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  1. He's Terrible and will never be in my lineup again. This was the perfect situation and he cant get a simple goal line TD he proved last week he's very tough in the red zone, bashed three guys to get in from several yards out but let's pretend it's about him and not pettine sending duke out on 4th and goal, ok sure pettine is trash, but they'll just hire someone worse When they fire him, so basically just hoping crow is smart enough to gtfo and take his considerable talent somewhere it will be utilized and appreciated.
  2. afaik huff was a healthy scratch. which is another concerning sign of poor decision making by the staff considering miles austin and riley cooper are still getting targets.
  3. the oline play and drops have way more to do with this performance than bradford, but it's the height of predictability there will be a thousand no-analysis "told ya so"s like this from people who made up their mind on bradford and aren't interested in understanding what happens on the field.
  4. the fact that those were his best options should tell you why
  5. better now on all three counts than bradford had in his tenure there foles played pretty well, but the bad was still there too. he's still mediocre. i'd take the trade again 100% of the time
  6. i only took issue with about 3 of the eagles penalties last night. the refs were ####ty, but the o line was ####tier and deserved most of it the calls on the falcons were not iffy at all. they got away with a lot of blatant #### before chip got on them about then they started calling
  7. they paid out the ### to bring in the #1 and #2 runners out of shotgun in the league last year. they know their identity in the run game and they're going to rightfully stick to it. more concerning is that chip obviously knew he couldn't trust the line and just started chucking it in the second half. underneath passing became the run game. it was a good move, and i credit the atlanta front for being more improved than i thought they'd be, but it was a rough night for the interior line and they're gonna have to play better than that Dude Julio is the best.he wasn't on julio all night. he looks like a decent corner, but never gonna play up to his contract
  8. they looked a bit rough, but julio is gonna get his i'm still fairly optimistic this secondary starts to gel as the season goes on that said, maxwell looks to be as overpaid as i feared. he's still an upgrade though so there's worse ways to spend
  9. obviously nervous and shaking off rust the first half. went back to looking scary in the second half still a strong start going forward
  10. showed who he was tonight (again) 50% catch rate from the best qb against a terrible secondary outplayed by a 31 year old journeyman
  11. People are crazy. Yeah, anybody could outscore anybody, but bets don't get much safer than Rodgers against the Bears. Or much riskier than Bradford against the Falcons in Quinn's first game -- fresh off a stint with the best defense in the NFL, and looking to make a statement about the perceived tissue-like nature of his current squad. I like Bradford to do well, but I also expect him to face a pretty amped up and aggressive Falcons squad. i like the new falcons staff but they inherited a legit terribad roster. it doesn't get perceived like that because of ryan-to-julio and the ghost of roddy, but literally every position on their roster is thin or outright bad. the seconday in particular has one decent young guy and maaaaybe drafted another. they'll be better by mid year than they were last season but this could be ugly to start, especially with as much as they'll be on the field with the eagles d line ripping the falcons pocket over and over i'd play bradford over anyone but rodgers
  12. Thats going to be AP that's the only other realistic competitor, but an unconscionable choice