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  1. I've tried to explain this numerous times to the hardcore trumpers in my circle. They don't seem to buy into the Hillary hatred, but it was the main cause of where we are now IMO. And now, on top of Joe not having that hatred stigma to him, I believe the Trump hatred crowd is by far greater this go around and will show up on election day. My only basis is based on my close family/gf family voting this year compared to 2016. All minds are made up and the debate isn't changing any minds. 2016: 2 Hillary, 6 Trump, 5 non votes 2020: 8 Biden, 3 Trump, 2 non votes And I know we've put the yard signage debate to rest, but for reference of the crowd above we have 1 giant Trump flag flying high in a front yard compared to 0 Biden signs. The polls in OH have showed it all along that it's going to be much tighter than 2016 but nobody really has believed that until recently. I can't believe the 2 family breakdowns above of 2 very typical Ohio families is an outlier.
  2. Anybody IRL heard from @culdeus? I know he mentioned he might have this and it's been a week since he has been here, which for him is super odd. Hopefully he is just in FBG jail.
  3. What? The US has more than 200 deaths and Italy had way less than 3000 deaths on day 18, but nice try.
  4. Weekend Wall Street at says we open up -5% on Monday as of now, but long way to go until Monday 9:30 am.
  5. Thursday: bragged about only 32 deaths. Friday: bragged about only 40 deaths. Just now: bragging about only 50 deaths. Disgrace.
  6. And bragging about the stock market. He just can't help himself.
  7. More European countries. All the same path.
  8. Here is an updated chart for European countries as of yesterday. All on the same path.
  9. The dots with her however, are not terrible. Which is clearly how it works with the crazy ones unfortunately.
  10. My story why I don't think Americans are taking this serious yet. I've already shared about my SIL thinking mosquitos kill more people than does annually (no concept of that won't be the case in a week). My GF and I were supposed to go to D.C. yesterday (live in Columbus, OH) for a Wings vs Caps game, and then other things planned for the weekend. Wednesday night the NBA started the dominos. So I followed all the news reports, and clearly saw the NHL was going to suspend the season, and most likely our other event would be cancelled as well. I made the decision around midnight Wednesday to cancel the trip. I was called selfish for cancelling it. Tried to tell her there would be many many more trips in our future, we don't need to be heros right now. Didn't matter. I was wrong and selfish, plus, the games weren't cancelled yet, so I suck! Next day, NHL suspended, other event suspended. I was still wrong in her view. Now, she asked me to go downtown on st Patrick's day to party since we couldn't do our planned D.C. trip. If anyone has been downtown Columbus for St Patrick's day, it's SLAMMED. Explained to her that we can just go get drunk in 3 weeks when this has been figured out, why do we need to risk it (for us, want to stress, for us) for a made up holiday? Again, I'm wrong and selfish. So yeah, outside of our FBG bubble, I don't think people care yet. TL:DR - sleep with her sister? Sleep with her mom? Hide hand sanitizer? Hide TP? Stay safe everyone.
  11. Are these deals all short term? Or they go out months? Would love to take advantage of that for the fall.
  12. I don't want to speak for him, but if you've been following the thread he shorted SHAK a few weeks back. It's since dropped 50%. So no, he probably has lots of shirts.
  13. Did you guys know that some companies are still doing great business wise? Right Doug, CEO from walmart? Come say some words. You guys are selling stuff like crazy right now. Walmart is selling things like crazy right now? Who knew....
  14. The Spain updates this morning are alarming. 3 updates in the last hour.