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  1. Major crush on her from this movie. That dance with Travolta, she was so hot. So sad.
  2. Thanks for this, I fired it up, enjoyed the first 1/2 hour so far
  3. Cancelled my trip for August. My daughter is disappointed, but it is just not going to be the same at this time. Really a bummer..
  4. Same yesterday in Rochester, was supposed to be a lion. Ended up false.
  5. Good luck. Slow night so far, hope it stays that way.
  6. Yeah this is terrible. Wife and Husband are in the hospital but doing ok. My next door neighbor owns a Cricket store in the city that was looted last night. All windows busted, computers, ATM etc taken and merchandise. They went in today and cleaned up. Was a terrible mess, they had help from residents which was nice. Rent a center next door was looted and burned. This is all very sad. ETA: My son is an EMT and works overnights, last night 7-7, tonight as well. Didn't sleep much last night and likely not again tonight. It's not enough he's had to deal with the COVID mess, now this too. Rioters attacked a fire truck here last night breaking windows and injuring a firefighter.
  7. Natalie Interview I think I like Natalie less after reading that.
  8. I wish they would have showed this fake idol and Nick. Tony was playing at another level this season.
  9. So glad it was Tony. He really outplayed them all. Natalie was only at 1 tribal the whole game where she was vulnerable...and she was voted out. She had a tremendous set of advantages at the challenge and barely won. Why in the world did Sarah and Ben keep saying Natalie didn't have an idol? Tony kept telling them, but they just would not listen. Ben giving up caused him and Sarah being out, would have been an interesting final 4 challenge with Ben, Natalie, Sarah and Tony. If Nat wins again, then Ben and Tony making fire would have been interesting and a likely final 3 of Natalie, Ben and Sarah. Interesting in that if they had listed to Tony and voted Denise, Tony and Ben have their idols at final 5, then likely Michelle goes home, leading to Ben vs. Tony in fire making. If they listened to Tony he may not have one. Thank goodness most of the jury was level headed and voted for the best player. Tony losing at the end would have definitely RUINED this season. Amber after the challenge - I played for him (Rob). No kidding. First comment: "Queens don’t quit. Tony is the one true heir" Too bad she didn't get a vote on the Jury. Sandra, the only woman to win twice and the only player in season 40 to not be on the jury.
  10. Did you get an email from support with this info? I can't find any info about home games online.
  11. If Natalie gets back in and makes the final 3 she will have sat and voted at 4 tribal councils. How much playing is that? It's ludicrous.
  12. The only way I see EOE working is as follows: 24 contestants, when 13 remain, 10 make up the jury with a final 3. EOE starts at 13, when 8 players remain, the 5 on EOE compete for one to get back in. Players aren't removed for too long. Players like Natalie, Danni and Amber have no business being on the jury, no less being able to actually getting back in the game. With the winners season they wanted all the players to last as long as possible (Unless they quit, but why would a winner ever quit )
  13. If the EOE returnee has an immunity idol (I believe Tyson, Rob and Natalie have one, anyone else?), then they will have immunity at 6 so they will make final 5. At 4 left, if you lose the immunity challenge, then you still have a shot at making fire. They only have to win immunity at final 5 to have a good chance at making the final 3. This changes the game too much. There are way too many people on the jury, and a bunch of them have hardly played the game. This will ruin this season