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  1. I think you are confusing Guentzel and Sheary. In 6 games against the Flyers, Guentzel had 6 goals, 7 assists and was a +10, while Sheary had 2 assists as was a -1 overall.
  2. We will take whatever you have. I know you mentioned a BrindAmour jersey and he actually thought his jersey was that one! The only stuff he has is a Whalers jersey and now the Carolina one you gave him. He would treasure anything he could get. Thanks
  3. Gave him the Jersey when we got home. He was so excited. Texted all his buddies and said he just got the greatest graduation gift ever! He's meeting up with them tonight and is wearing his jersey. I think he had the biggest smile I've ever seen on him. https://ibb.co/nE65C8 Thanks a ton! You really made his night!
  4. Just wanted to publicly thank Cav for sending me a Francis Carolina Jersey. He posted last month about getting rid of some older stuff he had. My son is a huge fan. The Jersey arrived today and He graduates from high school tonight, so I'll be able to give it to him after the ceremony. Thanks a lot! You're a good man and will make my son pretty happy tonight!
  5. That was too bad for Carliegh. Felt bad for her, especially after she last so long her last time out. She was catching fish this time, might have had a good chance. I've been watching Fowler's youtube channel, he has a show talking about his 87 days and how he did things as well as how he would do them in Maine where he lives. I'm 20 episodes in, really interesting stuff for those interested. If Dave can manage to eat his food this time he has a good chance. I have a feeling the winner will be Sam, but I'm not a huge fan of him.
  6. I give WAY more credit to Dom and Wendell than Boston Rob. This was Dom and Wendell's first time playing and they managed to control the game pretty well. Boston Rob was on his 4th trip with all new players except for Russell (His tribe lost on purpose to vote him out). Man was that a joke season.
  7. Loved this. I know NOTHING, I am merely the messenger. What's so bad about second? Screw second!
  8. Yeah. I agree totally. She needed any advantage she could get. Even if it was in his head.
  9. Looking forward to this. Looks like they picked a good group of returnees.
  10. True, Probst did say that after last season that this was going to be implemented going forward.
  11. Also, remember, for the final four, the winner of the immunity challenge selects one person to take to the finals with them while the other 2 face off in a fire burning challenge. If Dom and Wendell don't win that immunity, I wonder if the winner will put them against each other in the fire building challenge? It would be a million dollar challenge as the winner should win the game.
  12. Same for me. That's crazy.
  13. (I think you meant Kellyn) I was rooting for Kellyn until the last 2 episodes, this last one especially. Sebastian picked 3 guys to go on the reward and she was livid that the guys were ganging up on them. The other guys had no choice on the reward. Be mad a Sebastian, not all of them. Then Wendell chooses to go for the advantage and they are pissed that he used up a spot for the reward. He didn't even choose to go on the reward, and who wouldn't skip the reward for an advantage. You could tell Dom almost wanted to go to GI but knew his wife would have went nuts. Wendell must have had a good read on his alliance, thought for sure he was going to play his idol and when he didn't, I thought he was out.
  14. Binged this over the weekend with the wife. Thought it was excellent. I'm kinda disappointed we watched it so fast and now there are no more episodes for now.
  15. They still have Donathan I think.