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  1. It’s really freaking weird to watch in real time as someone (Trump) lives in a completely alternate reality than your own
  2. Yeah, it’s a genuine thrill ride with lights on. Literally is a roller coaster through construction scaffolding that way and, yes, quite a tight fit
  3. Always been dark far as I’s much more exciting with lights on, though
  4. Crunchy or creamy PB? There is a wrong answer
  5. Tiger Woods. At the early stages of his career he’d come to the Play It Again Sports store I worked at and search for antique clubs (persimmon woods, old 1 and 2 irons, etc). He was cool. Good chance I hit on the same Perkins waitresses as he did ETA: Hulk Hogan and Aerosmith. Both in business settings through my brother who practiced entertainment law at the time. I fanboy-ed a little more over Hulk than I did Steven Tyler
  6. Remember a few years back they had those PB&J slices like American cheese? Yeah, those were dark times
  7. Nearly procrastinated just long enough to miss out on updating voter reg from independent to dem just so I can actually vote in the primary down here in FL. With 5 days to spare, I’m current and ready to support in March
  8. What’s the actual story on this? Because there needs to be serious supporting factors in favor of Trump for this tweet not to be one of the top 5 most disgusting tweets of his. For the POTUS to flippantly claim biased jury/juror...well it’s not funny