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  1. I love it that a song that heavy is called Flying Whales.
  2. Nice. Didn't know about the Arronofsky interview, but I'm eager to listen. My favorite quote from a director on the WTF podcast was Todd Solondz being unable to understand why his movies aren't big hits.
  3. I've listened to a couple of PT Anderson's voiceovers on his films, including Boogie Nights. Guy doesn't seem to be pretentious at all. I'm guessing that Anderson read about the frog rain - which really happened - and thought it'd be an interesting metaphor for his movie.
  4. Could you post the scene? Is it on YouTube?
  5. To me, Anderson and Lynch are kooky dudes that have a lot of bizarre images in their heads that they obsess about and want to put in a movie. I don't think that's remotely pretentious. Pretentious is the pedantic college student at a party going on and on about Proust. Pretentious is this guy
  6. By the way, it appears that many or all of Dunn's great Metal Evolution docs are free on YouTube.
  7. Nice. Sam's metal documentaries are essential viewing for metal fans.
  8. If you've heard Anderson interviewed, he's just a quirky, obsessed dude that stocks his movies with odd characters and highly curated set design because that's what pleases Wes. I think people are mixing "pretentious" with "weird" - and weird is interesting to me.
  9. Pretentious means "attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed." As a person, Lynch seems down to Earth. So I don't see him "attempting to impress" anyone. His movies are weird because that's what he finds interesting. By calling him pretentious, you're assuming traits that I don't concede Lynch has. I know that people have this picture in their heads where a director throws in a bunch of scenes that are meant to impress the viewer into thinking of the director as highly intelligent. But I can assure you that's not as common as you believe.
  10. You know, it's not essentially pretentious to put weird #### in your movies. David Lynch's films are weird as heck, and he's the least pretentious director around.
  11. I'm not excited to watch this. Your review isn't helping
  12. Went to see a Victim's Family show last night - one of the all time great Northern Cali punk bands. Jello Biafra and Les Claypool joined the band and played a few Dead Kennedys songs, including Holiday in Cambodia.
  13. I'm jacked. And The Fox Theater is my favorite venue to see metal.