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  1. Gonna miss Janelle. She's definitely one of my all time favorites. And for my money she's still the hottest BB contestant of all time. Side note: the wife and I crack up every time the BB commercial with Kevin dressed in drag comes on. 🤣
  2. Hell, I'm in for $20 more. I would like to see this thing hit 2k. Getting ready to Venmo and submit.
  3. That would definitely be a little bitter sweet. I imagine that I will probably not see any of my numbers again tonight. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  4. Well I've been shut out so far this round but today is my 50th Birthday and I'm feeling a 5 for 5.💰💰💰
  5. Bought some fresh local shrimp and red snapper from Mount Pleasant Seafood yesterday while I was in the low country along with some of their seafood seasoning. Cooked them tonight on my Weber Kettle. Turned out great Shrimp and Snapper
  6. I use this and it's about perfect for the minion method in my 22" WSM. Weber Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter