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  1. 1. Lemon Meringue 2. Tourtiere (Montreal version) 3. Pecan 4. Raspberry Rhubarb 5. Cherry My mom (88) still makes her crust from scratch using lard. Their is no better crust. The homemade chili sauce to go on the Tourtiere is amazing.
  2. If the Bears score a TD (Which is a big if), will they go for 2?
  3. This game is so bad, but after that catch I need an ARob TD to take the lead.
  4. It would not be fair to tell you or anyone else at this time.
  5. Following this thread and every time I read new posts, I wish this was from a year ago and I could keep reading. @timschochet, feel free to hit me up for a judge for Holiday Show and Game Show if needed.
  6. That Copper TD won me my week. Can't believe I'm still watching this.
  7. If a team that already had their bye has an issue, like NE/DEN, the NFL should create a Week 18, move all week 17 games to week 18 and schedule the make up games on week 17. This would fit the games in and not impact teams getting an extra bye right before the playoffs.
  8. I agree. This guy is constantly sending trades with 2 mediocre players for someone's stud. It's so annoying. He's always trying to fleece someone. I don't even send him trades as he overvalues all his players. So annoying.
  9. Yeah, this is a redraft league. There is NO WAY I trade a top RB for him now.
  10. The offer was for Jacobs for CEH and Cole. No way do I make that deal.
  11. Owner in one league sent out trades immediately to multiple teams trying to shop CEH and catch a unsuspecting owner. I hate these guys.