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  1. Should have known better when every "sharp" liked Dallas. Can't even cover teaser legs. Congrats Cards alt. line backers.
  2. Nice bet, but you must have broken it. I keep getting errors. edit - just got it to accept
  3. Not going to matter so much with Giants win over Cowboys. Congrats to the G-men.
  4. I've half-jokingly tried to get my 15 yo son to help me with prep. or watching for lines to drop, but he just wants to know what kind of % cut he would get.
  5. Yep. Lost my KC -7 placed right as the news broke yesterday.
  6. Can't believe I was dumb enough to bet an under (LAC/TB). Idiot.
  7. Had MIA +7, lost by 8. Had DET +5 (-120), lost by 6. Was on JAC +4 so didn't cut that one as close.
  8. Found 250-1 the other night after the positive test news broke. No idea how the rules/laws actually work though.