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  1. I often do an air guitar when saying his name to this day, regardless of movie role I might be talking about
  2. HOA will only allow vinyl fencing, no wood, but for some reason they’re cool w/ above ground pools. Was hoping HOA restrictions would for once work out in my favor here, but not to be so Agreed...but happy wife-happy life unfortunately won out in the short term
  3. We moved to our current home 2 years ago and I had been winning the battle against building a pool on the grounds of personal finances (too much debt as is, what if we need a new car, yada yada). The wifey is relentless, though, and kept coming and kept throwing body blows about above ground pools as compromise to the costly in ground option. 2 weeks ago I surrendered to the above ground pool. 1 week ago she got a job offer with salary 50% more than current salary; so, in the span of 2 weeks I caved on above ground pool and lost my main excuse against an in ground one. The above ground pool goes up this weekend and we’ll be getting quotes for in ground as a Christmas gift to ourselves. The 4 year old daughter couldn’t be happier
  4. Why are we not talking about this?! Typically I shy away from nostaglia-centric reboots, but I’m gonna make an exception for this. Keanu Reeves might be one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood and I can’t help but support him. Welcome back Bill S Preston, Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan! The guy that directed Galaxy Quest will be directing Bill & Ted 3, so there’s hope for something decent
  5. Gonna find this offense as a common complaint with numerous documented dates...FL Man is no fan of swamp ###
  6. The stretch of I-4 between US 27 to the west and SR 528 to the east needs massive expansion upgrades. The congestion around all the Disney exits is almost unrelated to time of day, it just is crowded at all times. I know Disney the company has nothing to do with this, but local and state officials really need to get on this quick before it turns into a problem like downtown Orlando
  7. I will openly admit to being fully against high-powered semi-automatic rifles, regardless of arguments in favor of them (i.e. hunting, farming). I just don’t care about possible positive uses, the negatives far outweigh those reasons. That said, from a legal standpoint, could states impose similar measures to car ownership such as registration/licensing/insurance without running afoul of the 2nd amendment?
  8. The guys at The Onion must, at least weekly by now, look up at a TV, then crumple up the paper they were writing on and yell “it’s not supposed to be real!!!”
  9. Remember when Obama was often criticized for how often he said the word “I” in a speech? Felt hollow then and now, with this mush mouth, ever more so
  10. Say it to his face, in person, on camera! The lot of them are spineless! Why don’t you be courageous and honorable for McCain and defend him in person?! I hate social media more for the weak passive-aggressive stances than the idiotic conspiracy theories. Man up and take it to his freaking face!
  11. Poor guy, all these people that are “sooo” against him. He probably “can’t even”
  12. The Vortex for a bison burger and beer! Chili dog(s) at The Varsity. Mary Mac’s for southern soul food. Front Page News for brunch and killer Bloody Mary bar. Fat Matt’s for bbq and live blues music. Piedmont Park will probably have some kind of festival/event going on. Get drunk and ride MARTA, it’s a trip
  13. What the balls is he talking about?!? Lemme guess, he’s knows more about planes than even the pilots?
  14. Leader of men in action, obviously* *he’s just an utter embarrassment