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  1. I've had a few really bad days motivationally where I actually felt guilty about not getting more done. But overall, it is more than offset by how many days that I've gotten a ton more done and had a better attitude about it than I would have in the office.
  2. A few years ago, I was driving into work, and there was a 10-15 year old Corolla that was getting rust bubbles, that had vanity plates that read something like SLD OUT. I'd like to think if I sold out, I'd be driving something a little more exotic and a lot less rusty.
  3. Share my name with a British motivational speaker for teens. First couple of pages are him. He published a self help book. He has YouTube videos, but so do cats. So, maybe it's a wash?
  4. On the plus side, it sounds like he didn't start any fights or cheap shot anyone, so a good outing?
  5. Diary of a Lovesong - A Perfect Circle
  6. Love Song K-os Love Song Tesla Lovesong The Cure Maybe too literal?
  7. The meat section of my grocery store is decimated. I can only guess that people are stockpiling it in an extra freezer. Has not been any b/s chicken breasts the last 3 visits. They have steaks. Seeing the news, I was expecting the TP and bleach and water. But I finally was able to buy dish soap for the first time in 3 weeks Friday. Who stockpiles dish soap?
  8. Want me to send over my old AD&D books? StingerZZZ might be willing to come over and mess up your adventures if you need more chaos from a teenage mentality.
  9. Single guy with no kids, and I'm cheap. I almost always buy the largest package and it usually lasts me many many months. I also don't want to be the guy that always goes through the line with TP. I bought a brand last time that I don't like much, so I probably have 30+ rolls after purchasing some of my old brand. It usually varies between 1 and 21 or so.