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  1. Maybe an mink that has been eating at taco bell?
  2. Having had Bienemy on my FF team back in the day, I'm surprised he didn't fall down for a loss of yards. Voted a little bad, The media makes every little shove on the sideline into a big fight. You know that if Bienemy got a head coaching gig, he wouldn't hesitate to sign Kelce because of a shove. Also, I had a coworker that would give me a shoulder check at the printer and stare me down. I always thought it was funny because he was maybe an inch taller than me. Seems like it's just alpha male behavior. I'd expect it more on a football sideline than I would at the printer in the office, but guys are guys.
  3. I take it. Wait until Friday and post a "what should I do?" thread. No one will believe it's real.
  4. I saw someone driving a 10 year old Corolla with the license plate "soldout". I always thought that was kinda sad.
  5. I'm up 32 plus Conner going tonight; going against Mixon, Boyd and the Steelers kicker. How can one fantasy game have that many players going in one Bengals game?
  6. He started talking slowly to you in a baby voice, then turned on his buddy and yelled like he was losing his #### like he does in every movie, right?
  7. Could have been worse. My old man would get the free 3 month cable offer, then 2 months in would cancel it and tell my little sister and I that he was getting rid of cable because we weren't getting our chores done.
  8. What is an appropriate dollar threshold for felony theft? Higher than $120,000? This couple didn't steal an apple off of a fruit cart or a loaf of bread. Taking something that doesn't belong to you is theft, that is what I was taught as a kid, and it has worked well for me. It is a really simple concept, and I have no idea how you see this situation as gray. They bought a new car and some toys. I hope the next couple that gets a $120K windfall in their account don't go to you for legal advice.
  9. It's okay to steal from people or companies that you don't like or ones that have done bad things in the past. That is what I'm getting from half of the responses in here. I remember applying for a job at Walmart when I was in high school. They had some kind of personality test you had to take. I remember that one of the statements that you had to agree/disagree 1-5 on was, "Stealing from a corporation is okay because it isn't an actual person." When I applied to come back the following Christmas vacation from college, I got questioned on the same statement, but it wasn't that one. I think it was, "People get ahead on hard work and talent, not on who they know."
  10. Most likely it was one of the guys that posted above you .