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  1. Man this thread takes me back. I was a heavy collector of mostly baseball cards from the late 70s to the late 80s. Would hit up antique malls, card shows, flea markets, or just ride my bike to the store and buy as many packs as I could. Once I get my house back in order I am going to get all of my stuff out and see exactly what I have. There are thousands of cards stored away in my spare bedroom closet. Some in notebooks and some in shoe boxes. I have some mid to late 80s full sets of Topps. I have 2 sets from, if memory serves, Clemens, Mcgwire, and maybe Randy Johnson's rookie year. I also have a full box of 1981 Fleer unopened packs. I wonder if they have any value. If not I may sit down and open them. I think I may have a Rickey Henderson rookie and a Fernando Valenzuela rookie and in football a Joe Montana rookie. The three players I collected the most were Rose, Carew, and Yazstremski. I have a lot of cards of those three. I may start looking at them today.
  2. I was just getting ready to post the one from Costco. Thanks Costco
  3. I have these huge breast I got from Costco and I think I will use this marinade and grill them tonight. I may throw in a few wings as well. Thanks GB.
  4. Love my Duo as well. Did an Oreo Cheesecake last month and made sausage gravy yesterday which went well with my buttermilk cheddar biscuits.
  5. This sounds like me and my dog Sparky except instead of dribbling the basketball Sparky humps it. Also, Sparky is as blind as a bat
  6. My wife works for a courier service and last night she got a phone call from one of her bosses offering a new route starting tomorrow. This route includes driving to two different cities and picking up Covid-19 test and driving them to MUSC in Charleston, SC 5 days a week. I'm sure this will go on for a while. She's going in this morning to negotiate wages. I told her to make sure that she ask for hazard pay. I'm not really sure what I think about all of this though. Definitely nervous. I'm sure that I will ride with her on some of my days off.
  7. He's definitely got the best resume so far. If he makes it to the end he deserves the 2 Mil.
  8. Effective 5/4/2020 All Members, Guests, and Employees must wear face coverings.
  9. Fair enough. There are variations of each dessert category that can include almost all of the other categories.
  10. If you are suppose to stay 6 feet away from people and more if you are walking, jogging, running behind someone how far should one be on an amusement ride?