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  1. PPR. Start 2RB, 2WR, 2RB/WR. $100 FAAB. How much FAAB do I spent on AP this week? He looked good, in a run scheme he dominated at back in MIN, and game scripts will favor him. I actually like Thompson taking snaps to keep AP fresh. If I get AP, thinking of dropping Alf (I only picked up because I lost McKinnon) Current roster (typical starters in BOLD: RB: Gurley, Hyde, JWhite, Cohen, Alf, Chubb WR: Thielen, TY, Landry, Crabtree
  2. My apologies, but the players being kept are by other owners...not me. It was to show the unavailability of some top RBs.
  3. Sorry, I don't think the point came across correctly. The players being kept already are by the other 9 teams. Those players are all unavailable to draft.
  4. Players already being kept BY OTHER TEAMS: DJohnson, Kamara, Hunt, McKinnon or MThomas, Howard, ACollins, Ajayi, CThompson, JGordon
  5. Go C. Davis. I think he has a higher ceiling that Kupp, and most likely a slightly higher or equal floor this week. Help me?
  6. Olsen, Olsen, and Olsen twice more. Help me?
  7. I second this. help me?
  8. Man, if I were you...I'd try to package Wilson and/or Hopkins and go for ABrown/AJ/Julio. I agree with the above, Kamara would not be that big of an upgrade over Diggs. Maybe see who has Brees and guarantee yourself points no matter who scores on NO, because you know it will happen. Or try to do Wilson straight up for Kelce. He is such a STUD and has a legit schedule going forward. Help me?
  9. Crowder all the way. Even more so if Reed is unable to suit up. No run game, and Crowder in the slot will tear up NO. Help me?
  10. Davis has a higher floor AND ceiling I would have to believe. Hundley has ZERO intention of throwing deep balls to Jordy. Help me?
  11. I think it is an easy decision: 1. Cook and Davis 2. If Reed plays, Cook and Lockett Help me?
  12. I'm thinking Big Ben tonight as well. Honestly, I could see this getting into a higher scoring game. Help me out?