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  1. Just look at that authentic Dad-basement-recliner...just oozes “do not bother right now”!
  2. I’m a little confused as to why there’s a bit of “we can’t do that, it’s too big a task” blowback to idea of national testing and contact tracing as a means of defense. Possibly just virus fatigue setting in and clouding judgement, which is understandable. My understanding is that a second wave is all but guaranteed for fall/winter. We will have weathered this current storm at great cost and recovery will be slow. The only way I see returning to anything resembling business as usual is to implement a strategy of national testing coupled with a vigorous system charged with contact tracing and localized quarantines when positives pop up. I don’t know the cost, but the testing portion can’t be any more than the stimulus package the citizens are getting now (and less than having to keep doing these stimuli with each wave of national lockdown). The manpower to produce the tests should be dealt with via the DPA and the task force for tracing/quarantine should be a solid partnership between medical professionals and the national guard. Of course it’s all a tall task, we’re living in the midst of a true global pandemic against a new virus. Nothing is easy now. But this is still America and snapshots of her greatness are seen every day as we fight this, all we gotta do is unleash it and it’s fullest and victory will be ours.
  3. I’ve never played horse, normally just a NL guy...I can be up and running by 1115 tonight. If too late, no worries, I’ll catch another night
  4. It ain’t steak but I got this on order: Bday present to myself. I’ve found a bunch of farms similar to above just playing around on Instagram
  5. I have applied under name simulatedmeat (don’t ask...or do, it’s just a dumb story) I’m generally good for games 11pm est range
  6. I wonder if some group far smarter than me could run a FairTax simulation for today’s financial environment, giving educated guesses for upcoming stimulus check spending and the like, and end up proving my biased belief that it’s a superior method of taxation over income
  7. If there’s enough of us that are mobile platform specific, I’ll jump on this pokerrrr2 app bandwagon
  8. I’d actually survived the first 3 weeks of our shelter-in-place lifestyle without any fast food; doing so good making all our meals. And then wifey on Saturday said “we haven’t had Popeye’s in a long time” and dang it if I didn’t lose the internal battle of resistance quickly. So good, yet so destructive to our TP stock
  9. This is the first I think I’ve ever pushed through day 4 of no shaving. Normally the mangy appearance forces my hand, but whether wishful thinking or I grew up after turning 40 the other week, this almost passes the acceptability threshold
  10. I agree on Disney for the most part, however we found Bluey on there by accident and it’s wonderful. Sad it’s only 1 season so far...this is for the youngins’, by the way, the 4-6 range
  11. Also, no pics, but I’m emptying out freezer a tad by cooking up some bubba burgers tonight 😬
  12. Man, only deals I get calls about are extended warranties for a car I owned 5 years ago...I can’t cook those! I did, however, find my own deal. There’s a halal meat joint not too far me from and and they’re selling uncut beef chuck short ribs for $2.99/lb! Picking up quite a bit tomorrow
  13. Explain this to me like I’m dumb...we’re def going with the can’t get reinfected theory here? Unlike the flu, which mutates often and you or I can get the “flu” numerous times, this procedure/process banks on the supposed lack of mutation of SARS-cov-2? This sounds awesome, I’m just curious why so quick.
  14. I’ll be that guy (username checks out), if a app based option can be utilized that would be great. As of now, the 2 laptops in my house are company owned from wife and I’s respective employers and we can’t go putting gambling programs on them. If not, totally understand; I intend to buy a chrome book soon, but probably not for a couple more weeks
  15. DeSantis has been attempting to find his gubernatorial persona ever since he took office, this seems to be where he’s really gonna set his sights at making a name for himself...probably not gonna work out as well in practice as it is in his head, me thinks
  16. If a future date gets set and it’s in the late evening, I’d be down
  17. I’ve taken the role for my family and parents who live not too far away as the sole “go out and get things when needed” guy. There’s not a single outing (which are limited in quantity) where I don’t at some point screw up the don’t touch your face or other safety hygiene measure and say to myself “welp, guess I have the ‘rona now”
  18. Has there been any updates/developments with the use of blood plasma from recovered people for treatment? Was a cool angle when I first read about it a week ago or so
  19. I’m just glad the McRib isn’t getting some special release because I’d just be on a standing daily order if it were
  20. I don’t know how many pages I’ve missed today...any pertinent articles updating stimulus progress and national fight against this pandemic from today
  21. Is this real, May? Because the process is actually difficult or they don’t think a deal will be passed until mid-late April?
  22. I’m basing my picture of this off my “tennis is a fun thing once in a while” friends rather than my competitive days. I could’ve probably done it; wouldn’t have been an overly effective serve, but I could’ve done it. I absolutely love watching people attempt to use their racquet and bounce a still ball up off the ground, so funny when they don’t know how. God I miss playing