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  1. No agenda, I just don’t think he’s lived up to the hype.
  2. Sargent is not good at soccer. Awful year.
  3. Link The reason why sports gambling stocks popped today.
  4. The DKNG streaming play was out of nowhere, but not surprising. They have big time connections to the media and finance worlds. Wouldn't be surprised to see them to continue to go in that direction. The comparisons to PENN are unfounded IMHO. DKNG has a much higher ceiling IMHO.
  5. The message is this...China is important for stock prices
  6. Raiders and Last Crusade are classics, but the world is much smaller than it was in the 80s...scenes in Egypt, Nepal or Jordan are not as awe inspiring as they were in 1980. That being said, Raiders is in my personal top 10.
  7. As a percentage of GDP, 19.51 percent of our exports go to China. This isn't good for the market.
  8. Anybody else feel a significant June correction coming 5-10%? This bull run feels a bit inflated.
  9. Waitress: "There were no forks in medieval times hence there are no forks at medieval times" Matthew Broderick: "But they had Pepsi?" Cable Guy is my personal favorite Jim Carrey flick as well.