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  1. I agree...trying to figure out if Hill is worth holding in a short bench league
  2. I know this kid is a ‘lottery ticket’, but are people believing that Hill will get a shot this season? I know that an Ingram injury could give Hill an opportunity, or do people think Harbaugh will go with Edwards?
  3. I’m in the same boat...I think I need to hold (fingers crossed)
  4. Are people picking up or holding Darwin??
  5. Anybody believe in Jimmy Graham putting up a respectable stat line this week?
  6. Are Mike Evans owners concerned about him going forward? I know it was only week one, but I assume anyone who owns him spent a high pick on him. Jameis looked awful and no one in the Bucs offense looked that good (other than Goodwin). Are people considering benching him Thursday night against Carolina?
  7. Great question...I’m a D. Thompson owner (drafted before McCoy signed). Is he worth keeping??
  8. 14 catches for 99 yds! Are people jumping on the Crowder train in .5 or full PPR leagues?
  9. I love the optimism!! I love everyone over reacting after week one...Henry had a solid 2nd half. He will get his from Phil. The key lime you said is he has to stay healthy.
  10. Morning Sig!!! HAPPY WEEK 1!! Superflex League - QB2 Josh Allen or Sam Darnold?
  11. I love this logic!! Yes the McCoy pickup for KC makes sense for a few reasons: 1. He played under Andy he’s familiar with McCoy’s skill set. 2. They like him better than what they had in Hyde. 3. As you said, Reid must not love Williams in the long run. SO as a Thompson owner - I’m not panicking. This kid could be a ‘lottery ticket’ still. Nobody drafted him as their RB 1 or 2...everyone that drafted him is hoping he takes the job at some point.
  12. Scheffty reporting that a Zeke deal could get done this weekend: Here's the news Dallas has wanted: Talks between the Cowboys and RB Ezekiel Elliott are intensifying, with both sides aiming to wrap up a new deal this weekend, league sources tell ESPN.
  13. Bloom & Waldman were talking ‘On the Couch’ about how Chubb should go between picks 5-9 in drafts!!