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  1. It's also possible that some of the people have been following the reports, know that it has been going around since mid December, don't trust the statistics coming from a third world country nor trust their medical systems, have heard the same fearmongering done every few years over other diseases that crop up, and truly believe that there is a 99.x% chance that it will not have any effect on him outside of someone getting a baddish case of the flu. I will likely buy some masks and extra water on the outside chance this is a legit world changing event, but I'm not building a shelter or making a non-negative ventilated room out of duct tape and shower curtains with water and air coming in unfiltered and think it's going to quarantine someone. I'll also make some jokes about extreme reactions to it. Maybe some people should just be proactive and start hiding out in their shelters today. At the very least you can protect yourself from humor.
  2. Those were awesome. I'm sure that's why he lost his fights also. His legs were stiff from the magic carpet ride to the ring.
  3. Word got out. They're out of stock already.
  4. My European Power Metal cover band. Our touring van has a Viking and a wolf painted on the side.
  5. Dominos Pie Pass commercial using I assume a clip of Norm from Cheers entering a dominos and ordering a pizza. Dude should be not be eating so many pizzas that the people at the local dominos know his name.
  6. He also put down that he was actually the one responsible for it and put it on his resume. That's how he got the new better gig.
  7. I don't think that it helped that after the first knockdown the dude seemed like he was out of it. I've seen worse responses with a continuation of the fight though.
  8. My earliest childhood memories of KFC - Parents only ordered the extra crispy. It's been around since at least early 80's, maybe 70's. I didn't even realize they had the regular recipe until I was a junior in high school. Also - McDonalds fries - they've reduced the salt they put on them a lot. I'm willing to trade some taste for that. So taste less awesome, but also less likely to kill me.
  9. I thought that's what this whole thread is about. Made up numbers, numbers from Chinese gov, real numbers plugged into crazy made up formulas. This thing has been going on since December. At this rate the sun burning out will get us before this virus.
  10. I believe it's Pete Nocchio. I look around this room and I see nothing but untapped potential...
  11. It seemed that way. But it wasn't literally reading, it was just very weird. One day I was dreaming just in feelings and visuals, and then it was in language also.
  12. Afraid I'll throw out my back reaching for a nickel. But I'm pretty cheap, I usually risk it. 30 years ago I'd be picking up anything including shiny rocks.
  13. I remember waking from the first dream I had where it actually had dialogue. That sucked, now I have to write/read? Even in my dreams. Can't anything be simple.
  14. My niece gets teased at school because she has 2 parents that are financially well off. She may just be making up stuff so they don't call her princess.