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  1. :thumbup:Kinect isnt going anywhere if for no other reason then it can be used to control netflix. God bless not needing a remote for that
  2. No, and in hindsight that is what I should have done.
  3. My bad BF...I had it in my head that you were not moving until I moved and for some reason that was driving me crazy. If I had it to do over again I would have asked you in chat what was the issue. I really debated about ending it, and in the end I let my frustration get the best of me.
  4. BF - Why would you make a move when you where the only person in the que and then not make your next move for more than 3 days??? I let this happen 4 times and then decided that if you did not feel like moving at least once in 3 days (without needing to say that you knew you were up because you were the last to move each round!), that the game did not matter to you. For some reason (a fault of mine I guess) the idea of you just blowing off your move for days time after time just got to me.
  5. Damn I guess I missed the team turny...Would love an invite to the next one.
  6. This thread is awsome. Cant wait to read this every day