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  1. I did. He hasn't accepted the request. He seems comfortable with old boy at the wheel.
  2. If all I'm going to lose is +190 bets this year, this is gonna be a great season.
  3. Just need 7 more yards out of you, Lockett. C'mon, pal.
  4. Tyler Lockett O55.5 receiving yards, -125 Who the hell else is Russell Wilson going to throw the ball to? Seahawks are gonna get blown out, right? Should see a ton of targets.
  5. Apparently the Seahawks are playing the 85 Bears tonight.
  6. Ajayi did "okay" last year.
  7. I remember Braylon Edwards had one good game his first game as a Jet, then did nothing thereafter, lol.
  8. I'll allow it.
  9. Looks like a sweep to me. Except for that Dissly guy potentially catching some security blanket 5-yard catches if Bears pass rush is legit.
  10. Amazing PPV last night.
  11. We need to work on getting you a catchphrase, but great job!
  12. Yeah, I'm rooting for him. In!