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  1. Both Ari Aster films are masterpieces. Some people will poopoo them because people like me hype them up so much, but they are just fantastic films on so many levels.
  2. Is he unable to pronounce his name correctly? Or is the "gig" ending some kind of schtick/mockery?
  3. Big JBJ fan here and I was calling for "...and NEW!". He may have not hurt Jones with any of his flurries, but I don't recall Jones hurting him at any point either. Reyes outlanded him rds 1-3. I don't think Jonse's pressure should have won him any of those rnds.
  4. I live to be a contrarian , but this is just a damn good sammich. It's earnin it's superlatives.
  5. Looks like rotoworld pulled the report. It was from a click-baity article that was taking crazy swings at stuff that could possibly happen. To say it's "expected" was a pretty huge gaffe. I'm not sure it makes practical sense with the cap situation anyway.
  6. Anyone that this moves the needle for has their priorities way out of whack, IMO.
  7. I read the book after seeing the trailer. So Terry was already Jason Bateman to me in my head. So I'm reading and he get arrested and his wife calls Howie, his lawyer, and for the rest of the book I'm picturing him as Henry Winkler/Barry Zuckercorn.
  8. I like Auden Tate as a cheap WR in Cinci. He made some really impressive grabs last year. This article (which has some clips) compares him to Golladay: He's not fast but he has good size and hands.
  9. He does a couple of bits at the end of his "Trigered' special on Netflix about the Kardashians and Katalin/Bruce and Kanye that comes off as pretty transphobic, for sure. Crazy that a guy can have a breakthrough experience on DMT and encounter otherworldly beings in another dimension and not be able to accept that someone can be a different gender inside than what their chromosomes manifest physically. I mean, you can say it's just jokes, but when he does the Bill Hicks/Kinnison thing where he gets all worked up and screams at the top of his lungs about it, it's heartfelt.
  10. Just found this and watched the first episode. I'm a big Matt Berry fan, so looking forward to the rest This is Clem Fandango.... can you hear me?
  11. You're kidding, right? Dodds is one of the main promulgaters of Pizzagate and Qanon stuff around here.
  12. This would be (and has been) true about every president. But they do get a ton of material out if Trump because he's a lying bafoon who's a characature of himself. Every president in our modern time has been lampooned constantly though. Yet, only one has cried about it.