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  1. Richard Pryor was on this writing staff, so there's that.
  2. Logan is awesome. Probably the best Marvel movie. Loved it.
  3. So I'll revise my statement: Hacksaw Ridge has too much bad in it to be good.
  4. Yeah I don't get the love for Sorcerer. I am a big fan of classic movies, but this one was pretty average.
  5. House of Cards is outstanding
  6. That racial humor is so cutting edge, I'm not certain this movie would get made in 2017.
  7. Not saying I want to see heavy stuff in a stand-up show, but I did enjoy this a lot.
  8. Had the pleasure of seeing this on the big screen a couple years ago as a double feature with Young Frankenstein. What a blast it was listening to Blazing's hilarious jokes with a large audience.
  9. Don't disagree about the ship, that seems reasonable. The sister relationship was heavily built up, yes. But he loves her, and I think he knows he's too dangerous to be with her and that she would perish if they were together.
  10. By the way, at my house we call him Khal Bro-go of the Brothraki.
  11. I made it about 10 minutes.
  12. For me, that's already one of the most hilarious, iconic scenes ever shot for an action movie. And I wouldn't call it unrealistic. Both parties were not interested in hurting civilians, and clearly neither wanted to get caught right there.
  13. Doh The book and movie are dark, but I felt a lot closer to my son after reading it - so there's that.
  14. We were discussing it in the rental thread, I think. I will read your spoiler content once I watch the finale tonight.
  15. I thought the beer episode was practically worthless.