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  1. I am thinking of reaching on Blount unsure how high to reach. Also reaching on Michael Thomas. Saints offense always produces decent WR numbers.
  2. What is the opinion on Josh Gordon? Obviously if he plays and is 50% of what he was he is a great pick in the 14th or 15th round which seems to be where he is going. But...if he does not play a snap you are wasting a pick. I am in my 5th draft for the year and have yet to draft him but have been tempted.
  3. I am in the 50-60 range if the guys 10 years younger than me are going to die soon what does that say for me? I think the 40-50 age group is the largest because that was the 20-30 group 20 years ago when Fantasy Football was peaking and reaching out to everyone. My assumption if you started another poll on how long you have been playing Fantasy football your 20-30 years would be the largest. Although I do not play as much as I use to 20 years ago I don't see myself stopping any time soon and unless FootballGuys stops doing what they have been doing for years I will continue to come back.
  4. I am 51. I have been playing since 1990. I have never been in any more than 7 leagues (4 local and 3 on line) in any given year. 2 years ago I got out of my last local league mainly because the other owners have lost interest and the leagues were no longer competitive. I have played in and still play in 2-3 on line leagues each year. I did several MFL10's last year an i am in the middle of my 4th league this year. For the last 2 years I have been assisting my now 12 year old with his league. I have been coming to this site since 2003 very seldom posting but enjoyed reading the articles and post of others.
  5. First year doing MFL10's. I won 2 of 8 leagues and 2nd place in 2 more. Do they automatically send you winnings or do you have to go and fill out a form?
  6. Antonio Gates is practicing on Wednesday in preparation for a Week 9 Monday Night Football matchup with the Bears. He appears to not have suffered any setbacks with his injured MCL last week. (Michael Gehlken on Twitter)
  7. i show he Gates practiced both W I am nervous about using Gates this week as well, especially in the Thursday contests. I took a zero a few weeks back with him in Thursday. I'm leaning towards using Eifert or Delanie instead, but the saved money doesn't help me anywhere else.As a rule I don't use any player on an injury report on a Thursday cash lineup. Too much can happen between now and kick off to "gamble" on their healthI show he practiced both Wednesday and today. Did you read somewhere that he is not practicing?
  8. I am going to make through this week but with both Bell and Foster out going forward I am thinking I am most likely out next week.
  9. I feel very similar pain with Foster gone. Is there away to see the ownership % of teams left with Foster come tomorrow?
  10. Looks like Floyd is more attractive than I had thought earlier today.
  11. I started him in all my Thursday line-ups. I think he still plays but I will probably not be putting him in my Sunday line-ups just because of the exposure I have him in Thursday games. What the heck is an abdomen injury anyway?
  12. I ended up the same way over @ Draft Kings. No matter how i formulated my rosters, I got gates. Taking him and Snead allowed for me to stack some quality RBs. Still trying to decide Lacy or Foster. I would lean Foster on Draftkings but i am leaning Lacy on Fanduel because of the difference in price and the receptions only being .5 pts. Lacy saying ankle is better and the way it was taped last couple weeks was preventing him from playing well. I hope he is being honest because he has a good match up and should be able to play better and have multiple chances for TDs this week.
  13. Every line-up I keep ending up with Gates as my Tight End. Is his value too much to pass up in a cash game knowing most everyone will have him?
  14. Here is my current Cash lineup although Stafford is bad he should still get 2 times value against the Bears and the rest line up I think can make-up any difference against mot cash line-ups. Detroit averaging 270 yds passing and 1.2 TDs a game. Yes, I am still trying to convince myself he should start against a bad Bears defense. Matthew Stafford Devonta Freeman LeVeon Bell DeAndre Hopkins Eric Decker Allen Robinson Antonio Gates Robbie Gould NY Jets
  15. I am debating dropping Kapernick for Blake Bortles. Any new news on his ininjury?