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  1. CLV record? Not that I know of, I've just seen him reference prior days' CLV, positive & negative, on Twitter.
  2. There's a new MLB guy, Zerillo, who seems to based on his tweets. Like swirve, i'm just looking for non-prop action by following a few of these guys plus Gamehunter. Zylbert brings much of the twitter hate upon himself with his arrogance.
  3. Elliott/Harvick was quite the sweat surprisingly. Gotta look for some spots to back Kurt B. soon. He's on a tear to not have won yet.
  4. Heritage - Kyle B. at +$ over Blaney eta: Seeing this out there as high as +160. Insane.
  5. If this isn't a typical fun Bristol race, time to scrap the new rules.
  6. Can't believe we haven't seen @swirvenirvin tonight. He might have lost a zillion dollars, but I bet it was worth it.
  7. Back up at 5d and also at Mybookie! Played Bowman & Johnson over Stenhouse Johnson over A. Dilon Blaney o Kurt Busch