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  1. Two things that stood out to me from this episode are : 1. Why was Rob doing the puzzle. It seems to me that he would have been a lot more valuable doing the heavy lifting with the chests and cart. 2. During tribal they don't show Jeremy saying a single word. He was doing a lot of observing. Smart play IMO.
  2. Finally submitted. I have been dealing with the passing of my MIL and just got around to entering. My numbers were picked with her memory in mind.
  3. This is the one I thought of as well. Just unimaginable.
  4. So terribly sad. For the 9 victims, may RIP. Prayers out to all of the affected families.
  5. We used the mobile ordering dine in option for the first time on New Year's Day and it worked flawlessly. This was at a CFA about an hour from home so hopefully my local ones will be a smooth transaction as well. As for the app itself. I used it for the first time, successfully, this past Monday and have already received 2 free chicken sandwiches. I will mobile order from now on even if I have to it while in the parking lot.
  6. No advice to give but I'm pulling for you man. Anytime someone tells me they are going to New Orleans I recommend your place even though I've never eaten your food. GL GB
  7. WOW!! I pulled up and saw this line of cars going to MK I would definitely turn around. God help these people
  8. Well, I got ahold of a couple of 100mg gummies but I'm new to the edibles and want to be cautious. I'm a pretty heavy smoker if that matters. Is 100mg a lot. I'm thinking about taking half or maybe even a quarter to start. I'm staying at the house so no driving. Is it OK to still smoke as well? Thanks for the help.
  9. Caught some pretty sweet Christmas Lights tonight on the way home from Christmas dinner. Star Wars
  10. Merry Christmas to you as well Otis. Merry Christmas to all FGFs out there.