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  1. Process is basically: Download IVC pages (Fanduel and Yahoo) Python to parse pages and load all players into sqlite db. (overkill but wanted to play with sqlite and had an initial thought to load all generated lineup into the db to play with results, but that wasn't needed nor where they interesting) Update settings to exclude players in certain games (Only played main slate of games) Python script builds and calculates every possible lineup, first testing to fit under salary cap and then for total points* Spits out the top lineup for each projection (DD, MT, SB, AV) *Doesn't really do all lineups as that would take hours, it first pre-processes the players to remove those that wouldn't get selected anyway. Example: Name Pos Game Salary MT Aaron Rodgers QB GB@DET 8800 22.7 Drew Brees QB NO@ATL 8200 20.8 Russell Wilson QB SEA@SF 7600 20.5 Matt Ryan QB NO@ATL 8700 19.8 We can discard Matt Ryan as he would never be in a top lineup. His salary is higher and points lower than Russell Wilson. It gets a little more involved for RB/WR as you are selecting for multiple position slots.
  2. Setup: Thought it would be entertaining to write a small script that uses the FBG projections to blindly generate lineups that I would play in cash games. This is basically extending the interactive value chart functionality that fills in partial lineup to generate the full optimal lineup given each projection. So take every possible valid lineup combination and score it for each prediction (DD, MT, SB, AV). Play the highest scoring lineup of each. Data starts in week 4 as that's when I had the idea. Deposited $25 in both Yahoo and Fanduel. Ending up playing in over 400 contests, hope the results are interesting. Rules: Only play 50/50 and Double-up cash games Only play main slate games Wager 75% of bankroll every week Enter contents ranging from $1 - $50 Play 4 lineups (DD, MT, SB, AV) in each site. Multiple contests per lineup. Equally divide wager across the 4 lineups Set lineups at 11:15 (Central) Results: Fanduel: Contests 226 Wins 155 Losses 71 Avg AV Score 133.69 Avg DD Score 129.85 Avg MT Score 124.37 Avg SB Score 119.51 Avg Win 137.18 Avg Loss 103.02 Min Win 96.94 Max Loss 129.78 AV DD MT SB Wins 49 42 30 34 Losses 18 13 22 18 % 73% 76% 58% 65% Starting bankroll: $25.00 Ending bankroll: $245.45 Yahoo: Contests 179 Wins 111 Losses 68 Avg AV Score 118.44 Avg DD Score 122.48 Avg MT Score 126.12 Avg SB Score 118.18 Avg Win 130.16 Avg Loss 101.86 Min Win 101.94 Max Loss 131.52 AV DD MT SB Wins 24 27 33 27 Losses 26 16 9 16 % 48% 63% 79% 63% Starting bankroll: $25.00 Ending bankroll: $64.28 Conclusion: Bankroll was subject to wild swings as it would go for a few weeks winning 100% and then followed by just as many weeks where it would win 0%. Also not every prediction (DD, MT, SB, AV) preformed as well as the others. For Fanduel, AV and DD were clear winners with SB lagging. Full weekly lineup results: Fanduel Yahoo AV DD MT SB AV DD MT SB 4 126.70 108.10 122.34 138.02 144.20 149.20 134.44 134.44 5 130.24 131.64 132.94 106.14 124.20 153.00 111.80 112.38 6 122.08 129.78 102.88 113.48 134.58 138.74 121.38 129.28 7 150.28 143.02 137.48 138.48 135.32 131.52 131.82 129.94 8 122.38 122.12 109.90 78.48 97.38 108.18 114.18 69.78 9 154.48 104.14 166.48 141.71 132.88 132.88 167.98 131.28 10 156.84 160.84 136.52 139.82 108.04 124.24 143.74 106.24 11 110.58 139.58 85.48 115.08 117.24 117.78 139.90 168.28 12 119.64 96.94 89.24 106.14 88.14 101.94 102.82 111.84 13 156.96 146.26 151.96 144.98 133.46 132.06 133.06 122.62 14 151.34 154.24 113.32 127.24 110.64 99.94 76.54 108.34 15 100.34 94.46 114.84 84.58 91.18 86.80 106.98 100.04 16 147.46 152.52 155.42 140.38 124.82 135.72 139.92 128.82 17 122.40 134.20 122.40 98.62 116.10 102.70 141.10 101.18 133.69 129.85 124.37 119.51 118.44 122.48 126.12 118.18
  3. I thought it was a good, entertaining read. A little far-fetched, but less so than other books in this same genre.Agreed. Have you read the sequel?
  4. Just finished Daemon by Daniel Suarez Fast paced techno thriller about a computer process designed to take over the world. Sex, violence, "hacking", what's not to like. Great entertainment but I would think this would be a tough audience to write for. You have to be a technology person to find this interesting but anyone familiar here is going to be spending a lot of time rolling their eyes.
  5. Slog indeed. Would benefit from a decent editor. It was the first King book I've read in 15 years, picked it up from a recommendation on here. The story was fine, spoon feeding it to me was disappointing. The guy is a master story teller and created some great characters in this book but when he treats the reader like they are 12 it's a little off-putting. Probably take another 15 year break from King.
  6. Just finished iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon by Steve Wozniak. If you can get past the first couple of chapters where he tells you how awesome and smart he is, it is a good book. Very interesting account of his work on the Apple I and II. Covers other areas of his life as well, starting a remote control company, putting on the US festival, teaching, etc. Seriously though, Steve needs some humility.
  7. From a previous FBG recommendation: In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg. - From the BBC, Melvyn talks science, literature, philosophy with assembled experts in the topic. Absolutely amazing. For something less intellectual: No Agenda with Adam Curry (yeah that Adam Curry) and John C. Dvorak (of tech journalism fame). - From, these two just BS for an hour. It's good.
  8. Of course. All very true. But look at the bulk of the food produced in the country. Grains could easily be imported without impacting their tastiness. As well as foods that are canned or frozen. All processed and then imported. Basically everything in the grocery store that isn't in the "fresh produce" section. I assumed we were talking about a situation that currently doesn't exist. Any of the many countries given in the above articles that could produce excess food for exportation. We've imported products from countries we've later had conflict with, that's not much of a stretch.
  9. I've always believed that the farm subsidies were intended to ensure that America retains a healthy Ag industry and make it very unattractive to import essential food products. Fearing that if this industry were to erode like most other non information industries than someday we'd be in a very difficult situation relying on other nations to feed ourselves. I don't think it too much of a stretch to envision one day that we import the vast majority of our food products simply because it's cheaper than growing our own. What would be the consequences of that in a war situation? If the waring country was responsible for producing most of our food?
  10. They certainly drew a lot of hate for: Some patent rejection that should make the little guys smile:
  11. For someone who can't cook (like me), it's sometimes the only way to make a decent meal. Here's a recipe I made this weekend. 2 Chicken Breasts 1 can extra hot Rotel 1 can corn liberal dose of chili powder liberal dose of garlic powder Cook on low for 7 hours, shred chicken with a fork, serve in soft tortilla shells.
  12. The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki Tips and strategies for starting your own business. Technology and physical products are definitely the focus here but Guy provides insight into any new business. As with most it's a very fast read packed with bullet points and random quotes.
  13. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Cory Doctorow's (of Boing Boing fame) first novel. Set in a futuristic Disney World where the economy is based on reputation instead of cash.
  14. Safety of Objects by A.M. Homes "Interesting" short stories.