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  1. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 7

    For most of my tournament cards I find myself fading the expensive WRs this week in favor of Gurley, Elliott, and Barkley.
  2. jdoggydogg

    FanDuel Week 7

    Good info. Thanks.
  3. I think this sophomoric humour is disappointing. You people should rise to the occasion and try to inch towards more relevant social intercourse.
  4. jdoggydogg

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    I know I'm not Bloom, but if that's Torrey Smith you should definitely drop him for Goodwin.
  5. To the question of Chubb's readiness to take this job and succeed: I owned Hyde for the first three years of his NFL career, so I watched a lot of his games. The guy is legit. Hyde is an excellent, underrated RB. Cleveland knew what they were trading in Hyde. I think Chubb is a superstar. Watch Chubb on that first TD at Oakland. Check out how speedy #21 has a perfect angle on Chubb, and Chubb rockets past the defender. Chubb is a beast.
  6. jdoggydogg

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

  7. In the "Ask Bloom" topic on this forum, someone asked this exact question. Bloom's answer was, "All of it."
  8. jdoggydogg

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

    My WRs are decent. But starting RB1 are too rare for me to trade away Chubb.
  9. jdoggydogg

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    Hey Sig, Happy Friday to you. Chubb over Ito Smith a no-brainer this week?
  10. TB Run D tough. Start Chubb over Ito Smith?
  11. Is your point that Chubb is merely a two down back? Given how bad RB has been this year, I'm totally cool with that.
  12. The Sony Michel owners will all agree that while catches are great, they'll take the 20 touches per game.
  13. jdoggydogg

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

    Wow. That didn't take long. Already received a trade offer in my dynasty league: Lewis, Dion TEN RB Golladay, Kenny DET WR FOR Chubb, Nick CLE RB Goodwin, Marquise SFO WR
  14. jdoggydogg

    Week 7 Buy Low/ Sell High

    I already own Chubb. No way would I sell now. Heck, I wasn't willing to sell Chubb before the Raider game. I suppose in redraft there could be people that don't know what they have in Chubb.