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  1. I plan on getting my Twitter machine rolling again for the 2H of MLB to feed into NFL and NBA. Tomorrow looks like a good place to start. My stats for MLB last year were: 72-47-7 (including fbg) 46-37-3 (Twitter exclusively) Nothing amazing but I was 55%. Had a run where I hit 12 in a row, but I only ended up with about 100 followers. I have a little more experience on how the whole tout thing works. I only managed to sell one package before giving up on that. But I definitely think some sort of podcast is a prerequisite for growth.
  2. Bro, do it! You just need one of those "call in" podcasts and you're in. If you're looking for a co-host, I'm normally available after 10PM ET once the kids go to bed.
  3. I mean, it's only one play. It just happened to be for a significant amount of money for me. Otherwise, I would have been in the "eh, oh well" category. Keep firing broski, we got boxed into one game tonight. On a full slate, there would have been some low hanging fruit somewhere.
  4. Unbelievable losing that on 3 awful ####### errors.
  5. Solid analysis. It's been almost impossible to get good value betting on the Cavaliers the past few years. The books know that the public will load up on LeBron regardless of what they set the line at. Cleveland was the worst team against the spread last year at 40-63-1 (38%).
  6. Come on guys, Vegas has the Lakers at the 3rd best odds to win the Western Conference and you think they're not going to make the playoffs? They have their O/U season wins at 50.5.
  7. I like the strike zone tonight.
  8. F5 - Cubs / Cardinals U5.5, -115
  9. Didn't Marvin Harrison kill somebody that one time?
  10. Feel good story here. I tried taking this bet live but as soon as I pulled it up, Trakai scored their first goal. So I was stuck. At halftime, I reevaluated the game and put stock in the fact you thought Trakai was a good lean. I did a little research and saw that Irtysh Pavlodar got shutout in their last game. So I quickly pounced on: Trakai to keep a clean sheet, +225 which cashed like a mfer. I don't know much about soccer but I knew it was possibility that Trakai would focus exclusively on defense and run the clock out. So thanks for doing most of the work for me there. You the man! I have now hit the following lines per suggestions of the geniuses in this thread, doubling down each time: FH - Minnesota United / New England Revolution O1.5, +125 1st Round Casey over Reed, -130 Trakai to keep a clean sheet, +225 Now it's just up to me to hold up my end of the bargain on this MLB game tonight and finish the ripper...
  11. Here's my perspective on it for Dynasty owners. I understand there's a chance he doesn't play this year or misses a few games. But my Dynasty team is average at best with a glaring hole at RB. If he plays, my team will make the playoffs. I have confidence in that. If he doesn't play, my team will disappoint and I'll have a very low pick in next year's draft. His career wouldn't be over either. Based on the discount I received in trading for him now with these problems looming, I can probably get as much back as I spent - if not more come this time next year. I like the risk - reward in my particular situation. For redraft, I'm not sure but assuming you can get Ivory on the cheap it seems like he could be a bargain there too. But I'm sure we will have more clarity by the time we start drafting teams in redraft.
  12. I traded for McCoy and am now trying to acquire Ivory as the handcuff. Price is probably going to be stupid to get him though.
  13. It's a contract dynasty so keep that in mind. McCoy (1 year contract) Tannehil (1 year contract) for Cam Newton (TBD 1-4 contract) Devin Funchess (1 year contract) I offered Newton for McCoy straight up and this is what he countered with.
  14. Casey pulls away from Reed on the 14th hole! Thanks @lumpy19.
  15. Dyno. Pulled the trigger on a deal for him last night.