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  1. Trump just became the official leader of the Proud Boys, giving marching orders. "Stand Back. Stand By." is about to be their official moniker.
  2. I didn't catch the whole thing but I saw Trump tell right wing groups to "stand by" when asked to condemn them and urged his supporters to watch the polls (voter suppression). What'd Biden do, stutter?
  3. I've watched the first 20 min or so of it. About to the part where they discuss how two people with the same friends list but opposite views will get drastically different feeds based on what they've shown they're more into. I'll watch the rest and see what else they get up to. Doubt I find your language of "blight" and "plague" and "end of society" as non hyperbolic though. You're way over the top with that.
  4. Seems like blaming gangsta rap and video games for violence in the 90s. And how do you "slow down and regulate" social media? It seems people are just kind of crappy in general. I don't see how social media is forcing their hands in anyway.
  5. I'm an ACAB dude, bra. "Collateral damage" doesn't refer to an acceptable loss. It's what a casualty of war one wasn't participating in is called.
  6. We live in a scary reality. Those words fit the definition of what is occurring. What terms would you prefer people use?
  7. Disagree. They declared a war on drugs, Brenna Taylor is collateral damage in that war.
  8. Or maybe somebody else put one of the signs up as a joke? My first rationalization is a husehold of black people that support Trump (at least the head of household anyway). But it's not like the two signs are mutually exclusive ideologically. Seems a little odd repping both on your front lawn, but okay. Hopefully noone messes w them.
  9. One of them will go off. I'd guess Mckinnon, he was good the year AD was out. But he'll get injured after a game or 3 of relevancy.