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  1. For those who may have missed it, here's candybox 2, similar game from 2013 : https://candybox2.github.io/
  2. Clear cookies will let you restart. On the first one, ugh, I do not know... click the button 27 million times? Can't he sell them?
  3. Right in the console next to the blue>
  4. I did this.. trying to time it at 15... lol
  5. Most confusing part of the game to me.
  6. 17.571067746886% of universe explored Coming quick.... hold on to your butts.
  7. Yeah, i started down that path, processors should not be that high. You can't buy more than 33 processors during the first phase or you get stuck. Fortunately it's fixable. Using F12 to bring up the console, type in "processors -= 7;" without quotes. This "sells" 7 processors and you should be able to put 7 trust in Memory, which is enough to get to 70 in a quantum phase.
  8. Universe explored is finally not all zeros!!!
  9. It saved for me, just went back to the site. Played friday and this morning it was right where I left off.
  10. I didn't. That was confusing to me.
  11. Make sure you combat when you can and start winning battles. I wasted a good 2 hours where everything was getting killed.
  12. That might be the worst call I've even seen, WOAH.
  13. My son still loves this show.
  14. Looking to do something similar. Did New England a couple years ago, there was a thread here. Lots of driving but a great time. Will be following this post for ideas. Thanks for posting
  15. All good. Just don't want to see anyone ever do this. Pretty sure it's against codes. Here's an example where it turned deadly http://archive.jsonline.com/news/crime/west-allis-mother-charged-in-fire-deaths-of-3-children-e89j722-203281981.html/ Granted, the Mom was a POS and left the kids home alone, but you should never set up a room to lock you from getting out.