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  1. When do you think first IVCs will go up?
  2. I am sure more than a few people will fire max entries into a few of the bigger tournaments
  3. Talk you off Goff? Nah. Just play him naked.
  4. No one is ever going to accuse FootballGuys content creators of being paying attention to chat during the preseason.
  5. No, from what I remember in the past they dont do anything until the lead up to week 1. So Jacksonville is the only team currently getting real love in Vegas. I was already thinking about JAX as a defense week 1 so that is a good sign.
  6. As of August 9th I am all in on Marriota. Week one pricing is always really bad. I feel like all the cheap WR and RB options is going to lead to the middle tiers guys being way under owned.
  7. If you have the time look at what each teams beat writer has been saying about training camp. They are generally the best resource to figure that type of thing out.
  8. Its always the same. If you have information about who will be getting the snaps then preseason NFL DFS is as easy as it gets. If you arent familiar with each team's camp battles, and who will be getting extended preseason looks then it is impossible.
  9. Football's back - I'm back. Lets start lighting some money on fire!
  10. I really havent done a whole lot this week. I have been checking the lines for another project though. This week, like last week, the books like Jacksonville. And unlike last week when they liked them to cover, they expect them to win. If youre thinking about Houston defense this week I'd recommend something else.
  11. Arizona, unfortunately, is the #1 defense against TEs this year Philadelphia is pretty close, but after them its a pretty steep drop to the 3rd toughest against TEs. They allow a passer rating of 55.3 to the position which is 10 points lower than Philadelphia.
  12. So the team this week that the books are begging for money on is Houston. They love Jacksonville. There was also some reverse line movement earlier this week on Pittsburgh, but that seems to have leveled out.
  13. Yeah, now hes not really taking part in pregame. Hard to think he plays
  14. Valanciunas is apparently in the pregame meeting to decide if he plays in slippers. So no?
  15. So Scott Barrett just posted Ben's home road splits. He averages about 80 yards and 2.5 TDs more at home than on the road. He also throws .7 fewer INTs a game. Theres also some noticeable reverse line movement on this game already towards Pittsburgh. Theyre also way underpriced. Ben/AB stacks are winning all the money this weekend folks.