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  1. Underwater where? According to what I’ve read, the S10 is water-resistant (not waterproof) for 30 mins up to 1.5 meters, but that doesn’t include water with corrosive elements such as salt water or chlorine. It’s more to say you don’t need to worry if it gets rained on or you drop it in the toilet rather than using it to take pictures in the ocean or your pool. Article
  2. So, the new title is the Hardcore title, just not as cool.
  3. I always thought Tony knew both the Tesseract and Pym particles were at that facility at the same time in the 70s because his father worked with both the Tesseract and Hank Pym at that time and Tony got his father’s SHIELD files in IM2.
  4. I think they’re hinting that Alexa will host when Alex finally retires.
  5. You know she's a woman of color, right? The color is tan.
  6. Hank Pym is still alive. He can make more Pym particles. There's no fear of this running out any time soon. Also, Darren Cross figured out how to recreate them in the first Ant-Man movie, so the research is out there.
  7. They are. It was announced a few months ago that JJ was canceled, but as they had already shot season 3, it will still be released.
  8. If you go with Galactus as the next major bad guy, you can have build up movies where the heroes have to deal with the Heralds.
  9. I think it's more likely that Mysterio and the elementals are just working together on a con job, but it's possible
  10. If Vince is as petty as you say, why is Rene still on the announce team?