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  1. Well if you recall Jones and Montgomery had some successful games too.
  2. Yeah but we do know that he hasn't had any issues with the law since mid-2014 so unlike Blackmon he at least has been smarter about that so far. Agree, so its still a gamble at this point. To be gone a year, it is never a given that a person will be reinstated. Great talent, not so great noggin.
  3. I believe we wouldnt know of a failed test until he applies for reinstatement and the judgement is revealed much like we found out about Blackmon.
  4. Does anyone know if he has stayed clean? We already know the risk of losing his career isnt a reason for him to stop.
  5. Not according to Cruz who thinks the President was on that stage. If you are a Gambling man, bet the House on Bernie being our next President. This election has been easiest to predict in years. Trump? You think he would get elected? People who hate voting will show up to vote for a dog over Trump because they hate Trump so much they rather vote. Bernie has such a huge following its unmatched. Just a few haters. Clinton? Trump? Cruz? Too many people hate them. Even people in their own party. Who hates Bernie beside the rich and most conservatives?
  6. This is Watergate of Michigan. Literally and ironically. Sorry if this is a honda.
  7. Agreed- don't want Chip there. Ugh, exactly what I didn't want to see. He could still be good there, but he could just as easily be worthless. He will fit his system about as well as Murray did. He needs a McCoy type. Someone good and right to left. Reggie? Rookie?
  8. Because Bridgewater isnt a good QB. He accounted for only 17 TDs. 17. That is the fewest of any QB who played every game, and it is not close. So it could be argued he is the worst QB in the league at production of those who are considered a franchise QB.
  9. Not a Flint story, but another story about how another one of Snyders appointed Emergency Manager has failed. This one is the Detroit Public Schools.
  10. This all almost seems orchestrated (shocker). L.A. Committee recommends Carson because they want two teams and they want to give Spanos leverage. Then, the league votes in favor of the Rams in Inglewood, but with not enough votes to get them all the way there to give Rams/Kroenke some leverage over Spanos to start playing ball with Kroenke and vice versa. Next vote -- Rams and Chargers in Inglewood with details for Raiders to be worked out later in Oakland. Rich greedy people are shady? Get out of here.
  11. Snyder legacy will be Flint water crisis
  12. This is about money and Kranky can provide more of it and has the idea of a better venue to make the league more of it. STL will be in LA next year.
  13. I have been clear with the fact I am suffering from this first hand and am trying to provide, wanted or not, some perspective in what some are dealing with. In a situation like this, message board or not, some conscience is needed. This isnt trashing someone for football opinion its about the fact I see a little girl next door in leg braces who was not in them a year ago. Doctors have said her issues are from lead, no genetic disorder--- lead. This isnt schtick, its genuine anger with an elected official put in charge of making the State better doing everything intentional to make it worse. He was thinking like a CEO of a computer company instead of a guy whose duty is to the very people he allowed to be poisoned. If my genuine anger comes across as schtick, I am OK with that. Because I do not and will not apologize for my anger. This mess has hurt my family, you may not care because I'm just a guy on the internet, but at some point in this next 24 hours understand I will have more fill of this topic through phone calls and laying in my bed hearing my wife cry than you will have in a lifetime on this topic. I dont say that to be rude, but just to let you know of the reality you can see on google. I come here to share stories as an outlet because I much rather share the anger I have and the facts I know and what I am experiencing than share my anger with my wife. I need to be the strong man for her and that would be counterproductive.
  14. Didn't Flint reconnect back to Detroits water a couple months ago? What's the holdup?Flint So incorrect its as if you have not been following the story. I am not an expert on this, but have heard many of experts and scientists speak in complete detail in city hall for hours on end. A Va Tech student with nothing to gain but the facts put on some demonstrations with the water from Flint that would make every single person cringe in disgust. I have a good grasp on all the info, but whats so alarming is everything that was proven scientifically is easy to find online and none of it is disputable. SCIENCE! I will compare this to global warming in the sense that the science and proof says everything you are seeing is a fact and those denying it are doing it for agenda only. I live in Chicago area and brought some water back to work with me and offered anyone $100 to drink it, only after I showed them the video of what the water does to say a metal nail in a week, or the evidence of how much parts per billion of lead was in the water to educate them. They all had to sign a release not holding me liable. No one would do it and some even had the gag reflex happen to the point of vomit. All I want to do in this thread is provide perspective of someone dealing with this mess first hand, my wifes family lives in Flint. When we first realized this issue we thought like anyone the city would fix it. When that didnt happen we thought like anyone the Governor would fix it. When that didnt happen we thought the Governor would be held accountable. When that didnt happen, we just sit helpless with out any help from those supposed to help and we now know the Governor lied and intentionally set these acts in motion knowing what the result would be makes my heart hurt for the children I know who live in my in laws community. Slightly tangential...Chicago has its own problems with lead Not to this level....but we are going to have to spend billions replacing mitigating issues with lead in a number of cities, and I think this should have proper budget priority.. We get it, you are OK with kids being poisoned to death. Facts are tangential? Talking about the issue first hand is tangential? Do you even know what that word means? Is this Governor Snyders alias? Also the fact you compared Flint to Chicago is proof you are looking for a way to serve your disgusting agenda to support a conservative at every turn. Wow...yeah that's exactly what I said....Just wow...such an amazingly stupid postWhy don't you let the adults discuss the implications and how to proceed... Fantastic, then step aside. I have been providing first hand info on the story, you? What have you provided but drivel and around about support for Snyder? Then again, you thought Martavis Bryants catch was by the rule, so, seeing things as they are is not in your wheel house. This is not an appropriate thread to schtick it up...there are less serious threads for that kind of thing, so take it somewhere else. Thanks This is the exact post that shows you have not paid attention to this thread or anything that was said in it. But the people who are taking this seriously dont appreciate you coming in here to troll. I have been in here from the first page, you? Its OK, we have seen you have not answered one question posed to you.