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  1. That last caution sucked. From a fan perspective, I'm tired of these late wrecks nullifying the whole race up to that point. I really wanted to see if Bowman could catch the leader by the end.
  2. Just snagged a late posting of Bowman -120 o Johnson - Heritage/locals
  3. Similar plays/fades here. Truex +100 o Kyle B. Truex -125 o Hamlin Larson -135 o Hamlin Buescher +150 o Stenhouse
  4. I'm on vacation and have barely looked. I tailed Rotodoc on a couple of longshots. Dibenedetto +2700 and Buescher +6300. Have Chastain +12500 from weeks ago for giggles. If I were going to play any matchups, I sure wouldn't lay much juice on this crapshoot.
  5. Maybe it was posted and I missed it, but rumor was rehearsals went 1:51.
  6. I'm not seeing the prop builder at 5dimes. Anybody else have it like normal, or am I done there?
  7. the way these playoffs have been going, I should probably sit out the SB. ffs
  8. This BIlls playcalling is pissing me off. Why the #### are you giving Gore half the carries?????