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  1. The crunchy bits as a bed for the fish is where it’s at
  2. Maybe I just didn’t *get* it, but Monsterland on Hulu was completely boring and unmemorable
  3. The American electorate creates and drives American politics. We are enjoying what we asked for, collectively
  4. Can we all be honest and just admit these 2 are just horrible and we should, as a country, be ashamed of what we’ve done to get here
  5. That pull away from defenders as he heads toward the sideline...breathtaking
  6. That 7.5% will now be used to invest in working class Americans, obviously! We’re down with this trickle, ya hear! *I fully admit to pulling a Trump here and only responding to article headline, no idea what’s really detailed within
  7. This is trolling by Pelosi, nothing more/nothing less. I want to be okay with it and laugh the wild man on twitter in reaction to it, but it just feels petty and stupid; especially considering proximity of election
  8. In dynasty, is he worth spending a late 1st on? Or will he get Phillip Lindsayed by the Jags?
  9. Rebuild and D Henry just wasn’t gonna do me any good...gave Henry and got Diontae + 2021 1st
  10. Is it just his ACL or does “tore up his knee” indicate a lot worse?
  11. Thinking of tossing Cook at him in a rebuild. No one has offered anything close to value for Cook, might as well trade one injury risk for another I suppose
  12. I just paid a 2021 2nd for him in my 10 team/11 man keeper league with .25ppc and 1.50ppr (I thought we switched down to 1.25 in off season, I was wrong). He’ll be one of my 3 weekly RB starters alongside Henry and Chubb. Trying to compete, so a late 2nd is worth the one year potential