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  1. Dillion Mitchell, actually went to a solid spot (Vikings) so surprised his name is being tgrown around a little more. Lead Oregon in receiving by a ton this year. Just got him in the first waiver run after the rookie draft so can get very cheap. Has solid size at 6’1 200 pounds. Not really much in the receiver room in minny except Diggs and thielen so should be able to learn and develop for a couple years and if someone gets hurt may be thrust into a starting role right away. Did read he has struggled with drops, tries to make plays before he secures the catch so needs to fix that.
  2. 39-502-4 last year as a rookie. Wanna say that’s a really good year for a rookie TE. Seems to have a connection with darnold already so that should help him. Still to many unknowns to really say how good he will be. Does the whole jets offense take a jump where he gets more opportunities? Does Gase run a TE friendly offense? Early prediction would be close to what he did last year tho I think that’s his floor and has a good amount of upside. I’ll go with 48-600-7
  3. First draft of the year started Friday, he went second to last pick today. Was gonna be a priority waiver add for me but oh well. Have a fourth in my next league so will hope he is there for that one
  4. Yeah he’s saying instead of hoping to get Johnson in the third, move up and take him mid to late second to make sure you get your guy.
  5. Give me the 4 picks...guys team may be bad but he is adding some solid guys at 1.7 and 1.8. Maybe a RB falls to him or he takes let’s say Campbell and DK both who landed in spots where they could produce right away. Hits on a waiver wire guy or 2 and now his highly likely 1.1 turns into 1.3. The 2020 first he got back in the trade then may only be a pick or 2 difference.
  6. My question because Lock is usually right there with him. Which one is the better pick?. I went Lock at 2.4 in my superflex and Jones went 2.5 right after. I haven’t researched either that much(and was back and forth on which one I wanted) but from what I gathered Lock has the higher upside which is why I picked him. I see Jones as more a Trubisky/Tannehill like guy who may be solid but isn’t really that stud QB.
  7. Very likely that he gets atleast 3 years as a starter, you have to wait a little for that to happen but yes I think it’s and easy to pick in mid-late second.
  8. Another one this time I’m involved I gave: 2.1, 3.3 and 2020 second (mid) i got: 1.10 OTC and took Deebo Samuel
  9. During rookie draft 14 team superflex PPR-TE premium Team A got: 2020 first and Tevin Coleman Team B got: 1.9 OTC and took Marquise Brown
  10. he was my #1 WR, not the best spot but doesn’t change much for me and would be estatic if he does fall that far. Would be pretty shocked tho if he does
  11. We had him ranked basically exactly the same then lol
  12. Was hoping to get him as a great value pick, now probably won’t get him anywhere