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  1. Also worth mentioning is 9ers also paid mostert fairly well after he had those couple good games and he stayed with the 9ers over other teams, so even if McKinnon is cut they may use mostert as well. I’d agree that I don’t think I’d do the trade and I would hope that breida just looks good early so I can trade him later but I don’t think it’s anything that bad and the 4 pick difference could be helpful
  2. Where is everyone reading that he broke his kids arm. The link that someone posted just said he and his fiancé are listed on some reports and had zero details or actual information. Of course because of his past you have to take it very seriously but some of you are talking like he is 100% at fault. Not defending anyone but I didn’t see any actual facts other then his name is in the report and that it involves his kid that has a broken arm.
  3. I’m no Funchess is amazing supporter but I don’t see the deal being terrible. They have a ton of cap, a need at WR and funchess is better then the other stuff they have. Plus he is young and it’s a 1 year deal. Let Luck see what he can do with him and go from there. Sure Tyrell woulda been a nicer get but he probably wants 13 mill a year for 4-5 years EDIT: sounds like it is closer to a 10 million deal with the rest in possible incentives
  4. You literally just posted yesterday abt why don’t they just have tyreek “go”
  5. What does this have to do with tyreek....tyreek does go deep quite a bit but always having him go deep would be a waste because he can do a lot more then just running deep. Don’t remember his final numbers off the top of my head but I’m fairly certain he woulda finished at the top in yards per catch
  6. Yeah I was gonna say I still see 7:38 left on the clock...must likely pats win but that’s still a lot of time
  7. If all other QBs were taken it would be but yes if there was an actual starter on waivers then I would understand someone getting upset
  8. That’s not tanking, that’s rebuilding...tanking is starting Tavon Austin instead of Deandre Hopkins and mike Gieski instead of George Kittle so that it helps you lose. edit to add: tanking is cheating (throwing a game), rebuilding is a strategy.
  9. Having to watch him try and kick 2 game winning FGs was fun for me...not a fan of either team and didn’t really care who won, was somewhat leaning bears because I do think it’s fun watching that D. As a fan of football it was awesome to be on the edge of my seat twice to see if he could make both kicks. Sorry you guys had to wait an extra 3 minutes till the game was over. Also for everyone saying taking a TO to ice the kicker doesn’t work. Well obviously it did because the eagles won because of it. Sure it was blocked so maybe it didn’t get to parkeys head as much as people thought but without the TO being called then parkey makes the kick and bears move on.
  10. Love icing the kicker and pederson did a great job of it. If you call it to early then it doesn’t nothing but make the kicker wait. Pederson timed it perfect so that parkey has to kick and then it gets him really thinking. Now the post above maybe makes it so it wasn’t all Parkey missing by himself but a good strategy for teams and excellent execution by Pederson. sidenote: not sure why teams don’t do this more often early in games. Maybe not early in the second half but in the first half I’d technically say timeouts aren’t as important since there is another half to be played. So if the opposing team is lining up for a 45+ yard FG why not try and ice them. If they make both oh well, but if they miss the second one then your gonna end up with solid field position and erase 3 points off the board.
  11. Finished the year pretty solid. Allen looks like he has a ton of potential which helps Zay’s outlook the next couple of years. Buffalo probably adds a WR but I don’t think it will be super early anymore with Zay doing solid and Foster showing some promise as well. Dont think he turns into anything to special but could end up as a nice possession and redzone guy.
  12. 12 team PPR keep 15 dynasty, wanna say this is the 7-8th year QB 2RB 3WR TE 2Flex K DST Mahomes, Mixon, Lindsay, Evans, Julio, Odell(Reynolds or TreQuan Smith if he doesn’t go), Herndon, Cohen, Samuels, J Tucker, Titans D sadly have Bell, AJ Green, and Kupp on bench
  13. It will be him or Samuels as my flex depending on conners status
  14. He’s one of my favorite posters because he makes me laugh so much. Can’t remember all the players that he said were horrible because they had 1 bad week but I do believe it included the likes of Kamara, Hill and Evans lol