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  1. It’s McConnell and his desires for a response to Trump’s mistake. His explanation of why the House resolution was weak was a bit political in a Rs v Ds sense, but still encouraging nonetheless...take what you can get when Mitch opposes the WH, I guess
  2. It’s really hard for someone who’s not terribly educated on all these weird investing vehicles, like myself, to read this and not come away angry that behind the scenes people/groups are creating things that seemingly only add value to those doing the investing AND that they’re screwing our overall economy again with another bubble burst like ‘08 as a result.
  3. Andrew’s dad Marty has become my favorite non-main character of the show Now for some awesome news:
  4. My favorite Trump meme out of all them is just so dang versatile:
  5. Oh shiz, completely missed the fallen tree part of the story...Lorax, obviously
  6. Going from memory here: it started with the White House saying they (Turkey) were already planning to do it, so that’s why we got out of the way. Then a DoD guy said Turkey’s actions were wrong and impulsive. Now this morning I read an article (will try to find) indicating that Turkey has been threatening this for quite some time, admin members didn’t believe them, and by leaving we were calling their bluff, yet totally stunned and flabbergasted that it actually happened so quickly and only after we proclaimed we wouldn’t be stopping them. ETA the article I referenced:
  7. As with “there’s a tweet for everything” for Trump, there also seems to always be a bust of a disappointed founding father near by for these types of things. Poor Ben Franklin there in the back, he literally can’t even
  8. As someone who’s not an elected official, I can hold this opinion quite safely: I would’ve been a non-vote with those other 14 and then released a statement along the lines of “Sorry, not voting on the written equivalent of a disappointed headshake. Saving my vote for impeachment, the real message of condemnation for this and many other actions.”
  9. According to the email I got a week or so ago, yes, you’ll need something other than firestick/tv to get the app. There was some vague language about continuing to work toward more access points, but nothing specifically about Amazon. I plan on getting a roku