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  1. Good question. I think I'm good with either but assumed Shaquill.
  2. and the visiting team's home crew is generous too theoretically skewing their stats up
  3. I saw a similar un14.5 receptions line on some RB at my one local but left it alone.
  4. I think you mistyped 8:20. Light prop card for me today as I was lazy this week, but tough sledding. Lost several QB unders when teams abandoned the run in the 2nd halves. Mixon blowing up hurt too.
  5. CBB. I faded Memphis & took the under on the Wiseman suspension news, but then they doubled down and played the kid anyway. Thankfully, I came away with a split.
  6. Yep, today was an old-school Sunday for me with a strong 1:00 and a ####ty 4:00 card.
  7. horrible beat on Trubisky under yards. Went from ~115 to 251 in last 5 minutes.