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  1. Competitive? It's over by the first quarter, but KC's offense hasn't looked great this season, so great day to drop 70 on the Jets to work the kinks out.
  2. I will get labeled a hater despite being previously being one of Sam's biggest defenders, but outside of one great pass, his decision-making still is terrible. He is so slow to go through his progressions these days and then forces passes under duress. We looked like a team for one half of play. We were making the Bills look pretty bad, but then much to no one's surprise, we got out-coached at halftime. Once again we make no adjustments and the better-coached team wins. Mims and Perriman started off great, but then we stopped throwing to them for some unknown reason. Perine looked pretty good for the most part. Huff seems like a player. The defense played hard today, but god our lack of pass rushers was so evident today (more so than most games). Oh well...on to Kansas City. Only 20.5 underdogs.
  3. I think it would take a first to get him. He's playing much better. PFF has him ranked 29th out of 118 DLmen. Not great, but pretty good. He's ranked 8th against the run. Last year was kind of wash because he got hurt and was started behind the 8-ball and the injury allegedly impacted him all season. He's still really young. I don't think the Jets should trade him unless they got a very good offer.
  4. JD needs to trade Gore then, since nitwit won't play Perine. Did you hear Gase's comment about Perine tonight? He said that he pulled Perine after a missed catch because he didn't want to hurt his confidence. WUT? Benching him is a good way to get the kid to forget about that play. Then the sideline reporter said that Gase went over to talk to Flacco with 7 minutes left in the game for the first conversation of the day. WUT? This guy has to be the worst communicator of all time.
  5. Hey @Ministry of Pain, If you still feel sorry for Flacco, then it must be from him suffering too many concussions. Those last two sacks were brain-dead decisions.
  6. The Jets going up-tempo means snapping the ball with 5 seconds on the clock instead of 2.
  7. Third and two and run Gore off tackle. Gase you sneaky genius. If only the blockers had executed.
  8. I can't wait to hear tomorrow: We have to get better. We just need to execute those plays.
  9. Oh, I've watched every single second of my miserable Jets fan experience. Why I'm not sure. I don't feel sorry for Flacco at all. He's getting paid well and he still thinks that he's a starting QB. That terrible decision there cost his team a fg fwiw.
  10. I was thinking of Michael Cera in Superbad, but your reference is better.
  11. Today is a perfect storm of a terrible roster coached terribly. Might as well punt on first down. Only three plays Flacco's wrist coach: handoff to rb, throw in the dirt, and throw out of bounds 15 yards over the WR's head when facing a pass rush.
  12. If Darnold is out for 3 more games, he has a chance to pass Montana.
  13. What a sequence of incompetence. Play 1: First down to Perriman. Oh wait, Griffin throws a block on the defender for offensive interference. Play 2: Snap to Flacco. He's not ready for it and it's botched for a 10 yard loss. Oh, and illegal shift to boot (declined) Play 3: Punt inside the 5. V. Smith watches the ball drop and then it bounces into the ez for a touchback. Oh, and a facemask on top of it. That first pick is ours baby!
  14. and it's not exactly like we have to plan to stay bad either. People say that we're tanking by trading or releasing players, but we just stink. Just gotta hope these other 2 teams find a way to win. At least they look somewhat competitive.