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  1. If you can find it by searching, several posts in here on how to proceed. Bank -> Coinbase -> Blockchain -> Sportsbook
  2. Played Harvick & Logano each -125 over Truex and Hamlin (-140) and Blaney (-110) over Kez.
  3. Looked up the Harvick Bristol penalty incident. He wound up just one lap down as there was a very early caution then also. A loose wheel forced him to pit soon after putting him multiple laps down. Only having to run down half of pit road must keep it from being worse.
  4. Nascar minor league race. Check it out - crazy action a high banked short track. NBCSN
  5. On K props? I use several DFS sites projections and articles, umpire stats, etc.
  6. Looks like they were just circled until closer to game time. Back to normal limits on early games now.
  7. Had my strikeout prop limit cut at Bookmaker from 500 to 100. I thought they were known to not limit people. Anybody else been cut there on props or anything?
  8. Yep, I'd played Wiscy -10 already for a bit. Missed out on other two. I'm out of practice and ran into a couple of unexpected limit issues.
  9. Nothing more frustrating than trying to play RAS public releases.
  10. Usually use the mobile Heritage site so I can avoid it. It's awful.
  11. Looks like Heritage has K lines switched on Paxton and Rodriguez.