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  1. Right now we need 3 owners $20 buy in Best regular season record $100 1st place playoffs $140 12 team ESPN PPR Snake draft 60 second picks 10PM Eastern 1QB 2RB 2WR TE 2 FLEX (WR,RB,TE) 1DST 1K 8 BENCH Money kept with leaguesafe and payment due right away when we fill. If yo I want in let me know your email and I’ll send invite. Thanks
  2. Still need 4 this is perfect for anyone ever wondering about joining a 16 team league to try it out. Money kept with leaguesafe
  3. If you’ve wondered about joining a 16 team league I’m setting this one up for practice it’s only $5 that way everyone can see how it goes and if they like it. Our big league 16 teams have a huge payout so here’s your chance to see how it is. We only need 4 more. Draft 10PM Eastern this sunday(tomorrow). Playing for atleast $5 this way we don’t have people leaving mock drafts then half of your draft is auto picks. This way it’s still competitive. If you want in please leave email. 5 bench spots. Draft date: Sunday June 30th 10PM Eastern Buy in: $5 ESPN PPR Snake Draft 60 second pick clock Payout: Best regular season record: $30 Playoffs 1st: $40 Playoffs 2nd: $10
  4. Here’s info on the leagues. I will also run some 16 team $50 leagues as well Offensive Scoring Rules * Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards * Passing Touchdowns: 6 points * Interceptions: -2 points * Fumble Lost: -2 point * Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards * Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points * Receptions: 1 point (PPR) * Receiving Yards: 1 points per 10 yards * Reviving Touchdowns: 6 points Kicker Scoring Rules * Extra Points: 1 point * Missed Extra Point: -2 points * Field Goal 17-39 Points: 3 points * Field Goal 40-49 Points: 4 points * Field Goals 50-59 Points: 5 points * Field Goals 60+ Points: 6 points * Missed Field Goal: -2 points Defense & Special Teams Scoring Rules * Blocked Kick: 2 points * Safety: 2 points * Forced Fumble: 1 point * Fumble Recovery: 1 point * Interception: 2 points * Sack: 1 point * 0 Points Allowed: 10 points * 1-6 Points Allowed: 8 points * 7-13 Points Allowed: 6 points * 14-20 Points Allowed: 2 points * 21-27 Points Allowed: 1 point * 28-34 Points Allowed: 0 points * 35-41 Points Allowed: -2 points * 42+ Points Allowed: -4 points BUY IN: $5 everyone makes playoffs since done before pre season games. Did this last year and everyone loved it. If your sick of mock drafting and your whole draft turns into auto drafts this is perfect leagues. These are cheap pre season games to help like mock drafting but worth playing for something. Best Regular Season Record: $30 Playoffs 1st: $30 BUY IN: $15 Best Regular Season Record: $70 Playoffs 1st: $80 Playoffs 2nd: $30 BUY IN: $30 Best Regular Season Record: $120 Playoffs 1st: $ 180 Playoffs 2nd: $60 PPR ESPN Snake Draft Money kept: Leaguesafe(payed once draft is full) 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 2 FLEX(wr,rb,te), D/ST, K, 8 BENCH SPOTS
  5. So far we have 68 people on the list so if anyone wants to get in any leagues I recommend getting in the list as we will fill leagues by the list of people to contact.
  6. So I’m gonna take more names to be on the list to be contacted when I start up more leagues. So far we’ve ran 5. This is best way to be contacted as I contact the people on the list first. So far we have 52 and they get first dibs on spots. If you would like to be contacted directly about info on leagues drafting when I have leagues please let Me know your email. Thanks
  7. This probably will be my last $5 league for a little bit I may run one more at the end of this week if my wife goes out, otherwise tomorrow night Tuesday June 18th will be last draft for a couple weeks till after 4th of July as I’ll take a little break so if you want in this may be last chance till middle of July probably. These $5 leagues are like mock drafts but worth playing for something rather then having your mock drafts become all auto drafts. Draft Date: Tuesday June 18th Time: 8:30PM EASTERN 60 second picks Buy in $5 PPR ESPN 12 teams Snake Draft Money kept: Leaguesafe(payed once draft is full) Best Regular Season Record: $30 Playoffs 1st: $30 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 2 FLEX(wr,rb,te), D/ST, K, 8 BENCH SPOTS
  8. Draft this Sunday we Only 3 spots left if anyone is thinking of jumping in I would recommend getting in right away as we should fill this today