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  1. I'm voting for Gio over Ertz
  2. Cam Newton owner in a 12 tm PPR dynasty league. I could roll with Osweiler against the Vikings but would rather pick up Derek Anderson and start him this week. My full roster: Newton, Cam CAR QB (O) 178.40 7 FA Osweiler, Brock HOU QB 159.25 9 FA Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB (R) 67.60 7 1.01 Ervin, Tyler HOU RB (R) 13.66 9 4.03 Gurley, Todd RAM RB 47.40 8 FA Johnson, David ARI RB 114.50 9 FA Kelley, Rob WAS RB (R) 1.10 9 FA Lynch, Marshawn FA* RB - - FA Washington, DeAndre OAK RB (R) 22.40 10 3.11 Agholor, Nelson PHI WR 29.00 4 FA Beckham, Odell NYG WR 52.30 8 FA Boyd, Tyler CIN WR (R) 23.00 9 2.06 Cooper, Amari OAK WR 53.80 10 FA Evans, Mike TBB WR 80.00 6 FA Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR 51.70 9 FA Kerley, Jeremy SFO WR 71.82 8 FA Parker, DeVante MIA WR 36.70 8 FA Pryor, Terrelle CLE WR 66.25 13 FA White, Kevin CHI WR (I) 38.60 9 FA Ebron, Eric DET TE (O) 45.00 10 FA Fleener, Coby NOS TE 35.30 5 FA Walford, Clive OAK TE (Q) 31.50 10 FA Williams, Maxx BAL TE (I) 0.00 8 FA Boswell, Chris PIT PK 26.50 8 FA Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def 52.00 4 FA 25 TOTAL PLAYERS INJURED RESERVE Allen, Keenan SDC WR (I) 12.30 11 FA 1 TOTAL PLAYERS TAXI SQUAD Perkins, Paul NYG RB (R) 10.00 8 1.12 I'm thinking Rob Kelley, Maxx Williams, Tyler Ervin, or Jeremy Kerley are droppable for Anderson. Thoughts?
  3. 1st one: DWill and Crabtree 2nd one: Duke and Lockett
  4. If I'm picking 2 of the 4 you put out there, I'm starting Sheperd and Coleman.
  5. Wouldn't be against dropping Ware instead. Barring another setback with Charles, he's only the guy for 1 week, vs Forsett possibly taking ahold of the Ravens backfield. But I wouldn't knock you for dropping Forsett since that situation is far from clear right now.
  6. Flip a coin dude... I feel pretty much the same on both guys
  7. His WRs: Austin, Tavon RAM WR - 8 FA Trade Coates, Sammie PIT WR - 8 4.11 Trade Diggs, Stefon MIN WR - 6 FA Trade Dorsett, Phillip IND WR - 10 FA Trade Funchess, Devin CAR WR 1.90 7 FA Trade Johnson, Charles MIN WR (Q) - 6 FA Trade Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR - 5 FA Trade Pryor, Terrelle CLE WR - 13 FA Trade Smith, Torrey SFO WR - 8 FA Trade Thomas, Michael NOS WR (R) (Q) - 5 1.07 Trade
  8. Thanks, yeah part of me feels the same way. It's not like my TE situation is terrible, just compared to the rest of the team it's my weak spot. And carrying 5 TEs is definitely not something I plan to do, but this trade would put me in that boat. If I could talk him into Evans for Gronk straight up, or Evans plus a late round rookie pick (3rd or 4th) what do you think?
  9. Forgot to mention this is a full blown dynasty league