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  1. What Sony wants to do is not much different than what happens when you post on this board, and you have no problem doing that. Everything you post here is saved to a server. And if someone reports it as violating standards, the mods can review it and punish you for it. You can’t even delete your posts, only hide them from public view. The mods can still access them. Sony only wants you to know that anything you say while playing in an online channel can be recorded and other users can report you if you violate standards. There are certain states where it is illegal to record someone’s conversation without their consent, so that’s why they are making it part of your agreement to play online. They are only recording what you put out where others can hear you and only if someone reports your behavior as a violation of the standards. They want to stop online abuse. To do that, they need to be able to enforce their rules. This is how they are going to do that.
  2. What Sony is saying is that if start being abusive to other players during online play, those players can record that abuse and send it to Sony’s moderators to punish you for it. They aren’t going to record everything you say whenever you play, and certainly not when you’re not playing online with others. And they are saying that they’re only going to listen to it if someone sends it to them to listen to.
  3. Paige should be glad she got away from him before things got this bad
  4. She’s given up on starting a family? Guess that’s something else Becky beat her at.
  5. For a female rock singer, my first choice is always Lzzy Hale I Am the Fire Taylor Momsen’s pretty good, too Heaven Knows
  6. Seeing as Retribution basically said as much during RAW last night, I’m betting you’re right. Do you know if Cedric Alexander is going to betray Ricochet and company too?
  7. From what I can tell, people thought she was going to announce she was pregnant because she kept teasing she had some "great news" on Twitter. But then she announced the great news: She was just hosting the Bud Light Twitch Rivals After Party.
  8. Fitz went into the containment chamber and then Simmons left with the Zephyr to start chasing the Chronicoms through time. Call that time A. Then he shows up at the bar after SHIELD had been destroyed and everything looked lost. Call that time B. Back at A, there was the bright light coming from inside the chamber. That was Fitz being pulled from that timeline through the Quantum Realm to the bar at point B. Simmons and the rest of the team spent the whole season getting from A to B, but for Fitz it was instantaneous. But him going from A to B was the key for getting them back from B to A. Simmons and the rest went the long way around so that they could get what they needed to defeat the Chronicoms. Fitz had to make the trip through the Quantum Realm, called by Simmons using the device Enoch had left in pieces, to map the way back.
  9. The story was pretty in line with the original game. There’s a fungal infection in the world that is turning people into zombies. Those who aren’t infected are trying to survive as best they can. This means that you’re going to have different factions that have different ideas on how to do that. The first game focused on getting Ellie to the Fireflies in Salt Lake City. They planned to use her to formulate a cure for the infection. In this game, that’s no longer an option because of what happened in the first game. Instead the characters are trying to live with the consequences of what happened in the first game. And they learn that, as much as you try to run from it, the past has a way of catching up to you. I feel like in the first game they did things to give you a reason to be conflicted about the final decision of the story. A lot of times you have the hero fighting for what’s right and then being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the day. But that’s not how that story ended. In this game, you are presented with a story where the characters are on what feels like a righteous mission. But then things get flipped and it’s not so clear anymore. A lot of people didn’t seem to like that, but I thought it did what it was meant to do very well. They again wanted you to be conflicted about how the story ended.
  10. Long time fans? There’s only been the one other game. I liked the story. I also liked the way they executed it, which some people didn’t like. It seems to be that people tend to either really like it or really not like it. I don’t know if there’s a way to tell beforehand how you’re going to go. I really liked the first one, and I trusted this would be the same. I was not wrong. I also enjoyed all the Uncharted games. Most people I have heard say they didn’t like this game weren’t fans of some of the later Uncharted games. I guess if you don’t like the way Naughty Dog does their games, you might not like this one either.
  11. The punt kick was obviously blacked out because Ric Flair is 71 and frail and they’re not going to risk injuring him with an RKO and a punt kick. So Orton gave him the low blow shot that never really touches anyone and then pretended to kick him when the lights went out so Flair could grunt and lie down like something happened.
  12. It might be standard, but it would be a lot better if the reason she was locked up was because she was really malevolent and already looking to destroy things.