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  1. I don't think I know one person that has ever gotten a car for Christmas, let alone a luxury car for Christmas. I bought my wife a white Acura SUV with the red ribbon for Christmas a couple of years ago. There's a certain selfish genius to it all, though. I get the credit for being a wonderful husband while at the same time I've completely eliminated her participation in the car buying process which was going to happen anyway.
  2. Apple commercials have completely jumped the shark. The new Ipad commercial with the star gazing is pretty horrendous too.
  3. Two that I've learned to hate just because they're played so ####### much: Bridgestone - "first time on a treadmill?" Tostitos - "actually, my name is Brian." Also, I will never buy a GMC based solely on those commercials. It's insulting that someone on this planet thinks they make sense.
  4. He's really starting to distance himself from #2. Imagine his numbers had Vick not destroyed him those 2 or 3 weeks.
  5. He set the record for lowest fantasy score I've ever seen. -6.6 in my league.
  6. If only the rest of these guys could recover like Roethlisberger.
  7. I think for the first time this year I can say I like Eddie Lacy. Go Starks!
  8. Pitta must make a decision by Wednesday
  9. He needs to take a year off, get on The Biggest Loser, and come back strong.