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  1. Actually there are quite a lot of really good hair metal guitarists. George Lynch from Dokken was awesome, and even Winger's guitar player was good. Of all the popular hair metal bands it's actually harder to find guitar players who weren't good.
  2. We have a solid local metal scene, and most of the people in the pit are pretty young.
  3. Apparently, the Deftones were into Depeche Mode.
  4. Speaking of which, John Sykes' solo project Blue Murder was pretty great. Valley Of The Kings
  5. I guess my favorite hair metal band was Whitesnake.
  6. I never listen to hair metal. But any metal head over 45 years old that claims they never listened to hair metal is lying.
  7. I'm not telling my metal head friends, but I'm kinda psyched about the Motley Crue biopic...
  8. Pyromania was dope, but High and Dry was my Def Leppard jam back in the day.
  9. Metal heads make fun of Motley Crue, and for good reason. But I saw them in like 1983 on the Shout At The Devil tour, and it was epic.
  10. I wasn't impressed by the trailer, but I'm glad you posted this. Now I'm interested...
  11. I did enjoy season 1, it's true. But that lady who plays the FBI agent is unbearably bad.
  12. I mean The Punisher was pretty bad.
  13. Plus, when you barre A major, you have the option of hitting that high A with your pinky.