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  1. I am a grudging fan of the director, Ben Wheatley. He did "Kill List", which was interesting and fun, and more recently the adaptation of JG Ballard's "High Rise". Liked those both but did not enjoy "A Field in England" much at all. I need to watch "Sightseers" still. He did a fine job with Free Fire. Very well constructed, and constantly interesting despite the claustrophobic setting.
  2. Free Fire Hilarious shoot 'em up set in a warehouse. Tarantino-inspired, for sure. But a great cast and lots of laughs. Gets pretty dark at times. Trailer
  3. Daredevil Now that I'm almost done with season 2, it's clear this would have been better with a better script.
  4. And I love it that The Rock doesn't just punch guys, he throws them around like rag dolls.
  5. The Fate of the Furious Hilarious and full of amazing car stunts, as usual. Practically nothing in this movie is possible, and I loved every minute of it.
  6. I think Garfield might have been fine acting in a 1950s war movie, but in 2017 this was very awkward. I don't know that there's a place for a movie like this anymore. I'm trying to think of a modern war movie that is this sincere and old school that works, and I think Flags of Our Fathers and Sands of Iwo Jima are a lot better.
  7. I get why someone wouldn't like this. But overall, I am so bored with the horror genre I liked this movie.
  8. I admit the writing was a bit juvenile and the acting was sketchy, but I still enjoyed it.
  9. Yes!
  10. Probably posted this already, but it's worth another look. Very easy to get choked up with this one - especially if you have kids.
  11. It wouldn't have to be a spin-off show. That guy has excellent comic timing, and I hope he lands a major character on another show.
  12. Excellent season. Probably the funniest one in the series. I think Hannah's gay friend is funny enough to carry his own show.