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  1. This is showing in a local theater this month. Wild ####.
  2. Plenty of horror double features at my local theater this month. I'll probably see one of my favorites this week: the newly restored Evil Dead is playing with Fulci's The Beyond.
  3. Wow. That was dark. Joker makes Apocalypse Now look like The Muppet Movie. Phoenix was incredible, as usual. He does mental illness so well it's hard to watch. This is a movie about the social safety net and the abandoning of the mentally ill. We have a huge population of mentally ill homeless in my city, and I see a lot of people on the street that should be hospitalized.
  4. I am leaning this way. Obviously he's an automatic start in seasonal leagues, but in DFS I'd rather pay for Cook or Kamara.
  5. Do y'all ever play that $1 contest on Mondays that wins you a $9 ticket to the following Sunday Million? I won two of those on the Pitt/Cincy game. It's fun playing a couple Million $ contests for cheap this week.
  6. I never blame another adult for my own adult decision
  7. Am I nuts to own a ton of David Johnson in GPPs this week? Cincy allowed 18 catches to RBs last Monday.
  8. I like your thoughts on Eifert. You're making me second guess using him even in GPPs.
  9. I've been losing a bit every week this year, and I think I'm too obsessed with ownership percentages. If you look at the top tickets in the NFL Sunday million contest, almost all of them are full of chalk players.
  10. Playing these dudes in several GGPs: Rodgers, Dalton, Stafford, Ryan, Goff, Brissett, Justin Jackson, Peterson, Cook, Thompson, Mixon, Jacobs, Fitzgerald, Julio, Metcalf, Mclauren, Marvin Jones, Diggs, Waller, Goedert, Dissly. Avoiding these dudes in almost all my GPPs: Brady, Winston, Rivers, Jackson, Ekeler, Gurley, McCaffrey, Allen, Lockett, Engram, Kelce.
  11. I hear you. Plus, if Mack is the chalk then his ownership percentage would be high.
  12. Struggling so far this season. Just highlight how unlucky I've been, I accidentally started the Panthers' third string QB last week
  13. I'm all over Mack this week. Raiders awful vs. the run.
  14. Has anyone been doing serious research on the harmful effects of vaping weed? I've been vaping because it just dosen't stink like the herb. But despite lack of research on the topic, I'm not convinced vaping is safe.