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  1. Deep WR Stashes Here's my ranking of the players Thoughts? Chris Moore WR BAL Robert Davis WR WAS Krishawn Hogan WR IND Trevor Davis WR GB Michael Clark WR GB Noah Brown WR DAL Chad Hansen WR NYJ Marcus Kemp WR KC Marcus Johnson WR PHI Thinking there is going to be big change in the WR depth chart in BAL and Moore is ready to ascend. Davis could fill the role Pryor was initially intended for. Moncrief is a FA this year. GB is looking to get young at WR. Noah Brown could be a cheap replacement for Dez.
  2. Here's something for everyone to weigh in on in regards to dynasty value. Our dynasty league is expanding this year. I am only able to protect 2 of my 3 QBs. My QBs are Brady, Stafford, and Garoppolo. I'm leaning to Garoppolo being one of them as he is the youngest. I feel the choice comes down to Stafford or Brady being the 2nd one to protect. I have leaned heavily toward Stafford until recently. Talk me either back from the cliff or take the dive and run to the end with Brady.
  3. Hey Bloom, I have a tough decision to make and would like your advice. PPR league with bonus for longer TDs Would you go with Crabtree or Nelson? It seems like Crabtree would be the safer bet for volume with Cooper being out, but Nelson may be due since Hundley ignored him for so long. In my league scoring the Cowboys are the # 6 scoring defense (Crabtree) in points allowed to WRs and the Panthers are the # 2 (Nelson). Thanks for the help!!
  4. In a PPR league with bonus for long TDs.....WDIS Josh Gordon or Jordy Nelson?
  5. Hey Joe, Thanks for having this post as I think you can tell that MyFBGs is something that a lot of us love and are passionate about making sure it is the best it can be for the coming year. I recently upgraded my MFL league to the 2017 version. Prior to that I was able to highlight players by teams when I would go to FBGs Forecast > Dynasty Rankings and selected MyFBG's MFL link. I have tried syncing rosters, unlinking and relinking the league and it still seems to be pulling the rosters from the 2016 MFL league link. I know that MFL did things with the way their site operates, so I don't know if that is causing problems with MyFBG trying to pull the rosters from MFL 2017 rosters. Just wanted to point it out if you are not aware that was going on. Let me know if you need more detailed info to describe the problem and if you have a workable solution. Thanks
  6. Bloom, I've been cursed by the fantasy gods with several injuries this past week (Stafford and Tannehill). Here's my dilemma, I need to pick a flex and feel I have over analyzed the scenarios and need some fresh perspective We have 2 flex spots and one of those can be a QB. Normally, it would be a no brainer, but Stafford's finger and poor weather in NY has me worried. Here's the specifics. PPR league with scoring bonus for big TDs for all players 0-9 yds = 6 pts, 10-39 yds = 9 pts, 40+ = 12 pts INT = -3 pts. Do I go with Stafford and either Kelley or Ware or should I go with the RB pairing of Kelley and Ware at my flex? Anyone and everyone can also feel free to weigh in as well as this middle finger situation is driving me nuts. Thanks to all in advance!
  7. Any reports on how he has practiced this week?
  8. One more Bloom If Michael Thomas cannot go this afternoon, which of the following would you use? It's a PPR league Chris Hogan Brian Quick Robby Anderson Ty Montgomery Russell Shepard It's the dregs of the waiver wire I know Thanks!
  9. Hey Bloom Need some advice Brees or Cousins? Brees is usually a no brainer, but he has been struggling lately and the Bucs defense is surging. Thanks
  10. Quick one for you Bloom.... PPR League Pryor vs PIT or Steve Smith vs DAL Thanks!
  11. Hey Bloom, PPR League Who would you go with for flex... Kelce or Gillislee? The news that they will go with the hot hand and Gill's injured foot, gives me cause for concern, plus the Colts D has been a sieve against TEs. Thanks for the advice
  12. I'm getting conflicting reports about Enunwa. He was originally posted as being active on rotoworld and CBS, but FBGs and have him as inactive. Anyone have an update as to what is going on? Did he warm up and find he wasn't able to go??
  13. I just checked the Yahoo league and the points are the same between Classic and New. Must be something the way my MFL league scoring rules are being applied to projections. Let me know if you need any info to trouble shoot the problem.
  14. Joe, First, I'd like to echo all the positive thanks for bringing this back. Everything seems to be working with the exception of my league scoring rules being applied. My rosters are correct for MFL and the projected stats are correct, but the point totals are different. I'm using Dodds projections in both classic MyFBG and Classic MyFBG Here is the example: Classic Rank Name Tm/Bye Age G Rsh Yd Y/R TD Rec Yd TD FantPt 1 Todd Gurley LA/8 22 16 280 1246 4.5 12 36 302 2 382.80 NEW T. Gurley G=16 rsh = 280 yd = 1249 Fum = 2 Rec = 36 Rec yds = 303 Rec TD = 2 No projected TDs or Yds for KR and PR TOTAL FP 233.6 So on Classic MyFBG the pts are 382.8 and on the new MyFBG the points are 233.6 I'm assuming it has something to do with the way the stats are applied to the scoring rules. I have a Yahoo league. I will test that and post the results.