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  1. Meh, definitely a B movie. Would suggest a pass unless you are desperate for a flick. Not sure why Netflix would promote this.
  2. We have 18 other threads for that discussion.
  3. We can start with this pathetic mistruth. Misrepresenting Native American ancestry for political gain is disgusting and disqualifies her for the Presidency as far as I’m concerned.
  4. Just started “Fracture” on Netflix....will report back.
  5. Gibson’s accent in Braveheart was terrible, not to mention he was way too old for the role...and I like Gibson.
  6. Fan service or not, I enjoyed it immensely and thought it brought closure where closure was due.
  7. This is where we discuss Warren’s lies and concerns with her candidacy for President.
  8. Staying in Kensington with a friend Oct. 23 and 24, staying near Leicester Square 25-27. Looking for bars, restaurants and general fun things to do if anybody has been recently?
  9. "Trump Rally Protest Thread" "Trump and the 16 Women" "Official Donald Trump Impeachment Thread" "The Trump Years, Every Day Something More Shocking than the Last" Clearly this forum is not looking for two way dialogue. Has this become the MSNBC of political forums?
  10. I think I'm with Haley on this...bad move by the President. That being said, I'm all for us cutting back on the "World Police" policy we've had basically since WW2. Why are we the sole protector of the Kurds?