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  1. "And for the past month I have been absolutely fascinated by the coronavirus outbreak around the world. I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours reading about this virus and studying the public data arising from outbreaks in countries all over the world." I'd believe him because he's been able to squeeze more than 730 hours into a month, and that's some serious time travel-fu. That or he's more fast and loose with his numbers and data than he claims or even realizes. Self important people often are.
  2. I used Stub Hub (twice). It costs a little more, but you're sure to get real tickets and they have a cool party before the game with players, food, beer, etc.
  3. Usually because my back hurts like hell and I've been locked in the seat for the last hour as the plane circles and lands. Yep, I'm a big guy, and standing for 10-20 minutes is bliss compared to the iron-maiden airline seat.
  4. We have two cats that would come and go randomly if the door weren't closed. Pets are a reason to close the door, not keep it open.
  5. I was going to be really disappointed if the hawk worked for you. Or maybe I would have a new respect for pigeons.
  6. I tried the hawk thing with pigeons many years back They knocked it over and crapped on it.
  7. And if the roofer and your insurance adjuster disagree, get them both on the roof at the same time, and remove the ladder until they agree. I did this once, (with a threat to remove the ladder rather than actually removing it).
  8. Even a casual rookie that started about a week ago?
  9. I got talked into buying a 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Single Barrel. Will I be disappointed?
  10. I wish I could vote for Lord of the Rings without the Hobbit follow-ups. They took 6 books and turned them into 3 movies, which I liked a lot, but then they took 1 book and turned it into 3 movies, which I didn't care for. At all.
  11. This is almost always the response I see from OG defenders (with no offense intended to NB). To me that's like saying "Sure, I paid 12 bucks to watch Showgirls, but the popcorn was really good"
  12. "How's everything tasting?". It's Olive Garden so it all tastes like microwaved Marie Callender meals, but I knew that coming in.
  13. I sometimes wonder if I'd be as misanthropic as I am if I had siblings. Then I think I'd probably hate them too.
  14. Yes, a stream or collage of metaphors much better describes it than words like "story" or "coherent".
  15. Last night I watched a horror movie entitled "mother!". I understood mostly none of it. There was very little plot, things happened for no reason, but there was lots of screaming, even explosions and I still hated it, mostly because I couldn't figure it out. It gets 6.9 stars on imdb, so apparently it's me.
  16. A horror movie called "Tusk". It was the worst I've ever seen. I only watched it because Kevin Smith did it, a mistake I will never make again.
  17. I'd be in for standard if there's still room.
  18. I don't care if it rains or freezes 'long as I got my plastic Jesus mounted on the dashboard of my car
  19. One problem my wife has with a .22 handgun is that there is very little recoil to eject the brass, and unless she concentrates on holding the gun tightly, she sees a lot of jams. Something to watch for.
  20. Agreed - I pass through 3 circles between home and work and at least once a week, someone already in the circle will stop to try and let me in. What am I supposed to do in that situation - if I enter and he hits, me it's clearly my fault, so I just wait (sometimes with a horn of encouragement) for them to realize that they have the right of way and I must wait for them. If fact, yielding established right of way for any reason is dangerous and a peeve in general for me.
  21. If you need room, boot me (Penguin) - I don't play much anymore.
  22. Anyone know anything about the super soldiers in this weekend's crab?