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  1. Business travel day for me fellas. have no fear, I will return
  2. From Medicare, Medicaid and other healthcare programs yes. From Obamacare, not really.
  3. We receive a tangible benefit from the current educational system A) We are educated B) And the ancillary benefit from an educated society C) Our children receive an education Most of us didn't receive a tangible benefit from Obamacare BTW, I am by far and away the most liberal on education. If it were up to me we would double the education budget for K-12 while specifically targeting underprivileged communities.
  4. Very odd that the ADL would take this stance.
  5. Just remember when you lose in 2020...I gave you the keys to the kingdom.
  6. Right, we should work harder for the freeloaders.
  7. Kind of an outlier/exception....doesn’t benefit the discussion
  8. Headed to a movie fellas... communication will be limited.
  9. That benefits my neighbor, not me. (sans communicable diseases)