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  1. That’s not a terrible floor unless you drafted him as your WR1. He ‘s the ideal WR3/flex
  2. He throws a nice ball. He had several nice throws dropped last week and more this week. You need players to hold up their end of things if you want to succeed. I hope he gets a fair shake if Miami ends up taking a QB high in ‘20. I would love it if my Broncos signed him.
  3. I was buying in spots where I could. It's amazing that AB can't keep his mouth shut. He is literally unraveling before our eyes. It's tough to think he will get another shot this year. Maybe he gets another spin if he keeps out of trouble for the year.
  4. I’m not buying Miami taking a QB high 100%. They are a dumpster fire and need to rebuild the whole roster, if Rosen shows anything, they can rebuild other positions and give him a 1-3 year shot. If not, they can get a QB high in ‘21/22 rather than throw one to the wolves in ‘20.
  5. Did you see the scoreboard? Maybe that had something to do with final stat line. He FREAKING ate right out of the gate. It's hard to see him being the overall WR1 again. But it's clear, he will eat if he gets on the field.
  6. People forget how young this guy is. Arrow up!
  7. The Atlanta Falcons select, D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia
  8. 100% Moore will go off if he sees anything close to this type of target share.
  9. I would if you can get anything resembling mid-late 1st value at this point. He's a strong hold unless the deal is too good.
  10. I'm in the same boat. It's not looking good going forward. He needs to get healthy and show something the last quarter of the season to have any hope.
  11. See McCaffrey's statline. Selling, IMO.
  12. He’s a hold after a game like that. He needs to string some good games together or we can stick a fork in him.
  13. I can’t believe people were arguing for Howard or Henry over Engram. He is going to win championships for teams if he stays healthy.
  14. Wtf!? what was the issue today (Browns, Mariota, himself)?
  15. Our rivalry might continue if Sammy keeps this up.