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  1. Nick Chubb or Corey Davis going forward for Flex in PPR which one more valuable WW pick-up?
  2. There is a new game this year on FanDuel unless it was there last year and I missed it called Beat the Score. Unless I am missing something there is very slim chance of winning money on this game. Your full roster you have to score 80 points and you get a share of the pot. I entered last week just to convince myself I was not missing something and all but 5 of the 17,435 people that entered won $.86 but paid in $1.00 to enter. I know scores were a little higher last week but I would have to imagine almost every week most everyone scores at least 80 points in a cash lineup. Any thoughts on this game?
  3. Does anyone have any plans to play preseason DFS? If so where do you get most your information on for who will get most game time for a given team? I had read years ago where it stated preseason DFS is more skill than luck but I am having a hard time with figuring this out. Thoughts?
  4. Is there away to see which players will be playing to hit a year end bonus or close enough to set a record that their coach may push to get them to that threshold? I would think those type of players may also get an uptick. I believe I read Hopkins needs 144 yards to be his best year ever. Does he get fed the rock more than normal to make sure he gets it?
  5. I may have missed it in thread. Denver was up most the game Monday night but assuming they are not going to be every week I would think Jamal Charles look like he would be a decent play. Also knowing Anderson is not the picture of health is an early pickup on Jamal make sense?
  6. I have not played much on Draft Kings so I have not used the swap after the games start. Now that FanDuel uses it for most contest. Does this change strategies after the games start and if so how do you normally make decisions on when to change? Does this also make it so you enter more Thursday contests?
  7. I originally had 25% on him on Monday until the news broke that AA was on IR. I increased to 35% and the next highest bid was 26%. Luckily i increased my bid and yes he is starting this week over an injured Foster, Charles, Dion Lewis and my late round RBs. 12 team 20 man roster does not leave a lot available on waivers. Most all other players mentioned to pick up this week were on teams already.
  8. I had put in a bid on him earlier of 245 out of 1,000 that was before this news. Too bad this news did not come out a day later. Really need a RB to start with both Jamal Charles, Dion Lewis and now Foster on side line. I have to stop drafting so early. I am thinking of going more than 50% is that too crazy?
  9. Any idea what the next highest bid was?
  10. I am running with 2 for the Thursday night slate in FandDuel although 5 of the 9 players are currently the same in both. I will look at Sunday and Draft Kings over the weekend. 44 Cash entries 22 each line-up and 8 GPP all different line-ups.
  11. I have been a subscriber here for many years. Originally I subscribed only for the season long information which is plentiful. I believe they are up to 60 staff/owners that contribute to the information here on the sight. Not all doing DFS but enough are involved in the DFS side to give you multiple views. They have books on the subject that start at the beginning of how to create a line-up all the way to advance strategies and money management. I have won many season long leagues and mainly only play cash in DFS. I have never had a losing season although I did lose money one week 2 years ago playing DFS. Every other week I have turned a profit. I usually only play for $10.00 and under but have played in games up to the $100.00 range. So i would say yes they have made a difference for my bankroll.
  12. Yes for the year. Currently FootballGuys only does Football although they may add on to the DFS portion if i am remembering correctly.
  13. $34.95 This year all DFS information is included with the FBG Pro Subscription that includes a huge amount of information for season long. Next year there will be a different price structure.
  14. On the Cash I do compare to see where all 3 of them are high on the same person. Currently there are 2 RBs that fall in the top 3 projections of each one of them and across almost any sight you to go to these are mostly both or one of them is in everyone's cash game. For GPP what I am doing is what I always do and picking my own players then comparing to see if all 3 have a player extremely lower than I would expect then go back to see if i missed something.
  15. Is Jeremy Kerley safe enough in cash games to hit $4700 value?