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  1. Reid will run him for a few first downs. It will appear they are about to start running down hill, and Reid will randomly take him out or abandon the run. It's just how he coaches. The only one worse is Peyton in New Orleans.
  2. I am of the belief that Tampa needs a healthy Martin. They struggled at times on short yardage when he was out. The scat backs just cant move the pile. I'm grabbing him as a RB #3 if he's around and then hope to snag Darren McFadden later to offset Martin's suspension.
  3. fluff news piece. I tend to think Aguayo makes the cut but Folk is on speed dial if Aguayo starts to suck again.
  4. I hope Tampa gets Mixon. or Perine. A nice bruiser to run inside when they are tired of chasing the smaller rbs.
  5. I don't mind the safety pick for Tampa but they need a OT. I'd rather see: 1.OT 2.Safety 3,Samaje Perine RB- They have the small guys for the offense but need the 225 punisher between the tackles/goaline runner with Martin out.
  6. I have a slow redraft on MFL that begins drafting every year on NFL draft night so next Thursday- It is $150 Leaguesafe but only $60 deposit until Summer. Going into 5th season. It is an IDP league instead of team defense. Let me know if you're interested & I'll send link to view scoring & rules. My email: 


  7. My fear is if I trade him that he will stay healthy all year and put up gaudy numbers. Damned if I cut bait or damned if I don't. It just seems like when I need him to play, he pulls up gimpy. He's just frustrating to me.
  8. My infant son died because he had a two chamber heart after surviving for six months. There were days I didn't want to live after that and second guessed my decisions about certain medical procedures that I allowed to happen. He will hurt inside for years if not for life. Hopefully he has a strong family and friend network that can support him through the initial shock and pain.
  9. I've owned him since a rookie, and I often think about cutting him. He's always hurt. The QB situation is not ideal. When I drafted him, I figured Buffalo would bring in a QB to maximize his talent. Nope. The problem is Sammy flashes great moments, and I think he could easily be a 1200/8 guy if healthy. I am holding on him but stocking up on other WRs, If he doesn't produce this year, I'm cutting him. I'm betting he gets hurts and sucks again.
  10. I hope Tampa gets an OT that can start or a safety to replace Conte in the first round.
  11. Bucs were so ahead they gave up a pick and signed Nick Folk to beat out Aguayo. I wish the NFL would just leave the rules alone.
  12. I'm hoping for a pile moving running game in the 2nd half. Come on Ware!
  13. Well that sucks. Better to know now than being surprised later
  14. Foles is starting at qb week 9 and possibly week 10. The local radio ,810 am, said this morning if Foles does well they thought Reid would lean toward resting his starting Qb for an extra week and would need him healthy to beat Carolina. Not sure if that plays into any decision making with West/Ware but thought I'd throw out what they said.