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  1. I don't know if we know who is better or will be better, but my point is that's it's funny how everyone is in a rush to declare one better or worse after a game or two. It's the state of the world these days. Hot takes and headlines.
  2. Brady can't throw past 20 yards anymore. It's all a matter of not getting sliced and diced by those short passes to Edelman and White. So, I wonder if the NY Post still stands by its headline that Danny Dimes is the best QB in NY. Or the national media that proclaimed Mayfield to be the best QB by far? Everyone is so reactionary with their hot takes. Let things develop over time.
  3. He looked like a beast in limited touches. Maybe he passes Brown on the depth chart later this season.
  4. It felt good for us fans having Sam come back from mono and lead the team to a win. Enough with everyone's jokes and abuse. I'm sure it felt better for the team. In December or April I might regret it, but I hope for the team's sake that we can string some wins together. Otherwise you might be right and we'll see Adams leave. He plays with a ton of heart and I'm not sure what continued losing will do to him.
  5. I like the way he can squirm out of a pocket and throw the ball at different angles and arm motions. He has a natural ability to escape the pressure.
  6. Darnold is a miracle worker. He's even making Griffin relevant.
  7. Henderson looks like a beast, so they go back to Brown and get stuffed at the GL twice. Fools.
  8. A first down was shocking enough. Then a td and even a lead? Pinch me, I'm hallucinating.
  9. My thoughts: Agree with you mostly. The Buffalo game was a tough loss, but even Mr. Magoo could see us lose because of the kicking situation in week 1. However, Gase did not impress me at all week 1. Maybe Sam was sick. Not sure. Gase basically threw in the towel these past 2 weeks. Losing Simien hurt him in week 2, but he looked like poop, too. The O-LIne has been hot garbage. Kalil was terrible, but seems to be improving with each game. Winters has been awful. Shell was replaced by the far more athletic rookie. Unfortunately, he's going to be thrown into the fire and didn't look good. Osemi wasn't looking great before his injury. The guy we got from Baltimore has looked pretty good in his place. Beachum has been pretty bad. We need a LT badly next year plus a replacement for Winters at the least. WR - It's hard to judge these guys with a qb that doesn't even belong in the NFL. Crowder had a monster game in week 1 and I believe he will look that way again with Sam back. Anderson is Anderson. DT looked bad last week and has no future. This Smith kid that we got from Houston has potential to develop into a starter by later in the season. He had a great camp with Houston. TE - We've been playing without one. Our rookie had been rather bland. Welcome back Herndon. RB - Bell has been incredibly impressive. Ty who? The two of them should play together more often. Both can be great receiving options that would keep defenses guessing. DL - We need to trade Leo. We're not going to re-sign him. We're not going to get a compensatory pick because we'll be spending again next year. Trade him now for whatever you can get. Q has been hurt. He looks ok, but not spectacular. Time will tell. The rest are doing ok. LB - Hewitt has played pretty well, but we need Mosely back. Cashman has looked ok. CB - I can't wait to see Johnson go. Not much to see about the rest. They haven't been as awful as expected. DBs - As expected. Specials - Ficken has been our best kicker so far, but that's not saying much. That fg attempt last week was atrocious. Nothing sticks out with the punter or specials. Coaching - I'm not too thrilled with Gase so far. It's been pretty bad, but let's see how he does with Sam back. That Buffalo defense is pretty good, so it's hard to know about the offense in back in week 1. Assessment begins now. Let's hope the 0-line gets better. Our defense has held better than expected. Williams isn't perfect, but we can't complain. The defense has been pretty decent.
  10. It's very frustrating. In my main league, I switched the scoring to Best Ball scoring. Problem solved (well as best as possible. At least it's not an almost automatic loss like in regular line-ups). Everyone in my league loved the change.
  11. So does Gase finally open things up a bit or this another game that we give up on offense? Falk barely got any reps this week although it won't matter if they continue to just hand-off on third and long. They might as well forfeit if they're not going to try until Darnold comes back.
  12. It really doesn't matter. Gase just plans to hand off all day long no matter the situation or score. Maybe the occasional 1-2 yard pass to Bell.