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  1. Kennedy Space Center. My kids loved it and so did we.
  2. It's a replica. They have people dressed up as people that were on the ship and tell you stories about how things were. My kids liked it, it was pretty cool. Amazing how small it was for all the people. Cramped conditions.
  3. I did this out of Rochester, NY. I had a post here about it but it's been purged. Did 9 days, brief summary Day1: Rochester to Waterbury VT (Ben and Jerry's tour). Drove through Lake Placid and took the ferry across Lake Champlain Day2: Waterbury VT to Bar Harbor ME, stopped at Mount Washington on the way and drove to the top. This was a long day. Day3: Rented bikes and toured Acadia in the AM, Walked out to the bar/island in the afternoon in low tide. Day4: Bar Harbor to Portsmouth NH. Drove along Route 1 along the coast, stopped at many lighthouses. Day5: Portsmouth NH to Cape Code MA. Stopped at Hampton Beach and then Plymouth for a Mayflower 2 tour. Day6: Cape Cod, drove around the cape to Provincetown and did sightseeing. Day7: Cape Cod to Newport RI, visited Fort Adams, then drove along the coast to Point Judith lighthouse ate at Aunt Carrie's and stopped at Scarborough State Beach which the kids loved. Drove late into Boston Day8: Toured Boston, Aquarium, Duck Tour, etc Day9: Drive home from Boston to Rochester NY. This was a lot of driving but we saw a lot. Driving from Bar Harbor along the coast was really cool stopping at many sights. Penobscot Narrows Bridge was cool.
  4. Enjoyed the episode. Nice to see some of the former winner from a while ago. Wasn't sure I was going to like the "Token" idea, but it seems interesting so far. Not really a fan of Edge of Extinction, it's their way to keep all the players in the game as long as possible. People get voted out but then they can help people still in the game and can still get back in. This is a huge advantage for Rob/Amber. She gave her token to Rob and then will be trying everything possible to earn more advantages to give to him. Funny at Tribal Amber said we all have the same chance at winning the 2 million dollars, I was thinking, No, you have 2 chances. Not a Sandra fan at all, guess who sat out the challenge. She never even has to compete. What a disgrace of a winner. Interesting article Some notables
  5. One thing I didn't realize on the HDHP, is that once your adult child is no longer a student, but 26 and under, they can still be on your health insurance, but if you are on an HDHP, you cannot use your HSA to pay for any of their medical expenses. Your child is allowed to open their own HSA. My son started working full time over a year ago and an EMT and his income fell just below the level to get the Retirement Savings Contributions Savers Credit. Going to have him opan and contribute to his own HSA in the amount to get his AGI to qualify for this credit. He already contributed to a Roth IRA to meet the max for this credit, so an HSA is better than a traditional IRA for him I think.
  6. I will have to look into this. Any side effects? How did you feel afterwards? Reading some things online about side effects and it worries me a little.
  7. One of my favorite pieces of Trivia about Game Shows is about the show Pitfall. I remember watching this show From wiki Pitfall is a Canadian game show that aired in American and Canadian syndication from September 14, 1981, to September 1982. The host was Alex Trebek and the announcer was John Barton (who also served as co-producer). The show featured contestants attempting to predict the outcome of survey questions conducted to the studio audience, and the bonus round required scaling a series of eight elevators while answering trivia questions. The show was filmed at Panorama Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and produced by Catalena Productions, with distribution provided by Rhodes Productions. Due to Catalena going bankrupt in 1982, production of the show ended; as a result, many contestants and staff were never paid. Catalena Productions, which also produced the 1980–81 syndicated revival of Let's Make a Deal, went bankrupt in early 1982. As a result, most contestants who appeared near the end of the show's run did not receive their winnings, nor was Trebek ever paid for his hosting duties. Because of this, Trebek commented that the show was an unfavorable experience, as the lack of payment came at a time when he "could have used the money". Trebek has also stated that he has the bounced check for $49,000 from Catalena Productions framed in his office. Trebek continues to refer to the show as "one of the great tragedies of his life” and has noted that it was the only time that he had not been paid his agreed salary for hosting duties.
  8. My top 15 1. Bob Barker 2. Alex Trebek 3. Richard Dawson 4. Bill Cullen 5. Bob Eubanks 6. Gene Rayburn 7. Monty Hall 8. Dick Clark 9. Wink Martindale 10. Jim Perry 11. Pat Sajak 12. Allen Ludden 13. Jack Berry 14. Jim Lange 15. Chuck Woolery
  9. Geoff Edwards should be on this list. Tom Kennedy as well Jack Barry #37, the bottom of this list 25+ is a joke
  10. Can't argue with their top 3: Trebek, Barker, Dawson. I would rank Bill Cullen much higher., probably #5. Martindale should be above Steve Harvey, who is WAY too high. Jim Perry should be in the top 10.
  11. I really am hoping this craziness is not going on at the end of August. I am going to get on this ride, but I don't want it to ruin a day.
  12. I have and may do that, it just makes me tired. Tired is better than sick though.
  13. Thanks for this. I'll let my son go on it if he wants, but at this point I've learned to just stay away from some of them.