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  1. This is what has me thinking that he won't be limited to 10 carries. I think he will probably end up with 15 plus. And knowing he will be going for the rushing record (which is just as much an achievement for the o-line as him), the entire offense will be playing balls out trying to get him as much production as possible in his limited attempts.
  2. Jordan Reed is officially inactive.
  3. 1/2 point PPR Championship game Figures to be a close matchup Martellus Bennett or Vernon Davis Amari Cooper or Pierre Garcon or Kenny Britt
  4. Also, I just realized they play at 1pm which is fantastic. I have a tough time thinking he won't play considering what is on the line.
  5. He's questionable which means he's a complete crap shoot. However, he put in a limited practice Thursday and got in a full practice Friday. The Vikings are still in the hunt and even if they weren't, we have the spoiler factor in play as they can help knock GB out of the playoffs. Has anyone heard anything definitive on him?
  6. I would be ecstatic with that estimate.
  7. Fair enough. But Jamaal Charles, Spencer Ware, and Charcandrick West haven't had any issues.
  8. I've seen knile davis play. I'm interested to see what Don Jackson can do. I think making any assumptions about the GB RB situation at this point is foolish.
  9. Thanks for the insight!
  10. If Reshad Jones is done, does Isa Abdul-Quddus take over at SS? Need some DB help in my dynasty/IDP league.
  11. Is this a list of the next 10 best coaches after Bill Belichek?
  12. ???? WTF are you talking about? I was pointing out that his assessment over Gordon was premature. While we are talking about irony. How about the fact that you're bashing me for bashing him for bashing another guy. How about YOU mind your own business. And you're only about a week late with this. Jesus. Go troll someplace else.
  13. Enunwa Theilin? Dwayne Washington
  14. Not really. The Giants spent a ton of money on their defense in the off-season and it's working. They had a great game plan to go along with the improvement in personnel. I don't think Washington will be able to stuff the run like NY did.