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  1. JILL JANUS, HUNTRESS SINGER, DEAD AT 43 Operatic vocalist and Ozzfest veteran committed suicide after lifelong battle with mental illness
  2. American Vandal Finished this fantastic faux documentary this week. Funny, well-written, and some of the best performances by a large group of young actors you'll ever see. Excellent. There's also a subtle jab at schools for failing to help certain types of teenage boy.
  3. I agree in principal. But they've slipped the last few years.
  4. I'm not an Amy Adams fan. Is it good enough to transcend her acting?
  5. The Informant! Hadn't watched this since I saw it in a movie theater. Really funny and just breezes by quickly. Damon's character does this inner dialogue as a narrative, but it's so disjointed and ADD, it's unlike any voiceover you'll ever hear. Highly recommended.
  6. Yes. The rest of the music is Richard Wagner.
  7. If by "goofy" you mean freakin' dope, then I agree.
  8. That was priceless.
  9. Agree with all of this. Still one of the more beautiful movies ever made. The armor they built for Excalibur is practically unmatched.
  10. BlacKkKlansman is heavy at times. But the humor does help lighten it up.
  11. I loved BlacKkKlansman. Very dark and funny with an excellent cast.
  12. The guy that plays Merlin made...some interesting choices.
  13. I've heard people say things like, "My kid's tough," or "My kid doesn't scare easy." To that, I offer this anecdote: When my son was around five, I was dying to show him the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, I wondered if it was appropriate for him. Around that same time, he used to watch Dora The Explorer. Well, when Swiper The Fox would appear on screen, my son would hide behind the couch so he didn't have to see Swiper. A cartoon fox. He hid. From a ####ing cartoon fox. Children are far more sensitive than they let on, and if you think your kid doesn't scare easy, it's because you're showing them stuff that scares them enough to the point that they are used to it.