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  1. I've only seen the first episode of Legion. But given that it's written by Fargo's Noah Hawley, I don't think it'll descend into mindless comic book fare.
  2. No, no, no, no, with a side of no.
  3. My criticism of the top two new cable shows, Taboo & Legion, has been their rollouts and each have been the fault of their respective tableaux. World of muck/life is cheap wallowing in the former; unseen world weird/rules dont apply mind####ing in the latter. TV works because it gives us the chance to develop organic care about the principals of a story. Any less of a lead than Hardy and i'd never have seen ep 3 of Taboo, and i dont think i'll ever ground with the Legion lead because, no matter how powerful the forces at play, the showrunners have not taken the human factor of their mutants into proper account I see your point. Your point about Taboo not being as fantastic without Hardy is valid - although that criteria would apply to almost any TV show or movie. The writing being great isn't as interesting if the lead isn't charismatic. Could you say more about the Legion showrunners not taking the human factor of their mutants into proper account? I don't follow.
  4. Took a while to warm up To expand on this: I think the show rolls out a lot of information in such a cryptic fashion, there's a lot happening that is either so mysterious or vexing enough that it's a lot denser than it appears.
  5. Took a while to warm up, then it rolled the way a Gothic w Tom Hardy is supposed to roll. I even respect that the last two deaths didnt happen the way i wanted them to. But no one endures what Delaney just did (trying to discuss it w/o spoiling). Makes it silly, should have been interrupted somehow. Agree about all that.
  6. Taboo I promise to shut the #### up about this for awhile. The season finale is airing this coming Tuesday, and it's been renewed for a second season. This is the best show on television. I beg you to watch it. Brilliant.
  8. I was into jazz fusion before I got into jazz. And I didn't know how much spontaneous improv happened during the solos. So when I saw Holdsworth for the first time, I was all set to hear him play my favorite solo from Metal Fatigue. He starts playing the solo, and of course it's completely different than the record. So I'm like, "Wait...you mean that brilliant, lyrical solo wasn't written?" I wanted to throw my guitar in the dumpster.
  9. Only guitarists will know this name. But back when we'd see a lot of shows at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, the ritual included dinner at Tommy's Joynt. So we're in SF to see Alan Holdsworth, and who's sitting in Tommy's drinking stouts but Alan and his band. I never ask for autographs, but he's my hero so I just said thanks for coming and that I was really psyched about the show.
  10. It's the only app I've ever used, but it works really well.
  11. This movie is hilarious.
  12. Too lazy to see if I already posted this but: Keanu is a bad-### He knows how to use those weapons.
  13. I was supposed to see them with Lamb of God and Dethklok, but that show got cancelled because LOG's singer was stuck in jail in Europe on those manslaughter charges he was later absolved of.
  14. Finally gonna see these guys. Went looking for Metallica tickets and saw them coming to House of Blues in N.O. I'm seriously fired up. Man, I am jealous. I want to inject these guys into my blood system.