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  1. This is the exact opposite of how things are.
  2. Wow. You are definitely a more loving and understanding father than I would be. I mean, I know you need to trust your kids and you said he put a ton of thought into this, but Peter???? The name basically means to slowly quit. And it's abbreviated by only removing the last letter. I fear he could be making a terrible mistake here.
  3. Oh, cool. Didn't know it was from him Plays for a bit at the 1 min mark
  4. Saw it in the theater. My only complaint was how off beat the song they kept playing was. There's like a shuffle in the rhythm or something that makes it off putting. Other than that, fantastic.
  5. Guys, check out Robbie. It's a Comedy Central show, but I think it's only streaming on YouTube. 22min or so each w/ no commercials. You might like if you're into shows like Sunny or Shameless where the main characters are unlikable losers and you laugh at how terrible they are. The main guy is a stand up comic you might've seen in periphery roles here and there. Here's the IMDB blurb: An overzealous church-league basketball coach aspires to restore glory to his rural Georgia town by following in his father's footsteps as the infamous coach who won two high school basketball championships in the nineties.
  6. Man, It takes forever to cook a baked potato. Sometimes, I'll put one in the oven even if I don't want one, cuz by the time it's done, who knows?!?
  7. Good. I've decided I'm done with Joe this week. I've been getting increasingly annoyed by my YT feed suggesting me 70% JRE stuff. But his Covid talk put me over the edge. He recently was belittling a waiter on the show that served him with a mask on in some steakhouse. He's just so mediocre, yet so successful right now, I just can't count myself as a supporter anymore. It doesn't sound like he made out very well on this deal though. Spotify recently bought another podcast for like 190million and it had way less listeners. I think he was worried about being "deplatformed" or w/e by YouTube for saying wildly innacurate stuff about covid.
  8. Not even a fan of the music but this was the guy that popped into my head. I get the Jagger calls, but Keith was so huge they were like twin towers. I don't know any other members of Queen.
  9. I hope your new neighbor is a bodybuilder who gets his pump-on on the porch.
  10. I can get a sufficient work out in every room in my house, plus the back or front yard. There is absolutely nothing essential about a gym. I need food and shelter or else I may die. I get that the guy makes his living through the gym and that no workout=no eat to him, so it feels essential to him. And people need exercise for their physical and mental well being, it is essential. But the gym is not, and there are plenty of body-weight-fitness studs out there on youtube to show you how to get a full body workout at home w/ nothing. ETA: I quoted you here, when it was in context to something else, but I was thinking this the whole way down the page after reading your OP where you say something like, "If Walmart can stay open so can we"