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  1. Bull####. I never claimed responsibility but I do know who is responsible. Trump surrogates trying to fire up the base instincts of the base.
  2. You should have call cos. He's nursed his poodle back to health twice after you overdosed him.
  3. Amaya's (Texmex) Texas Chili Parlor (booze, chili, bar food) Evangeline's (cajun)
  4. “that this is not just some oddball rhetorical game he’s playing.” Rather “he genuinely has no idea what he’s talking about.”
  5. I read this as ventiloquist and thought that would really suck to still hear nagging while getting a slurpy leona
  6. At their race track 20 years ago, was the first time I ever paid $10 for a pack of smokes.
  7. (Preacher) had one of the best season finales I've seen in quite a while.
  8. So your entire screed is based on an imaginary place. Where and how do you propose to create this new nation? I'm sure Palestine wouldn't mind us slicing off another chunk.
  9. I was okay with everything until the Ginger
  10. Maybe you should create this imaginary "safe place" before shipping fellow human beings back to the gaenocide they fled. Secondly, advising they go to another Gulf state would be akin to shipping WW2 Jews from Germany back to Poland or Austria
  11. Wow, you really are a heartless bastard, aren't you?