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  1. I was always a fan of Hansen. He's a good analyst. A couple of things annoyed me recently. First, they re-did their site the previous year and it still had bugs and some features weren't working during the early part of the football season. He was a little flippant about the site complaints. Then this past January he announced that he had sold his site a few years ago, but had remained under an employment contract. I realized that he had cut down his contributions to the site, but it just felt disingenuous to not say anything earlier. I guess they were afraid to lose subscribers. I ended up leaving Fantasy Guru. As far as the OP's discussion: I've been a subscriber to this site for countless years (the Cheatsheet days). I think the quality of the analysis has gone down over the years. Rather focusing on what they do well, I think they expanded too much and try to do everything now (but at a lesser quality). That said, I'm still here. My favorite feature is the use of managing multiple teams with the site's reports. Personally I prefer the deep dive analysis that you see on DFS sites. Like Aunt Jemima wrote, you can pretty much pick and choose what you need throughout the net.
  2. Some more great hires for our organization today. We have upgraded severely this offseason.
  3. Allegedly Champ Kelly is coming in to be his assistant GM. He's also highly regarded. This off-season would be a coup.
  4. I thought Douglas came off great today. A complete opposite of the Gase presser. He's got more charisma than Macc, Idzik, and Tannenbaum combined. Very refreshing press conference. Definitely a good start (for a change).
  5. I'm not a big fan of McShay. I would have rather had Daniel J if given a choice. Hopefully it's Savage.
  6. So true, but let's be honest here. The Jets have been a media & fan target for quite a while now. For good reason, but it's crossed the line of deserving it. Every move is ridiculed and will be until the Jets start winning. It is what it is. Frankly, I don't care about the lazy and often inaccurate piling on. Who cares what other people think. I feel great about the team right now. I didn't want Gase and despite the press conference crazy eyes disaster and power grab narrative, based on the mini-camp, you can already see that he's a huge upgrade to zombie Bowles. Darnold even appreciated that Gase yelled at him in practice. Gase will push these players to play better. Now, I'm not saying the Gase is going to be great, but the people that will immediately jump in and point out his record in Miami will ignore that he had Ryan Tannehill at QB and a ton of injuries. That offensive talent was garbage. If Gase got Mac fired, then we also owe him for this GM upgrade. Mac was awful. Bottom 5 GM without a doubt. Douglas will need to find another CB and upgrade the o-line both for this season and in the long run. One thing is for sure, you know Douglas will not ignore the o-line like Mac did. I can see him making a trade or two. He will probably dump a couple of more of Mac's draft misses. He's also going to have to decide what to do about Leonard Williams and Robbie Anderson, both free agents going forward. They probably won't be worth the price they command next season. Will he trade them or trying to lock them up cheaper now? We'll see.
  7. Well we had a boatload of cash and still didn't get a center or CB. That was a big fail. We still have the cash to sign Claiborne if he's healthy and our new DC likes him. It shouldn't cost much. Center is another story. I have a feeling this GM will make a trade or two. He actually values the 0-line. As far as the draft picks go, who knows, but we can all take good guesses as to the outcome given McCan'ts past history.
  8. Great hire. To go from Maccan't to a donkey would have been a huge upgrade. To get Douglas seems like a coup. He has a great pedigree with past experience in Baltimore and Philly. No go get us some CB and O-line help.
  9. He's going to have a monster (Monster) year, but you trade him at the deadline to avoid Indy and Tenn in the playoffs? Seems like over-thinking it in my opinion. Even if they can't run the ball, Kamara will still catch quite a few passes and the Saints will still put up a decent amount of points.
  10. It's funny that people are bashing Gase. We should erect a statue of him for helping us get rid of Maccant. Throw in a parade, too. Sure, we'll tear his statue down eventually, but let's live for today. Maccagnan was awful. Any GM will be an improvement. If we get Douglass, then it will be even greater.
  11. Well I think that it would have made sense to clean house in January (a lot of us were calling for it the prior couple of years), but it's also not that odd for a GM to be fired after the draft. Wasn't Dorsey fired after the draft? Buffalo's Whaley got fired after the draft. Those are just 2 names that I can think of off the top of my head. I think the media is making a bigger deal of it than it should be. The real question is why did it take until 2019? It's been fairly obvious that both Bowles and Maccant were in over their heads. A bigger question is why don't the horrible owners change the reporting structure and continue to fire/hire coaches and gms in different years. They always try to force feed a working relationship.
  12. They didn't gain much cap room trading him. Like you said, on the field it doesn't really make much sense trading him, but I think they just wanted him off the team due to his attitude and off the field issues. They didn't want to re-sign him and a compensatory pick didn't factor in because A) He wasn't going to get a big contract and B) we're going to spend in the off-season anyway. He was merely depth at this point and had no future with the team. As far getting rid of Mac, I think it was a home-run for the team. He was a disaster. We're only getting better from yesterday's firing. People can laugh all they want, but it was a good day. Yes, the Jets owners are a joke. We know this and it's always a handicap. However, we have a potential franchise QB, studs on defense like Adams, Mosley, and potentially Q Williams. There are other nice pieces on the defense like Leo, Maye, Henry Anderson, and maybe even Polite. On offense, we have a stud RB, a potential stud TE, and nice pieces like Enunwa, Anderson, and Crowder. Plus the Jets still have lots of cap room going forward. I really don't care about the Giants one way or the other, but it's funny that Giants fans are throwing shade (as the kids say) at the Jets. Giants fans can be happy that they have a media distraction from their tire-fire dismantlement (losing OBJ, Collins, reaching for Jones, etc.). The Jets can use improvement at the o-line and CB positions. Gase is a huge question mark and ownership is horrible, but I would definitely pick the Jets over the Giants as a team going forward.
  13. You may think he's worth more (and you wouldn't be alone), but they shopped him for a 5th rounder during the draft and couldn't get it. The market is what it is. My opinion is that he's not instinctive at all. Always guessing on plays instead of reading them.When he guesses right, he makes those flash plays at the line of scrimmage. When he guess doesn't guess correctly, which is pretty often, he's not even near the ball. God forbid if a blocker comes towards his tiny body. Not to mention that he was suspended for 4 games for his third drug test failure. The next one is 10 games I think. He's immature and let's not forget the incident when Leo Williams had to separate him from attacking that woman. That plus he only has one season left on his deal. Good riddance. Another terrible Maccan't pick. Perhaps he would have been better in a 4-3 system. Maybe it works out great for KC.
  14. Maccan't and Lee gone in the same day. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.
  15. I believe Tony Pauline first mentioned the rumors on Thursday/Friday morning the week of the draft. Michael Lombardi then came out and said that there were issues in the front office and the Jets would likely make changes after the draft. Pauline on that Friday then doubled down and said five people called him to confirm his story. Gase didn't appear in the draft room when the cameras were on the Jets. The Jets also didn't do pressers after each day of the draft like they have done in the past. As it gathered steam, the Jets then issued denials.