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  1. This is a big pun intended. I've always contended that people that take more than the alotted space should be forced to buy 2 seats or first class. Why should those that sit next to them suffer?
  2. how do I get represented...I live in CA and have some connections, but haven't really tried...have never written a word.
  3. can you expand? Demographics all young people I'm assuming. (makes sense because I rarely watch TV)
  4. 3-2, no huge regrets here. UCONN missed by 1 point and Minnesota had an 8 point lead with 5ish minutes to go.
  5. Any screenplay writers out there? I've been looking for a new hobby and thought I'd test the waters here. Where do I start? Are there any good self help books? How competitive is it to have your screenplay purchased? Pipe Dream?
  6. Really liking Narcos Mexico season 2. I seem to be higher on it than most.
  7. Really looking forward to the Euro friendlies...haven't seen a lot of those kids seemingly forever.
  8. Looks like Altidore will be 32, not unheard of for a lone striker I suppose. Really hoping weah emerges.
  9. I really like that squad...percentage chance they are healthy and Berhalter optimizes the talent is very low, but keeping fingers crossed.
  10. Has anybody taken a stab at our ideal starting lineup for Qatar assuming the miracle that all of our players are available? (also assuming we qualify which is far from a foregone conclusion)