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  1. Man, what a set of RB's, with 2 flex that is crazy.
  2. I would not make that Trade. Both of your guys already had their bye week.
  3. Curious if a lot of teams are similar. Guessing I might see a lot of Ekeler, Sutton, Ryan, Hooper Although I thought my team was good, I never expected to have some of the scores I have had. My Details: 16 team PPR, start 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF, only 15 rosters spots, 6 bench QB - Ryan, Stafford RB - D Johnson, Ekeler, White, Cohen(WW), Edmonds(WW) WR - K. Allen, Edelman, Hilton, Sutton, G Tate TE - Hooper K - Gould (WW) D - Pittsburgh I have the most points by a huge margin already and have 35% more points than the next highest and 47% more points of the average team. I have 5 of the 6th highest points scored for the whole year. All play record is 84-6. I don't think I am going to pick up a D this week as the pickings are slim and the Steelers D has been good for me.
  4. Yeah, I didn't make much of a leap, Vance was the best available on the WW. If I had another legitimate option, I would not have started him so I was more lucky than anything.
  5. SO glad I started him, was the difference in the one league I am was able to get him.
  6. Starting over Sutton. 2-3, need a W
  7. Really weird you said that after I read the article below. Lots of good info here.
  8. No Way. Detroit vs Minn - Option NYG vs Ari - Option Indy vs Houston - Option, but do not like Ari @ NYG - not likely Cincy vs Jax - NO NYJ vs Pats - NO Oak @ GB - NO Miami @ Buff - NO Atlanta vs Rams - NO Maybe I'll be better off just taking a zero
  9. Yeah, I was looking at that, but need a week 7 D, Jets play the Pats. Best bets are Giants or Ariz as they play each other.
  10. You are right on about this, hate to lose the depth, but with the team I have, losing DJ is a big loss and Edmonds will fill in fine. I hate to give him up for free as someone is going to scoop him up but I'm convinced this is the right play. Just picked him up for Barber. Thanks.
  11. Not a Pittsburgh guy, just the Pens, anyway, I thought of dropping Steelers D, but they have been very good for me and have a decent schedule. (Playoffs Ari, Buf, Jets) There are only 10 D's on the WW and they are all mostly bad. I am 5-0 in this league and have the most points by far. My total points are 44% higher than the average team and I have 4 of the top 5 highest points this year, this is my chance to win it. Anyway, I'll decide that next week on the D (Thinking about just taking a 0), I think I may have to drop Barber for Edmonds, I'm just having a hard time pulling the trigger.
  12. OK, first good thing I will say about this season, I liked the idea of sneaking into the opposing tribes camp and getting fire (he brought back ashes as it was out). This was a pretty cool idea. Now, I still can't stand Rob and Sanda. Her teaching him to crawl was ridiculous. How does he not use that idol on himself? It is only good at this tribal and the next. If he felt that strong in his new alliance, then he would likely feel the same way next tribal if he is right. NO reason to keep that idol in your pocket. If it was a normal idol, I can understand more if he felt he trusted them, but he thought he was out last tribal, no way I do not play it this tribal.
  13. Thank for the input. This crazy league is 16 teams , no flex start 2RB, 3WR and TE. 9 starters and only 6 bench guys. You really have to manage your bye weeks. 3 RB's on bye week 12 will have me starting Cohen and White as long as they are not hurt in the next 6 weeks. I am really having a dilemma here. I will have to drop a guy next week to get a D for the Steelers bye, so if I drop Barber, I will be dropping Edmonds next week anyway unless DJ gets hurt. There's no way I can drop any of my WR's (Allen, Edelman, Hilton, Sutton, G. Tate) Sorry for going off on a tangent, this is not a WDIS or WDID post. Is his value really greater than Barber?
  14. I have no one else to believe in in one league. Started with OJ Howard and then went to Ebron, picked him up off waivers this week as my only TE. May have to grab another if he doesn't play.
  15. Would love to pick up Edmonds as a DJ owner, but with a shallow bench I just cannot do it. Would have to drop one of White, Barber or Cohen. I know if I drop one of them, they will be gone. Also DJ/Ekeler have the same bye week so Edmonds will hurt me there too. IF DJ gets hurt enough not to play, I will pay for it.