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  1. Circling back to this as I can't figure out why so many of you Dems keep wasting your time arguing with the crazy Reps in the Trump threads. They aren't changing their mind, but..... Whoever the Dems put on the ballot for 2020, I'll be first in line to vote for. If it happens to be someone I don't agree with, I'll simply hope the Reps put someone more center up in 2024. This has always been embarrassing for the US, but now the whole world is laughing at us.
  2. Did anybody else hear the expert ref analysis for the ND game? I'm flabbergasted that he was a ref forever. A Virginia DE lines up offside but shouldn't be called offside because he was only slightly offside and is a DE. On a sack fumble the fumble shouldn't have been granted because the QB forward progress should have been ruled dead once he was touched. So bizarre.
  3. I try my hardest to avoid all political discussions in my day to day life, but as a swing voter in Ohio I figured I'd reveal where my vote currently lies and maybe it will provide a sense of where the independents sit. Since I avoid it, I probably won't engage in a back and forth with anybody on either side of the aisle because it typically just becomes a shouting match. Voting record: 2008: Obama 2012: Obama 2016: my neighbor's dog 2020: Mayor Pete/anybody with a pulse: 100% has my vote. Biden/Mayor Pete: 100% has my vote as I also am of the belief Biden does 1 term. Biden/someone else: 80%. Any other scenario: my neighbor's dog Warren/anybody with a pulse: 100% Trump.
  4. Lot of rolling head laughing emojis in this thread, apparently nobody cares that they lost $1.1B in 2 quarters and nobody is left at the company than a guy whose every other sentence is a lie. Already late on that Tesla insurance that was promised a few short months ago. $1.1B in loses 2 quarters after he said they'd be profitable in every quarter from here on out. Im no genius like Elon, but even I can sell a product that costs $1.00 for $0.70. Never driven one, but this can't go on forever without substantial changes in the company. Ok, I'll see myself to the stock thread down the hall, carry on.
  5. Nope, just appears to have lost his head and/or his energy levels for a brief moment.
  6. That my neighbor's make believe god is somehow better than someone's make believe god from a different part of the world. Furthermore, any type of religion.
  7. He just won the Masters, get out of here with this crap and go troll something else.
  8. Noooo keep going, you are doing an amazing job! We demand more.
  9. This is so far from the truth, it's impossible to make a more inaccurate claim. Impossible.
  10. Remember that one time people in here didn't think Tiger would ever get back in the top 50 of the OWGR? Probably the worst take of all time.
  11. Not trying make you eat crow, it just seems like a very bold call to say one of the top players in top form is going to shoot 77 or higher. I'm just thinking if he goes 1 under on the par 5s I don't see a viable way he shoots 6 over on the remaining 14 holes. He just makes so few mistakes. Either way, tomorrow should be fun!
  12. Bahahaha. Let me get this straight, you are saying one of the top players on tour, a major champion, in top form, is gonna shoot +5 or higher tomorrow? You can't be serious.
  13. I don't care how hard the wind is blowing, no way in hell Molinari is shooting 76. -9 doesn't get it done tomorrow.