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  1. Nah. The last two years of tess and co. have taken the baton.
  2. Great. How about you add more games than the last 4 to the sample? That floor I'm talking about it quite evident.
  3. I play almost exclusively in PPR leagues. Check out his stat lines when he isn't getting into the endzone. It's not pretty. He's agreat as an RB2. I'd be hesitant trotting him out there as my RB1 in PPR.
  4. Does this guy have a shot to succeed long term, or is it time to pack our bags?
  5. The floor makes me uneasy. Still, it’s hard to not trot him out there with confidence when he can win weeks for you.
  6. Guy was an offseason sell the last two years. People have been clinging to his performance from what seems like a lifetime ago.
  7. Moore's line surprised me once Carolina fell behind 21-3. The big games are coming.
  8. These are they guys you sell high if on your roster and avoid blowing your FAAB on. Did you guys really think they'd give a scrub rookie the lions (no pun) share or touches? Come on.
  10. It likely has less to do with that and more to do with Miami keeping him healthy and tradable.
  11. This guy needs more love. I don’t see how this isn’t a time share moving forward.
  12. Biggest bust of the year. I still have hope and put most of the blame on Cincy being a dumpster fire. I’m going to throw some buy lows out this week and see if I can get him on the cheap.