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  1. AEW and NXT both seem to be different from RAW and Smackdown in the same way. They seem to lack the theatrics of the 2 WWE main shows. You have core wrestling performances, but you could never have someone like the Undertaker or the Fiend work there. The tone of AEW and NXT just don't fit those kinds of characters. Smackdown and RAW on the other hand allow for that sort of theatrical performance. There's a reason that McMahon promotes his product as sports entertainment and not as a sport. For me, it's why I like it better. NXT and AEW just feel bland. I will admit that I pay less attention to the "wrestling" than I do to the other part of it. Since NXT and AEW are pretty much "wrestling", my eyes glaze over when I watch them.
  2. AEW is pretty arrogant themselves. I am a casual fan. I know 2 names in AEW: Jericho and Rhodes. One was lost in a six-man tag match with I don't care who and the other wrestled Ben Stiller's character from Tropic Thunder. Their debut didn't strike me as must-see. Oh wait, I forgot about Moxley. He didn't impress me, either.
  3. First, he doesn't have wins for the last 3 fights, not just 2. He lost 2 and then failed the drug test for the last one to be a no-contest. He apparently cared enough about that one to cheat to win. Still retired after. Second, Heyman is Brock's advocate. Brock's brand is that he's the baddest man on the planet. Admitting that the UFC threw him into fights he couldn't win diminishes that brand. The UFC throwing him into fights he could win on the way up builds him as an attraction for them. He wasn't supposed to get beat by Mir in their first fight. And, as I said, Mir was notoriously lazy. When Mir came to fight, he was a champion. The rest of the time, he half-assed it. They expected him to half-### the first fight and he did half-### the second. If you don't believe me, Brock was given a title shot on his 3rd match in the UFC with a 1-1 record. The UFC is not above giving title shots to big draws to increase their views, even if they haven't earned it. When Cain Velasquez finally got a shot at Brock, he was already 8-0 in the UFC. Overeem had been a champion in Strikeforce before coming to the UFC to face Brock, and their fight wasn't even a title fight. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Brock wasn't good. As I said, he was big, strong, and fast. He was an NCAA champion wrestler. He did win most of his fights, though he didn't have very many. But he wasn't great, and when he started facing champion-caliber guys (not counting Couture), he was getting beat badly. Rousey would brag that she was going to retire as the only undefeated champion in the UFC. She had won bronze in the Olympics. But she was pretty much a one-dimensional fighter. Holly Holm was a gold-gloves boxer who came to the UFC. Rousey had been training with a new striking coach and thought she was great and so tried to strike with Holm, and she got her ### handed to her. Then she came back and tried to do the same against Nunes and again got beat. Once people figure out a one-dimensional fighter in the UFC, that fighter starts to lose a lot. Rousey wasn't able to get that striking aspect to her fight game up to snuff. So she left. In the WWE, their status as badasses is hyped to the Nth degree. Brock doesn't have to work hard and he gets paid a lot to come in and be called the Beast Incarnate and pretty much do what he wants. I'm sure Rousey loved her time in the WWE, and she probably thought she'd be able to get through her stint undefeated. But then Becky became The Man and the WWE realized that Rousey had to lose at WrestleMania. I'm not sure she'll be able to put that behind her. Especially when you think about how often Asuka has had to lose once her undefeated streak was broken.
  4. Data looks even more fake than he did 30 years ago. Bravo, I guess?
  5. You didn't pay attention to Brock's fights. Brock won because he was a big, strong MF'er. He wasn't particularly good at anything other than wrestling. One of his early fights, he went up against Frank Mir, a legit fighter (when he tried - Mir was famously lazy), and got submitted. Cain Velasquez is about as big and strong as Brock and had much better striking technique, and that's how he beat the hell out of Brock. Same with Overeem. UFC heavyweights have to weigh in at a max of 265lbs. Last night, Brock was billed at 285, which is close to his walking around weight. He had to make massive cuts for UFC fights, so he was often a bit dehydrated, but he was almost always the biggest guy in the fight. Brock came in and he was fast and he was strong and he could run over smaller fighters and pummel them into submission fast if they couldn't defend against that. His striking technique was weak, but he hit hard. He could grapple well, but submissions weren't his strong suit. He was a spectacle fighter, meant to draw in views. He beat Couture for the title when Couture was 42 years old and astonishing people that he could still go at that age. Brock's UFC record was 4-3-1, losing 2 of his last 3 fights and then getting the last one overturned for failing his drug test. The UFC was starting to throw real competition at him, and he used the diverticulitis as a way out. Lesnar, like Rousey, prefers the WWE where he can look like a badass and he doesn't have to worry about whether or not his opponent can actually beat him.
  6. Nany’s been playing this game for a long time. In her experience, when you throw someone into elimination you set yourself as an enemy of theirs. Strong players are likely to win the elimination and come back to the house. If they’re back in the house, there’s a chance they will be able to nominate someone for elimination at some point. They are much more likely to nominate someone who nominated them than make themselves a possible target for someone new. So Nany’s reasoning is to nominate a weak player who will lose and never have the chance to nominate her in revenge. Nany is not one of the stronger competitors and she knows that if she ends up in elimination, she’s likely going home. She’s not wrong as far as that reasoning goes. There have been many times that someone has been thrown into elimination by someone they had thrown in earlier just because they threw that person in. The problem is that means that you are eliminating the weaker players early, so late in the game the competition is going to all be strong players, which is why Nany never gets past a certain point.
  7. I’m the opposite. I didn’t realize the first one had multiplayer. I hate multiplayer,especially in games like this with such a great single-player experience because you know they have to take away something from that single-player campaign to fit multiplayer in. Also, nothing ruins my gaming experience more than other people.
  8. I think it's more that the game makes you paranoid. You're always trying to anticipate what other people are going to do and beat them to it. While you're doing that you have to posture like you're strong and not worried about anything but not bring too much attention to yourself. And the whole time you have Bananas whispering in your ear. It warps your perspective. She felt like she had a huge target on her back. She jumped at the chance to stab Wes in the back and now she saw herself surrounded by people looking to take her out. She couldn't be on the tribunal again, so Bananas convinced her that her best shot was to let the other team win. They could throw in one of Wes's allies and the UK team would pick a weak opponent because so many of them worked with Wes too.
  9. You were asking why Laurel and Bananas thought it was a good idea, not if it was in fact a good idea.
  10. If Team US had won, Laurel couldn’t be on the tribunal since she was on the last one and she knew she’d upset enough people that she was almost certainly getting put in by her team. She thought Team UK wouldn’t.