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  1. On Newcomb under too. Torn on Porcello. Braves have whiffed a bunch already. I'll probably just pass on him.
  2. It was a credit for keeping your balance there like BOL. I think I saw an email about it a few months ago.
  3. I actually haven't listened to it yet. Finally getting caught up on Bet the Process episodes. I tagged you on this in light of the recent talk here about how Bookmaker ain't what it used to be. That's pretty surprising though about not originating in-house. I've considered them to be the sharpest book in my rotation (which doesn't include Cris or Pinny).
  4. There will be a competition caution so I'm not going crazy but definitely fading him.
  5. Adding some fades of Hamlin. Kez -120 o Hamlin Logano -120 o Hamlin Blaney +100 o Hamlin (only saw this at DSI) eta: I don't get how now Kez is favored over Logano but Logano has longer odds than Kez over Hamlin. Weird stuff. I played more on Kez than Logano above.
  6. Still looking...only played these two so far. Jones -120 o Byron Elliott -140 o Kyle
  7. So close to a surprise sweep. Yep, that wreck was pretty nice especially after Harvick & Jones did the same thing a bit before that but recovered. Fun times.
  8. I can't not watch Bristol, and if I'm watching, I can't not bet it. Fading Truex, Almirola & Byron basically. Harvick -140 o Truex Elliott -170 o Truex Hamlin -155 o Truex Kes -125 o Truex Kenseth -130 o Almirola Newman -120 o Almirola Johnson -160 o Bryon Jones -154 o Byron
  9. Oh, was there a race tonight? Seriously, didn't watch it, but glad to now see Elliott won. Better luck next time or join me on the sidelines.
  10. I really need baseball to get started so I can resist the temptation to bet on UFC and Nascar. Pulling for the local boy, Elliott, sure didn't help my racing frustration this past week either, betting aside.
  11. Unfortunately, Truex didn't fare so well after making the same dumb decision. Dumb race.
  12. Treading lightly, but I played Truex o Harvick also as well as -110 o Kyle Busch. I'm also on Jimmie +102 o Byron and -149 o Bowyer. Hoping for some overreactions to qualifying once odds are back up.
  13. I got nothing. . I'd sworn off Nascar for a bit after the first few races of the season, and I was just burnt out between work and gambling. Well, the universe sure took care of that for me, lol. I'll probably jump back in for the midweek race after we have some data from today's race. Good luck!
  14. As an obsessive line shopper, I can't wrap my head on around routinely betting on horses and not knowing what the odds actually are.