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  1. Well if you recall Jones and Montgomery had some successful games too.
  2. This OC is going to be a HC? He plays small ball, that does not seem like an Eagles offense.
  3. Yeah but we do know that he hasn't had any issues with the law since mid-2014 so unlike Blackmon he at least has been smarter about that so far. Agree, so its still a gamble at this point. To be gone a year, it is never a given that a person will be reinstated. Great talent, not so great noggin.
  4. I believe we wouldnt know of a failed test until he applies for reinstatement and the judgement is revealed much like we found out about Blackmon.
  5. Does anyone know if he has stayed clean? We already know the risk of losing his career isnt a reason for him to stop.
  6. Not according to Cruz who thinks the President was on that stage. If you are a Gambling man, bet the House on Bernie being our next President. This election has been easiest to predict in years. Trump? You think he would get elected? People who hate voting will show up to vote for a dog over Trump because they hate Trump so much they rather vote. Bernie has such a huge following its unmatched. Just a few haters. Clinton? Trump? Cruz? Too many people hate them. Even people in their own party. Who hates Bernie beside the rich and most conservatives?
  7. This is Watergate of Michigan. Literally and ironically. Sorry if this is a honda.
  8. Agreed- don't want Chip there. Ugh, exactly what I didn't want to see. He could still be good there, but he could just as easily be worthless. He will fit his system about as well as Murray did. He needs a McCoy type. Someone good and right to left. Reggie? Rookie?
  9. On any skill position player.
  10. Never going to be a cheaper Dynasty buy low. Once he's cleared, how many TEs are legit better than him? No more Graham in his way. He'll easily outrank Barnidge. Top 3 for sure. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that even if Tom Brady showed up at the police station and fully confessed to the crimes, Hernandez will never play a down of football in the NFL again. Pffffft. It's not impossible, and you can get him for basically free. It's a dynasty "hold" at the very least. Buy for $0 in the offseason and see what happens. After some appeals, who knows? All they really have on the guy is that he likes the kind of bubble gum found in the car they already know he was in. That's all the evidence against him. He could be back in time for the Brady Retirement Tour and catch 20 TDs when Tom Terrific starts chucking them nonstop in his last few games.
  11. Because Bridgewater isnt a good QB. He accounted for only 17 TDs. 17. That is the fewest of any QB who played every game, and it is not close. So it could be argued he is the worst QB in the league at production of those who are considered a franchise QB.
  12. I want to know how they are getting this info. Is someone in the meeting sending texts to reporters?