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  1. at breakfast the other day I was served overeasy eggs with stone cold toast and frozen butter. sent it back and my eggs got cold. sigh. when did breakfast become so hard? ps never order scrambled eggs at a restaurant
  2. say that dialogue in A Joe Pesce Voice
  3. Read Shuke's PMs, that's his password
  4. glad to say no one is getting very drunk tonight
  5. Oh I get it. Duck Blind, amirite?
  6. Thanks. I need to get out more. Someone could co-schtick an @No One notification at appropriate times
  7. I thought it was a train to Georgia
  8. Ricky Davila‏ @TheRickyDavila Surprise! trump didn't implement Russian sanctions that he signed & the deadline to issue guidance to ID Russian intel agents, he missed it. Ricky Davila added, Emma Best @NatSecGeek Replying to @NatSecGeek Here's the requirement for Trump to produce guidance on IDing Russian agents by today. There's still no guidance. … 5:38 PM - 1 Oct 2017
  9. I think there should be a rule. If I "like" five of your posts in one day, you should get a two week vacation
  10. spox says Cohen rejected project bc Trump was committed to ANOTHER developer in Russia. THE SATER project. 1. Sooo let's see what we have here.Washington PostVerified account @washingtonpost Documents given to federal investigators from Trump associates reveal 2 previously unreported contacts from Russia 2. Guess who? Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, Ferlix Sater and a Russian billionaire who served in upper house of Russian parliament. 3. Guess what? Cohen and Sater exchanged emails about Cohen travelling to economic conference in RUssia attended by oligarchs & Putin. 4.Second what: Cohen received a proposal in late 2015 for a SECOND Moscow residential project (separate from Sater's) by Russian billionaire 5. Both the email exchange with Sater re: attending Putin/oligarch eco conference and the SECOND residential project proposal are NEW. 6. This information comes from documents that Trump associates & his company have turned over to federal investigators. So it's CERTAIN. 7. Cohen declined the invitation to the Putin/oligarch eco conference bc he had difficulties attending so close to GOP convention (timing) 8. Cohen also rejected the Moscow building plan on part of the oligarch who used to be in RU parliament. Said rejections matter NADA. Why? 9. Bc the eco conference was rejected purely bc he had the GOP convention to attend, and the business deal evidently wasn't good enough. 10. Neither reason to reject erases the fact that he'd HAVE gone to meet Putin & co and he'd HAVE taken the deal had they been convenient. 11. Which in turn means, the matter WASN'T "Oh you know we're in a Presidential campaign and we do NOT want contact with Russia". 12. Nope, the matter was "oh hey I'd love to but there's GOP convention" and most likely "not good enough". Yet again, INTENT. 13. The point is not "but I didn't go there and I didn't take the deal", the point is WHY Cohen didn't go to Moscow and WHY he rejected deal 14. And this is why this information about these interactions HAS been turned over to Mueller & Congress regardless. 15. PLS note: Details of these communications were turned over by Trump Org IN AUGUST to WH. It's October. Do the math. 16. The continued negotiations/contacts with RU for various reasons happened BEFORE July 16 when Trump said "I have ZERO investments in RU". 17. What they prove? CONSTANT contact with Russians and a constant interest in doing business in Moscow. 18. And predictably, Cohen tries the "I didn't go to Russia!" card. NOT THE POINT, BUDDY. The point is WHY you didn't and getting invited. 19. But the most interesting part is the general counsel for Trump Org saying the Moscow proposal needed to be understood "in context". 20. Their best defense is "all real estate ppl receive lots of proposals but few are pursued". Except yours are FROM MOSCOW during CAMPAIGN 21. Sater was all "hey Mikey, come to the conference in St. Petersburg, I can introduce you to PM Medvedev, oligarchs and even Putin 22. Sater told Cohen that Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov could help arrange the discussions. Sater's attorney? Doesn't comment. 23. Formal invitation included letter signed by conference official to help Cohen get a visa from RU government. Meaning? Talks DID progres 24. The Obama administration actively discouraged US businesses from 2014 (after Ukraine invasion) to NOT attend this annual conference. 25. Which of course makes matters for Cohen worse, as he never refused out of it being questionable to go but just bc GOP convention. 26. The email exchange happened in June 2016. Earlier in 2016 Sater, Cohen and Trump discussed the Trump Tower Moscow deal. 27. The famous spokesman Sater proposes to use to organize discussions with Putin is the same one Cohen emailed previously, in Jan 2016. 28. Fact that is often forgotten: Cohen has known Sater SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. ALWAYS bear this in mind. 29. Don't think this new real estate proposal was just a mention. NOPE, full negotiation between Cohen and financier Giorgi Rtskhiladze. 30. A spokesman for the financier CONFIRMED proposal, said a 13-page doc with pictures was delivered in Oct. 2015. 31. And here comes the twist: spox says Cohen rejected project bc Trump was committed to ANOTHER developer in Russia. THE SATER
  11. Promoting them in a way that the centrists and the right would hate them
  12. Stupid analogy. WTH would anyone sue Ford over a Chrysler vehicle?
  13. exactly