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  1. Bell's goal is to get the biggest contract he can and he believes that he needs to minimize wear and tear on his body in order to accomplish that. Therein lies the dilemma. Right now, he's an unquestioned top 3 RB in the league. If he gets the team to limit his number of touches (a big if), let's say he ends up with 250 carries and 65 receptions and falls out of the Top 5 in the NFL in rushing yards. Are teams reluctant to give him the huge payday because they feel he's not a Top 3 or 5 talent any longer? Not to mention the continued potential blowback from some teammates and fans who feel that he's prioritizing himself over his team. It's a tricky calculation for him -- wanting to preserve his value and his body at the same time. That's why the safest bet is to come in for Week 11 when his legs will be much fresher than defensive players and his chances for putting up elite numbers are significantly higher. Each path has risk but if his sights are set completely on the biggest possible contract and the most guaranteed money, coming in after Week 10 likely gives him the best chance of accomplishing his goal.
  2. I actually think it'll be Rosen or Jackson. Higher ceiling for Jackson, higher floor for Rosen. But I think they're both better picks than Mayfield and Allen and likely Darnold, too.
  3. Not to mention the fact that the Rams will likely be playing ahead so often. I could see Gurley approaching 325 carries this year.
  4. Fascinating to see the Rams go all-in to this extent. I'm very curious to see how it plays out for them. Sometimes these things look better on paper and don't mesh on the field the way you expect they will, ala the Eagles a few years ago.
  5. I'm pretty shocked. I referred so many friends to Phenoms based on what an honest, reliable, and first-class organization it seemed to be. Wow.
  6. Bryant's quote: "I'm good, I'm good."
  7. @FG_Dolan: Domestic violence charge for Dez Bryant, as @MDoocy reports. Hoo boy. #Cowboys
  8. Sources confirm to @wfaachannel8 Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant was arrested by DeSoto Police today. via @rlopezwfaa
  9. I don't see it unless he pulls a Warren Moon and ends up in the Top 5 or 10 in both career yards and career TD's. I also worry that he may not age well. He's already a statue back there and it's only going to get worse.
  10. they have been importing chefs from all over for competitions in the past. i don't see why it has to change now...75% were local this time if not far more. Bourdain/Ripert are sort of permanent one time appearances. Next year is west coast. Has to be.They've done San Francisco and LA, though. Very surprised they haven't done New York yet, aside from a couple of episodes at the end of the last one.
  11. I thought the whole episode felt a bit anti-climactic. Personally, I think that having the celebrity chefs serve as sous-chefs is sort of ridiculous if they're not allowed to give input or help the chefs conceptualize their dishes. What's the point? Just the novelty of it? It certainly seemed that Lisa beat Stephanie to me. Stephanie's 3rd course was the big hit of the night, but it seemed like Lisa's soup wasn't far behind, and she seemed to nail the dessert as well, and her first course was Ted Allen's favorite. Stephanie's dessert looked terrible -- I can't believe they didn't nail her for the presentation. Maybe they did and it got edited out. I've seen more appetizing-looking desserts at Denny's. I hope it tasted better than it looked. I'm not saying that I think Lisa should have won, but if you're going on that meal alone, it seemed like she was the strongest. On the whole, I think they need to come up a better twist for the finale next season than having Eric Ripert chop onions and garlic for the chefs.
  12. Another vote for Gail. Padma seems way too vacuous I'd say more pretentious than vacuous, but another vote for Gail all the same.
  13. she has kind of come alive with each season. the other judges have followed suit. they seem to have found their legs at last. say what you will about padma as a host, she is lightyears ahead of that season 1 stepford wife that was there before her.I really just meant that her boobs looked huge.I actually paused the DVR and stared. They looked tender and juicy and the presentation was fabulous. my fiance' even commented. I pretended to not notice just so I could rewind to get another look and agree with her.Ha! I can just hear it: You: "Oh really? I've never noticed." (sounding uninterested)Her: "Oh yeah, how could you not have noticed?"You: "I was so focused on the show."Her: "Hold on, I'll rewind and show you."You: "It's not necessary, I really don't care."Her: "Hold on, I'm rewinding!"You: "Well, if you insist..."
  14. I don't think you'd get many arguments on that one. He has a classic Napoleon complex. Didn't he say he was 5'4" at one point?
  15. They wanted more women in the finale. They got that. Lisa causes more controversy, and more people will watch to see when she gets sent home. Antonia was kind of boring: "I'm doing this all for Heavy D's kid" I guess -- but now it's obvious it'll be a two-person contest, whereas Antonia would have added more intrigue. Lisa's just annoying -- she's not even a good "villain" like Marcel or that beast Tiffani from the first season. They had attitude but they were also real contenders to win it all.
  16. I can't believe Lisa made it through. How many times has she been on the verge of elimination? Essentially, I think what happened is that Antonia psyched herself out, sort of like that hot chick from last season (can't remember her name) in the finale. She just didn't seem focused (Nikki said so) and even messed up her rice. Her food didn't look very impressive and it certainly wasn't ambitious or sophisticated. She had an off-night, plain and simple. But you have to think that the judges really wanted her to be in the finale, so it shows you just how lousy her food really was.
  17. The show needs to stop using interview footage from the exit interviews to also recap what happened in the challenge. Spike looked so somber and almost as if he'd been crying during his interviews throughout the show and I figured that he had to have been eliminated. This happened a couple of other times as well -- with Jennifer and one other.
  18. Sadly, she survived it by getting under Dale's skin and making him lose his cool at judge's table. If he would've remained calm and explained that he had pointed out what was wrong with her soup and she failed to correct it, things might have been different, but his temper/hatred of Lisa got the better of him. Not that I can really blame him -- she's consistently in the bottom 3, she's annoying as hell, she has that horrible scowl on her face when she's at judge's table and she looks like she walked off the set of a Soundgarden video in 1994. Spike is pretty bad as well -- I don't think another chef as bad as these two made it as far in any of the other seasons.
  19. Another point: I know there are always some weak chefs at the beginning who need to be weeded out, but this season seems even worse. Take the Jamaican chick, for example. Has she made anything that's been even half-way decent? She'd be gone, except for the fact that some of the others have been even worse.
  20. I'm beginning to really agree with this in regards to the caliber of this season's chefs. Maybe someone will step up, but no one's been consistently amazing so far, the way Sam (who should've won the whole thing) was all through last season and Harold was in the first season. Hung and Tre started strong, but they seem a bit erratic and Hung's arrogance is going to get the better of him soon. Still a great show, but I wish the chefs were better.
  21. I thought it was a good challenge with lots of opportunities but I was pretty unimpressed with what most of them turned out. In their defense, I thought the guest judge seemed like a jerk. Even though Brian had immunity, I wondered if they'd toss him anyway, for sort of thumbing his nose at the challenge like that. Dumb move on his part.
  22. The other two don't touch Top Chef.Hells Kitchen has comedic value only, but Food Network Star is good stuff. Guy Fieri has a pretty good show now because of it.Really, you like it? I think he's sort of a one trick pony. Get him away from buffalo wings and crispy won tons and he's lost.
  23. Which one?Brian, the guy from San Diego who won the last challenge.Cool. I'm from San Diego, but I've never been to his restaurant. Seems like he does some interesting stuff -- I'll have to check it out.