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  1. Well crap, looks like I’ve gotta get a new Weber Kettle: had a hell of a storm come through west Orlando last night (easily TS force wind gusts) that blew my kettle clear through screened-in porch door, bounced it across paver patio and into corner of yard against fence. It’s all dented and scratched up now, lid doesn’t fit anymore. Thankfully the smoker weighs a hefty bit, she might’ve gone out after the grill did. Not as bad as could have been for sure, neighbor’s backyard fence got leveled
  2. Striking out looking is worse, IMO
  3. That seems like a wild ends of the spectrum for what constitutes po boy filling: fried seafood on one side and roast beef on the other. No matter, I’m down with the roast beef and chunky au jus, sounds great
  4. Honorable Mention: any port of call city from an Alaskan cruise; Juneau probably the biggest option. It’s been 8 years since my honeymoon cruise there and I long to go back, just the most beautiful scenery I’ve witnessed
  5. I’d like to see a few things happen: First, completely ignore Trump and his antics. He is who we thought he was, possibly worse, and he’s not changing. He thrives with attention (his election is the embodiment of “any publicity is good publicity”), take that power away and watch him flounder and self-destruct. Second, Congressional Dems, keep doing policy work, let your agenda for America speak for itself on that stage. Dem candidates, focus on and provide a clear picture of your agenda for America, including policy initiatives. Let your ideas be the obvious counter to Trump ideas/policies. Avoid “anything but Trump”, avoid Trump, talk about how the Democratic agenda works for America. Lastly, once the actual nominee is selected, rally around that individual and promote them for their political ideals and contrast that to the Republican platform and guidance under Trump. Here you can attack him
  6. What’s this “with roast beef” stuff? I’ve never encountered a po boy with that as an option. I assume hot roast beef? Au jus?
  7. I’m sure I do dream, I just don’t remember them upon waking; I do often wake up confused, having to verify where I am, even going through memory bank of confirming my name, date of birth, address, simple stuff like that. When I was a kid I constantly had sleep paralysis, but only ever when taking a nap on the living room couch. They were terrifying and I’d often wake up by flopping off the couch after what felt like hours of struggling to move or make sounds in my sleep. Years later my brother admitted to me about having sleep paralysis when he was a kid. I was surprised and opened up about having it too (never talked about it, freaked me out that much), and that I only ever had it at our childhood home. His eyes got big, “mine only happened on the couch...” I interrupted with a “you’re messing with me, right?! I’ve talked about this and just forgot and now you’re pranking me?!” Nope, we both had sleep paralysis dreams and only ever independently whilst napping on the living room couch. Clearly there’s an ancient burial ground under our childhood home
  8. I guess one odd reason is I’m not sharp enough to know that it was just a word in all caps and not some hip lingo acronym that I didn’t know the meaning of (OLD). “Dammit! The kids have another new term, what does it mean?!”
  9. Why didn’t you fix this unknown problem last night for me, so I wouldn’t have to deal with it today?!? -my wife
  10. She didn’t dislike Hereditary, just doubt it’ll ever get requested for a second viewing. A somewhat recent entry to this genre, we both loved The Haunting of Hill House. There was a short film (5-10 minutes max) a few years back with no dialogue showing a lady getting ready for bed and seeing shadowy figure near where lights were just turned off, ended with demon creature in her bed I think. Pretty certain it won some indie film awards and was eventually used as the premise for a full length film. Anyone know what I’m thinking of and if the big screen movie turned out good? The short was pretty scary and well done
  11. Take my review with a huge grain of salt as I’m not the biggest fan of the horror genre (it has good movies, it’s just not the type I gravitate toward): wife and I watched Hereditary a couple weeks ago and I thought it was pedestrian and mostly just there, nothing special. We watched The Nun two nights ago and it was a big oof to me. The wife is a bit upset with me as she is a big fan of the genre and I’m over here panning her suggestions. She’s trying to convince me to revisit The Ring, but I refuse; that movie scared the piss out of me back when it came out
  12. Riding MARTA from Hartsfield to downtown sure is an entertaining adventure
  13. Maybe I haven’t traveled enough, but I’ve always found ATL to be an under appreciated food destination. My bro lived downtown for years (Newnan now after he and the wife had a kid; also a cool town). Mary Mac’s, Fat Matt’s BBQ, Flying Biscuit, Front Page News, Eats jerk chicken, Virginia Highlands area, lots of awesome options for a guy who lives in chain restaurant hell Orlando
  14. Marc Leishman or Graeme McDowell for fantasy purposes? It’s not draft kings, just a league with friends, so who do you think plays better this week