them. Or video games, movies, rap music, porn, etc.
  12. Can we stop calling everyone showing up in response to the proud boys “antifa?” I don’t think most people know who/what antifa is, they just say “antifacist? Yeah I guess I’m that.” Antifa has been around a long time. Proud boys were created in 2016. Now whenever the Proud boys want to march, and there’s a response, it’s labeled “antifa” and that groups misdeeds is lumped into an entire group of people who simply don’t want the racist rhetoric in their city and show up to demonstrate.
  13. Yeah pretty close stat wise but I was referring to the fact that “he will hit free agency and get paid/used.” Duke owners hoped for the same thing, then he resigned with Cleveland and they drafted Chubb and signed hunt and he looked to be buried on the depth chart until he was traded.
  14. I bet someone said this in the Duke Johnson thread a couple years ago.
  15. Hey, bub, take it to the “players that should change positions” thread.
  16. Bills vs panthers highlights With about 2.5 mins left in the video you can see Jackson. He had some bad plays, and the bootleg seems like a bad play call, but he also flashes some of the traits that make you want to see some more. He makes a couple very nice throws, and you can see his arm strength. I don’t have a twitter feed to announce it on, but I think it’s too early to say he can’t make it in the nfl. It doesn’t show all his plays though so I don’t know. Seems like some of those plays were designed runs.
  17. Far be it from me to defend this guy, but if you watch the video a little further down it looks like he sees the camera and pulls her close while making the kiss face, more like a pose than harassment. It’s cuts out pretty quickly after that though. But, if Al Franken resigned for it, potus probably should too.
  18. 1) seems pretty spot on 2) You get off base- first, it’s always fun to imagine “what if they have both on the field?” Imagine a number of backfields with 2 viable options over the years- teams simply don’t do this, and Chicago is no exception. They have used Howard and Cohen in their respective roles; they drafted Montgomery for this exact purpose imo, to have one back on the field that can do both. 3) Herein lies the risk with Cohen- he could lose targets if this turns out to be true. He’s talented and will get his work, but I don’t consider him a lock for anything because his use may be spottier. 4) You allude to his variability in use/scoring last year, and I predict more of the same. At rb27, and simply looking at the names you float out there, you’re right to pass on Cohen for those guys or even guys that could earn more significant time, if not outright start, like Duke Johnson or kalen ballage. Best case scenario Cohen has his same role as last year (maybe with a bit more use) but even with an injury he won’t get rb1 use.
  19. @Penguin thanks for the updates. Nice for Faust to be able to go take a dump I bet.
  20. He’s going to be a beast, big uptick in targets, competent coach (very important), and all the talent he needs to succeed.
  21. It seems we’ve been playing by “gentlemen’s rules” for years and Trump has come in and turned it upside down.
  22. Yeah I’d say so. Even if he misses week 1 he should get significant work in tandem with ballage.