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  1. They were probably conducting investigations to gather enough evidence to get a prosecutor willing to charge her and a judge willing to sign off on an arrest warrant.
  2. But if this was "real life", I would think you'd have a problem with the person you're getting engaged to seriously considering getting engaged to one of 2 other women instead of you, too. You have to figure if she's fine with him being in a "serious relationship" with 3 people at the same time, having sex with the others wouldn't be a problem.
  3. I don't watch Bachelor, only Paradise, but why would Madison not be ok with him having sex with the other 2? She knows he's had sex before, right?
  4. It's a misdemeanor to defy the court order. The court order is requesting that they prove their kids still exist. There's no law saying that they have to prove that the kids are ok. The government can't just ask you to prove that your kids are doing well from time to time. This is a country where the government is supposed to prove cause before they get involved in your business. That's what the court order is for. And there is nothing saying that they can't demonstrate that the kids are fine, they are just choosing not to.
  5. They can't block it, they just aren't complying. And apparently that's a misdemeanor in Idaho, so the court may fine them. Cults usually feel that this is a free country and that people and especially the government need to mind their own business and not worry about how they live their lives or raise their children. Without evidence that the children are in danger or being harmed, the government doesn't have the right to force their way into the situation.
  6. It sounds like without a body, there’s no evidence that anyone’s committed a crime. There’s speculation that the step mom is responsible, but you don’t actually know, you just assume that you do. One thing people don’t understand is that the criminal justice system in this country is set up not to imprison criminals but to try and avoid imprisoning innocents. That’s why everyone is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and why the courts try to get jurors who haven’t been influenced by the court of public opinion.
  7. So it sounds like the parents haven't been arrested because so far all they've done is disobey a court order, which is a misdemeanor. There's no evidence the children have been harmed, just the police don't know where they are. Daybell is a cult leader, and cults are notorious for not cooperating with the authories. It could be the kids are fine in some compound somewhere.
  8. I think there was more time left than that. And it was only the first DD of the round, so one of the others could’ve gotten the second and gotten a huge lead. He did find the second a few questions later and bet small.
  9. I think there were a few shots when you could see a disgusted look on Alex's face during that first round.
  10. There should be an option for "not as smart as other people think I am".
  11. I'm sure they're told that they have to accept and they can always break up after the show.
  12. Basically the Good Place was living on earth, but only with good people and unlimited resources, and the door to leave was you being able to die whenever you choose. It made the afterlife into more of a second life and the real afterlife was whatever unknown waited beyond that door. Going through, therefore, is suicide. But in the Good Place, suicide is accepted as being normal and good.
  13. Derek was not in the good place, he was in the medium place. And Derek was not something from earth, so he didn't reflect trends/technological advances that had happened on earth since the four died.
  14. You can go to the NYSE website and get information that’s only about 15 minutes old. There’s no trading on the weekend, so those numbers were as of close on Friday.
  15. Ok, so everyone in the good place kept up with modern times until the four got there with the new system. After that, no matter how many Jeremy Bearimys had passed, everything was still like early 21st century Earth. Will flying cars never be a thing!?