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  1. Chicks dig the long balls
  2. Nope. I may be attracted sexually, but I do not love him
  3. Its going to be a bloodbath
  4. And you can trust me on that one.
  5. My marriage covers that, this should be a respite
  6. I'm doing what I can, but you're not helping
  7. It was, but Hillary stole it, melted it into bullets and used them to shoot and killed a hundred fetuses.
  8. @HellToupee one sided? @Ditka Butkus @Megaton @BeaverCleaver @tosberg34 @Kimber @jon_mx @Da Gildz @Dr Oadi @Toe Cutter @Ramblin Wreck @Stealthycat @Rove! @LARamsFan @GROOT @Steve @Bozeman Bruiser @TPW @Uncle CornCob @butcher boy @Mavis @MaxThreshold @ShamrockPride @Weebs210 @William Munny @Quez @knowledge dropper @KnowledgeReignsSupreme