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  1. Ok my only problem: While I'm an Aziz fan, his Randy character is so much like the comedians I can't stand, I find it hard to watch.
  2. Two thumbs way up for Sicario.
  3. I Love Dick Dick is a guy in this case, not a euphemism. This is an excellent, weird original series on Amazon. Not for everyone, but I laughed several times. Highly recommended.
  4. Where can I watch the Aziz shorts?
  5. Entertaining from start to finish.
  6. Goes to personal taste. That was my favorite part
  7. Yes, I'm speaking for the masses. The masses are fickle, and pleasing them is vexing.
  8. If it's nearly impossible to make a satisfying sequel, why are you surprised? That comment makes no sense to me. John Wick 2 was exactly what I hoped it would be: it stayed true to the original. Remember how people didn't like Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3? Those movies were true to the original. So I have to question a person's agenda when they walk into a sequel. Do you want it exactly the same as the original? Or do you want it radically different? Sequels don't bother me, and if you look at Captain America: Winter Soldier, there's a movie that's vastly superior to the sequel.
  9. I know I go on and on about this topic, but I'm surprised at people that liked the first one and didn't like the sequel. I think the very idea of a sequel dissipates the specialness of an original, so I believe it's nearly impossible to make a satisfying sequel.
  10. ...as is Chuck Palahniuk's commentary on the same special edition DVD. Other excellent commentary tracks: Boogie Nights (PT Anderson) Godfather (Copolla) Raging Bull (Thelma Schoonmacher) Dark City (Roger Ebert) Citizen Kane (Roger Ebert) Evil Dead (Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell)
  11. I remember this being dreadful, and I'm a Mamet fan.
  12. I'm thinking this very common condition gets misdiagnosed a lot.
  13. Sorry I missed this. Hope it works out ok.
  14. I enjoyed this very much.