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  1. Brandon Copeland is back. Good. He had 5 sacks last year. 7, but 2 were called back on penalties. Not bad. Neal Sterning is back, too.
  2. Yes, Klecko played both inside and out in his career. Although sacks were not an official stat in 1981, both Klecko and Gastineau had 20 sacks each . Can you imagine? Lyons and Salaam combined for double digits. That's 50+ from only our d-line. That was sick. I didn't like Gastineau's sack dance (neither did his teammates). I think I still hold a grudge for his roughing the passer penalty against Cleveland in the playoffs. Thanks to him, we blew that game. We had a decent shot for the Super Bowl that year. Anyway, just another of a million painful memories.
  3. He was, but I always thought Joe Klecko was the most valuable player of the NYSE.
  4. Not that it matters because those NFL Good Morning show people are goofballs, but in their mock draft, they chose Williams for us when Bosa went #2. The threat is real despite our glaring need at edge. This GM likes to go BPA some feel that Williams can provide pressure from the inside which happens to be Brady's Achilles' heel.
  5. Yes, they're staying in the 3-4, but Williams will have plenty of different looks. Agreed. They have been looking for an edge rusher since before even @rockaction was born. Yet, the Jets do love their defensive tackles. Who knows if they will re-sign Leonard Williams and could look for a replacement. I know, it makes no sense, but we've seen this move before. Outside of Darnold last year, this GM has a fetish for drafting best player available at non-premium positions (Safety, LB, DT).
  6. I'm all for Bosa/Allen, but it would not surprise me if they went Williams. Based on? 50 years of being a Jets fan. Our GM might think Williams is the BPA and I'm sure there are other GMs/scouts that believe it.
  7. Welp, no Justin Houston. I don't think we have shown any interest in Ansah. Copeland who had 5 sacks in limited time met with Detroit today. I guess we're going Bosa/Allen, although you know Mac will be tempted to go DT with Williams. It will be funny if we still don't get an edge rusher with several that hit FA and this draft.
  8. The Jets brought back Qvale and Tomlinson. Catanzaro got a $600k signing bonus and will make $2m this year.
  9. The Jets signed TE Daniel Brown formerly of the Bears. Shopping at the Five & Dime.
  10. Mac went to the Dollar Store and signed Vikings guard Tom Compton. He's pretty average, Depth I guess. Can play RT in a pinch.
  11. I'm surprised at how quiet the Jets have been since Friday. Still nothing at edge rusher or center. We can probably get another CB, too. It looks like we have $40+m in cap room. I can't believe how we haven't heard anything on Justin Houston. I would have thought he would have been a target, but we're not hearing anything about him.
  12. MAC is pretty sketchy when it comes to drafting and personnel, but he's pretty good at structuring contracts. All those deals have a relatively easy exit plan, usually with the guaranteed money in the first 2 years. Looking at those deals, I would guess that we still have a little more than $30m in cap space. It doesn't look like we were in on any CBs outside of Poole. Maybe we're chasing Houston. It's been quiet on his front. Add him and a veteran center for insurance. The rest on cheap depth and let's go to the draft.
  13. Similar to Skrine in coverage including the penalties. However,he hits like a train and is a very good blitzer. More INTs than Skrine, too. Flawed, but an upgrade in that he does other things well and Williams will like his versatility.