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  1. I dig. Honestly, I think Hereditary is one of the best films I've seen in a couple years, regardless of genre.
  2. Hereditary Ugh. I've been dreading this movie ever since it came out, and for good reason. It's great, let's start with that. Much like director's other hit Midsommer, this movie established a creepiness beginning with the opening shot that never relents. Going into this, I was already a Toni Collette fan. But I don't think I've ever seen a horror film before where an actor so accurately shows horror and terror on their face. So I'm recommending the movie for sure with one caveat: if you're in a bad mental place, then avoid this movie. It's truly one of the darkest, most f***ed up things I've ever seen.
  3. No, too lazy. But if you want to test it some time send me a PM and we can hop online and try it.
  4. Tarantino's choices at the end are controversial. Avoiding spoilers here.
  5. Yes. Although I would say that it's far more intelligent and witty than your average feel good fare.
  6. The Detectorists Originally watched this on Netflix, now re-watching on Amazon. I could heap a long paragraph of praise on this show, but I'll simply say this: there are plenty of TV shows you could watch, and you're going to feel worse when the show is over. This show always makes me feel good. Funny, bittersweet, and smart. Just a wonderful show.
  7. It's a show that's too slow for some, but I really enjoyed it.
  8. Funny, because it's my least favorite of the seasons. I wrote a whole screed about how woke and overly politically correct it was.
  9. I loved the ending, although I realize it's controversial.