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  1. My brother in law said if anything ever happened to my sister he'd have to re-marry just to be functional. Said he'd marry someone like Nell Carter from that 80's sitcom. No way he'd be able to keep up with the kids.
  2. He's replaced the director with Tyronn Lue and brought in JR Smith and Tristan Thompson to co-star.
  3. It feels better if you snipe them from up in a tree.
  4. Went with Michael. Maybe should have been Tony, but I hate that movie outside of the comedy value so much I couldn't vote for it.
  5. I don't think he cares, he just gambles. And takes shots at everyone who isn't a professional gambler.
  6. Probably the Lakers front office making up stories about New Orleans and leaking them.
  7. Kyrie was a clutch sidekick and a proven winner as the second best guy on the team. If he's matured enough to apologize to LeBron for his hissy fit to get out of Cleveland, at least there is a glimmer of hope? Is Westbrook okay being the #2 guy on the team?
  8. He is the perfect counterbalance to Modogg. Pimp Celtics trash Philly. They'll both go on a post bender and drop 18 replies in a row usually bouncing between intense homer love and venomous Celtic/Sixer hatred. If you look at either of them on their own, they might be annoying, but taken as an even Steven situation, it all makes sense.
  9. A friend who saw him out at a restaurant said Barkley was helping him out with his diet. He'll get on track soon.
  10. There might be next time you order. Cheese only is still fee free though.
  11. I'm sure some of it goes to the government for cab licensing/fees. There were articles when Uber first hit about how expensive the New York taxi medalions were.
  12. What really confuses me is a phone app using her as the spokesperson. Anyone influenced by her probably still has trouble setting the time on the VCR and is using, at best, a flip phone.