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  1. CGI reminds me of Blade Runner 2049 - which I thought was well done.
  2. Whatever you're watching, turn the channel right now and watch Ridley Scott's brilliant new show Raised by Wolves on HBO max. Original, subtle, sometimes violent, always beautiful to look at.
  3. We book guests and curate social media collateral, so once a week is when we record. I wrote and performed all the music, but that's not a recurring time commitment. Editing one episode takes around three hours. Editing software is free and mostly easy to use. USB mic (including a nice posable stand and headphones) was $200.
  4. The Four Roses Small Batch is the most expensive bottle I've purchased ($50 including tax) and it's excellent. Mellow, rich and smooth.
  5. I am too dumb to understand exactly what I'm drinking (bourbon, whiskey, rye), but these are bottles I've bought over the last few months in the $25 - $50 range that were tasty: Templeton Rye The Glenlivet 12 YR Single Malt Scotch Four Roses Small Batch Sonoma Distilling Company Bourbon Whiskey
  6. Thank you bro. We have 9 episodes recorded and some excellent guests all ready for editing. No money to be made yet but it's fun!
  7. Really devastated to hear about Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale passing away. About three or four years ago, the band played my small town at a tiny club. I didn't know about the show and really didn't know the band anyway, so I missed it. So last time they came around Northern Cali opening for High on Fire a few months ago, there's no way I was going to miss them. F****** great show. Riley was a dynamic live performer. Riley was a kind, smart chap. This 14 minute interview with a wonderful teen boy reveals Riley's character. This blistering 16 minute live show captures RIley's gifts as a performer. RIP...
  8. JoJo is fantastic. I feel like Waititi almost outdid Wes Anderson at his own game.