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  1. I love how he started out all clean cut and professional, with a collared shirt and his hair nicely combed. Then by the end he looked like one of the gang with some greasy, unkept hair and a dirty tee-shirt with the sleeves ripped off.
  2. This movie is okay (the lead actress is gorgeous), but it suffers from a massive massive flaw in that (spoiler alert!) the guy would know INSTANTLY if he was given that much more morphine ("the good stuff") than his usual dose. It turns out he didn't get it anyway, and that was the "twist", but it's a dumb twist because it would be obvious within seconds if what she thought happened did and he wouldn't be able to do any of the stuff he did. It was a pretty fun movie regardless.
  3. Ah, I didn't notice you weren't the OP that brought up the two games. They're the one that said BOTW is dumbed down. To the part quoted, no, that's not how it is. It's more like Rocket League in that anyone can play and have fun and achieve the objectives. But there is a skill to the controls that lends itself to another level of mastery. I'd prob address some of your RDR points but I'm on mobile
  4. Glad I never got too hyped for Kabib v Tony. I'm considering it off. If it somehow goes down I'll be pleasantly surprised. But I won't believe it's happening till they touch gloves (or not) in the center of the octagon.
  5. RDR is an amazing game, and there is tons to discover and the attention to detail is crazy. It just doesn't really do anything new. Weapon wheel/dead eye, ride here/shoot that. The controls and looting/skinning animations are clunky. IDK if you played RDO at all, but that's where you notice that the most IMO, in a more competitive environment. I can see loving one and not liking the other, but to call BotW "dumbed down" is a shallow take, IMO. There's game play vids where they show the guy's hands in the corner because people are just like, "HTF did he do that???". That's a level of depth in actual game-mechanics/physics engine that doesn't really exist much in RDR.
  6. He's basically mentoring him. It's baffling that there can be so many meetings without other US officials present.
  7. It's shocking how many Confederate flags you see displayed at homes in MI towns.
  8. Now you're just poring salt in the womb.
  9. Funny how an act taken intended to mend a rift can have the total opposite effect.
  10. Received a nice 365 day vacation (and I'm not a conservative, ermagerd!) that just expired a couple months ago.
  11. I think the official order is: Bro-grabs, one arm hug and pat, transfer to thumb-wrestle grip, fist bump, then point.
  12. Like two QBs really equals zero QBs, ala Bill Parcells: Free fantasy football equals ZERO fantasy football. Pony up
  13. I get the comparison, in a way, but think it's off and you actually have the dumbed-downness flipped. RDR is a story driven game. Zelda is NOT. In RDR you can shoot or stab enemies, that's about it. In BOTW combat is incredibly open for you to be creative. Both are open world, but RDR is pretty linear in comparison. People have beat Zelda in 30something minutes by going straight to the castle.
  14. I like going for the fist bump then switching it once they commit then I shake their fist.
  15. Because he comes off as fake. Especially when he tries to show any emotion. I watched the documentary on him a few years ago and became a bit of a fan but he did nothing this cycle to make me want to back him.
  16. Too obvious to waste time on it.
  17. If you say so. In my state all it talks about is minimum speed levels under impeding traffic. But in no way did that officer do him a favor for writing him a ticket for rolling a stop, d-move.
  18. Not sure how the judge would even see the ticket, you get a "courtesy violation notice" in the mail you could show them when you go before them. He gave you a ticket for an infraction you didn't commit. He wasn't doing you a favor. Doesn't sound like your "buddy" has your back at all.
  19. One of the best Network television shows of all time just for the visuals alone - but the acting and the way the Hannibal stories are reworked is top notch. So glad we got as much of Hannibal as we did. It was one of those shows that didn't fit the network at all and was always talked about being cancelled before they finally did. I think they only had one, maybe two, more seasons planned, so we got the bulk. One of the strangest soundtracks to a show, also.
  20. I would have fought that ticket. No way you can lose really (aside from opportunity cost, obviously)
  21. What I didn't like is them calling him/the film "Joker"... It's The Joker. They pull the same annoying crap calling Batman "The Batman". It's just Batman.
  22. To be fair, the post was up 24 hrs before I finally posted the correct course of action.