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  1. Gotta think the latino speakers at the convention are a large part of this result...equating the Democratic platform to Castro's Cuba is a very powerful, on-point message. Let's hope he maintains that edge.
  2. I don't even know where to start with these lists. Comparing the USA to Norway is a frightfully intellectually dishonest exercise.
  3. I don't know anybody in this forum that stated they are doing such unequivocally. Is your position that the election will have zero repercussions for the stock market? I've seen it debated on both sides over the past few months.
  4. It's pretty telling that over 40% of the votes are Democratic Party in a forum that is 90% Democrat. Shame on the Democrats.
  5. And I'd say our biggest issue is that too many Americans are lazy and complain about their quality of life when they have been given the greatest opportunity the world has known. Are there sects that are disadvantaged? Of course, but it is tremendously overstated for the vast majority of Americans. It's hard for me to express how overstated it is and it's one of the primary reasons I vote Republican.
  6. Huge public sides in the NCAA tournament...definitely edges there IMHO. College hoops probably my second best sport. Hoops models so much easier to develop than football too.
  7. So took a pretty substantial position in Google today and am now only 35% cash...after playing this last pullback. Current Holdings SLV - not sure what I'm going to do with this MAR - holding long DKNG - holding long GOOGL - could just be a swing trade, get out before election AAPL - could just be a swing trade, get out before the election
  8. Modeling is my favorite part and I have my own, but you can win without models IMHO just difficult to do it over time with real volume. Factors such as cluster injuries/circumstantial factors and trend analysis provide edges that models can't capture.
  9. Yep, I follow a lot of them on Twitter and have even had some private conversations with them via Twitter messaging. Almost ended up writing for a prominent betting website as a result of some of those conversations, but not as interesting in writing and am more interested in just winning. Ideally I'd like to find other guys and form a think tank of sorts. At a minimum to see if they spot similar edges when the lines come out or just to bounce modeling ideas off of one have to hit that opening number fast.
  10. Yeah, thought I would give it a try to see if there were any hanging around.
  11. Yeah, makes sense...thought I would give it a go but wasn't expecting much.
  12. Shocking to me that it would be this difficult...two minds are better than one etc. etc.
  13. Any thoughts on how I can connect into this circle? The sports betting message boards out there are garbage.