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  1. Probably given more time. He was probably the worst of all of our GMs and that is some tall order. Those contracts were awful, but at least I can kind of understand the Johnson deal. I'll never understand that Enunwa deal. Overpaid. Guaranteed. Inexcusable.
  2. Yes, there is still a carry-over of unused cap. In fact, I just read that a lot of teams will carry over cap in case the cap has to go down next year if games are cancelled this year.
  3. They can still be free agents, but they remain on the team's cap until June. I think the new CBA capped it to a max of 2 post-June 1 cuts. No idea why anything was changed. The guidelines for pre-June 1 and post-June 1 cuts are fairly straightforward, but things become a little more complicated when we take into account that teams are allowed to designate up to two players as post-June 1 cuts even if those players are released before June. This offseason, we’ve seen a handful of players designated as post-June 1 cuts: Trey Burton (Bears), Desmond Trufant (Falcons), Trumaine Johnson (Jets), and Todd Gurley (Rams). In the case of Johnson, the Jets were initially slated to pay him $11MM in base salary this year. Under typical circumstances, the release would have left Gang Green with a $12MM dead money obligation for 2020. However, through the post-June 1 designation, they will unlock $11MM in cap space starting on Tuesday with just $4MM in dead money this year. In 2021, they’ll be faced with the remaining $8MM charge. Because the cap charge for the current league year isn’t reduced until June, designating a player as a post-June 1 cut hasn’t been hugely advantageous for teams historically. Typically, by June, just about every notable free agent is off the board. However, this year is a bit of a different story – Jadeveon Clowney, Logan Ryan, Larry Warford, and other notable vets are still on the board. Free agent opportunities aside, releasing a player in the spring and designating him a post-June 1 cut can be mutually beneficial for a player and his team. It allows the player to hit the market when potential suitors still have cap room and are still looking to add free agents, and it allows the club to spread out the player’s cap charge without having to actually wait until June 1 to release him — waiting until that point could mean paying roster or workout bonuses in the interim. Additionally, even if the team doesn’t need that June cap space for free agency, it can come in handy for signing draft picks.
  4. Not under the new CBA. You actually have to hold the player on your cap now until June 2nd. Btw, they should have close to $25m now which leaves about $15m or so after our draft picks get signed. I guess they still want Ryan and carry over the rest.
  5. One more day until we kick that T. Johnson garbage to the curb. Let's see what we do with that extra $11m in cap space.
  6. Here is a pic of me with Gene on that tour. My first time seeing Dark Angel was in 1987 with Possessed at CBGBs. I saw them plenty of times. The last time was at the Maryland Death Fest back six years ago.
  7. I spoke to a customer rep and their tech dept for 2 hours today and they couldn't fix the issue. Apparently some customers can't get their apps to recognize their subscription even though their system shows that you have it. It got elevated to another level and we'll say. Personally, I don't really care about it now, but I don't want to start over with tech support at a later point.
  8. I tried through my Firestick this morning. No app I heard that HBO Now was supposed to automatically update. I then tried through my Iphone app, but it couldn't verify my Directv HBO subscription. Good job.
  9. Anyone going to watch this ESPN Pelton episode on Saturday? If the participating pro athletes collectively reach a combined output of 3,000, Peloton will donate one million meals to the Food Bank for New York City. ESPN’s Ryan Ruocco and Peloton instructor Ally Love will provide commentary for the one-hour special of two 20-minute rides. Men’s Division Mike Golic, Jr.: ESPN analyst and former Notre Dame Football standout Matt Grevers: Six-time Olympic medalist, American swimmer Gordon Hayward: NBA All-Star currently with the Boston Celtics Booger McFarland: ESPN analysts and two-time NFL Super Bowl Champion Rory McIlroy: Current No. 1 golfer in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) and member of both the European and PGA Tours Kyle Rudolph: Two-time Pro Bowl tight-end for the Minnesota Vikings Justin Thomas: 12-time PGA Tour event winner and current No. 4 ranked golfer in the world (OWGR) Bubba Watson: 12-time PGA Tour event winner, two-time Masters Champion (2012, ’14) Women’s Division Victoria Azarenka: Professional tennis player with 20 WTA wins and two Grand Slam singles titles (Australian Open 2012, ’13) Allyson Felix: An American track and field sprinter who is tied for the most decorated female Olympian in track and field history with nine medals and is the most decorated athlete, male or female, in World Athletics Championships history with 18 career medals Morgan Pressel: Professional golfer on the LPGA Tour and was the youngest player ever to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open (2001) Monica Puig: Professional tennis player and the reigning Olympic gold medalist Colleen Quigley: Professional American middle-distance runner and 2016 Olympian, 2015 NCAA Champion in Steeplechase Kyla Ross: A gymnast who won team gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics as a member of the “Fierce Five,” also the first gymnast to become an Olympic, World and NCAA Champion Michele Smith: ESPN analyst and former international and Women’s National Team fastpitch softball player who won gold at the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics Dawn Staley: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame basketball player and coach, current head coach of the South Carolina women’s basketball team that took home the 2017 NCAA National Championship They should fairly easily meet the target. They only need to average 187.5 output in 20 minutes. I hear that Booger is actually quite the beast on the bike often finishing in the top 3 of live rides. He's apparently lost a ton of weight.
  10. I messed up. I thought they were still scheduled at 5 after the hour with a 10 minute late reg. I was taking care of the dogs and missed the deadline. Oh well, see you at Omaha.
  11. I don't really disagree with anything you said. I hated the Gase hiring and he frustrated the hell out of me at times. I think they wanted Rhule and the rest of their decision was made with poor judgement. Some might argue that he overachieved in Miami with all the injuries and lack of talent outside of a few players. I won't make that argument, but let's give Gase credit for 2 things: 1) He realized that Maccagnan was completely inept to the point of potential mental disability and staged a coup. Not to mention that he got JD hired which we all seem to love so far. I mean, he probably changed the fortunes of the team long term just with this move. 2) As you say, there were times when it seemed like his game-planning was quitting (which I mentioned above that maybe he saw that he couldn't get anything done with our back-up QB and lack of talent and just wanted to limit the damage on offense and let the defense keep them in games). HOWEVER, the team did not quit at all during the season once Darnold came back. He went 6-2 in the second half. Plus he punked Dallas and the playoff hopes of Oakland and Pittsburgh. There is no way a coach like Kotite as you mentioned above could have done something like that. So while the guy is an oddball to say the least and did some irritating things last year, he also did a couple of really good things. I'm willing to call last season a wash at worst. Long term he might deserve a statue just for getting rid of Maccagnan. Our true problems lie at the top of the organization with our two clueless brothers running the show.
  12. No one here likes Gase, but people crapping on him is also a lazy narrative. I don't want to defend him, but to be fair: Parker looked very good at times under him, but he couldn't stay healthy and some questioned his heart. Albert Wilson had great moments, but couldn't stay healthy. Kenny Stills had productive seasons. Ajayi did nothing after he was traded. Gore at age 82 averaged 4.6 under Gase. Of his 3 seasons under Gase, Tannehill missed one season and was hurt in the other 2. Gase had to use backups. You can definitely question his usage of Drake, but Flores (whom everyone thinks is a really good coach) didn't do anything with Drake either and gave up on him, too.
  13. I never liked all..ever. These last few years he's been horrific, but last year Gase didn't even try to throw for a first down with Simien, Falk, and Fales. Holy hell, the design of every series was run, run, third and long: run. I think Gase's goal was just to not turn it over and punt. We just need this bum for a season until Morgan is ready to back-up Darnold. At least they will let Flacco throw if necessary. Just expect a ball in the dirt in front of the receiver. At least it will go past the line of scrimmage.
  14. Definitely bad optics, but different situation. He knows that he's coming in to be a back-up. In the past, Baltimore drafted the guy that was going to take his job away. Then he signs with Denver thinking that he had the starter's job and they drafted his replacement. It's just a different situation now although who knows, he may still not be the mentoring type. Like someone else said, we probably don't need a mentor anyway. Just someone not as awful as the crap we rolled out last season.