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  1. I saw it in the Kupp thread yesterday and don’t remember the snap counts completely but Kupp wasn’t in the game for like 10 total snaps. So McVay might have realized it’s not smart taking one of your best players out of the game last year
  2. SF league that’s drafting right now I was able to get Burrows at 1.2. Tua went 1.4 and Herbert went 1.9. CEH went 1.1 so I was very happy to be able to take burrows. Otherwise I was probably taking Tua
  3. 12 team PPR dynasty Best- Don’t remember the secondary players attached but they didn’t really matter. gave: 2.3, 2.4, 2.10 and scrubs as 2.3 was OTC and got Kupp and some other scrubs. Worst- had WR and TE depth and wanted another stud RB. gave: Allen Robinson, Jaylen Samuels, Will Dissly and 2020 1st Got: David Johnson Still finished second on the year so the pick is very late but DJ has practically lost all dynasty value and I was a big fan of Robinson and he finished the year great. Did get 2 good weeks from DJ before he was unstartable
  4. This one made me laugh pretty hard. 14team Superflex and .25 points per carry league I give: 1.2, 1.6 and Dede Westbrook I get: amari Cooper Earned the 1.2 as I’m trying a rebuild
  5. Player A- 52-1051-8 on 84 targets, 3-60-1 rushing Player B- 57-802-3 on 81 targets, 14-159-3 rushing One is being called a complete stud and the other is being called a sell for any 2020 first you can get. Both have had big plays, as an owner of both in a couple leagues I’m happy with both and will hold them instead of hoping that I pick the right rookie again
  6. In 1 of my championship I had Barkley and his nice 43 points but made the choice to sit Kupp since his usage has been weird. In his place had Lockett, DJ Moore and Marquise Brown so 4.9 points total compared to kupps 13. Lucky it doesn’t matter anyway with my opponent getting 33 from colts D and 43.9 from Fitzpatrick. So unless butker starts playing WR and him and Mahomes scores 83 points I gotta settle for second.
  7. 12 team dynasty PPR My team - Opponents...long time league with friends. I finished as the third seed (10-3) also had Evans. He’s my main rival, he beat me last year and we end up doing small bets throughout the year on our teams, finished in first (11-2) thanks to an easier division and we went 1-1 head to head this year. Mahomes - Wilson Carson - Zeke Mixon - Aaron Jones Julio - Hopkins AJ Brown - Amari Kupp (maybe Odell) - John Brown Devonte Freeman - LeVeon OJ howard - McLaurin Kelce - Kittle Tucker - Boswell Pats - Steelers
  8. 12 team dynasty-PPR My team- Opponents...I was first place (10-3) and highest scorer, also have dalvin and Kupp but don’t plan on risking it with either. He was third seed (7-6) had josh Jacobs Mahomes - Tannehill Barkley - Ingram Ekeler- AP Lockett - Hopkins DJ Moore - Keenan Marquise Brown - Amari Kittle - AJ Brown Waller - Higbee Butker - Boswell redskins - falcons
  9. Guess it could be a reason, I also think it’s more just Mcvay trying to “outsmart” people and trying to prove that his system can work with anyone and right now he is pushing the ball to higbee for some reason
  10. That makes me consider him more this week then, possibly over Odell now, still not sure why they’re forcing it to higbee instead of Kupp. Sure higbee is doing good with it but Kupp would be doing the same
  11. And last 2 games Kupp has scored all of his points in like the last 5 minutes of the game. I don’t want to have to sweat that out anymore. I haven’t been able to watch his games but thought someone posted that he only played 30% of the snaps week 14 and I’m guessing it had to be similar this week considering I don’t think I saw him have a point until late in the 4th. I’d love to play him and have confidence in him and it’s not kupps talent. It’s the rams use of him
  12. I don’t trust either but I don’t think Kupp got a target till the last couple drives which is crazy and not something I wanna see happen again. I don’t want to sit him, he’s one of my favorite players and a guy I have in every league but the rams have been stupid in how they are using him.
  13. On 2 of my championship game teams. One I have to pick between him and Odell, leaning Odell right now with the hope the browns are passing all day against the ravens and the other he’s gonna be sitting for marquise brown.
  14. I’ll have to pick between Kupp and Odell next week, as long as kamara and Thomas don’t score more then 78 points, probably still leaning Kupp right now