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  1. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 15

    Looks like Cobb will make a nice tournament dart throw this week.
  2. And there are just too many great new bands to waste time on the skeleton of a band that was great 30 years ago.
  3. First season of The Patriot is great and unlike anything I've ever seen. The second season lost its way.
  4. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 14

    Hard to get away from Justin Jackson tonight.
  5. Seeing two shows coming up: Friday: Some Good local metal, including Water Into Blood, Barren Altar, Halfslug, Embryonic Devourment, Here At The End and Arm the Valkyrie Monday: Tenacious D in Oakland
  6. jdoggydogg

    Pot smokers

    I heart weed. It helps me hate other people less. Now if I could fix the self-loathing. I know the answer: weed!
  7. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 15

    You're sure right about that...
  8. jdoggydogg

    Pot smokers

    Can I score weed in here?
  9. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 15

    Guys I'm using this week: Brees, Trubisky, Goff, Wilson, Fournette, Gurley, White, Cook, Martin, Westbrook, Woods, Schuster, K. Allen, Kelce, V. Davis, Gronk.
  10. Did you ever watch The Strain? Both The Strain and True Blood are goofy, but I think The Strain was a lot more entertaining.
  11. True Blood has awful writing and acting. The Tudors is slightly better.
  12. jdoggydogg

    Your favorite Podcast

    The Dollop is an acquired taste, but it gets better and better as you learn to like the hosts.
  13. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 14

    Well that was a blood bath.
  14. Re-watching The Tudors. A bit too much hang wringing over Anne Boleyn the second time through for me.
  15. Soulfy's playing near me in February. Also check out Cavaliera Conspiracy's "Insane."