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  1. 13 minutes ago, SoBeDad said:

    Fauci and other experts haven't gotten it right all the time, but they've responded to new evidence, such as wearing a mask. In early March,  Fauci said people in the USA shouldn't be wearing walking around wearing masks, unless they're sick.  There was also concern that front-line staff wouldn't have enough PPE. But the guidance changed by April 3.

    15 cases and will be down to zero, cleansing injections, light under skin, I won’t wear a mask. No one has said stupider, more harmful stuff than the president. 

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  2. 50 minutes ago, Opie said:

    ...and Michelle and her 20 friends and family, including Michelle's mother, Marian Robinson, and niece and nephew, Leslie and Avery Robinson, as well Michelle’s makeup and hairstylist (Carl Ray and Johnny Wright). flew coach on their vacation to South Africa....where her daughters were listed as "senior staff" on the flight manifest 

    The only elected official in the family didn't even go (or wasn't invited)

    Flew coach eh? The nerve.

  3. 1 hour ago, Max Power said:

    There are some studies that indicate his wealth tax plan would impact the middle class as well. Mainly the trickle down theory. If you squeeze the pockets of the rich, they are going to offset that with worker benefits.

    Piss on my leg and tell me it’s rain, the trickle down theory. I’m tired of hoping wealthy people will be less greedy and “trickle down” some wealth while our schools are underfunded and our roads and bridges crumble.

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  4. 38 minutes ago, KiddLattimer said:

    I don't want to link to it because it's a very sensitive topic but there's a new pizzagate style conspiracy involving Wayfair going around Twitter.

    Essentially Wayfair sells some cheap looking cabinets for ridiculous amounts of money ($10k+) and the name of the cabinets matches some missing kids. The names are fairly unique too.

    The world has gone completely off it's rocker.

    Edit to add... I found it bc I follow DFS guy TommyG if anyone is curious that's a place to start.

    This is strange. I read a bit and I really don’t know what to think. Seems too far fetched, but the company calls it a pricing glitch and nothing to explain the names. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, beef said:

    And all those teachers choosing to retire have probably worked themselves up the pay scales quite a bit.   The turnover could really help some school budgets.   

    Phh why even have trained teachers at all then? They have a union, if they want protection, it’s no different than a coal miners union fighting for protection. Your idea that it would be quality education for a cheaper price sounds too good to be true, because it is. It’s really a slap in the face to anyone that is an educator- “anyone can do your job, and cheaper!” 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Stealthycat said:

    can we be honest ?


    Biden can word flub all he wants, he can insult the intelligence of black people every day, grope women, touch small boys and girls and even have a slight stroke or heart attack ......... and people will vote for him because they hate Trump

    isn't that the truth ?

    Trump is this years Hillary. I wish we had one good candidate, but they both have flaws. Trump can keep on trumping and you’ll vote for him, right? I don’t see how there’s a lot of difference, if you love trump then you probably aren’t voting for “the radical left” no matter what he says/does. I’ll admit that I’ll vote for Biden rather than stay home and vote for no one in large part because I believe Trump is corrupt unlike anything we’ve seen and I don’t like the constant divisive bs and he will just simply lie whenever it’s convenient. Im sure you have lots of reasons not to vote for Biden. It’s ok to vote for someone else because you think the incumbent is a terrible person. I think there’s a lot of evidence to back that up, but it’s really my opinion I suppose. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, fatguyinalittlecoat said:

    Dude I gotta say you can post this stuff all day and it will not persuade anyone.  There is no issue dearer to my heart than weed legalization and it was disappointing that Biden wouldn’t go that far (although sounds like he supports decriminalization which is a step in the right direction).  If Biden wins I’m gonna party like a rock star.

    I thought President Trump would see that as a way to get young voters behind him but I guess no one thought of that. Many young people would become single issue voters just on weed legalization. 

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  8. On 7/7/2020 at 7:48 AM, That one guy said:

    Is this when we petition Trump to get rid of Columbus Day in favor of Super Monday (day after Super Bowl) as a federal holiday?  “That loser didn’t even set foot on American soil!”  Seems like there are a few areas we can use his...focus? our advantage


    41 minutes ago, Leroy Hoard said:

    I like the way this one guy thinks.

    Viable 3rd party candidate, write in that one guy. 

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  9. 26 minutes ago, popeye said:

    If I had to find a new job, my only online presence really is here.  So yeah, I'm ######.

    HR:  "Pops we read your take on Derrius Guice.  Sorry, we can't afford to have that level of applied logic within our organization."

    “Due to your consistent hope that the Detroit lions will win something, we’ve decided to part ways with you, loser.”

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  10. 1 hour ago, jon_mx said:

    LOL...of course the left has great control over it.  It is political pressure which pushed MSU to force the resignation and it is political pressure which pushed the researchers to ask to rescind their study which they still believe is accurate.  You can deny it, but it is clear from the facts. 

    I really don't understand how in some cases like homosexuality or gender-identity, a scientist is a bigot if they do not believe that it is genetics which determine it.  On the other hand, in the case of success in our society, scientist must believe it is purely a function of white privilege/institutionalized racism.  A scientist will be attacked, demoted and not funded if they profess any opposition to these somewhat contradictory theories.  Both of these are very complex issues which require a much more detailed explanation than the simplistic politically-correct positions which are defacto scientific-consensus, but scientists are pressured not to even question them.  Skepticism is required for true scientific advancement, but in today's world skepticism is viciously attacked as racist or flat-earther or some other demeaning character assault.  

    There are a couple things you seem to be missing. One, the researchers asking for the redaction stand by their research, but their research doesn’t support the claims being made. 

    Second, Hsu has had a long history of statements and ideas that are controversial. Being in charge of hiring and research budgets for others, I can see why the university decided to remove him from the administrative position. Hsu still works in a tenured position at MSU. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Gr00vus said:

    I agree with what you're saying here overall. The time frame is a problem however, you can't reasonably expect to put all that into place in time to open things up Sept 1 (or thereabouts).

    Right, this should have been done in March. The fact that we’re talking now about opening schools and there is absolutely no talk of a plan to do it or what has been put in place to help facilitate that or any additional funding to help schools come up with and pay for plans on their own is a travesty. We gave billions to the airline industry to stay afloat but when it comes to our schools we shrug and say “figure it out.” It’s disgusting.

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  12. Open schools? Fine. Realize that for it to be safe it may take more than just announcing they open, and fund it. Think it’s unsafe to reopen schools? Realize it may take additional WiFi hotspots and other investments, and fund it. Best yet for the economy and the education of the future generations, let’s do both, and fund it. Some kids will stay home, making school populations lower, making it safer, kids in rural areas have another option- if you can get them the connectivity. Need to fund this stuff instead of billions for stealth jets right now. 

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