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  1. He has a salary of $6.5 m (non-guaranteed this year) and a bonus cap hit of $2m. So the savings would be the $6.5m.
  2. Grab 2 O-line in free agency. They will need 2 CBs. Not sure if they will spend on edge. Only so much money to go around. O-line at 11. Then maybe WR and O-line with our 2 next picks. The second third rounder should be another WR or CB. RB in the 4th or 5th round. Or some combination of those positions in rounds 3-5.
  3. Not worth his cost, especially coming off the injury. $8.5 million cap hit is way too much considering how much we are paying Mosley and considering that we have cheap replacements (Cashman, Hewitt, Burgess) at a slight drop in performance. We don't need that much money tied up on non-critical positions like ILB. Cutting him saves $6.5m in cap space which we'll need to upgrade o-line, WRs, CBs, edge or whatever else. Another one of McCant's problems is not only did he do a poor job of assembling talent, he overpaid at less than important positions. Nothing like spending on DTs and Safeties. If Adams gets a new deal, that's another $17m a year tied up on non-critical positions (plus Bell's money at RB). Will we ever get an o-line or edge rusher? Hopefully JD knows how to build a team considering his background on successful organizations. You have to protect your QB and rush the QB, not overpay for run-stuffers.
  4. There was some hoopla back in 2010 or so with the National Enquirer following him around to hair transplant centers in Rhode Island and NY. Poor guy had no privacy, but it turned out great for him. Money well spent.
  5. His hair transplants are getting better and better. See how thick it looked? The hat made sense. Too much hair now for a normal hat.
  6. This looks like a fg difference kind of game, so I'll take Buffalo to cover. Straight up is tougher. As a Jets fan (living in Houston), I have reasons to dislike both teams, but I don't. I actually admire the job Buffalo has done and I really like their coaching staff. On one hand, Buffalo has no playoff experience, so that's a negative and probably a big one for a young QB on the road. On the other hand, the Texans have a negative playoff experience. Hmm. The Bills always seem to put up a strong effort. The Texans are a bit more inconsistent, but have a higher upside. This is the game I feel least confident about, but I'll give the home team the edge in a tight one. The Bills have a good future though.
  7. I have no idea what Gase's plan was regarding the running game. He didn't use Montgomery at all. He wouldn't throw to Bell or hand it off to him at the goal-line. He must have signed Powell for the leadership. Although I like the guy, there was no point of signing him because of his age. It's not like they were going to develop him. It's pretty worrisome that this faux offensive guru had no clue what to do with his RB situation.
  8. Well, for the first in time in years, at least you don't have to worry about another defensive lineman.
  9. I don't even think Enunwa gets a chance to hurt himself again. I saw something on Monday that he has spinal stenosis. It sucks that he hurt himself so badly, but giving him that contract sucked more. I remember complaining that he got so much and had a history of getting. McCant was the worst GM in our history and that says a lot. I don't believe that Jeudy will even be there, so I think it's a moot point. That said, he would be hard to pass up, but I hear you. the O-LINE should be priority number 1. If/when we lost Anderson, WR will also be a big priority, but it's a deep class for WRs. Should be a good one available with our second or even third pick.
  10. So there is a Twitter account under the name Wyatt (which is the name of Gase's child) that always defends Gase on Twitter. Manish wrote an article accusing Gase of having a Twitter a burner Twitter account. He even asked him about it today in the presser. Well dopey Manish posted a link to his latest article today under the Wyatt twitter account by accident. He's been outed as the creator of this fake account. What a loser. I hope he gets his credentials taken away if not losing his job at the Daily News. It's been one hit piece after another this year which was bad enough, but now he's creating his own fake stories. Terrible.
  11. Unfortunately, Gase thinks he is giving a pc answer by giving non-answers instead of trashing players. Non-answers will just be viewed negatively. The dude needs a crash course in public relations. The guy only manages half a team and still can't even get that right. This holding the team together rhetoric is probably mostly attributable to Williams keeping the defense playing hard. The offense looked mostly like poop except for some flashes. The most important goal of this past season was the development of Darnold, but It's hard to evaluate Darnold with the injuries, the horrible o-line, and lack of talent around him. Not to mention the play-calling. I don't see how Gase helped him improve at all. Sam will be a quality starter, but we don't know his upside yet. Just flashes of greatness mixed in with some dumb mistakes.
  12. R Anderson to test Free Agency. Beat writers suggest he expects $13-15m per year. Bye Gase has no use for him at those prices. I guess we'll draft a WR in one of the first 2 rounds.
  13. I hope he gets traded, too. He will be useless under Gase.
  14. The offense didn't look great today, but thanks to Williams for another win. Hopefully this is the last time I have to look at Ficken kick for us again. We're drafting 11th.