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  1. This would be (and has been) true about every president. But they do get a ton of material out if Trump because he's a lying bafoon who's a characature of himself. Every president in our modern time has been lampooned constantly though. Yet, only one has cried about it.
  2. Well, they blew a whistle on the play. Too bad it was a fan in the stands without the authority to do so.
  3. It look like it hit the unstrapped strap of his gloves to me... Not his actual thumb. Does the uniform count as part of the body?
  4. Saints fans deserve to lose with the game with the poor sportsmanship this whistle guy is displaying.
  5. THIS THIS THIS! The premises to this thread is so false and the reference to Lopez so stale there is no point to this thread and nothing to be gleaned.
  6. This show is okay, besides the songs/music/singing.
  7. Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson.