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    Adrian Peterson Status Updates

  2. Also, @gussy has sent me to bed without supper and has suggested that I ought to he ashamed of myself. I'm sorry everyone, I just...
  3. I will get a spreadsheet ready for you, asap. LINK I am sure you will find that by following along with my picks along with the contents of the spreadsheet linked above that I am a winning gambler. I am sorry for being disrespect to you. However, please view my compliance to your request as a request from you to show more respect to me in the future. Thanks in advance.
  4. Adding: 2H - Rockets ML, +110
  5. Yeah, about a week too late for me to run a contest like this. I also start my Business Entities Taxation and Strategic Management college courses tomorrow. So my plate is going through be very full. Speaking of the wimmen, I've got 3 young ladies which I'm working on. They all fit into the "hot zone". As in, the dimensions of chicks I've had success getting to #### me. Anywhere in the 5ft 4 to 5ft 6 range and we're clear to land. Any taller and to them, I might as well not have a ####.
  6. We won! We should be in the playoffs, but last week's trade blunder has us on the outside looking in. But hey, there's still 6 games to make it right...
  7. Rockets by 22 or more, +2200 Rockets by 19-21, +3300 Rockets by 16-18, +2500 Rockets by 13-15, +1800 Rockets by 10-12, +1200 Rockets by 7-9, +1100 Rockets by 4-6, +900 1/7 unit size. No Chris Paul, No Problem
  8. Stuart Ullman

    Vrabel is just a donkey

    I liked it. You put the game outcome in YOUR OWN hands. I've won Madden Tournaments with this same mentality. I could tie it and maybe stop them in overtime. Or I could win it all here on one play.
  9. Adding: Red Sox in 4 games, +1200 Red Sox in 5 games, +700 Red Sox in 6 games, +400 If the Dodgers can force game 7, they might win the whole damn thing. Don't see much value in Red Sox at -140. This gives you a chance to hit the Red Sox at +200, +500, or +1000. Much better than -140. If it ends up going 7 games, I wouldn't want to be holding a -140 series ticket anyway.
  10. No chase for me tonight. In fact, I think I'm going to take a nap.
  11. Q1 - Thunder -3.5 , -120 Russell Westbrook back in the lineup. Might get screwed by the hook. Worth a shot.
  12. Q1 - Cavaliers / Hawks U59, -110 Seems like too many points for both teams. Also like 1H and FG under, but those likely won't hit unless the Q1 goes under. Worth a shot.
  13. There you go. You didn't handle the situation the best way nor did you handle it the worst way. You wasted her Saturday night but you didn't get her hopes up. That's the dating world. Sometimes we're into somebody but maybe not into them enough. You get in too deep and it's actually your own conscience (sp) that makes it hard to do the right thing. She's an adult, she'll understand.
  14. When you consider the final outcome, you can definitely argue that it SHOULD have moved the line. Poor form by the bookies. Not going to say I fully understand the method to their madness, but if I wanted to take money from a bunch of squares, I would probably do my best to not tip them off that Gordon was hurt. Moving that line to a pick em or -3 might have raised suspicions.
  15. Props as I learned when working with you, will get you cut. There is only a finite amount of time in the day and betting on sides will consume a large portion of it. Throwing props into the mix for a little extra stress and gravy is not worth it. For me at least, I've never been cut less than $200 on NBA quarter bets, so I'm comfortable staying in that domain. What I do enjoy, however, is blindsiding the bookies on prop bets. I can be betting on NBA sides all week and still have a virgin player prop history. Then out of the blue drop $1,000 on Deandre Jordan O15 rebounds. Having that luxury is more helpful to me, than bouncing around to 5 different books getting $25 down on player props each time. Before eventually getting flagged as a recreational bettor. As far as a capping contest, my vision would be one-month, similar to a revolving balance at Realbettors. Anything longer and I think it would become a drag / time consuming. Whoever's bets win the most money, wins. Hell, we could even use a legit Realbettors account for auditing purposes. For payouts, it was more going to be about pride between Gussy and I. If we opened it up to everybody, it would make sense to do a $250 buy-in, winner take all type setup.
  16. The exception is not the rule. Plus, without knowing if we're talking passings yards vs receiving yards or completions vs receptions, hard to verify. Well, hey, great job! I only do the bet $100 to win x because it's much easy for my record keeping. Do you still do the same for plus money? Or do you wager the full unit there? I'm not going to ask you about your unit size, but if you have a local that let's you bet more than $25 on a prop. You're sitting on a goldmine. Good job, I couldn't have capped that game better myself.
  17. Don't spend another second on this non-sense. You went 6-0. You've got an entire NFL card to bet on. Make yourself a bloody mary and enjoy your day. Even as big of a ######## you are to me, I want you to continue to win and enjoy yourself. :coke:
  18. I'll give you credit though @gussy. 6-0 is a good job. Keenan U6.5 (-120) +83.33 M. Williams U2.5 (+140) +140 Gates U2.5 (-185) +54.05 Henry U47.5 (-115) +86.95 C. Davis U59.5 (-130) 76.92 C. Davis U4.5 (-115) +86.95 If we want to pretend like you've got a book that let's you get $100 down on player props, that's a nice $528.20 run. I just want you to know though, I would never do a capping contest against someone who is picking prop bets while I'm doing sides. But hey, great job nonetheless. Don't want to downplay you making money, that's more important than words.
  19. Not when you're cut to $25 a bet. That's the deal with prop bets, any book is going to cut you faster than you can put together 1 - 2 racks betting on them. They're easy bets. If you know a QB is going under, then you know 3-4 of his receivers are going under as well. You're going to spend more time looking for outs to let you bet them, than you are actually researching the bets.
  20. Player props don't impress me. Go 6-0 on sides and then talk to me.
  21. Thanks pal, I was especially obnoxious yesterday because I could tell early that something special was brewing.
  22. Lakers are gonna be bad this year, real bad. From a betting perspective, there will be a lot of money to be made because the public isn't going to catch on right away...
  23. So, I'm just going to continue to provide you professional level sports handicapping for free. You guys can feel free to continue to act ###### about it if you want, lol.