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  1. Did you catch Spiderman: Homecoming? Michael Keaton's character is a fine example of a human villain we can relate to.
  2. I missed it in theaters, but I'm a big Greta Gerwig fan so I'm looking forward to it
  3. Right, because who could care what women think?
  4. It isn't always feasible to rely on your parents for support and encouragement. All you can do is surround yourself with friends and mentors that like you and like what you're doing.
  5. Good show. I thought they nailed certain aspects of that family dynamic.
  6. Everyone's talkin' 'bout Al Qaeda. No one's talkin' 'bout Al Sharpton!
  7. First Poster for Spike Lee’s BLACKKKLANSMAN
  8. Saw Lynchmob a couple years ago, and George still does totally rip.
  9. Been watching good stuff on Hulu: The Looming Tower Hard Sun Horrible People