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  1. Man on the streets report: spending the weekend in Saint Augustine Beach. The beach itself has been as expected, people but not wildly crowded. The restaurants, that we had every intention of ordering to go from, act as though social distancing is simply a phrase, no meaning. I should clarify, the restaurants look like they’re trying to adhere to whatever state/county guidelines exist for in house dining, but everyone just pops a squat in monster clusters outside waiting for one of those precious tables to open up. It’s crazy. Downtown old city we wore our masks on the trolley tour. The company “forced” you to wear one and provided you with if didn’t have upon arrival. Once the trolley left the staging area everyone pulled theirs off; except the wife, kiddo, and I Things aren’t back to normal, but people are doing their best to act like it is
  2. All done, gonna go pass out now:
  3. Finally getting to try tri-tip. Smoking hot at 300 until hitting internal of 125, quick sear of both sides, then rest. I got all clever and used Frank’s Red Hot as binder for my brisket rub, hoping for a subtle spark in taste from it.
  4. My girl is 5, so for kids in that range: Bluey is actually quite enjoyable and wholesome as far as kid shows go...I don’t mind the fact that I’ve seen it through a couple times already during the apocalypse
  5. ...the pool build will be starting in 2 weeks and I’d like to transplant some of the sod where the hole will go to other areas of yard that aren’t doing so well. My thumb is far from green, any tips on how to approach this to best ensure successful growth? It’s St Augustine grass, if that makes any difference
  6. Spend a little extra and splurge on the Performer series...but yeah, this
  7. I *think* I’m sticking w/ Tua at the 2 spot in my superflex league over CEH...kinda hoping I just get a trade deal I can’t refuse
  8. Yeah, well...
  9. Ha, I have friends trying to barter w/ me on FB, exchanging my food for beer or future rounds of golf. I’m all about if you supply the meat I’ll do the cooking! In your experience w/ numerous cooking tools, have you come across the Arteflame yet? It’s essentially a decorative fire pit/griddle, but instead of the $1500 base unit they actually sell an insert for Weber Kettles. It looks pretty darn awesome
  10. I would never want the stresses of owning/operating a restaurant, but dang cooking is just fun!
  11. I totally misjudged how many wings would be in a 10lb bag, had to use the Weber as overflow in addition to the matter, WANGS!
  12. Serious?!? I’m supposed to be in St Augustine that weekend, should be okay viewing similar my normal spot in Orlando. Dang, I really wanted to actually go to KSC for this launch
  13. We have a little over a month to see how this all goes and make final decision on our annual beach vacay to St Augustine. The cautious side of me says “not yet”, while the parent of a 5 year old who is not handling this new normal well says “NEED!” I really hope the optimism and seemingly positive news (that I filter through my own discernment) continues and I can say yes to this trip with sizable caveats on how we facilitate activities while there...this won’t be an easy choice
  14. Down payment on our pool that starts in a few weeks just got much larger