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  1. Me too. Thanks
  2. How many people report to your boss? Have everyone submit the same days off for the year.
  3. Looked at the Acadia, but the decrease in size was just too much, so looked at the Buick Enclave. Sent emails out yesterday to 3 local dealers and got responses. One local dealer flat out told me their manager would beat any deal and to come out and see him. Headed out there today and had him give me an offer, it was still too high and I said I had another offer that was still better. He finally came back with a deal that was quite a bit better (I think he needs to sell a few more vehicles to meet his bonus) The only thing he needed was a friends GM number for their friends and family discount. Checking with my wife's friend now, so we'll see (I'm not sure how that works?) Do GM employees have a limited number of discounts to give? ETA: My buddy game me his discount, so I should be good to go. This thread really helped me negotiate better, not sure I could have gotten a better deal.
  4. Cost me the championship.Lost by 1 point. Who'd a thought that Cole would score as many points as K. Allen, Funchess and Crabtree combined. WTF.
  5. Had Crabtree going and was down by 1 point. 1 catch, any catch. WTF.
  6. I love this idea, unfortunately, it is quite a different game.
  7. Merry Christmas Darling by the Carpenters
  8. Already seen that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oEQk3pDlBc Becky vs. Sundra, Cook Islands. They couldn't make fire, so they gave them matches. Sundra ran out of matches. I believe this took around 2 hours. Was painful to watch, for viewers and especially the Jury.
  9. I fondly remember seeing this in the theater with my cousin in 1984. I guess the mom sitting in front of us thought it wasn't very good as she left with her kids just after the sex scene started. I just looked up on wiki the movies of 1984 and wow what a year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_films_of_1984 I just counted them up and I've seen 94 of these movies from 1984! Thank you HBO. (ETA: I saw 76 of the ones from 1985. Woah)
  10. Some players finally are figuring out that if you use an idol, it gets put back into the game. For players who hunt for and find idols this is great. They have always put them back into the game when they get used, in some prior seasons, players would hold them longer and/or get voted out with them in their pockets and then they are gone from the game.
  11. Debating between Cole and Funchess. Olsen seems to be eating into Funchess' targets/catches. Not sure if I can pull the trigger.