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  1. Another mention of riding bikes everywhere. We had a large empty field and woods nearby with bike trails etc. Would spend weeks/months building forts. One summer we actually got some shovels and dug a underground fort that was 10 x 6 and 4 feet deep. We cut down some full size trees (1 foot diameter) and cut them into sections to lay over the hole (even with ground level) and then covered it with dirt and leaves. We had a piece of plywood covering the entrance. When we finished, you could not find it unless you knew it was there. Had candles to light up inside and we'd hang out in there looking playboys/penthouse we could get our hands on. Man that was awesome. Spring came the next year and the damn thing had 2 feet of water in it. That was a sad day. Hanging out at the convenient store buying candy. Gum cigarettes that would puff out smoke. Playing the arcade games they would change out every so often. Pengo, Zaxxon, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong Jr, Ms Pacman. We would play a game of tag on bikes with teams. The team searching would have tennis balls and would chase down the other players. Hitting them with a ball was getting caught. We played in a section of 4 streets with a apartment complex, corner store, gas station and neighborhood streets. What fun. Kick the can on weekends mostly at my house late into the night. I can still hear my dad complaining on how we used to wreck his lawn sliding in home base.
  2. Nope, votes are in with 10 minutes left in the 3rd. It wasn't that close Totals (first place votes): Ryan O'Reilly (St. Louis) - 78 points (13) Jordan Binnington (St. Louis) - 46 points (5) Tuukka Rask (Boston) - 21 points (0) Alex Pietrangelo (St. Louis) - 10 points (0) Colton Parayko (St. Louis) - 7 points (0)
  4. 87-88 (These were all released from Summer 87-Winter 88) Appetite for Destruction - Guns and Roses Hysteria - Def Leppard Bad - Michael Jackson Permanent Vacation - Aerosmith Skyscraper - David Lee Roth Honorable mention to this Released Spring 88 (Lots of playtime summer before College) OU812 - Van Halen
  5. I posted this earlier in the thread. The castaways are sequestered in two batches, the first being the pre-jury, and the second the jury and the finalists. Once the pre-jury is complete, they will vacate Ponderosa and be sequestered in a neighboring country until the end of filming. With Ponderosa empty, it is prepared to be occupied by the jury and the finalists.[2] Beginning from Survivor: Micronesia, the jury's stay at Ponderosa is chronicled through a web series called Life at Ponderosa, which can be viewed through the CBS website and YouTube channels. The day after the Final Tribal Council, the jurors and the finalists will have one final meal before heading home. For this season, only the 2 players who gave up were considered pre-jury.
  6. I don't mind Amber, played twice, won once in an all star season, though Rob helped her immensely. If that is real though, Rob and Sandra in back to back seasons will make it Rob's 6th (5th won't be a participant apparently.) Anyone with 3+ seasons go away forever Rob(4), Sandra(3), Parvati(3), Tyson(3) need to be the first to go. What a #### show.
  7. Yeah, I totally agree. Giving Chris back his idol was his mistake (If Lauren doesn't make her mistake, then Rick doesn't even have the opportunity to give it back). After he won Immunity at 5, his idol was not that important as it had to be used.
  8. Yeah, I agree on Lauren, I'm not sure what else Rick could have done (besides win immunity). Playing the idol for Gavin was fine IMO. He was trying to secure a final 3 spot, even though Gavin would have likely not followed through. Gavin, Lauren or Victoria going home likely leads to the same result. Chris/Rick in the fire making challenge. I think Victoria might have gotten more votes than Gavin against Chris, so I don't mind his play of sending her home.