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  1. Thank you.
  2. Dynasty league: He gives me Wayne Gallman & Gronkowski for Mark Ingram and Cameron Brate. Thoughts? I don't care about Gallman. I have MccCaffrey, Dion Lewis, Alvin Kamara, and McKinnon. I LOVE Ingram this year. But am I over-thinking this? Am I stupid to not just press ACCEPT and get Gronk?
  3. Pretty much all of this. The show isn't great anymore. But like a Police reunion tour, I'm down for the nostalgia.
  4. I like the oversized titles. Very original.
  5. An interesting, brief analysis of David Fincher's camera techniques.
  6. Mindhunter fans will enjoy this brief analysis of David Fincher's camera techniques.
  7. The young cop was in the good HBO drama Looking. He does earnest very well.
  8. agree about the visuals. also agree that so much of it harkens or ties back into the first- soundtrack, visuals, editing, etc... in a really good way. I liked this movie a lot, but didn't come away completely overwhelmed by it (saw it imax... could've seen it in 4dx- anybody do that?) I will say- and this is probably a product of the theme having been played out/over so much since then in some high quality TV and movies- but I found it a little obvious and lacking any subtlety... even when plot shifts happen. I'm never one to quibble about pace if the pace is helping tell the story, but I found myself wanting the movie to get on with it in a few too many scenes. watching somebody walk a little too long, or holding a closeup shot on a face too long. also found a couple of head-scratcher plot moments that were distracting... but again- really enjoyed this one. (caveat- the original is a top 4 movie for me... and I did my best to temper expectations on this one- but probably have some of that feeding into my thoughts here). I don't necessarily disagree with anything you wrote. For me, when a movie gets enough things right, I do tend to care less about the flaws.
  9. I have never heard of any of those people. Gillian Jacobs is the star of Netflix's Love. Birbiglia is a comic who starred in a hilarious one man show called Sleepwalk With Me. Miccuci is one half of the comedy song duo Garfunkle and Oats. Gethard is a comic and podcast host.
  10. Don't Think Twice Excellent bittersweet comedy about a struggling improv group. Lots of funny people in the cast, including Gillian Jacobs, Mike Birbiglia, Kate Micucci, Keegan-Michael Key, and Chris Gethard. Highly recommended.
  11. Really can't get motivated to watch this.
  12. Loving Mindhunter. This is my favorite new show.
  13. What a fantastic movie. Just the soundtrack and photography alone make this movie great. I don't care how long it was. Good movies can be four hours if they want because I'll watch anyway. I love that the soundtrack is reminiscent of the first film, but completely original. And the visual effects? This CGI is probably the most natural I've ever seen in a movie. Two thumbs way up.
  14. Our home is safe so far. But many relatives and coworkers lost their homes.
  15. My city is on fire, so needing some comic relief, I took my son to see the Lego Ninjago Movie. If you enjoyed previous Lego movies, you'll probably like this one. Pretty good.