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  1. He’s alive, also didn’t start him but thought abt it, hopefully the Texans can keep there offense going because then he can be a solid start every week
  2. U can’t stop him. Have him in every dynasty I’m in because you could get him for a very good price. Somehow still underrated, looks like rams are going to be behind a lot this year
  3. 12 team start QB 2RB 3WR TE Flex K D I gave: Allen Robinson, Dissly, Jaylen Samuels and late 2020 1st I got: David Johnson currently high points scorer and other guy is 10th place.
  4. Texans in general are struggling on offense, until they get going again he isn’t gonna do much. When/If they do he could go back to his 3-80-1 or 5-100 games
  5. Yeah while I’m on the side that Darrel could be great some of you are jumping the gun. He didn’t do much with yardage and it is a murky situation still. In bestball he would be great, still wouldn’t surprise me if he has some bad games without much usage or like some have pointed out a Mahomes passing TD in the red zone instead of a couple rushing TDs
  6. Was in the whole last series and I believe most of the one before that. That’s a lot of trust by Reid
  7. He was a solid flex option last year splitting with Gordon so not sure why people think he’s gonna disappear. Sure he will be more inconsistent but he’s still gonna be used in the passing game atleast. And Gordon does like to tweak his ankle or knee so he may still be very valuable this year
  8. Same, I’m in a 12 team dynasty league with friends from high school, used to be super active and that’s how I was able to build a very good team. Now that team is still very good but there’s only probably 4-8 trades a year and most of them are actually with me because I’m fine giving up extra because the team is very solid and it’s more of a fun league for me then serious. One trade I did last year was I gave Keenan Allen and a first for Julio, obviously in dynasty usually you don’t give up the younger stud and a pick for the older one but I liked Julio’s chances to help me more then Keenan was going to last year plus I hadn’t owned Julio before and wanted to. Well yesterday I reached out to the Barkley owner who has a terrible team, has basically been a bottom 3 team for 4 years now but does have some young talent finally but will still be bottom 3 this year. Offered him Mixon and Evans based on I’d rather have Barkleys production than the spotty inconsistent of the other 2. Figured he would turn it down saying it’s close but not good enough and then would have offered to include either OJ howard or my first round pick with them but never got the chance because he replied with “Ive gotten some terrible offers for Barkley but this one probably takes the cake for the worst one”
  9. 12 team PPR start QB 2RB 3WR TE 2Flex D and K I gave: Le’Veon, Cohen and 2020 second (late) I got: Kelce, AJ Brown, Devonta Freeman and 2020 first (late) I finished second last year, guy I traded with was first, we have a pretty big rivalry. I got OJ Howard this offseason to finally have a TE and that didn’t work out so will now have a Mahomes and Kelce stack. Hurt my RB depth, only have Mixon, Carson and freeman now but stacked at WR so can hopefully add a different if need be
  10. With Cam Out how much is DJ effected. Does Carolina lean in CMC a ton or so they trust Allen to throw enough where DJ gets a good number of targets yet.
  11. 12 team Dynasty PPR start QB 2RB 3WR TE 2Flex D and kicker 8th year of a friends league, IDK what I did but must have pissed off the fantasy gods. Have a stud team based off of almost always trading my first round rookie pick (this years went fast, traded Lindsay and my first for Chris Carson) and being a step ahead of everyone else on late round guys (ended up with Kupp at 2.10 his rookie year, Cohen as a FA right after the rookie draft and Lindsay last year as a 4th rounder). Well here’s the team that has finished 2nd and 3rd the last 2 years and now started this year 0-1 against the team that had the #2 pick. Mahomes (also had Luck), Le’Veon Bell, Joe Mixon, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr, OJ Howard, Chris Carson, Cooper Kupp. Then have AJ Green and Tarik Cohen on my bench. Projected for over 200 and a 50 point favorite, score 149 and lose by 4 points
  12. For where he is going he’s worth the gamble. With metcalf and the other rookies there he isn’t getting any press because that’s not what the fans wanna hear (not a headline name) but I’m in the camp that thinks come game time he gets more time then metcalf.
  13. He went 5.9, 5.12 and then 6.2 in FBG players championships abt a week ago. I got him in the one at 6.2 and was very happy to take him there.
  14. Yeah I’d hope he can do something like Elker now which will be fairly solid for a free add even if it’s only for half the season till Hunt is back
  15. I only watched some highlights but I thought he caught a couple dump offs from baker and got a first down on each. Him being used like that is encouraging.